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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 21 vs .:pain:.

    A wise man once said, “Death may be the greatest of all human blessings”
    My, what a crock of shit, he wasn’t from where I’m from, I’m guessing
    It was not dying, we all died drowned in depths of tears cried
    It was not dying, we had died a thousand deaths inside
    In the routine crashes, open books riddled with holes
    Called up the papers, news crews, wrote home to our folks,
    Death toll rates rose, along with suit sales, and Sunday hats
    But it seems we died on the wrong page of the almanac,
    Scattered on Mother Earths calloused feet and almond back
    Butterfly dreams, diving in and out of cells and felony moans
    We have too much luggage for this earthly plane, no carry on
    We blazed to carry on, wrapped our woes in bible quotes & we
    Are faded off lines of entities we never hoped or seek
    We died like our enemies, dogs, soldiers and our fathers
    All we see’s divisions of these hogs, holsters and alters
    We never outlive our mothers, and grandma’s are non existent
    Children having children, beat them to learn the rhythm, shit
    Our deaths are different, if we died, there’s no accident just
    Chalk it up as a manufacturers slip, crack in the hammer man
    Those damn police guns are known to spray off rounds at random &
    We take each bullet in as if it was one of our bones
    Take the wounds as conversation starters, proudly shown
    We read our mail, count our pennies, cook and clean
    But we’re in cells, counts for petty crooks and things
    We turned our hells into hooks you sing, act out scenes
    In cities we had learned about in school, living dreams
    Until satin sheets turned to Stanton concrete and we
    Lay among the people we killed in verses, but never seen
    When we make it, and pass, they give us a BET special
    When we make it past 25, give them a fucking medal

    When you see a man, woman and child at the park, applaud hard
    Fuck thugs, when you see a black man in a suit, be on guard
    Because there ain’t shit more threatening then accomplished thought
    A seed allowed to grow into a profitable crop

    "Here are the maps", check all the burned cities
    And if death is a blessing, tell the fucker to come get me
    But the night I died I dreamed that I was dead, flying
    And the cities said to me "Why are you dying?
    We are satisfied, if you are, but tell us why”
    “Why on this lawn, in front of this white house, do you die?”

    I said “because apparently cameras don‘t come to our stoop”
    Our house is the one place the GPS just cannot compute
    So I’m here, one black man in office, and one in the coffin
    And as we stare eyelid to eyelid, I’ll make this country honest
    My ashes won’t be swept under the rug
    I’ll seep into the floor boards and reemerge in the mud
    And when humanity is purged, I’ll provide the huts
    Shelter for those who know dying is not enough

    If you want your blessings, stop blaming the man & be one
    I’m sick with the sham “I can’t be one, if I don’t see one”
    If you own a mirror, stare into the eyes, that peer back
    Or put a mustache on your mother and imitate that
    Genitals don’t determine your sex, just how you have it
    Skin tone don’t determine your steps, just how rough the path is

    ErykahCaine wins 3-1
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 22 vs Text

    The word is love, not phrased as unconditional, but out of convenience
    The girls all hug, hot days in the shadows of fiery one night achievements
    The boys all shrug off second dates, revealing savage silhouettes
    In minutes, I’ve witnessed a thousand unforgettable vignettes
    Motionless in the storm clouds , masses of tears, fears and regrets
    Set in my crystal cage, tiny torch above the money slot shed
    Light, each morning I search the many faces of the dead
    Where the oblivious gather, uncomfortable in their skin
    Sea of doubt has drowned esteem boat, heart wishing it could swim
    Stood my ground in the advancing crowds of ball points & empty stomachs
    They glance and frown, tempting they want it, but choose to run from it
    I round out all the flat points, that make them squares in social circles
    Once again passed up, I pass on, but where does the hurt go?

    The word is love, on pins and needles, I yearned for the day
    The boy’d look up, feel the need too, and urge for a taste
    The world grew tough, to cope with blues, he’d go to E8
    The girl above, she’d open to feed blues, he’d throw her away
    How short was her stay, two fingers brought her down to heaven
    Pack of shorts and a J, booze lingered, royal crown & 211
    Packed shorts with a new taste, perused lines of treats to trick
    Out manufactured wrappings, he’d choose those both sweet and thick
    How sweet it is, each day he stared and gazed in my eyes
    Just as he did I’d crave for my time, he’d lay his hands on I5
    Dreams & myths, betrayed by the dime, yet so close to my bliss
    Meaningless wish, he could sense I was envious of his trysts
    Every bite, every lick He watched me die, with her on his lips

    The word is love, He'd spent his life in the same cage I’m in
    With swords & shoves, trying to control the names people gave to him;
    oh the unfair and the accurate equally hurt,
    we’re both banned from schools, but admissible in court
    Every two decades, our reputation decayed
    Now love hurts, as do I, and we both leave hearts in graves,
    This present tragedy will eventually turn into myth, in the mist
    But we’ll still exist, for loose change, and loose dames hips
    You can almost see the outline there: her fingertips
    touching his, the faint fusion of two bodies waiting, they sit
    He who listened for a beat, And I, who have listened for a step
    All afternoon, many have fallen in love, We’ve fallen to our death
    Already in memory. the terrible scales ascend when we touch breath
    So yes, he’s lost out to lust that’s brewed in dirty bars and mistruths
    I to Charleston Chews, Hershey Bars and Baby Ruth

