SCENARIO: You're a rapper signed to a major label, and u just got your advance...

Discussion in 'Audio Producers Discussions' started by (( Ozone )), Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. J-A-B-B-A-R

    J-A-B-B-A-R Knick Hater

    Mar 9, 2005
    You're a fuckin moron...hahahaha...because I clearly stated:

    Learn how to read kid...ha

    Medicinal: As a beat maker you get production credits, and if you have anything to do with helping the track reach its final form, then you do receive production credits. Diddy, may give cats advice on how to do this and that, bottom line, IMO, he's whack. When the first person mentioned that Diddy was a producer, they made it seem like they were talkin about Diddy making the beat. And that was a red flag for me. But you were saying....Diddy directs, as to say, the song, which makes more sense. Although I don't like him, I know he had say in a lot of video clips and his production work on that is hot. But musically....I get kinda upset when I hear cats naming him as one of the best rappers/producers.

  2. Oblivion

    Oblivion ^^ Eeek oook

    Nov 30, 2001
    Track 1. Dr Dre (1st single)
    Track 2. Rock It Productions
    Track 3 Timbaland
    Track 4 Scott Storch
    Track 5 Frostbyte [my group producer] (3rd Single)
    Track 6 Just Blaze
    Track 7 F Major
    Track 8 Neptunes
    Track 9 Scott Storch (2nd Single)
    Track 10 Kanye
    Track 11 Timbaland
    Track 12 Frostbyte [my group producer]

    To take a crack at the market... would be a nice commcercial lp.
  3. Premize Prod

    Premize Prod aka reggie kush

    Feb 15, 2004
    yea wat you stated was stupid. i read wat you said. your so stupid you bolded the part that made you sound stupid. producers DO tell the artist how they want the song to sound. man you rookies kill me.
  4. Blemickis

    Blemickis I get computers puting

    Feb 28, 2002
    I'm trying to keep my damn money, 5 kanye beats fuck that, my grandchildren will still be paying that shit off plus you still gotta clear the sample

    1 Just Blaze (1st single)
    2 Large Professer
    3 Salaam Remi
    4 NoID
    5 Rza (2nd single)
    6 Easy Mo Bee
    7 Buckwild
    8 Showbiz
    10 Alchemist (3rd Single)
    11 Primo
    12 Scram Jones
  5. Sikknezz01

    Sikknezz01 ^would fuck IceLaFox raw

    Mar 21, 2005
    1 - Just Blaze (intro)
    2 - 9th Wonder
    3 - Jermaine Dupri [1st single]
    4 - Alchemist
    5 - Ron Browz
    6 - Kanye
    7 - Dre & Mike Elizondo
    8 - Swizz Beatz [2nd single]
    9 - Darkchild
    10 - Scram Jones
    11 - Jermaine Dupri
    12 - Eminem
  6. TyJilla

    TyJilla Dawty Music

    Jan 28, 2002
    wow.... fuck the great big production.. u got a lot of small heads out there dropping AFFORDABLE HEAT and all they want is their publishing and points.... they can have that no doubt.. aint no point in fuckin over the producer... give em their lil front change so they can pay some bills and let em collect on the backend... major release? major label? that means major distribution right? well if it does... TONS of kats wouldn't complain... Where am I spending MY MONEY? Features... gimme big name features for a few G each... 5Gs for Scarface.. cuz he the classic... gimme Dwele on a hook for a few G's just to give it that soulful flava everyone desires... GOTTA get Big Boi on a bridge.... if you hella positive and any good.. he'll throw a playa price..... what about grabbin a feature from camp lo on a charlemagne track? some ORIGINAL shit.... just mix and match... How about Q from 112 on a hook for a GET IT WET type track?? My features would have to set it off.... but u know... U RAISE THE ANTE.. u better be BOUT IT if u gonna feature all that MERCH...all music.. all positive.. Plus think about what that would do for ANY producer to sit in on a writing session for some shit like THAT... Thas inspiration... I could drop a fuckin bombshell on ya'll.....


  7. Da Cypha!

    Da Cypha! Beats!

    Nov 12, 2004
    haha that would b ill make all the beats yourself to make sure the advance money is in..

    i would have dr.dre as first single, commercial song. then premo for the second more underground shit.. like raw shit.

    and i would get peeps like uhmm dj quick, just blaze, 9th wonder, hi-tek & ayatollah on it. fuck kanye i didnt like his beats from his last album AT ALL.. and then i would have some unknown peeps produce some ill shit for me..

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