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  1. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 12 vs Link Gash and Soull


    She had vibrant blue eyes, her presence made flowers grow
    The perfect home, it smelled of roses and baked sourdough
    This child glowed, Her smile was worth a thousand pictures
    She always smild So, I'd need a million words to depict her
    But this picture soon-split in half, their hearts, wounded n stabbed
    Signs were there, when she gotta cut the wound didnt scab
    Always fatigued, it was like she couldnt get enough rest
    Then the day came, the results were in from the blood test

    They blocked their conscience and walked into the doctor's office
    after a couple awkward pauses they were left shocked n nauseous
    See life is funny, without any warnin it shifts modes
    She has Lukemia, it was found in her lymph nodes
    As Sarah cries, mom's Paralyzed, her mascara smears
    Cuz her pair of eyes, terrorized now only bare the tears
    Even tho her heart was weakened, they had to start the treatment
    A future once so bright, is now dark and bleakened
    About this disease, littles known, she dreams about her little home
    That she cant visit due to her immune system n brittle bones
    From daily doses of toxins, shes just watches the clock spin
    Death approaches, she knows-this but her emotions are boxed in
    To weak to speak, she wished that some person can fix this
    Now wishes for death cuz the cure is worse then the sickness
    It hurt to watch but u shoulda seen her strained mother's face lift
    At people wearin 'keep fighting Sarah' on plain rubber bracelets
    But the joy is short lived, as the poison stored-in
    Sarah's own blood slowly destroys her organs
    her molecules too weak to repair, Follicles to weak to grip hair
    A full recovery is Improbable, mom Weeps in dispair

    "I am the harbinger of death, mankinds own uncureable cancer
    I do not negotiate, my sickle is stained with prayers unanswered."

    Death, she accepted it and her body was reflectin it
    Injected wit bone marrow but her body was rejectin it
    And her broken mom, Knows that the hope is gone
    Hysterical, she buries her face into her open palms
    A doctor approached, 'Im sorry, I think this is her last night'
    A priest entered the room and began readin her last rights
    It was like someone pulled a rug, she wanted to hold n hug
    her daughter, as one of the doctors sadly pulled the plug

    "I am the harbinger of light, thru me all things are possible
    And I intervene, this one time, this day at this hospital."

    At that moment doctors seen somethin few people believe
    Sarah took a breath when her lungs were too feeble to breathe

    With an able sigh, Life returned to those fabled eyes
    They double check her chart as her heart rate stabilized
    Nothin added up, she shouldnt be alive, It fooled Physicians
    And within a week the cancer was in full remission
    See life is funny, without any warnin it shifts fast
    Just when she thought her fate was fixed, it switched paths

    They never went to church, now they felt they had to
    Sarah's eyes were glued on the virgin mother's statue
    Then without explaination, she stood up bravely
    Pointed n said, 'Thats her, thats the women that saved me.'


    Its hard to ignore these blankets or the pain that their draped wit
    A common fate, Theres only a chosen few who escape it
    ~Either way... they're vacant~

    WordZPerfect wins 6-2-0
  2. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 13 vs MC Guttso

    Back in the medevil times of knights, dragons, goblins, and Evil Warlocks,
    play the evilest character imaginable and describe your quest to rule the land with an evil purpose.

    The Legend of Osyrus

    He was evil personified, the spawn of grime
    Demonic mind, his spirit born at the dawn of time
    His body wasn't, born with a slit pupil and no iris
    A dark day for mankind, and his name, Osyrus
    As a kid, wut he did to his baby brother left his mother disgraced
    when he covered his head with a pillow and smothered his face
    They said This couldnt be done by the hand of a child
    and as they beheaded his mother, he actually smiled

    As the years passed, he gained power thru lies n deceit
    The rise of a beast that was disguised as a sheep
    His people were famined and he owned the land n cattle
    If they wanted to eat, they had to join his hand in battle
    He hailed dread, robbed the poor n left the frail dead
    He lived on hill, atop the valley of impaled heads
    Never worked for anything, his throne, robbed it
    he sits atop it drinkin blood from a stone goblet

    Either worship my name or take a plunge into flames
    and dine with the goblins in my dungeon of pain
    He spent most of his days goin from village to village
    Terrorizen the town folk , he would kill em n pillage
    on his climb to power, he'd do anything to reach the summit
    He burned kids, stabbed pregnant women thru the stomach
    His army can cover the earth in hours as this curse devours
    the dirt n flowers but nothin can quench his thirst for power

    A disturbed man, his evil deeper then the liquid sea
    his motives are a mystery, the enigma of iniquity
    But he had one obvious goal, it was World domination
    and to conquer any man who didnt share his common hatred
    He was obsessed with his conquest, he plotted death
    His path reaked from the strong stench of rotted flesh
    Even by a savages standards his tactics were radical
    The sorcerer mastered trolls into pushin giant catapults

    He atacked wit a massive mace-n laughed as he smashed a face in
    It was like masterbation laced wit open gashes and lacerations

    He loved it, the peoples dread n pain only fed his flames
    He’d meditate over top of their graves and levitate
    Everything thats in his wake jus crumbles n dies
    and in just 10 months his empire doubled in size
    The whole world was at the mercy of this surpant's mind
    They couldnt stop him with every army on earth combined

    But even the best plans can blow up in an instant
    ironic, his own people finally rose up against him
    They stormed his fortress on hoards of roarin horses
    wit swords n torches, they're force enormous
    They dragged him out into the snow, it was december then
    Tied him up to four horses and then they dismembered him
    The spirit left his body and once again begins runnin his search
    As a pregnant mother in the croud rubs her stomach n smirks

    And the legend continues as he invades her placenta
    He does it for centuries on any weak mind he can enter
    youve seen him, Ghengis kaun, neopleon, hitler and sadom
    and the spirit lives on only to hold the world in his palm

    WordZPerfect wins 6-1
  3. Tacky Jones

    Tacky Jones www.TaCsmassivecock.gov

    Feb 25, 2008
    Week 14 vs ShadowWarriorfs

    WordZPerfect no shows
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