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  1. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005

    Battle of the Week
    No-Show Shine
    Match Ups
    Babe of the Week
    Video of the Week

    1. Introduction

    Alright. Good shit from everyone this past week. This mag will be short and sweet. Once again we’ll be short with an interview. I tried to get at Blitz again but he wasn’t able to get back to me, so that interview is cut this week and hopefully it'll work out for next week. Standings will go up this week. I finally have some time off from work so I’ll have free time to do those. I’ve decided the season will end after Week 16, and then we will have our tournament. I will talk more to TaC and Nasty about it in the upcoming weeks and we will get everything set up. Also, we are going to start enforcing the voting rule, which is this:

    You must vote on 5 battles. For every vote short of 5 that you are, that’s how many votes will be taken away from you. So if you only vote on 3 battles then 2 votes will be taken away from you.

    With that being said, I’m talking to TaC about keeping voting open til Monday nights so everyone can get votes in. Once I get word from him about that I’ll be sure to let everyone know. I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine with keeping voting open til Monday nights. Still try to get your votes in when you can though!

    Other than that, I’d say things are going pretty smoothly right now. Not as many no-shows so I’m definitely happy about that. Let’s get this mag going.

    2. Recap

    In the championship match Main Stream was able to knock out L. Kross to gain the Championship Belt. WordZPerfect came out on top of the 3-Way Contendership match against Fac3 and Pain. Link Gash was able to top me in our match. Soull won due to a no-show from Crimz. Atreyu won due to a no show from Blitz. MC Guttso defeated liquid. Yung Troy was able to top Shadow, and both NephYou and coil both no-showed in their match.
  2. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    3. Battle of the Week

    .:pain:. vs WordZPerfect vs. -Fac3-


    Beat: Smoke - Flower Venom

    The Orphanage


    Blood used to call these walls its home,
    It used to, freefall from the dolls and joes,
    And as I re-call each mauled balling soul,
    I feel the sea salt eat all calls to hope...

    ...Built on a plateau, below a black hole,
    Over cracked hopes where the moles and rats go,
    The place where the poor and unfortunate, lay on a floor and wish
    to stray from the orphanage,
    But that was God's ordinance, they pray that the course will switch,
    Change their coordinates, today's are abhorrent gifts,
    You can hear the cries in the echo, to let go,
    Be gone, from the temple, we donned,
    We didn't have a choice in the matters of voice,
    We couldn't speak up, cuz everytime it'd reak of, "destroy,"
    The evil demons creeped up in the forms of our elders,
    Which is why you'd never hear us call the orphanage "shelter..."

    James had seen six winters when he came,
    Helped Natalie fix the dinners that we ate,
    He was found in a town where the ghosts were kings,
    So children out of wed lock were a hopeless fling,
    He lived on a beach, that precocious thing,
    Sang along to the songs that the ocean sings,
    A victim of the social norms in that coastal horde,
    Another dreamer of freedoms and hopes ignored,
    Natalie was tall and slender,
    But she had an aura that was small and precious, that we all remember,
    So it hurts to remember her smile,
    The breeze of her breathe could carry petals for miles,
    Her parents were caring, there was nothing of scars had,
    But something could harm that, called a drunk and a car crash,
    Nat had no where to go, and she was only ten,
    So she came to the place where she'd sleep, and meet her only friends,
    And Ben was thrown in that mix,
    He lacked focus, his gifts, were unbeknownest to him,
    Until a night, he went outside and layed on the earth,
    His paintbrush and the moonrays mated and birthed
    a creation that cured all the pain on his shirt,
    Wore his heart on his sleeve, so the break was assured,
    He was born to a prostitute and left on the steps,
    And never knew anything outside this building of stress,
    Peter tried to help, tried to be a kinda dad,
    He was the oldest, he'd speak in line with that,
    No one knew his problems or how he arrived,
    He would always sit and listen to the pouts and the cries,
    Always holdin' Natalie as she sobbed in his arms,
    Always helpin' Ben release his problems in art,
    Always tellin' James, "The future's better, you'll see,"
    Secretely wondering when will it get better for me...

