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  1. shaztik

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    Jan 2, 2003
    The power of the brain releases mental illeness
    Engaging scizophrenia, if you can feel this.
    Illusions of the unknown
    Inflicting pain thats un-shown
    A mans mind is more grown
    A babies cry of asking why,
    he's not crazy, its a terrible lie
    The voices say "they need to die"
    Praying to god, "but i don't want to say goodbye.
    A wife, instrife of loosing her life
    inflicting pain with a knife
    To die for, for more
    Or stranded, left poor
    Anything, I'll give
    for a life they can live
    More pain to gain to be insane
    Driving in the left lane,
    Hit with a soul wanting to drain
    eye's flooding with rain
    Pouring down, fall to the ground
    Silence of the sound
    Of deadly images being unwound
    Anything to be found...
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