Scribe and Finesse [We Gon' Fire Freestyle]

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  1. Scribe

    Scribe IMQ8

    Oct 15, 2000
    This some bullshit freestyle I did with my mans in Coney Island. He's a broke ass Brooklyn n.igga so this sounds like we were using a Pringles can for a microphone....I ain't gonna bullshit ya. This is old as fuck, but I'm posting it for the kids who miss my sexy ass voice. no homo.

    anyway, im just posting this so you know what a mu'fucking freestyle is. this n.igga spit this shit off the top, true story. he spits stories off the top of his head. this is something I know, cuz ive witnessed him do it. The adlibing is 2nd nature.

    drop links and all that.

    [ I spit 2nd, and obviously didnt freestyle]

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