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    Intro: Some New Changes For The Matrix............. by MANchyld
    The Dic Report: Top 3 Matches of The dicnyaeye
    The VIP Section: Top 5 Stanzas.............................. by Insense
    MANchyld Interviews With Awedishin AKA Mac Flow: Letting The Vet Speak
    RSLTers Get Punk’d: A New Segment:
    This Week's Edition - Pinning Pent Insense
    Top 20 Match Reviews of the Rikoshay
    MOD'S ODDS: The Favorites to Win This Rikoshay

    Some New Changes For The Matrix
    by MANchyld

    As the Head Mod of the league, I want to make sure that you all feel appreciated for presenting your verses for us. So let me first thank everyone who showed up for their matches. Also we have a new RSTL Mod in Pent Up so everyone give him a cool welcome to the Mod Squad. The new rules that have been devised are for you to make sure the league is respected and everyone is doing their part to keep it that way. Last couple of weeks, these new rules have been focused on getting more votes with no shows having to vote on at least 2 matches or they’ll be penalized votes in their next match. As well, there’s been another to give points to new RSTLers for winning their first couple of matches with full verses of at least 14 lines, which is the league minimum for when both show in hopes that this will reduce all the newby no shows that have created problems in the lower ranks. There are some more rules and ideas that will be used in the future. The latest one was devised by me to encourage the exchamps to vote on more matches when they decide to give votes while they’re not signed in.

    With some recent oversights I noticed in the RSTL, some new rules will be put in place to insure your matches receive the fair votes that you deserve. In the past, some exchamps, I won’t name any names because they’re mostly cool with me still, have abused their right to vote in matches when they aren’t signed in by voting on matches that their friends are in. No more of that shit. The new rule I have put in place requires that any exchamp exercising their right to vote in matches while they’re signed out has to vote in 3 matches and if they don’t, their votes will not be counted. This is so at least the favoritism that is often exerted will be a little more encouraging to have vets give their opinions, which are usually widely respected.

    Another new rules that I have created after seeing some abuse with crappy votes is a 2 line minimum of critique for every verse in a match that is given by voters. People are getting too lazy with their votes and providing quotes and extremely short and unexplained breakdowns that are causing some discomfort for members. Quotes will not count towards those 2 lines of critique that is now required and if not given, the vote will not count. New rules will be posted in the thread that is marked New Rules / Changes, made by Rikoshay to impose the 1st no rule of no show winner voting. Be sure to check the thread below for any updates if you’re new to the league or haven’t been here in a while.

    Also if you can’t give a link to verify your past record, you’re starting at 0-0 unless Rikoshay, who has been a dope mod by the way for looking up records as well as other mod duties, looks it up for you.

    Summer is not that far away so there will be another tournament coming up. With the RSTL Bank in place to award points, there will be prizes to receive this summer for the winner and runner-up. Some new ideas for the structure of the tournament are being discussed by the moderators and will be announced when we decide on something.
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    The Dic Report: Top 3 Matches of the Week

    3. 17. NinjaKid 6-5 v. 18. Zhang Fei 3-1

    These are both two dope writers who should have their eyes on the prize of a title and although neither one has won a championship yet, I’m sure it’s something that will be able to look forward to this year if they stay focused in the league. I find it extremely hard to believe that match was slept on so much when both of them came with great verses, but that’s the breaks sometimes I guess. We all have witnessed peeps sleeping on our matches.

    Zhang Fei/Ashen Horse/Pestilence is a highly respected writer with a great record that he isn’t using right now, but he left the league last year with a record of something like 26-6 under his Pestilence name and that’s better than my current record, but he’s lacking the championships. He should have some in my opinion, but with his new name, he’ll have to blaze a new path to the title. He has one of the best narrations of suspenseful insights that I have noticed in a while when he really puts his thoughts on it and this week, his thoughts were on display. This week he gave a very unique depiction of a teacher who’s also a killer, but instead of giving the gruesome details of murder and mayhem, he did as maybe an English professor would and wrote about the desperation of mankind. Seeming more like a preacher than a teacher though, but still a nice one.

    Ninja Kid has proven to be a nice writer in the league, but has caught a few bad breaks in facing top notch competition. Nevertheless, his skills have been observed and credited and this week is no exception to that. He brought a great outlook to the life of a DJ using the pic of one as his topic. His word choices were nice, his flow was dope as fuck and his structure and content was realistic and provided something to keep the readers focused throughout it. I really liked this verse a lot and although it seemed kind of depressing, I fully understand as the character placed his music on a high pedestal as the one thing that keeps his spirits struggling to succeed. A piece of a starving artist, which I’m sure some of us can relate to so I know this hit home for a lot more people than just me. Great job and well deserved win against a very tough competitor.

    2. 5. doYen 21-3 v. 6. LDogg`TheLegend 32-6

    Two exchamp Elite members go at it in a match, which is almost always a guaranteed crowd pleaser so this was no surprise to see both of them come with great verses that not only hold your attention, but also give you the flow and details that great verses from champs are made of.

    L dogg has been one of the nicest writers back when the Elite was a household name of the RSTL with members like Da Lohner, Infinite Truth, WWIII, Tha Talent and others that are no longer active in the league, but still are seen as the top writers to ever be signed in and had been able to beat most of them. With a questionable victory over me last week, he has gained my respect as well as a good writer and gotten his chance to face the RSTL Legend that is Vern. He told a strange tale this week about raping an ex-girlfriend of his after knocking out some guy at a party and then pretended to be him. Nice details put in it, it had some nice flow in points and some poor word choices in others, but still was presented nicely. The ending made it a lil more special with a twist of him smearing peanut butter in her cooch with a butter knife. The strange sex stories are my forte so I can appreciate the creativity put in this approach and well done man. With an actual dog eating the peanut butter out her at the end while she screams rape to fit the topic in….. I gotta say that was pretty dope.