    ...So now that the story of the four in the bricks
    has been told, I will tell you how the orphanged switched,
    The heads of the house used certain techniques,
    If you smirked, you'd get beat, then you work till you bleed,
    The one they were beaten till they named him dad,
    Had a little room where he would "play" with Nat,
    With rain down her cheeks, heart tearing, she'd cower,
    The smile that carried a flower became buried in showers,
    And as James threw resent at the man in the room,
    The songs he would sing became hampered by wounds,
    Eventually, we forgot his hopeful songs,
    Cuz it's impossible to sing through a broken jaw,
    Ben became distant, he would sit with his paper,
    And began depicting caretakers with visceral hatred,
    That man caught wind, made his cold hate bust,
    As he put out Ben's eye with his own paintbrush,
    Peter felt their grief, and it built in his soul,
    As the evil grew heated in that building of stone,
    He wanted better for his friends, less stress from all these tense nights,
    So he held a kitchen knife, and sent 'em to the next life,
    Prayed in the silence that survived in the halls,
    As his three friends died, in their quiet withdrawal,
    The "father" and "mother" layed sleeping, sedated,
    Pete made their sheets drip the blood of the people he hated,
    And for the first time, he felt at peace,
    As if he and his friends had left hell deceased...

    ...With the knife to his wrist, he seemingly died,
    The house was the devil, our blood was feeding it's pride,
    I know this, because Peter is I,
    and I walk these halls as I reach for the sky,
    I was tired of those people chasin' dreams away,
    Mine was of us residing in a peaceful state,
    I saved them from a pain I hope that you would never know,
    As I walk up the steps to the only room I've ever known...


    “There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream.”​


    ..My Mother Snapped this picture, I was five trying to fly..
    ..These were simple times for me, But She was dying inside..
    ..Looking through her eyes, The Skies shine so Bright..
    ..They say heaven is an immaculate sight...
    ...It's just a shame she can never see the brighter side of life...

    Due to alienation, I was age ten with a wild imagination
    My name's 'Juan', Livin' in a swimmin' pool full of fabrications
    exaggerations of a happy setting seduced me to an acclimation
    But the sad state of this nation is indicated in the locals translation
    accusations of being half Breed have become natural statements
    Their admirations of my skin tone are mere adulations
    Even So...
    The Facts that I'm faced with have no relation or correlation
    To the observations and conversations of these racists
    It's their parents Calling my parent an abomination
    while My parent takes it, Never offering any form of refutation
    You guessed it, I was bred in the hot beds of segregation
    Where the fixation on mixed races isn't itended to be debated
    Where intimidation is the way they reinforce this connotation
    Itroduce a noose to your, neck, and ya' spine find seperation

    “There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream.”

    Deep in my sleep, I see equality fallin' from the trees..
    Free to catch but nobody is underneath holding a net, see
    Nobody here has the stamina to chase the dream gave in a speech
    they would much rather hold up a middle finger and take a seat
    take me for instance, I never met my father or knew of his existance
    When I ask about the guy, My mother cries somethin' horrific
    So I learned to forget it, and live with never mentioning it
    Hoping one day she opens up, and eventually just admits it
    Admit what? Well...See my birth was not really an accident
    It wasn't planned or a one night stand in the heat of passion
    Through Word of mouth, In a small town I heard
    My father was pure bred evil, and My mom couldn't escape it
    Although to me he's faceless, his face is that of a racist rapist

    I hate it, but couldn't fathom the pain She has to live with
    when she looks into my eyes everyday, she's forced to re live it
    Cold and frigid, the three left her naked in the middle of december
    I wonder when she looks into my eyes, what face does she remember...

    They say heaven is an immaculate sight...A high for the eyes
    A visual Prize No set of eyes could visualize, But...
    When hell over shadows, and wins the inner battle..
    You can plan on never seeing, The brighter side of life...
  3. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005


    Immortal Wisdom


    The sky was intense grey, The air was dampened wit dense rain
    He sobbed uncontrolably, his tears crammed wit condensed pain
    His earth shattered, the hurt battered his girth, now inert matter
    as he rose to his feet, a flock of birds scattered in absurd patterns
    He looked up to the sky n asked 'why did they have to go?'
    why did this happen? I'll never know yet I still ask it though
    They had to pull him away, he didnt wanna let the caskets go
    And they held him back as they lowered both caskets slow

