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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Omen, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001






    Whew! Back for the second week and we still going strong. Seems that the RSTL is hopefully picking up again. I’m enjoying the growth that it seems the league is experiencing since my return. While I solely base all the success within the league to you the people and all the other MODs. As for me I am just here to lend a hand any way I can and to help the RSTL bloom in any form or fashion. Seems as of late we are having a problem with topics, look people, the topics are you’re given. I only go with what you people offer me, whether it be old ones or new ones. Want better ones, drop more choices. Oh and yeah – CONGRTULATIONS TO MY YANKS FOR WINNING. Now we just have to beat the Marlins, which we will of course. So without further ado here it is the:
    (Written By: JWeaksfromdapike)

    When asked to write this article for the RSTL Tribune I was a little hesitant. Being that I haven’t even been in the forum since I signed out. Though I still have the love for the RSTL I decided to contribute something. To be honest with you, I have no idea what I’m going to write about. All ideas that come to mind seem like they have already been done before, and who wants to read some contrived bullshit anyways. Omen told me I have creative control on this project, which would be music to anyone’s ears. Unless you’re a retard like me who can only write when inspiration hits him and then it takes days to accomplish because of the perfectionist personality that takes over ever word written down. Enough about me though, how about we do this together. I’ll make my first trip back to the RSTL forum while you read this article. To hell with order, as the random thoughts enter my mind on what I see they will be expressed with honesty and conviction.
    *Clicks RSTL forum link*
    Ah, first of all we got to give credit to the man running the show, no not Tekneek either. I’m talking about the triumphed return of Omen. Bringing back the Tribune, great modding skills and RSTL common sense. Not to take anything away from Naughty Nebster, he held his own but everyone needs help. Funny how the nay sayers of Omen of being a mod early on, saying "he’s no IV" are the ones showing him his deserved respect now. Interesting, moving on.
    Tekneek, you pompous ass. Me and you are cool, we go back the life of the RSTL, but your making yourself look silly. Every time someone says anything slightly negative about your writing skills or how good you are among the RSTL elite, you go off. Claiming you are going to "kill" them, they’re your "enemy", you got to be kidding me. They were just expressing their opinion, it just wasn’t a positive one. I say take it as a learning experience. If you respect this individual respect what the man says and move on. Come back stronger next time, no need to make yourself out to be a horses ass. Mostly by running your big mouth, ending up in a match with the person your beefing with and them whipping the shit out of you. I have the utmost respect for you Tek, but chill dude. Really, The Talent would beat you, just my two cents.
    On to the RSTL Tourney that ended not to long ago. What a surprise that was, to see L Dogg grab the win in the overall tourney. I give him much respect on winning that, he is a talented writer. Though I still believe he is overrated. Granted he has beaten me 2 times or something. That has nothing to do with my opinion, I can take a loss just as easily as a win. He’s just never shown me anything special in his writing. I have read this weeks verse, and its good. It got the job done, which was beating John Player. Though it didn’t make me wanna read it again or even some parts again. I thought it to be a very mediocre verse written well. Anyway, the truth of the matter is the heads that he couldn’t have beaten in the RSTL Tourney no showed. And I’m not including myself in there because I can beat noone. Eh, maybe I have to much of a critical eye. Still for now this is my opinion.
    The champ of the RSTL, Richard Corey. Everyone said he was the future and here he is. Proving week after week he has the right to be called Champion. Beating out Liquid Life this week with a stellar verse. I don’t see RC leaving the throne anytime soon. There’s nothing more to be said that already hasn’t been said about him. So I’ll leave it that.
    I notice around the boards people are complaining about the league because of the lack of vets. I find this to be a good thing. It’s giving some less none heads a chance to make there mark in the RSTL. A chance to grow and become better at writing so in the near future they will be called the vets and taking up space in the top 10 week in and week out. So noone should really complain. Because one of these "no name" guys is going to face you in a match one week and bite you in the ass. Don’t take them lightly.
    Wow, this is the most boring article in the world. I’m going to feel ashamed to submit it to Omen. Hey, what can you do though. Being back on in the forum makes me wanna sign back in and get my ass whipped by these great writers that control the league now. Maybe later though, not to much time for it, and not to much time to save this article from its shittyness. So I will end it here with this.........
    Prime Time Players
    Richard Corey
    The Talent
    Author Nyse

