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  1. Tacky Jones

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    Feb 25, 2008
    Main Stream

    Week 11 vs L. Kross

    "Elvis and The Beanstalk?!"

    Once upon a time...
    A boy called Purity had jointly grew to be the voice of unity within our bouyed community,
    We enjoyed the beautifully poignant tunes that he'd coined exclusively at the point of puberty
    With him devoid of scrutiny we made amendments to greatly help this boy remain unselfish,
    In return he gamely belted out arrays of plentiful motif, as some locals nicknamed him Elvis!
    It was the way he gelled his hair and shaked his pelvis while unleashing that rapturous roar,
    Which captured us all and had us enthralled as we stood watching with our backs to the wall.
    We gasped within awe at the vastly ignored talent which poured from every sap in his pores,
    The second he sang us a chord, he would have us transformed to some enchanted sojourn.
    So with gathered support, our ravaged & raw hands in applause, and at his mothers behest,
    Our beloved had left to look for a record deal armed with only the aptitude he justly posessed
    He sung as he went before the trusting teenager was stopped on his heels and offered a deal
    This imposter would steal his signature while Elvis was still lost in his reels of innocous spiel.
    But all the charlatan's pockets revealed were banality, the fealty of false hope and disparity...
    As happily "Mom, he handed me these magic beans! " the euphoric Elvis had began his plea
    Standing slavishly his mother grabbed the three pilular pods before she threw them with force
    As she fumed at the thought he'd been stupidly bought by what she'd deduced was a fraud.
    The beans flew to the floor. After the rage she lead, Elvis flew straight to bed to lay his head,
    And with a face of dread he made a pledge to himself never to make the same mistake again...
    ...But he'd awake instead to face a stem which had soared the plains above his tawdry frame,
    It's enormous shape stood staunch but swayed as Elvis then studied the beanstalk of Fame!
    Thoughts remained on whether it would support his weight but these were soon put to the test
    As with industrious zest he'd mustered the strength & had begun an attempt at upward ascent
    ...Just as he ventured safely over its flailing clovers, while gaining closer to attain his goal,
    Amazement broke through his face of stone as his eyes lay claim upon a castle made of gold
    The place was known as Graceland both owned and constructed by a wholly destructive,
    Ogre who stood sixty feet tall, and was known to the public as Over Indulgence!
    Those who disrupt him are thrown in a dungeon & eaten by himself despite the belted cries for help
    As the eyes of Elvis pried & delved around the giants realm, which was bigger than life itself!
    A sharp silence swelled inside the belfry as Elvis stopped in secret and watched him eating,
    The obnoxious cretin barely even stopped to breath in as those sustenance stocks depleted.
    But Elvis would not be beaten & so he loomed as the ferocious brute dozed into his token snooze
    He'd hoped to swoop the golden goose labelled Salvation, & reap the rewards his trove produced.
    When an explosive BOOM! split the skies, the wistful tyrant would lift his eyes up quick to find,
    Himself mystified that someone had risked their life just to strip him wryly of his richest prize.
    Elvis quickly dived and hit a stride, making his way straight to the face beating a hasty escape,
    As the giants tables and plates simultaneously quaked in his wake while he raced to give chase...
    ...Elvis evaded his raging tactless pursuit after the Goose, advancing astutely as he panted and fumed
    With Salvation captured he knew grasping with two hands, he could slide down back to his roots.
    Only the Giant snatched at it too, before a frightful creak and a groan would screech from below,
    His feet as the whole cliff face seemingly broke from its immediate slope, claiming his devious soul.
    ...Later that evening at home, Elvis eagerly told us how he'd beaten the Ogre while recanting another round,
    On how he'd struck him down amongst the shrouds of covered cloud,
    And returned with a gift to make his Mother proud.
    A sudden bout of high laudation was rightly laden upon him despite the brazen bluster which tried our patience!
    See while some climb the beanstalk of Fame and meet Over Indulgence, not all of them find Salvation.
    But there's no time for waiting, and take it from me second place is achieved only by the complacent and weak.
    There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream...
    The End!


    Main Stream wins 3-2

    Stream then signed out as champ
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