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    Table Of Content
    1. Introduction
    2. Week 6 Recap
    3. Battle of the Week
    4. No-Show Shine
    5. Week 7 Matchup
    6. Debate: Video Collabs vs Topical Verse
    7. Interview
    8. Video of the Week/Finale


    Alright, welcome to the new mag. First off I would like to say thanks to the other mods for letting me write these mags from now on. I’ve got a few ideas that I’m hoping will help spice these up some so I’m going to try them out. First off, I’m bringing back video of the week. There seemed to be a lot of requests for that so I’ll be sure to keep up with it. Babe of the Week will be done during the interviews. If you’re chosen to be interviewed be sure to have a sexy babe ready, haha. I’ve also decided to include a debate within the mag. I’ll try to choose something relevant to the league to debate about and give you both takes on what I choose, so take from it what you can. And if you wish to contribute anything to the magazines I will be more than happy to put them in here. So with that said, let’s go ahead and jump into this week’s magazine.

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    Well, this week we saw Guttso retain his championship for the second straight week. He will be up against Pain in a rematch of the first championship match this season. Guttso has shown that he can battle with the best of them and Pain has shown he can fight back. We should definitely expect a great championship match. L.Kross nudged out Got Life? in a tightly fought battle of good writers. Joro decided to write about his beefs with Pain in a battle he must not have cared much about. The RBL is a forum above, kid. OC wrote a great piece to the picture of the nuclear explosion on earth to beat liquid. Nu was able to beat me with a verse with more imagery than mine. Blitz was able to knock out TaC, who was the only one to use the Myspace Angel picture. Nick Names knocked out Shadow to get his first win. And in the lowest ranked battle this week, Xquisite won due to a no-show by Master Peace.
  3. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    Battle of the Week:

    Nom vs .:pain:.

    We watched the sun set a coxcomb red
    She tied me to the chair with Stockholm threads
    She told me, ‘baby I’m not a monster,
    At least not yet’

    I watched the sun rise in drizzling paint
    Arms outstretched, still living as saint
    A biblical face, miserable taste
    In the glass with a pebble to weight
    Every drop of the gin, a seminal trait
    A friend with the fate of a lost soul
    Eyes down, still stepping on hot coals
    Soft gold touch with a walk that tries
    To mimic our youth under Corsica skies
    Troubling times, I kept myself sane
    With a cig in my mouth, deaf to the blame
    The stress is the same, broken hands
    From troubling myself with a token strand
    Of regret and guilt, it feels best to kill
    Turn this widow gold to less than teal
    She wore a dress with heels, no hope
    Eyes shut, lies cut, times up, slow choke
    Life written in slow-mo, save me now
    But don’t waste my time, brave the sound
    Of the knife cutting flesh, nothing less
    It was nothing short of stunning sex
    I ran for days with the thought in mind
    Head ache, dead shakes, course and blind
    The thoughtful kind

    She met me at the lake with a letter
    A poor choice considering the weather
    Seal broke with a feather, amateur kids
    We were young once, savage and sick

    We were young once, savage and sick

    We grew up in the same state
    We looked so young in that framed place
    We lost contact heavenly grip
    Too many doctors telling me I’m sick
    And she wouldn’t visit, wouldn’t listen
    All she heard was my wooden vision
    Modern life struck a symbolic chord
    I sent her letters, a whim when I’m bored
    A symbol, a flaw, a vision that caught
    Her attention while I lay in my bed
    I was just waiting for a day when I’d rest
    I was braver, handsomer, less
    Than the hero I claimed, she was my tyrant
    I was terrified, but I’m smiling
    I’m finding that the medication takes the edge
    Now I’m taking fear in place of meds

    She found me at my lowest and took me home
    Spent the night, got drugged, shook me slow

    We watched the sun set a coxcomb red
    She tied me to the chair with Stockholm threads
    She told me, ‘baby I’m not a monster,
    At least not yet’




    All it takes is a spark to ignite
    the anguish and pain to get a star from the night,
    Durin' these times of barterin' life
    for coffins of plight, we exchange the scars for the knife...