    Liquid Life
    L Dogg

    Climbing The Latter

    Can’t Quite Get Over The Hump

    Still Needs Work
    Exit Eight

    *No beef was intended in the writing of this article
  2. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    (Written By: Tha Talent Production)

    10. Peepers
    similar to stony, another extended metaphor piece...also similar to Stony, Peepers lost but i feel he should have won...his words are well put and he did a nice job with the metaphor and the way he extended it...a very nice piece - flow wasn't bad either...i felt this.

    9. Wisdom
    Though neither Prophetional or Wisdom came as nice as last week, i felt Wis still showed writing could say that the plot wasn't there...that is always the problem when writing about a true story - which is why i recommend you don't do it...however, when writing about a true story that is a tradgedy, the emotion is always on high levels, and i felt that way about Wis's verse...really struck me as true.

    8. HighPawTheCyst
    Vern Acular is a master - one of the all time greats...who else can post a verse that's no where up to his normal level and still be in the top 10 verses of the week...Vern comes with a great flow and creative plot every week...the only thing i found lacking in this was the ending, which i wish had been less abrupt...still a great verse, especially since his opponent didn't show...and Vern is still the flow king of the RSTL.

    7. Patriarch
    though it was a little hard to get into it at first, Patriarch ended up pulling together a nice verse filled with emotion...he scrapped together a plot that lacked a depth but wasn't bad, and wrote it with emotion that led him to victory...some very nice, creative images, culminated by a tremendous ending...and yes, not all great endings involve some sort of twist - Pat really capped his piece off nicely without twisting it...very nice piece

    6. Stony
    Stony lost his battle to Patriarch - but that's not stopping me from ranking his verse slightly higher than Pat's...He wrote a great topical with a tremendous twist...a beautiful extended metaphor with plenty of support that made it clear to a close reader what he was talking about in the end...reminiscent of Common - "I Used To Love H.E.R", though not as indepth and a little more poetic perhaps...go read it if you haven't...great verse.

    5. L-Dogg
    In the RSTL many readers try to figure out the final twist before it happens...L-Dogg tricked us all though - because he didn't go for some surprise ending, he went for the one that the topic now you're thinking "then why did Talent rank his verse 6th"...its simple...L-Dogg pulled off a somewhat simple plot by writing his verse extremely well, give much background, having a great flow, and showing us his characters beautifully.

    4. Liquid Life
    if you want to read something unsettling, read Liquid Life's championship battle verse...he really took the topic creatively - actually, far more creatively than i would have imagined...his depiction of a Poisoned Fetus defined tragic...not only that, but his flow was on point throughout and imagery, though there were a few minor wording issues, was still very nice...deserving of a title match.

    3. MC4Sight
    if you haven't read anything by MC4Sight, you are missing out...he is one of the best new kids on the block this side of Joey McIntire...his flow is smooth, his words are creative, and his plots are excellent...which will make everyone think he's an alias, i'm sure - but i don't care whether he's an alias...he's dope - and you really need to go peep his of a rare breed of RSTL heads that understands truly how to use words.

    2. Author NYSE
    he got a no show from Quiriosity, in what could have been the battle of the week, but Author NYSE proved that not only has he not fallen off from his title run, but that he has actually improved...his wording is creative, descriptive, and vivid...and this topical was nothing short of expectations...a great flow and a tremendous way with words puts Author NYSE at our 2nd best verse of the week slot.

    and the verse of the week is...

    1. Richard Corey
    man - i love his writing...Richard Corey retains his championship, and to be honest, could hold it for a while, atleast till i get another shot at him...heh....his depiction of Jack The Ripper, and his theory on the mystery made for an interesting read with a twisting, well orchestrated plot complete with a great was believable down to his English rhetoric and closing setting...flow, imagery, plot - this is how its supposed to be done.

