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  1. Jen Li

    Jen Li New Member

    May 21, 2003
    Longing to escape what she calls life
    Sees the front door open and makes a run for it
    Away from the fucked up existance thats been branded Family life
    She runns full speed down the hall way, tryin' to escape the demons that come flying at her
    Calling her back, reaching out for her
    Fatel shadows desperatly grasping at thin air trying to capture thier play toy.
    She jumps steps like steping stones in her life
    Images of what she's leaving behind appear in appericians as she flees a mini WW3
    Fleeing flying fists as her new daddy beats on mommy
    Running from screams in the night and gun shots
    Sick of seeing momma hiding in the corner with bruised eyes
    Frightened that she'll be nxt to feel the wrath of her new daddy
    Mommy tellin' her to keep out of his way, "he had a bad day of work"
    S'all excuses thats she's become sick of

    She dont think she could ever stand the thought of that man touching her in the way he does
    Seeing the look of a twisted evil man, as he slides a hand between her thighs reaching up
    laying his dirty hands all over her body
    Holding back the tears as she falls and stumbles over steps..
    She knows she cant stay, she knows she gotta keep going, its a matter of life and death
    Leavin' the building she knows she cant slow down, each step is vital
    fleeing graffitti'd buildings and crack dealers
    A weak mom and a crazy assed father
    Tears burn as they fall from her eyes,
    running away from a prison that likes to be called home

    With no-one to turn to she runns
    Away from a crack dealer brother, straped with nines
    dealing death on the streets to 12 yr olds
    Away from a brother that likes to use her as a favour, lettin' his friends use her and abuse her
    A 12 year old sex toy for a ghetto thugs
    No hope, no choice but to run
    Run past a sister being fucked in an allyway by a trick
    With pimps standing close by watching the action
    Slutty clothes, STD's and crack head whores
    Escaping drive bys as builts fly
    Ghetto warfare breaking out
    Rival gangs clashing, all hell breaking lose
    Bloodshed in the playgrounds where kids play
    Soljahz falling as bulits spray
    down falls the body of a runaway
    Wanted to be free in life but now is only free in death​
  2. TuNed RooT

    TuNed RooT Love is introduction ..

    May 25, 2003
    Basically a poetic tale of someone who needs to get away and runs away from their problems and the tribulations of life. I didn't enjoy this as much as your other work, but this brought truth. Truth behind problems and what you may run away from, yam sayin'? I read this a couple times, basically to get the real feeling from it. I think to just feel the piece and feel what the writer wants to say, or what the writer wants it to mean. You must read it over several times, but this was worth the read, mos def. My blessings..
  3. Mind~$oul

    Mind~$oul I'm Pretty

    Apr 10, 2001
    "Tears burn as they fall from her eyes,
    running away from a prison that likes to be called home"

    Those were my favorite lines. I can mos def relate to this. This kind of shit happens all the time around where i stay. Keep writing

    one luv
  4. Jen Li

    Jen Li New Member

    May 21, 2003
    thanks for the replies..
    uppin' for more feedback
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