    See nothing is more sweeter than Love
    Nothing is more bitter than a Candy Bar untouched

    Text No-Shows
  3. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 23 vs Lucifa

    "Rearview Eyes"

    "Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. "
    But for me, it’s the opposite extreme, I long for mortality, it can’t come too soon
    Strange yearning to be, no more than optics in a jar with each coming of the moon
    For the holes the bullets failed to fill, to cave in or bleed dry
    For my foes I’m fueling their flare to kill, I crave to meet them in due time
    For now I’m stuck, only to wait a while and listen, unable to cry
    Forced to reminiscing, to the flute of my whole existence
    Rehearsed by the sorrows, the hollows, I forever will hear it

    The California sun shine’s alive in this heart belonging to me
    The shallow waters of my blood line are songs in the breeze
    I am sitting calm in my Caprice, waiting for my turn to die
    Resenting all of creation, except for the churning of time
    Each morning I rise, second hands nudge me closer to the end
    Secondhand gloves of the condemned grip forearms of a friend
    They bore arms on the strip, and that boy in my car last weekend
    Was sure alarmed when the clips, deployed in abdominal cavity
    Miniature lead driven bombs soar, all instantly ravaged spleen
    The deadliest men, never before saw the extent of anatomical agony
    My star & prodigal cash machine, eclipsed with astronomical savagery
    As it seems, I’m lucky to be present in the present, with a little faith
    The Evidence will be erased, from the seams of seats, & memories that take shape
    In the dead of night, as I recall how his body sagged away
    Blood crisped lips, flame-bright, and his poor hands cold as clay
    Oh, I’ve thought and I’ve thought of him each and every day, as I wait….

    A pistol unsheathed, shot rings round and round the world
    A pitiful defeat, a warrior lays, caught nine when death hurled
    I wish to shock the sunlit skies, when he falls, with my wide woeful eyes
    Eyes that could smile at death, red in veins turns cobalt, I
    Pace concrete, pray he saw the awful hands of doom betray
    Not the one holding the weight, but the one holding his weight
    In front of a shamed face, dodging the rounds that sprayed
    Pray, for eyes to appear from the back of his gory face
    So he can see me, his dreams, and his glories pass away
    In the burly frame, that walks away, the true canvas of a coward and disgrace
    Why, was I attached to the back of a man lacking balls for all time?
    Witnessed a bulk of the crimes, but yours is the only face that I recognize
    That night, I prayed you’d question his friendship, finally realize
    And when he dry snitched the last time, you’d drink in the answers I’d provide
    Those mahogany stones would outgrow their moss, you’d blink in surprise
    I’d be the window into this man’s shelter of lies, but hells sweltering heat
    Blew smoke in your retinas, and I too feeble to learn to speak
    The remorse I have birthed, was aborted with help from a shrink
    Lady Luck & Father Time separated just for a blink
    Then the shooters came, mother earth named you bastard in a wink

    And now that's that. There is nothing more that I can say or do.
    Others have traded life before; I’ve pleaded and been refused
    Your dying eyes, are a fragile visitor .I touch your cheeks You bruise
    Against me, I was a shore rocking off of you.
    You break from me so I’d choose the only way, you’ll walk out of that door
    hand you off, trembling, to the devil, .Go child for my sin and nothing more.
    When you thumb rides on the hand of the devil, be prepared to lose your soul
    So when death is behind the wheel, and pulls alongside you on the road
    Unless you’d like to drop your baggage, make amends and pay your toll
    rearview eyes, like mine, know "Love comes unseen; we only see it go"

    -The Eyes Behind Marion “Suge” Knight

    ErykahCaine wins 2-1
  4. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 24 vs nO gOoD!

    I risked my life to write the board, “Forgive”, that is all time permits
    I resist the fright, to recite a verse I’ve previously penned
    To spray paint the words fifty feet above the highway signing
    You may say the chore really reeks of a love, loved blindly
    Honestly, the script is a means to advertise for a lost mind see
    Honda’s, Jeeps, Buicks, race down memory lane, and I’m hitch hiking
    You’re my vehicles to recollection. Do you recognize the handwriting?
    I am finding, you rush thoughts, and the multi’s are first to go
    Followed closely by the title and of course the plot is slow,
    Dispose of the heartbreaking conclusion, rhyme scheme of a novel
    & suddenly this becomes one piece you’ve never read, or ogled
    As if one by one, each memory you use to harbor, caught a train
    Decided to retire to the southern hemisphere of the brain
    To a little fishing village, no smog, or planes in the sky
    See, now you have the time, to rekindle names you kissed goodbye
    Phone numbers in lost purses, equations that packed their bags
    Even now as you memorize my lines, another fact catches a cab
    It’s not on the tip of your tongue, whatever you struggle remembering,
    It’s not even lurking in some obscure corner of your spleen
    It’s floated away down a mythical river, you learned in 4th grade
    Who’s name begins with A, as for the rest, you draw a blank
    Well on it’s way to oblivion, where it will join those
    Pointers on how to ride a bicycle and do the back stroke
    No wonder we all post here in the middle of the night
    Check the deadlines for our battles, need extension to write
    & No wonder your thoughts have drifted in from the window to your head
    Out of this last minute story I wrote off the top of my head

    nO gOoD! Wins 7-0
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