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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 15 vs ShadowWarriorfs

    the departed.

    don't judge a book by its cover, when the author is God/
    lesson-i-took-from-my-mother, her departure was hard/
    .. a torturous fall, she now resides with her Lord/
    and ever since, i've been unable to abide by the law/
    .. my heaven in this hell, i was seven, yeah i yelled/
    from august to december, i remember it well/
    there was no answer to the cancer, that rest in her brain/
    all the stress from the pain, had depressed her insane/
    but the lesson i gained, earth continues its course/
    nobody gives a fuck, you have to take it by force/
    .. i fought tears within, for whom had brought me in/
    i could've been within a bin of an abortion clinic/
    .. 'coz 24 years ago, a precious lady was raped/
    in the same alley way, where fate paved its way/
    it's where i lay my head to rest, 17 years running/
    'coz the rent went from late, to unpaid - no money/
    no foster adopted, fuck these unjust governments/
    who don't bother poor bastards, unless it's tough punishment/
    if a child in the hood, doesn't have a child hood?/
    i grew up wild in my hoodie, looking for firewood/
    and i would, burn trash, the bin was my heat/
    in the chilliest of nights, i'd sleep on concrete/
    my feet fell, i felt defeat, found a craze to blaze/
    it was love at first sight, remain dazed for days/
    used to sell it, now i reslish every gram i can scram/
    to get lifted, then think of more scams i can plan/
    said farewell to welfare, 'coz who in this hell cares?/
    compelled tears for years, and never have i felt scared/
    i smell fear, and disgust from the eyes of the masses/
    as i walk in a hoodie, so i can hide all my slashes/
    and lashes from bashings, the sad shit about it/
    even if i plead self defence, while im bleeding - they'll doubt it/

    but fuck them - no matter how hard they try and provoke/
    how they gonna break somebody, that is already broke?/
    i choke on my smoke, i'm a rose amongst thorns/
    my vocal chords torn, from when i mourned in the storm/
    .. shed tears in the rain, so no one sees my pain/
    i've had to whisper, write on the walls to keep me sane/
    street diction with spray cans, while the city snores/
    if talk is considered cheap, then graffitti is a whore/
    i'm the needy, i'm the poor, my occupation's survival/
    my final chapter's arrival, where patience was my rival/
    it's vital, i like to aid the oppressed when i can/
    so i ran towards the girl's screams, seen an old man/
    i'm facing a rape scene, thoughts pace in my head/
    is this the same being that was the cause for mother's death?/
    out of breath, as i step, yes i'm yielding a knife/
    at this heathen who lies, ontop - she screams for her life/
    such an unfair affair, now the sirens are heard/
    the violence disperses, my arrival had purpose/
    but i silently converse, with God - 'why'd cops fire at the person'/
    'who emerged from the shadows just to help, am i cursed?'/
    she smiles at me, hurt, a rape victim but my rage flipping/
    'coz i've been shot by a cop, if not dead - it's state prison/
    .. fuck this fake system, pure prejudice and brainless/
    my aim is to show you there's no blood on my stainless/
    the pain is, raping my soul, yeah it's taking its toll/
    no change given, my image fades upon the walls/
    in the streets of melbourne, life was hard - it was torture/
    so never judge a book by its cover, when God is the author ...

    it's all one verse, i just split it up so it's easier to read.

    votes may now be casted ...

    [turn] ...

    Nu’maaN wins 5-0
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 16 vs Ace the Prophet


    reflections of confessions, in a journal that i use/

    woke up from a dream, giving sermons while on booze/
    hit the sooze, switch on news, it's monday the first/
    a fresh start? far from it, mundane at worst/
    tame my thirst with some milk, no time for breakfast/
    i break fast, almost crash, why do i drive so reckless?/
    the problem lies within the greed for root of all evil/
    the beautiful legal tender, luring all people/


    i peek through, heavy eyes to realize i'm late/
    not surprised at my fate, another groundhog day/
    last night i had a date, with the devil in stockings/
    the lust that possessed me, was terribly shocking/
    couldn't hear the heavens mocking, i thought i'd won the lotto/
    coz all these bitches looked like models from the bottom of a bottle/
    .. let's just pray that God will, guide me in the right path/


    looking back on my last entry, when did i write that?/
    i'll be right back .. what did i eat last night?/
    that's right, never have i had a feast that nice/
    we could feed that rice, to the needy and poor/
    but the beast that hides, told me 'eat - this is yours'/
    not recieving the calls of our saviour, jesus christ/
    hope today, i don't encounter another sleepless night/