    Honorable Mention:
    -War-, Prophetional, Outkast, Desenuts, John Player, Spy2
  3. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    (N. Nebzer)

    Welcome ladies and gents to tonights interview. Tonight we are interviewing one of the RSTL own MODs. Should be an instresting one. People welcome none other than N. Nebzer
    Ok for my first question I have to ask you. Whats it like being a MOD of a league like this?
    Man, Modding this league is fun. Once all the bitching is done, I enjoy doing it
    What exactly is it that you enjoy?
    I enjoy reading, all the creative verses. Battle lines can only go so far
    Is there anyone in the league that stands out the most to you?
    es, there are a couple. I wont say who tho Ill keep that secret
    Hmm ok. So quickly and honestly what are your opinions on the other MODs in the league?
    Omen - Life and soul of the league, Priceless... Nebzer does what need to be done, and it always gets done. Ontime... Tekneek - Well Tek's a cool guy Helped out a lot, but is more overseeing....NOW... In all Perfect balance of three mods
    Hmm.. Do you feel there are any improvements or changes that need to be made?
    There isnt much you can do to the actual league. - Talent just needs to come and people... need to stop no showing
    True it is always nice to see more talent and people arrive. And as a former contestant within the league, how do you feel the competition is at this moment?
    I think it is at a High, We have some nice match ups this week Tha talent and Tek's Beef ought to be exciting this week Im looking forward to that
    Any other matches you are looking forward to?
    m looking forward all the matches within the top 14... Very good match ups in all those, this is a Nice week
    Yes I agree with you. Now look man. I want you to drop some dirt on something or someone. I know you got some hidden anger going on within you.
    Well, The only dirt i have is I May or May not Be in the RSTL
    you saying you might possibly be an alias?
    *wink* So look out... Its possible but on the same token it may not be possible... *check my make-up*
    Looks good man.. So as we stroll through the league and look at some of the previous champs. Is there anyone whom you feel might not fully deserve to be there?
    No Man, Everyone is there for a reason... I mean if u made it you are the best....of that time
    Word. Do you think the RSTL has helped you to grow as a writer any?
    Oh, yes... I mean, its the best way to write... You are giving topics that may or may not be your style and you have to write on them thus opening your versatility as a writer
    Word. And what are your over all thoughts on the RSTL ?
    To sum it up... The RSTL is the place to be, hands down
    Agreed. It seems we are running out of time. Any final thoughts or words of wisdom you wish to say?
    Yeah, Keep ya Head Up... You have to crawl before you can walk
    Nice. Well thanks for the interview man and for your time.
    No doubt
    RSTL TOP 10
    (Written By: Pretty Missez)

    1.Richard Corey 10-1 vs. Liqiudlife 13-1
    This is easily the best battle of this week, HANDS DOWN. These two topical heads came ready for war. Richard Corey did the “Jack Tha Rippa” topic this week, and boy did he murder this topic. He included a lot of twitz and turns that put you right in the story, and his flow was consitently nice throughout. Liqiudlife dropped a nice topical as well. Liqiud choosed to do a deeper topical describing tragic events through the eyes of a child. He was very descriptive as well, ending his verse with a nice twitz. Overall this was a dope battle and I would like to commend these fellas on their verses this week. This battle should be a motivation to all topical heads in the RSTL. GOOD JOB!!!!!!

    3. Stony 11-6 vs. 4. Patriarch 16-3
    This battle was a nice one to say the least. Both Stony and Pat dropped some jaw droppers in this topical. Pat’s verse dealt with his wife dying and their baby having to be cut out in order to survive. Stony’s verse was a mind wonderer at first until he revealed what he was talking about in the end. This is a battle you should go peep for sure. Good topical both of you.

    5. Prophetional 10-2 vs. 6. Wisdom 9-2
    This topical was an easy read from both. I liked how both Prop and Wisdom formatted their stuff. Prop’s verse was more for the comical heads here, and he provided all the laughs in this one(must peep). Wisdom’s verse was deep as hell and the fact that his topic he choosed was a true story made it that more moving. Wisdom and Prop both showed each other love during this battle too, which is nice to see. I enjoyed both verses keep it up fellas.

