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  1. kidsalazar

    kidsalazar New Member

    May 27, 2003
    non I dont even know u
    but I don't wonna hear you bust
    your are dracula so I'll turn u 2 dust
    I read 2 lines of your raps
    and I know you'll get crushed
    your credit is like a falon
    but the rhymes you spittin
    you'll get eat'in up like a watermelon
    your best bet's 2 leave the board
    b 4 I go and get a sword
    stab your lungs
    stapple you u 2 your floor
    then run out your house wit tong
    u should brought a gun
    cuz the rhymes that u was saids like your mouth was num
    and everything you said was dumb
    sending this verse pointless thats y I'm done

    your a victim of Salazar[/COLOR]
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