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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by T.a.C, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. T.a.C

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  2. T.a.C

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    So this weeks mag will be short and sweet. Just to get something up for you guys. Basically, I want everyone to know, this week FOR SURE, we will start enforcing voting rules. There was a miscommunication between mods last week that lead to some confusion. The ranks will not be changed, and from this week on, we will enforce voting rules.
  3. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


    In a strange turn of events, our champ Main Stream signed out, leaving the 2 in the contenders match to be bumped to face the challenger from the champ match. That meant WordZperfect would be against Link Gash and Soull. In the end WordZ took it and became the new champion. Congratz to WordZperfect. The sign-out lead to –Atreyu- and Guttso facing in the contenders match. Confusion on when the voting rules would be enforced caused controversy in the match, but Guttso ended up taking the dub and advancing to the champ match. In the all FLF battle, Noble Soldier faced Shadow. In an match closer than the votes would leave you to believe, Shadow won, and advanced to the contender match. In another crew member vs crew member battle, L. Kross showed student a thing or two, taking a win. A match predicted to be battle of the week (Which it lived up to) was Nu’MaaN vs Ace the Prophet. Both came with fire. Nu has proven over and over he isn’t a joke, and showed that, scoring a win over one of the best. A battle between 2 up and comers was Fac3 vs liquid`. Both have shown talent, and both displayed it this week. Face3 took the win, in the end, in a close match. Both KDP and Scatterboxx no-showed, KDP is banned from the league, and Scatt is one no-show away from facing the same fate. nO gOoD’s debut put a hamper on Lucifa’s return, though both came with good verses. nO gOoD took this battle by a comfortable margin. The other threesome battle we had this week was between dee-black, Blitz, and coup. Blitz came out of the battle with 4 votes, dee with 2 and coup with 0, leaving Blitz with the win on his record.
  4. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


    Nu’MaaN vs Ace the Prophet


    amongst the wretched

    from my birth to my hearse, there's this curse i can't nurse/
    but just first let my words, serve the worst with my verses/
    my nerves go bezerk, as i lurk and converse/
    with these serpents giving sermons, they earn just to burn/

    in the hell, you just fell in. you'll yell. this is real/
    i'll prevail, you will fail, 'coz you frail as the shell/
    of a snail, you look pale and you will get no help/
    from your wealth for your health, you will feel what i felt/

    through these times, you've been blind, to the signs/
    so i rhyme, to incline all your minds, that there's none/
    more divine that you'll find to rely on, than-the Almighty God/
    but it's hard to find God, if you're scarred behind bars/

    with these fakes all around us, and snakes that surround us/
    they found us confounded, like clowns in the ground, plus/
    the sound of the thousands of houses knocked down, just/
    drowned in these towns by these scoundrels who bound us/

    so face it, these racists, they basically, wastage/
    of space, it's a race how they pace to erase/
    a whole race, so i'm laced with some mace and ill-hatred/
    for masters defacing their slaves, man the case is/

    illusions, delusions are fused with confusion/
    refuse to be foolish, it'll prove to be useful/
    rebuke all these schools, where they're choosing the tutors/
    the future looks useless, coz yous are not using/

    your brains, it's a shame, who's to blame for this pain?/
    man this game that they're playing, is so strange & derranged/
    it's insane how they slaying, and so lame when they claim/
    that the reign of hussein's inhumane? yet they aid him?/
    in raiding our lands n terrains, now they're saying/
    their main aim in this game was to bring decent change?/

    fuck the misters, ministers, sinister with pistols/
    the risk in some senseless persistance's existance/
    for instance, the instant resistance exists, then/
    the frisking of sisters in this system commences/

    we need aid for this aids, while these ladies get laid/
    'coz the games that they play, pave the way to their graves/
    getting paid to get laid, by these men who have made/
    this a trade, may-this-persuade all the brave to behave/

    'coz human species in feacies & piss, we need Jesus/
    to piece this, 'coz peace is increasingly ceasing/
    oh please, just decease this disease up in DC/
    he sees us, & feeds us defeat with no reason/

    the tyrants play violins for violence on zionists/
    but silently smile, while residing in islands/
    the slum's my asylum, i'm silently rhyming/
    to heighten the might and the plight of the frightened/

    may-God's Power devour you cowards like howard/
    and shower your houses with sourest of flowers/
    so now there's no towers, you cower for hours/
    but how will you bow to the Great Lord of Ours?/

    when a child in the hood, never has a childhood/
    they act wild, but they good, so i know i really should/
    do some good for the hood, and i would if i could/
    but remain misunderstood, crucified to the wood/

    i've had it with this attitude and habits/
    of these faggots who cause static it's so savage/
    may my 'matic let 'em have it, may the animals attack 'em/
    in the alley or the attic, get a manicure by maggots, man my anger is sporadic/

    i'll confess i'm depressed, from the stress of this test/
    hope i'm next, to contest, the dark pleasures of death/
    with no-more breath in my chest, i pray i rest with the best/
    & hope i left you with treasures, lest we forget ...

    let the votes be casted, once ace drops ...