    7. John Player 23-11 vs. 8. L Dogg 19-4
    Well this topical battle was for the deep thinkers no doubt. John did a verse about loosing his boy and how he felt guilty about it. L-Dogg choosed one of the popular topics this week. He told the story of an man asked to kill his wife who is on the brink of death. Both of these emcees posted some very deep verses, and this is definatly a battle for the vocabulary mature audience.

    9.Author NYSE 12-1 vs. 10. Quriosity 12-2
    Always check in your battles before you post a no-show verse folks. Q was under the notion that NYSE wasn’t going to show this week, but NYSE posted his verse before the midnight deadline(I’am assuming). I would like to encourage all the RSTL heads to post at least 30 min. before the deadline out of fairness. Either way Q should have been more careful about this. It’s just ashame he took a loss this way.
  4. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    (Written By: Patriarch)

    TOP 5 STANZAS By Patriarch

    5: LiquidLife
    My nose is tweeked and I've only developed a brain
    But my first thoughts are on hold...and its held by cocain
    It's moms pain is too much to contain
    Im a son of a gun...her life is heroine that shoots up in her veins
    How can I suit up for this far life is blurred at best
    I can feel tears and hear mom speak the words of death

    4: Richard Corey
    the last man I saw with Jess, intently staring at me.
    "Didn't I see you last night. Your friend made me so very happy?"
    He approached with a hobbled gait, with a face that could hardly wait.
    This was a mistake... I turned attempting to make a hard escape.
    But he rushed me, soon I felt him grinding dryly, inside me
    That's when I saw My Copper... running with God's timing.

    3: -WAR-
    Hed leave her, & come stumbling home as drunk as a mouse;
    With a mouth full of curses, & whatever liquor in the house.
    His spouse loved him, and she'd try so hard to please him,
    With no reason, because he'd always threaten he's leavin'.
    Beneath 'em was me, my room echoed with screaming hate,
    Late nights became routine, so did the scrapes on her face.
    This place, in which I called home, became hell in it's own,

    2: HighPawTheCyst
    cause according to sue the women who supported the womb
    i was his biological father and his owner, but dude
    the story is too vauge, i dont even remember this
    and for the past 7 years i've only been into dick
    and last time i was intimate with a chick was in 56
    so this is shit, the kid's a dick if thinks he's gon live with nick
    im sick of the bitch, i was kidding a bit, i know who sue is
    this is number three she's tried to already leave me with 2 kids
    she's stupid, we had a one night stand, but she refuses
    to accept the fact that i would just rather give dudes dick
    sue's quick to try to burn me, and quick to pass me a lie
    well this time im gonna give her a heart attack and she'll die
    see im not a family guy, but im kind of happy this time
    so i'll keep custody of Aaron, considering he's 'actually mine'

    1: Tha Talent
    praying in worthless care, "Good Lord, please comfort me"
    noosing tightly a small cloth sheet around a punctured knee
    and i'm sick of it - the hypocrits, haters - its time to push and press
    and i'm sick of it - why should i do what Simon Gustov Says?
    and i'm sick of it - the monotonous pangs of hammered steel
    sick of the rancid meals - feel like its time to stand, not kneel
    ...freedom - one last gasp is all this mask asks
    i'm already entering the last lap on the fast track -
    - called life.. my thin composure can barely hold up
    slivered ribs pushing my loose sprawled skin, in a choked tuck
  5. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    (Written By: Type Nice)

    Type Nice is better than U. Here's why

    What's up U sperm sponge ass niccas. This Type Nice, Ur not so friendly
    neighbourhood thug slash shit-talking alias. This battlin' shit is getting
    too easy so I been looking at some of y'all Justin Timberlake ass Cry Me A
    River niccas. Tru heads know that I recognize the skills & that I give props
    where they are due. So if U disagree with me, U better get Ur shit straight,
    dickface. I'm always right. Capiche? Let's move on, niccas.