    Every time we breathe, our lungs are diseased,
    And every time we speak, our tongues are bereaved,
    The death of a martyr seems so unexpected,
    We didn't see the hardships we've sewn into bedlam,
    We find our best solutions in scenes full of greed,
    A violent revolution for peace is what we need,
    If you don't get it, leave, we can do it without you,
    But it needs to be done or we'll lose to the shrouds wounds...

    ...Unification, if America was truly a nation
    undivided, then they wouldn't leave you in the wasteland,
    To find it, the unity I'm speakin' of,
    Bleedin' bloods, crippled crips, and a grievous thug,
    Blues and reds became synonymous with hues of death,
    Poppin' shots, they walk and topple blocks in tune with them,
    "They" are the always the ones
    showing the guns, coaxing the blood to fill oceans, it runs,
    Not through my veins, it's not the same,
    Not through your brain, not today,
    You see, we get a little smarter, we're gettin' sharper,
    To burst their bubble, no trouble if the riddle's harder,
    The main populous is losin' all their pride,
    I say we spike drinkin' water with Lucy in the sky,
    Maybe then they'll see the curtains they hold,
    And the infected breasts that are nursing our hopes,
    It seems that people have fervently shown
    that they don't give a fuck about the earth and the globe,
    The "Gods" keep workin' our souls,
    The lost sheep burn in a hole, the laws we learn to uphold
    only work for the folks with a permanent home,
    While we stay nomadic, searching for goals,
    They take our income to pay their debts,
    And we don't get shit; no "Thanks" were said,
    So there's no way I'll set,
    Sit by, while this guy gets his way instead,
    It's time we stop just fuckin' around,
    Let 'em try to speak his bullshit with a gun in his mouth,
    What would the founding fathers do?
    Well I doubt that they'd be proud of you,
    A lot of people met their death for the call
    of true freedom, Washington led the revolt,
    And if he was still here he would march on the steps,
    Stand tall, proud, and call for their deaths,
    Yea, time has changed; a lot of it has gone by,
    But the king's still here, relocatin' took a long time,
    We need to take the nation back, it theirs now,
    You can tell by their yells and methods to scare crowds,
    Fuck that, I ain't scared to believe,
    But I am scared to live and barely be free...

    All it takes is a spark to ignite
    the anguish and pain to get a star from the night,
    Durin' these times of barterin' life
    for coffins of plight, we exchange the scars for the knife...

  4. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    No Show Shine:


    Tanks sputtered there smoke and cluttered the road
    shutters were closed when I discovered the glow
    was this martial law???...or Terrorist attacks???
    what the fuck is going on? I want some errorless facts
    so I turned on the tube and clicked on the news
    “a comet is in pursuit and the boom will come soon”
    what was I to do?
    dazed and confused… I searched for a view
    took a glaze at the doom and my tears accrued
    but I must survive!
    I ran outside in fear of my life
    stumbled upon this guy, who stood nearby
    “What are you doing? Get to a shelter?” he yelled
    “What shelter??? Please sir…. I need your help!!!”
    “Bomb shelters, they’re loading up pedestrians on 12th”
    “thank you” I said, …… and then ran like hell….
    I saw the stampede of panic….and the loading line was gigantic
    my mind was a frantic…cuz the buses left me stranded!!
    how outlandish, hundreds were abandoned
    The crowd expanded and help was demanded
    left alone with no hope, I ran back home
    snatched my phone so I could track my folks
    “mom is that you?”
    “yes it is!! Where are u Mathew?”
    “I’m at home all alone panicked in my bathroom”
    “Goodness gracious!!! fucking get to a basement!!!
    and don’t be complacent”
    click……………………..end of conversation
    the phone line cut out
    in shock …I thought…. “oh shit, what now???”
    turned on the tv
    but all the channels were shut down
    fuck, the glow got brighter, the whole sky on fire
    and my mind was tired from what just transpired
    this was the end…or so I thought it was
    cuz at that split second, I heard a repetitive buzz
    was I surrounded by bugs?
    no, then I must be on drugs!
    ohhhhh fuck!
    it’s my alarm *yawn* time to get up

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    Week 7 Match Ups:

    Well, with week 7 coming up we have seen a few sign outs but here are this week’s match ups:

    C. MC Guttso 6-0
    2. .:pain: 5-1

    3. The_K3 4-2
    4. L. Kross 2-1

    5. Orange407County 2-0
    6. Nu'Maan 2-1

    7. Blitz_kreig 3-2
    8. Soull 2-1

    9. nom dillinger. 2-1
    10. Joro 3-1

    11. liquid' acid 1-1
    12. Ace the Prophet 3-3

    13. T.a.C 1-5
    14. ShadowWarriorfs 0-2
    15. Main Stream​
  6. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


    Video Collabs vs. Topical Verses

    Ok. So with there has been a lot of debate as to what’s “Hip hop” about this league. Personally, I do feel like some things that are posted are not totally hip hop related but the majority of us listen to hip hop, are inspired by hip hop, and write hip hop pieces. What separates this league from the other leagues on the net are our video collabs. Of course, the exactly opposite of a video collab would be a topical verse without any relevance to a rap related theme. With all of the conversation sparking up I have decided to compare the perks and negatives of both video collabs and topical verses so you can see the relevance of hip hop in each.

    First off, we’ll start by explaining what a video collab is. The majority of heads that have signed back in are topical heads from the RSTL prior to the introduction of video collabs. Think of it as a remix to a song. You’re given a video and you must write a verse in place of one of the verses in the song. Yes, you’ll be limited on your lines, which takes away from descriptions and storytelling. But, on the same token, you won’t have to sit back and read a novel of lines with an over-used vocabulary. Video collabs present the essence of hip hop to the league. You are called upon to show what you could do in a professional song that’s meant to be shown to everyone, not just a couple of buddies and a few other people you know who you may have a hook up with. It’s your remix. It’s your take on what they’re talking about. With that also comes your own personal style. How adaptable is it to how the others on the track flow? If your verse is too indifferent don’t expect to get many votes. This is where the fantasy world of topicals is thrown out the window and reality sets in. Face it: while the reason we write may not be to record songs to be played over the radio, you can’t deny that it’d be a dream come true to record a song that millions of people will listen to. With video collabs you’re given the chance to write a competitive verse that adapts with the MCs on the track. It’s more on the rapping token but it’s much, much, much more realistic to the music industry than a topical verse.

    Now, on the other side of that token we have topicals. The obstacle you must tackle with topicals is simple: capture the essence of the topic you are given. This is where you have to step out of your MC shoes and become more of a writer. Storytelling becomes much more relevant than your flow since an audio track will never be your topic. You need to be very creative with every aspect of your writing. You have much, much more room to accomplish things than in a video collab. Instead of the normal 16 bars you’re given up to 64 lines to write. And if you’re going to use all 64 you better be a damn good writer to keep everyone’s attention for that long. The combination of metaphors, storytelling, and twists becomes very important. You need to be more descriptive and a better vocab is usually needed to write a topical piece that you can expect to get you votes week in and week out. Topicals are more for writers, not rappers. However, to say it’s not hip hop would be a joke. This is where the strength of your creativity lies. Take that picture of the mountains and make it hip hop related if that’s what you wish to do. If you can’t do that then you’re simply not good enough to be a topical writer. Whether it’s a quote, theme, or picture that you’re writing your topical to it can always be hip hop related. Just because some writers don’t write a verse that’s very relative to the hip hop community doesn’t mean it can’t still be considered hip hop. All stories are the same. It’s how you depict them that makes them great.

    So with that being said, this league is about balance. You have to be able to write on both sides of this debate in order to be successful. The video collab is a concept that no other leagues have. While it is shunned upon by some topical writers it’s still a concept that is equally as difficult and fun as writing a topical. And while the length of topicals are shunned upon by most who aren’t a topical writer, it takes more of an intellectual edge to write a very good topical verse. Both have their perks and their negatives. While some want just one or the other it can’t be denied that it makes this league more interesting than the other topical leagues on the net. Which is why a championship in this league will be based off of one thing: Balance. Too much of one will outweigh the other. A real writer can adapt to both. So as this season picks up, keep finding that strong middle point. Then you’ll be able to see the relevance of both subjects in the essence of hip hop.​
  7. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    Weekly Interview with L.Kross


    Ace: Alright. Give us the story behind L.Kross

    Kross: Well, lotus is a flower that you can smoke like weed. Its an extremely powerful sedative. My rap name Lotus is kind of a metaphor for lyrically, I’m uplifted an enlightened. Kross is just to remind me of my godly side. Keeps my temper at bay a little bit.