    Ace the Prophet:


    She sits back, contemplating all of her decisions
    That have lead her to the letters that are tatted with precision
    And tattered dreams of everything that’s left her broken in grieve
    She hopes to believe she’s just wearing emotions on her sleeves
    Cuz it’s the only way she can stay copin’ with the grief
    And keep herself away from smokin’ all her weed
    Cuz now she’s diving in a different ocean of beliefs
    To fight a different enemy she knows she can defeat
    So she sits, ready for the evil to begin
    As she braces herself for the needle in her skin
    To alter its colors to everything she saw
    No hallucination has ever been as raw
    As the one that appeared as she began to draw
    When her pencil took over, leaving her in awe
    Shading in everything she ever could’ve thought
    It’s such a feeling that sobriety never could’ve brought
    But addiction’s the reason for all of the inflictions
    And pain she’s depicted from tainted descriptions
    Of the line that crosses reality and fantasy
    And the misinterpretations of how it can be damaging
    To family and friends and everybody inbetween
    But she’s living out her life just how she’s seen it in her dreams
    And it’s just another vision with a permanent force
    But as a daily reminder it’s a divergence of sorts
    To assure to herself she can never be lured
    Again to every feeling that she’s ever endured
    When the first needle struck her straight into her vein
    And every single chemical raced into her brain
    And changed her mentality, she claimed to be insane
    And when she emptied out her stash she’d aimlessly complain
    Til she got a different brand that was laced up with the ‘caine
    And her dealer knocked her out and raped her in the rain
    And left her body layin’ in the puddles of the mud
    As her mind realized she was running from the love
    That her true friends provided without using the drugs
    That she consumed as a simple amusement to these thugs
    So she stood up, ready for herself to make a change
    Tossed out the Mary Jane and any dates they had arranged
    And indulged herself on a battle vs. the chemicals
    That falsified her feelings to make them feel incredible
    So she dove back in her own ocean of beliefs
    And gave a different meaning to emotions on her sleeve
    To remind herself when contemplating her decisions
    To reach her own goals while aiming with precision
    To defeat the enemies she knows she can defeat
    It’s a simple reminder when coping with the grief
    That it’s just an image from the needle in her skin
    It’s forever tatted on, now let the evil begin!
  5. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


    C. WordZPerfecT 6-1
    2. MC Guttso 10-2

    3. ShadowWarriorfs 3-5
    4. L. Kross 8-2

    5. Nu'maaN 6-2
    6. -Fac3- 3-1

    7. nO gOoD! 1-0
    8. Blitz_kreig 2-0

    9. Soull 4-4
    10. -Atreyu- 2-1

    11. Young Troy 2-2
    12. Ace the Prophet 6-6

    13. liquid' acid 2-6
    14. dee-black 0-1

    15. Lucifa 0-1
    16. coup d'`etat 0-1

    17. .Sand. 0-0
    18. |-paragon-| 0-0

    19. Smoke Trail 0-0
    20. L Dogg The King 0-0

    21. Phonetixs 0-0
    22. nom berryman. 0-0
  6. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


    WordZperfect vs MC Guttso: This is tough. Both are pretty sick with it. I’ve been really impressed with Guttso, the entire time hes been in the league and I’ve learned to never doubt him. So I’m going with him.

    ShadowWarriorfs vs L. Kross: Shadow has improved during his time in the league, but I think L. Kross is one of the top dogs in the league right now, and I think he will pull it out.

    Nu’MaaN vs Fac3: Fac3 has shown himself to be a good writer, but I see Nu champing the league in the near future. So I will have to go with him.

    nO gOoD vs Blitz: Both are great writers, but I see nO gOoD making his presence felt in a hurry.

    Soull vs –Atreyu-: I see Atreyu dropping a fire verse with a lot of emotion due to the events of the last week. I think Soull will have a chance, but I’m just not sure how good of one he has.

    Young Troy vs Ace the Prophet: Lately it seems Ace has been having time issues, with his love of fat chicks, and Troy has shown to be a consistent topical writer. I think if Ace puts time into this verse he’s got this, however.

    Liquid` acid vs dee-black: I don’t know much about dee, so just out of lack of knowledge I’m going with Liq.

    Sand vs Paragon: I don’t know much of either writer, but I remember Paragon telling me she’s a good topical writer, so I’ll go with her off that.

    Smoke Trail vs LDogg: I don’t know much of either’s work, but I got a hunch LDogg will win

    Phonetix vs nom: I don’t know if anyone can beat nom.
  7. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


    Nicole Scherzinger




  8. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


  9. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest


    It was fun doing the mag, but it reminded me how much work actually goes into it. Ace fix your computer, hahaha. Peace

  10. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    who do you predict to win coup or lucifa....nevemind both verses have been dropped.

    finally a mag,...good stuff.
  11. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    wow, my bad man, i missed that one. sorry about that
  12. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    nicely done t.a.c
  13. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
    Haha, cool mag....
  14. _KDP_

    _KDP_ Active Member

    Jun 30, 2008
    im banned? that sucks
  15. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
  16. Atreyu

    Atreyu New Member

    Jun 29, 2003
    Since this is clearly the mods fault,those battles that were tied should end up with their individual ranks not changing,but the battles staying the same because obviously that cant be changed.

    So since i was 2-0,my record shud stay 2-0,and not 2-1, as well as whom i battled
  17. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    ha, cheers tee.


    i think you no-showed too many times, consecutively ...

    [turn] ...
  18. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
    That could be it, KDP
  19. Coup d'état

    Coup d'état Don't believe the hype

    Jun 19, 2009
    kdp, there are only 4 weeks left of this current season. so consider it a month vacation, then back to the grind again for the next.
  20. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
    4 weeks is a good while though to go without writing.....

    For me anyway, I write everyday..mostly to beats and tracks, but I love this story tellin' shit though, versatility in writing is always a good thing. You can never get to much practice in man.
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