    the sound of my alarms, on a course of collision/
    with my anger due to lack of sleep, which forced my decision/
    to rid them all, 'coz in rhythm they continue buzzing at me/
    won't be happy 'til they all in the trash, i'm snapping/
    these happenings, i loathe, my temper eludes my control/
    i then abuse all my faults, 'coz i'm losing my soul/
    to the wrath i inherit, fiend to find an escape/


    i'm dreaming, i'm late, yester-evening was great/
    can't recall much data, from my graveyard of braincells/
    my pain yells, sober but hungover, there's a faint smell/
    of whisky, marijuana, man i wanna get married/
    but which women can i honour, on a government salary?/
    fuck this shit i quit, much rather work for the dole/
    coz my sloth gives no fuck if i am hurting my soul/


    it's the weekend i sleep in, the whole day, i feel spent/
    the demons seek my weak end, yet i carelessly feed them/
    i'm bleeding blood of jealousy, i saw my ex again/
    at last nights event, hand in hand with a businessman/
    none of my business man, but i plot envious schemes/
    having dreams so obscene, i hear the friendliest screams/
    'i'll send him the scenes, of when we fucked', are my threats/


    the venom in my envy for my woman - it just spreads/
    throughout serene nightmares, envisioning the hell/
    .. i awake on a sunday, mourning, wishing i could yell/
    through the dullest father-fucking boring, lecture at church/
    .. the worst part is i'm the one lecturing, it hurts/
    but too much pride within lurks, it won't show my depression/
    as i'm sitting here, wishing i could fast forward confessions/

    'coz it's testing my patience, as the oldest of reverands/
    regretting every day spent, now you know why i'm stressing/
    oh seventh heaven, i've committed seven sins in seven days/
    .. accept these seven bars for every sin at heaven's gates/
    as my form of repentance, i converse with myself/
    i yell in this cell but nobody emerges for help/
    i fear your scourges in hell, that you got in store for me/
    may your glorious mercy shine upon my poor story/
    nearing forty, man i'm hoping someone stumbles on my words/
    so they can see a righteous man's seven blunders of this world ...

    * the "..." signifies one day has passed in the journal (if you weren't able to pick it up through the rhymes).

    good luck ace ...

    [turn] ...

    Nu’maaN wins 7-0
  3. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 17 vs MC Guttso

    serene nightmares.


    if sleep is the cousin of death, then my nightmares/
    just-might-be-its-identical-twin, yeah they might scare/
    the ancient gods and leaders of men, 'coz my minds lair/
    inflicts scars upon my mental within, but i strike fear/
    and fight tears, 'coz these visions serene, right here?/
    are soothing to the mind, none of it my might fears/
    now my plight steers .. to a great height of stairs/
    much rather take the elevator, as tonight's sight clears ..

    .. i'm in the angle and range, of angel's rage/
    i feel strangled in cages, shackled in chains/
    my mindstate found it's abode in anarchy/
    i'm in the fire of hell. cold. panicking/
    paranoiid, my heart beats as i stand up/
    only to witness, both of my hands cut/
    hearing noises .. the choices i made/
    my ear starts to bleed as the voice fills with rage/
    i'm guarding the garden of black roses/
    where a dead white dove lay, its' wings broken/
    .. killed by the pricks of the plant itself/
    then i see a bunch of sages, plan in stealth/
    in hooded cloaks, practising the rituals of pagans/
    sacrifising blood under the witness of satan/
    darkness surrounds me as i sweat blood/
    is this the final destination, for a dead thug?/

    dark dwellings, this is where the toughest of us/
    we start yelling, burns and turns the roughest to dust/
    i'm not telling any soul what i see inside/
    my mind, relishing my next sleep with bleeding eyes/

    .. black clouds rain fire, as the sun hides/
    screams of mothers can be heard, coz their suns died/
    filling up entire countries with their soundwaves/
    breaking glass of the buildings, the ground shakes/
    i see torsos of corpses, hurl in the wind/
    as i make sweet love to the girl in the ring/
    envisioning, christians nailed upon the crucifix/
    as their own priest cast stones, spooky shit/
    the semetic blood .. sprays upon their holy wall/
    caused by blind ignorance, claiming holy war?/
    'coz the muslims, why are you all acting stupid?/
    building mosques, with minars that are crooked?/
    using infants in your infantry? the smallest hurse?/
    for a "suicide bomber"? that's so cold it hurts/
    bad enough as things are, they could be-alot worse/
    if we further invoke the wrath upon God's Curse/

    putting laughter in slaughter, my fuckin' mind hurts/
    but no length of horror, could quench my blind thirst/
    for these visions that i witness in the dead of the night/
    devil clooaaked in the robes of the blesss-ed messiah/
    my chest feeling harder, and heavier by the beat -/
    - of my heart as i suffer from paralysis in sleep/
    reading vicious depiction of fictional pictures/
    a fling left me lingering in ditches for bitches/
    now instead of silent nights, i see such violent sights/
    close my eye lids tight, just to view the tyrants fight/
    in an asylum right now, i sit, i rhyme, i write/
    the dark passages of my life, in hope to find the light/
    kneel on my right, pray to the Lord - i'm weak/
    see, i'm the priest from the previous week, so to speak/
    but still i close my eyes, anticipate another expedition/
    i awake to the screams within an egyptian prison ...

    cheers tee ...