    Niccas who need a prison shower w/ the sperm sponge

    This is one for all y'all corny ass douchebag cake ass faggots. I'm here to
    shit on U maggot ass herbs. If Ur listed here, U know U just done fucked up.
    I won't be wasting a lot of words on U niccas, juss laying down da law the
    way it should be done.

    Everyone who no-showed
    Damn U people suck. Niccas no-show for battles, I can live with that. I
    mean, if I were U, I'd also no-show if I was facing me. But how are niccas
    gonna be too pussy to show up for a fuckin Storytelling battle? U afraid
    that Santa will come down the Christmas Tree & whip Ur ass with imagery in
    Ur socks? Hell fucking naw niccas. U better have a real real good excuse for
    dat shit. I mean, damn. Ur hamster commited mass suicide or some shit? I'm
    talking to Dah Lohner now too. I had high hopes nicca. Ur a legend to some.
    Niccas gonna slit their wrists if they can't peep Ur verse. I been callin my
    bitches an shit, telling them not to come over cause I had dem tissues
    ready, dick out, ready to do that shit. U owe me 10 bucks on phone money
    nicca. I'ma be watching for U.

    For being a retarded ass name nicca. Why not just write Outkast? I mean,
    damn, we all know U an Andre 3000 purple pyama ass wearing nicca, so what
    the deal is anyway? U gonna give MODs headaches N shit. Oh and by the way, U
    suck frozen monkey nuts with da jelly. U mediocre maggot eating ass nicca.
    Ur flow is frozen piss. I don't ever wanna see Ur ugly droolmouf again. I
    speaks the truth, U speaks internet abbreviations.

    Nicca still pretending he's Username. Nicca please, don't come with the
    it-was-fun excuse either, Ur an attention whore & that's it. Plus Ur a bitch
    for tryin ta sign in with a combined record. That ain't da way shit is
    running in the RSTL. Belee dat. I'ma pistol-whip dat ass if I ever see Ur
    two-faced screwface again. An yes, I do mean shooting Ur car.

    Niccas who deserve props

    Don't piss all over Urself if Ur in this. It just means that someone's being
    real & he's paying attention.

    Richard Corey
    Now don't get gassed. Niccas been holding it down for a long ass time, & he
    deserve the championship spot. That is, until I signs in. But let's stop the
    jokes. Niccas got crazy flow, dope imagery, and flawless stories. Nicca is
    on some pioneering shit, taking this storytelling shit to the next level.
    Peep his Alive series & see what I mean. Nicca is super gully with his shit.

    Tha Talent
    I remember U being mediocre, getting in the top 10 with a 3-0 record N shit.
    Damn, time flies. Ur phuckin sick wit it now. Ur Revolutionary piece is
    seriously one of the craziest verses I've ever read. Awesome ass rhyme
    scheme, flawless flow, the whole 9. I love readin Ur shit mayne, I'm telling
    this straight up. Catch some props if Ur hands ain't been amputated.

    A word to Tekgeek
    What the fuck wrong is wit U, crazy nicca. U ain't being real wit Ur shit
    lately. Ur NOT a thug. Ur far from gangsta. U been frontin a lot, tryin to
    be something Ur not. Ur a 30-year old gospel rapper with eye problems.
    Matter of fact, Ur eye problems R so bad U shouldn't even be able to see
    Angelic's tits, so why U tryna cuddle up to dat roast beef ass broad. 16
    year old tricks ain't Ur shit homie, let go off da bitch. Plus U try to
    spark beef wit Tha Talent. I gots the nicca's back, so fuck wit him, U fucks
    wit me. An trust me, U don't want dat shit. U been way outta ya league
    lately nicca. Ur a tampon ass nicca, fuckin' stuck up cunt. And don't even
    get a nicca started on Ur RBL verses. Ur proud of writing 30 lines of
    garbage in 15 minutes? Negro please. Username could sit on my keyboard &
    drop better lyrics. Also, this rice eatin cunt called me a midget. This
    nicca, who picks up & eats the rice we throw at weddings, called me a
    midget. The only Asian nicca afraid to eat pussy, called me a midget. Holy
    castrated horde of bulls! That's gotta be the most ridiculous thing since
    LilRhymingHood faking his death. I'm asking this for Ur own sake nicca.
    Please collapse again. Make the world a better place. Oh & besides, U can't
    even run a tourney properly nicca. The last RSTL had more no-shows than
    people who signed up for the fuckin tourney! Ur a joke. I still can't grasp
    the fact that U were RSTL champ once. Do us all a favor & die.