    He just wants em here, past events still haunt n scare
    with no immediate family, he was placed in foster care
    he stopped n stared at his new dad, he felt reclusive,
    intrusive, if he only knew his new dad was abusive
    a situation conducive to failure, it was like a bad curse
    But when he was ready to break, he'd think of his dad's words
    "Son when things get tough, pray to god, it works
    No matter how bad u got it, someones got it worse"

    But eventually, dimented tendencies steadily effected him mentally
    couldnt let it be, ' some men are free, why cant i be them intead of me
    I'll never be wut im ment to be especially with the death of my pedigree
    am I cursed gentically?, is there a better me? or will i die pathetically
    am I my own enemy? or can I overcome this aesthetically?
    cuz if I dont find the remedy it'll be the death of me'
    luckily his dads words were cemented in his memory
    'the mind is kenetic energy n its up to u to just set it free'

    N he could wait to break free, he finally escaped at 18
    Hungry for Knowledge? shit he scraped the plate clean
    cuz he acknowledged the key was to gain a college degree
    the only problem, he thought that the knowledge was free
    and wit his lil job, he couldnt afford his rent and tu-ition
    but he had true vision n wouldnt give up this new mission
    remainin patient n keen, never wastin his steam
    Cuz he knew the journey involved with chasin a dream**

    Now he's homeless liven under canopys eatin a can-a-peas
    but even this cant appease, or force this man to cease
    the persuit of his dreams, even when they seem like fantasies
    he planned to seize success n hold it in his hands n squeeze
    Too bad he didn’t have a blanket to hold, spent nights shakin n cold
    He tried not to lose sight of his goal But the journey was takin its toll
    Suddenly there was a voice he hadn’t heard in a long time
    “Son, Theres no obstacle to large for a man wit a strong mind”

    He didn’t believe his fate was planted, while others break like granite
    he scratched and clawed for what others take for granted
    Still He felt frustration naggin, hearin kids back from vacation braggin
    Cuz he spent spring break studyin in an abandoned station wagon
    And his squinted eyes epitomized his bitter grind
    and it only got harder throughout the winter time
    as the fear and doubt in-his-mind, intertwined
    an ate away at him, it was agony’s dinner time

    Never the less, he progressed and weathered the stress
    And succeeded in every way one could measure success
    There was no abberation on this, the day that he Graduated
    congratulated on stage wit a hand shake an a ‘glad u made it’
    He was scared at first, now overcome by the rarest mirth
    on this day an unfair earth behaved out of character
    Even tho he wanted to own it forever, this moment he treasured
    He thought of him and his dad, and their last moments together

    ‘We haven’t had much to celebrate but I'm determined to be
    the first man to bare our name and earn a degree
    see son, every man is an artest and his brain is the canvus'

    sad, his mom n dad died in a wreck on the way to the campus
    it was his motivation to not buckle under the pressure n break
    When Most men would’ve crumble under that measure of weight
    he just finished wut his dad was about to, 'how could I doubt you
    Thank you dad, I could've never done this without you.'
  4. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    4. No Show Shine

    This week's No Show Shine winner is Soull


    Billy was a village boy who didnt speak much
    The introspective type seeing his dreams crushed
    Clutched a bible to his chest, not cos he believed
    But because it gave him room to hope and room to breathe
    Educated village idiot set firmly on his dreams.


    Billy stepped out of his house one day
    He spotted his hopes flying away
    And so he ran......
    Past rivers, mountains and lakes
    And he ran.........
    Across all fifty two states
    And he ran.........
    Till his shoes were frayed
    and his legs gave away
    so he cleared a space for him to lay


    An incredible journey, he saw many things
    But he never forgot he was pursuing his dreams
    So he just watched them fly, and fly away
    and cursed himself for such foolish mistakes
    He was on his deathbed, at the end of his life
    And had nothing to show of his trouble and strife


    He had bin dead for a year
    No birds, the sky was clear
    His dreams end here.​
  5. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    5. Match Ups


    C. Main Stream 4-1
    2. WordZperfect 4-1


    3. Link Gash 3-1
    4. Soull 4-3

    5. -Atreyu- 2-0
    6. Mc Guttso 9-2

    7. NOBLE SOLDIER 4-1
    8. ShadowWarriorfs 2-5

    9. Yung Troy 2-1
    10. L. Kross 7-2

    11. .:pain:. 8-3
    12. Ace the Prophet 6-5

    13. -Fac3- 2-1
    14. liquid` acid 2-5

    15. _KDP_ 0-0
    16. Scatterboxx 0-0

    17. nO gOoD! 0-0
    18. Lucifa 0-0

    19. dee-black 0-0
    20. Blitz_kreig 0-0
    21. coup d'ètat 0-0​

    6. Predictions

    Main Stream vs WordZPerfecT- This will be a dope championship match. If Main Stream keeps his bars compact though I see him retaining the championship

    Link Gash vs. Soull- Both writers are dope and come nicely every week. I’m thinking Gash might take this one though in a very close match up.

