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    Nov 25, 1999

    Chase Givens: Hello everyone and welcome to the RWE Categories show. In this episode, we will run down all of the available categories for the RWE.

    For the Written Class you have:

    Global and Universal (depending on what "show" you are on): Any posts above 1000 are welcomed to join.

    International and Coastal (depending on what show you are on): Any posts below 1000 can join.

    Tag Team Global (only available on HOSTILITY SHOW)

    For Audio emcees

    IRON MIC Champion: Which is the HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION for Audio Emcees.

    There is no tag team division audio.

    Those are all the categories.

    RWE is broken up into TWO Shows....HOSTILITY and REVENGE. Revenge specializes in the AUDIO...and Hostility Specializes in Written Tag.

    There is no topical division. However...there will be speciality matches such as
    Handicap, Ironman, Falls Count Anywhere (where you could have a battle in possibly any FORUM in RAPMUSIC) First Blood Matches (which are basically pic matches)

    There is one last belt that is determined at RAPMANIA and that is the UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP. The Global and Universal Champions will face off in the MAIN EVENT to represent each other's shows for that title. They are the UNDISPUTED CHAMPION for the entire next season and cannot have that taken away from them.

    Next post will be the shows...stay tuned.
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