    & that's it.
    Signing off,
    Type -Better Than U- Nice.
    Second week back and I hope it’s still what you expected. Now as the RSTL grows each week so does the Mag. This is what I love to see people, everybody offering feedback and contributing in some way. Whether its for the Mag, topics, or feedback during matches. People keep up the good work because this league is only as successful as you all allow it to be. Thanks for reading this week’s Mag and I hope its to your liking and thanks to all of those who helped contribute to this weeks production.
  6. WiSDoM

    WiSDoM I t0k yer wifes virginity

    Dec 8, 1999
    if only i knew what "cant quite get over the hump means"..would be g0od..considering im 10-2..and ive held my own in every battle ive been in..only lost 1 actually...and no showed on 1 of them i dunno what u talking bout..but other then that...tight shit this week...
  7. SamGoodY

    SamGoodY trully inspired...

    May 23, 2002
    word... nice job... but how come us cats who won by default of no-shows don't get no respect in the stanza/verse of the week.... don't sleep ya'll. maybe cuz i was ranked 36th?
    for real though, it's all good... just upset that with a no show my verse gets no respect... and cats slept...
    big ups ya'll...
  8. Spy2

    Spy2 BlahBlahBlah -MostRappers

    Jul 24, 2000
    I thought that was the case last week, but NYSE, Vern, and MC4sight all had default wins. I'm off to try to find a hump to climb though.
  9. AuThoR NYSE

    AuThoR NYSE Black Hand

    Dec 14, 2002
    Nice work on this from everyone...

    Thanks for the love Talent and JWeaks...

    Turned out real nice this week...
  10. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    nice shit.. other then poet running his twisted opinions about me lol u just mad cuz u cant beat me. lol nah.. i respect everyone opinions an am capable of doing what i gotta do to advance in tha ranks. my skill lies in my oponents the harder they get tha harder i write..

    loved type nice shit.. kid need to do some shit for tha mag every week.

    props to everyone who contributed to this weeks mag.

  11. MC4SiGHT


    Apr 25, 2003
    really nice mag...good work and articles by all who wrote for it..

    the league is getting better again..a lot of nice heads coming few weeks should be interesting..

    and thanks for #3 mention, i'm glad to see appreciation for my work...thanks..

    1.. and good luck to everyone this week
  12. HighPawTheCyst

    HighPawTheCyst New Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    vern = stanza god...
  13. Vadik

    Vadik New Member

    Jan 15, 2002
    I'll write something for U niccas next week too...
  14. ..::Peepers::..

    ..::Peepers::.. New Member

    Jan 25, 2002

    check this out
    i was ranked higher than my opponent, whom i lost to, for two weeks in a row.....i'm gettin frustrated here...

    great mag btw, a good read
  15. LiQuiDliFe

    LiQuiDliFe RSTL Phenom

    Sep 12, 2002
    lmao @ me being over rated
  16. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    i got mad props this week
    *pisses all over himself*

    and Type, back then i never put effort in.
    though i don't quite know why i was ranked 9th with a 3-0 record
  17. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    i'm right here.
  18. Richard Corey

    Richard Corey battle like a savage

    Sep 26, 2001
    Verse of the week two weeks in a row!

    The boys on a roll...

    sig check...Is this cool.
  19. Nebz

    Nebz R.I.P. Point Game

    Nov 21, 2002
    ^ funny
  20. Muti

    Muti I just write

    Dec 23, 2002
    Props on all this...

    well at least I lost to TALENT... one of the nicest on this ...

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