    Ace: What's something that's significant to your life that's made you who you are today?

    Kross: All the defining moments of my life came from tragedy an loss. Just bein alive seein the shit goin on around you, losin the people closest to you, these are the things that shape my outlook.
    Like Styles P said, in the hood, the greatest lesson is death.

    Ace: What do you see yourself doing in the future?

    Kross: Probably more of the same, stayin true to my underground roots, refusin to sell out to blow up, movin my CDs around my city an doin shows wherever I can find em.


    Ace: Who are some of your favorite artists?

    Kross: Big Pun, Big L, Biggie Smalls, L O X, Method Man, Papoose, JR Writer, Jae Millz

    Ace: Who's a popular artist you absolutely just cannot stand to listen to?

    Kross: Haha, I dont listen to the radio, watch BET or MTV or any of the main stream commercialistic shit thats hot right now. Pretty much all I listen to is the older realer shit.

    Ace: What's the first hip hop song you remember listening to? Did it hook you in to the genre?

    Kross: First song I ever heard was Drop by the Tha Pharcyde. I was probly single digit age, back before anyone was lyrical, everything was real simple, all that mattered was the beat was bouncy, Pharcyde had some gutter beats, some real lyricism. Real hip hop. It might not have hooked me into hiop-hop(which is not rap) but it sure got me interested in music.

    Ace: Name your favorite song of all time

    Kross: There are way too many hot artists past an present thatve dropped so many crazy records, itd be almost impossible for me to list just one as my favorite.

    Ace: What's your favorite album of all time?

    Kross: This is sort of like the last question, but if I had to just throw one up there, Id say Blackout. Two very talented writers comin together over some very raw beats pumpin out some classical tracks. But again, there are so many artists, so many groups, collabos, but Blackout would definitely be eligable for the list.

    Ace: Who's album that's dropping this year are you looking forward to most?

    Kross: Blackout 2, I think it already dropped, but I havent got it yet, and I really need to

    Ace: Name an artist who is one of your favorites that we may not have heard of before but you think we should listen to

    Kross: Im sure that over this board at least someones heard of anyone I name, but one of the most disgusting up an new comers Ive heard recently is Drake. I know alot of you know him, but the ones who dont should really look into him. Most specifically, listen to his song "Say Whats Real" over kanyes "Say You Will" Instrumental

    Ace: If you can't listen to hip hop what genre do you listen to?

    Kross: I barely even listen to rap anymore, except for the few artists I listed an a few others. I refuse to be told whats hot. An I dont really have any other prefrence. I didnt really listen to music until I started to get interested in hip hop an I havent really listened to anything else since.


    Ace: How would you compare the new RSTL to the old RSTL? For the better or worse?

    Kross: Well.. The league used to be chalked full of legendary writers. At one point like 20 of the 50 hottest writers to ever come through RM were in the RSTL, that was a great league, but even today, the activity might be slower and the legends retired, but we do have a good group of very strong writers, the rest show a lot of potential an promise and everyone is dedicated to show up and vote. The activity is slow, but solid. 2 people no showed in 2 weeks. Congratz, fellas

    Ace: Video collabs or topicals?

    Kross: First of all, I think we need to find a more accurate term to describe writin a text verse an havin people read it over an industry instrumental. And no, I dont like em. You have no way to know how the flows sposed to read, you can only imagine an speculate. I think we should leave text text an audio audio.

    Ace: What's something you think the RSTL should do to make it fresher?

    Kross: Well, I think if we just continue to write our best, everyone shows, everyone votes, everyone votes real an helpful, we cut out the beef an bullshit an just be competitive writers the league will improve itself and promote itself. Everyone see's us practicin, writin strong, votin well, gettin along with each other great, why wouldnt they wanna join up an try an be like us. We're supposed to be nice, lets just be that.

    Ace: Who are the top writers in the league?

    Kross: Wow. This is a bad time to ask this question. Right now everyones commited to writin hard, even the new cats are givin good showins. I guess some of the top writers would be Pain, Syn, Nom, Guttso an GL?

    Ace: Who's an underdog you think the league should look out for?