    [turn] ...

    Nu’maaN wins 7-0
  4. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 18 vs vs nO gOoD!

    murder ink.

    the pen has been lifted, the ink has dried.
    to all the men who are gifted - if you blink, you die.
    so i, write with the straw that broke the camel's back.
    handle rap with fingers fractured, yet dismantle cats.
    your man's a wack, hypocrite, i'm sick of the, deception.
    .. i remember kicking it, spitting slick perceptions.
    at your wedding reception .. where i was MC.
    was young and naive, didn't know how hearts of men be.
    you were my friend see, you proudly claimed he's legit.
    .. "my man this is it, roll with him you'll make hits".
    so i did, didn't think, you harnessed vice advice.
    i didn't get, a single cent, when you two sliced the pies.
    and what i write, gets recited on the mic by the lame.
    all the hype for the fame, made me sign off my name.
    now i'm tired of this game, three years ghost-written.
    cloaked venom for all women who don't notice the hidden.
    only pussy i know is kittens, i'm not kidding. i quit.
    this shit, don't even pay my bills, thoughts of slitting my wrists.
    .. i'm ridiculously pissed, tired and sick of this shit.
    coz illiterate bitches, getting rich of my spit.
    that's it .. i've had it, and you had your last chance.
    to make amends to the contract, "dogg contact your man".
    but you ignored all my pleas, just to please your ends.
    .. never will i beg again, i've diseased your kin.

    no amount of brainwashing, will ever clean your mind.
    you're blind, you couldn't see my pain when you steal my rhymes?
    try deal with time .. the two hands of the Lord.
    i'm the man with the sword, with a plan for you whores.
    so understand this is war, got more ink than water.
    fom every ocean, i just motion to my words, an order.
    i slaughter .. with my pen like i got the death note.
    book, you're clearly shook, yes i got the best flow.
    you know you make me so mad, bitch i hate you so bad.
    you so fake and it's sad, 'coz you raped what i had.
    my passion for poetry, depict the urban streets.
    graffiti'd walls, cracked pavements over disturbing beats.
    but you beat all that out of me, defeat is what i felt.
    i'm broke, but never break down on steady feet, i never fell.
    i feel right in my mind, when i'm writing these rhymes.
    but when fighting the swine, there's no rights for mankind.
    yet despite this i shine, i'm a diamond in the rough.
    if i don't make it with the mic, you can find me in the cuffs.
    'coz it's tough, you either deal or you steal carrying steel.
    man it's real, 'coz i feel like i can no longer manage meals.
    i plan to kill, with poisonous paragraphs, my blood is ink.
    food for thought? i present, redrum drink to think.
    about how badly you affected me and stunted my growth.
    as an artist, you bastards are heartless - i'm broke.
    it's no joke, sinister plans of making a murder record.
    i put anthrax in letters, bitch. my words are my weapons ...

    may the better writer take the bow ...

    [turn] ...

    Nu’maaN wins 3-2
  5. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 19 vs .:pain:.

    bring forth, the fourth.


    behold the pale horse, this world's my race course/
    i ride with great force, you reside with stale corpse/
    i came to slay all, the coroners have warned ya/
    the breath in your chest has just left, i'm upon ya/
    coz i was born to .. make martyrs of your fathers/
    the torture i author cause horrible horrors/
    we guardin' the garden of eden believe it/
    you heathens! we spawn from the semen of demon/
    death is my name, i bare scars of the crucifix/
    got more disciples than the stars in the universe/
    damned & cursed, the four horsemen of apocalypse/
    all your swords and your force couldn't conquer this/
    grannnnted dominion over quarter of the earth/
    if i deem you a threat, i'll just slaughter you at birth/
    giving orders with a curse, i embody death and decay/
    there's no running from this, don't try and step out the way ...

    meh, didn't really want to no-show against pain.

    hardly any time, so just a basic open mic verse that i've used in the past so pain can atleast get critiqued for his efforts.

    enjoy the crown jae, i'm out ...

    [turn] ...

    .:pain:. wins 1-0
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