    Atreyu vs. Guttso- Another close match up of two of our top writers. I’m seeing Guttso taking this though

    Noble vs. Shadow- Good to see Noble back in the league. I’m thinking he will take this one but Shadow will come strong as well. I’m expecting a good battle

    Yung Troy vs. L. Kross- Troy is getting better every week, but I see Kross taking this one

    Nu’maaN vs. Ace- Good luck bro.

    Fac3 vs. liquid- liquid keeps getting better and better. I’m thinking he’ll come strong once again, but I see face winning this in the end

    KDP vs Scatterboxx- Last time both no showed when they faced each other. My only prediction here is that one of them will post this time. If both post it’ll be a good battle. No other prediction other than that

    no good vs. Lucifa- This is going to be a tight battle that may get overlooked since they just signed in. But both are pretty good writers. I’ve read more from no good though, and I have to give him this prediction over Lucifa since it’s been a long time since I’ve read anything of Lu’s, but I expect this to be a very good match up

    dee-black vs Blitz vs coup- Well, I only really know Blitz’s writing. Never heard of the other two and I know Blitz can come with some dope shit, so I’m predicting him to win this. Will be interesting to see what dee and coup can do though
  6. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    7. Babe of the Week

    Hayden Panettiere





  7. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    8. Video of the Week

    Jay-Z ft. Beyonce- '03 Bonnie and Clyde​

  8. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    9. Conclusion

    Well, the topics have already been posted. Have fun with freedom week! Let’s get shit rollin’.
  9. nO gOoD!

    nO gOoD! Life Music :: Press Play

    Apr 18, 2001
    excellent job on the mag dude. i love the concept
  10. Gramur

    Gramur Yung Troy

    Aug 21, 2008
    niceness Ace..niceness

    ay no Good, are you Courtesy?
  11. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Nice mag Ace.

    If you are going to keep voting open till monday night (which I think
    is a good move) You should also post up the topics on Monday, just
    so that we can still be writing. Unless it really matters who we
    are battling I guess.

    Oh and about the season ending, do we keep our win lose record at
    the start of the next season?
  12. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nice mag Ace...
  13. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
    I also agree with voting being open until Monday night ,and also what soull said, as far as topics being given On Monday as well.
  14. MC Guttso

    MC Guttso Fingers in Pies

    Jun 22, 2006
    How goes it Gramur!? I'm not rubbin' it in but I remember I got my first win in the RSTL against you. You had some good stuff, quite poetic, but cool. Damn man, I must have progressed in writing since then, or these voters are quite delusional, one or the other haha.

    Rematch sometime?
  15. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Isnt Gramur Yung Troy? Im pretty sure he is someones alias, because
    I remember him from RBL...
  16. MC Guttso

    MC Guttso Fingers in Pies

    Jun 22, 2006
    ^ i haven't got a clue, lol
  17. Gramur

    Gramur Yung Troy

    Aug 21, 2008

    Yea, I am..funny though, I don't even remember that match..haha, I've battled maybe twice in the RSTL before I joined a couple weeks ago. But most likely we will battle again cos it's really not many people in the league right now...
  18. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    Yeah, I was thinking about the topics being out of the mag and up Sunday Night/Monday morning so the verses can atleast be thought about, then the mag after that and all.

    As for the records...I think it makes sense to keep them archived and you can have an overall record, but when the next season would start the season record would be set at 0-0. Kinda think of it like the NFL. Real comparable with 16 match ups, then playoffs (which would be our tourney), etc. That's kinda the vision I've got for it right now
  19. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Well, either way its a decision that you should at least include poll
    because im sure there will be some strong opinions in this haha

    But im definately digging the tourney, and the seeding.
  20. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
    Yeah, I really like that idea Ace for the records and all....
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