    Kross: Well, I havent got my votes in this week yet (crazy lack of time) and last week I read mostly the older cats battles, but I did read Nuumans verse an assumed he was an alias, but if hes really not, that would be one mean newbie to look out for.

    Ace: Of the competitors signed into the league right now, who would you like to battle most?

    Kross: Since pretty much the whole leagues got talented writers an even nice new cats, pretty much anybody vs anybody right now is almost sure to be a hot bout, but I guess if I had to list some names, itd be the same from the top writers list.

    Ace: If you could choose one video to collab with for the league, which would it be and why?

    Kross: Lmao, I dont even know.


    Ace: So, this week it's your chance to show us the sexiest celebrity alive. You know what to do, haha

    Kross: Ah, in my eyes, this never switches. It’s always been the same fine female. Halle Berry


    Ace: Now you've got your Cavs and I've got my Nuggets. Both have advanced to the Conference Finals in their respective conferences. What do you think the chances are that they face each other in the finals this year?

    Kross: Pretty good. Both teams are mean an healthy have some strong players, some strong hearted team work. They could absolutely square off in the finals. All I know is my Cavs is gone be there for sure.

    Ace: And finally, give me a quote of any kind. It doesn't need to have any relevance to anything at all, just a quote you wish to tell me.

    Kross: Those afraid of the struggle will never know success.

    Ace: Good luck throughout the rest of the season, Kross​
  8. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    Video of the Week:

    Zion I- Fingerpaint



    Well, this week we’re heading back to videos. Here’s to everyone having a good showing this week. I also would like to say I’m still looking for a new logo for the RSTL. If you wish to make a new logo please feel free to send me it in a PM. If you need to send me an e-mail for any reason hit me up in a PM and I’ll hook you up with my e-mail address. And as I already stated, if you wish to add anything to the mag I’d be glad to put it in here. Let’s keep things up here. Go Nuggets!​
  9. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    special thanks to Ace for doin the mag. hopefully we can get you modded THIS WEEK
  10. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Great mag people, keep it up Ace.
  11. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    nicely done fellaz
  12. MC Guttso

    MC Guttso Fingers in Pies

    Jun 22, 2006
    Wow, what a week last week...
    I don't think anyone's votes should have been DQ'd.
    T.a.C should not have been KO'd in his match up, I find that disgraceful coz I certainly didn't think it was one-sided, both verses were strong.
    Nice effort on the mag Ace, liked the debate between video collabs and topical verses, had some good points there.
    I see myself as more of a topical writer, but video collabs are cool in the respect that you are somewhat forced to write in a mainstream way and develop your versatility by stepping outside of what you know to be your natural writing style.
    Good interview L.Kross - Halle Berry is a fittie.
    Joro your verse is jokes not as childish this time, and made me laugh. Good stuff. I dunno how I'm gonna fair in my battle this week, I just ain't "hip-hop" enough to collab with Royce Da 5'9", I'm just a white cockney wideboy lol.
    Good luck in your battles people....
  13. The_K3

    The_K3 ^Secksi^

    Dec 30, 2005
    im down for the video collabs, switch ups are cool tho
  14. The_K3

    The_K3 ^Secksi^

    Dec 30, 2005
    joro ur verses satire is hilarious i wish it was longer
  15. MC Guttso

    MC Guttso Fingers in Pies

    Jun 22, 2006
    That's what she said...
  16. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    Good looks everyone. And yeah TaC, hopefully I finally get modded, haha
  17. Blitz_krieg

    Blitz_krieg SAY WHA.........

    Jun 17, 2008
    Nice mag... good job... thnks for putting all the effort into this.. its really tight of you..

    are still taking suggestions for next week>/

    i wanted to do topical acronyms....
    something like that?
    i prollly havent explained myself goodenough... but im way too fucked right ot care..
  18. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    i have no idea what were doin yet next week, im thinking another week of video collabs, but this sounds like it has potential. explain it to me
  19. nom waits.

    nom waits. small change.

    May 18, 2009
    well, i guess he means like topical acronyms.
    pretty self explanatory i thought.
  20. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    ha, nice. cheers man.

    and nah i'm not an alias, too lazy to be logging in with different usernames ...

    [turn] ...
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