    Vern/doyen is one of the most respected writers in the RSTL and we all know that, but he’s recently received some losses that are credited to great writers as well though in Nique and Rikoshay within the weeks of each other. His road to his 10th championship may not go as easily as his last few, but with a no show in IV, he’s still on the right track. His skills are highlighted by great flow, sometimes damn near flawless in it’s wording and presentation, but with that he adds an emotional connection to most of his pieces that is powerful and captures the readers to focus on every word. He did just that this week in a story that was presented and written very nicely. With a Summer Bliss topic, he chilled at the beach with his moms, fucked some chicks and woke up in his own come with his mom yelling at him…. Funny outcome overall and it progressed naturally all the way through with no forced rhymes or unexplained happenings that I could make note of. He’s on a roll again folks so watch out.​
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    1. CHAMP MATCH: 1. Seyance 11-0 v. 1. Insense 19-4 v. 2. God Father 6-0

    It’s not too often that we get to see a 3 way champ match so this is a delight. With two undefeated writers in Seyance and Godfather and a man who’s out to prove his champ status with another title in Insense, I knew this would make the top 3 match review and has deservingly been noted as the match of the week.

    Insense is out for blood for being denied his earned 2nd title last week due to some mistakes he made which may or may not have contributed to a lack a votes. Regardless of that, he’s a dope writer with a poetical style that I can appreciate. Instead of putting so much focus on flow, he puts a profound scene of imagery painted with a wide variety of words to get into his pieces. This week, he’s done just that and really showed his creativity as a champion should. With a narration of a dieing woman, he plays the character of the Sun that is viewing it all s she dies and decomposes covered in ants and getting picked apart by scavengers. A very unique take on life and his attention to detail brought this piece to life with some twisted kind of portrayal as he seemed like a person sniffing and being possessive of a corpse before letting you know, he is the Sun. Dope shit man and keep it. You’re a real champ and nobody can take that away from you…. Not even Madpoet…. Lmao

    Seyance has remained undefeated through her championship pursuits as he continues to defend the title with his great stories. His suspenseful visions has brought him a lot of success as he makes his way at an attempt to have the most title defenses which is currently held by Omen for 6 weeks of winning defenses to the championship as well as the longest undefeated streak, currently held by Infinite Truth with a starting record of 16-0. Can he do it for 4 more weeks and take both championship accomplishments in the Hall of Champs? Only time can tell, but this week, he was triumphant with another suspenseful story about a woman who is seemingly carried by her emotions as the weather changes. Different outlook than the usual portrays displayed, which made this even more interesting to read. With a beautiful scene of imagery in winter, her persona was viewed with surrounded by snow and continued through storms where she was depressed as her thoughts reminisced through times of losing love. Overall it was a very well developed piece and will take him to see another week as the RSTL champ.

    Godfather has been renowned for his verses and has definitely earned the respect of the league even with a record that has several wins from no shows. The thing that sets him apart in this match, I believe is his flow which carries more of an actual rap style than the other two have within their text. I actually thought this would carry him into the Hall of Champs this week, but his winning streak has been brought to an end. His flow was once again something to be reckoned with in this piece he wrote about a real exchamp, Muhammad Ali. Although this is story that I’m sure we’re all familiar with especially with the movie that Will Smith starred in as Ali, he still presented a well told narration expressed from the view of Ali. His dope flow was only a fraction of the of what made this piece nice. He maintained to provide information from his childhood that not only entertained, but also seemed very realistic so it’s obvious he did his homework on him. I liked his piece a little better than Insense’s and Seyance’s personally, but the people have spoken and Seyance will remain an undefeated champ.​
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    The VIP Section: Top 5 Stanzas
    by Insense

    5. L dogg

    It started out a foggy day in a soggy way while the doggie played
    In the yard with something oddly shaped that would probably brake
    If he bit down an ounce harder with that lock on his jaw…
    We watched sitting in the grass but in my mind is what often I saw ..
    As feelings from over the years changing into fear of this place
    That was displayed in a frame for my mind to obtain and incase
    It was to erase, I made sure to take its pic and make it stick
    Because the fear was natural… watching trust and a girl taking it
    When you have a sense of dishonesty it doesn’t get beyond what seems
    To be other then what honestly means there’s no problem with your dreams.
    I saw her cheating while sleeping.. The breathing... the deceiving of seeing
    The meaning of me believing, while reaching the point my insides were bleeding
    So when I finally caught her.. I fell to my knees and -Talked to the Stars
    thanked them for showing me the true picture
    which resulted like the pic.. in the -Swap of our Hearts

    4. Noib

    kiss on her lips a bit before I suck on what I saw
    she moans...
    I keep on suckin...
    tongue her belly button and hair to get my teeth stuck in
    slip my nose in and sniff, its scent is theuropeutic
    maintained well despite the sperm that's been polluted
    my tongue rooted in, her pelvis moves then girates
    grab her ass and I taste all the juices on my face
    lace my tongue around her lining until her spine shakes
    french kiss her into climax and the water line breaks
    my mind takes itself away to notice the little faggot
    ejaculatin' on my back as I scream "GOD DAMMIT!!!"
    psychological damage done, but I wanted the cat
    he wipes it off with a towel then forces out a laugh
    my dick's not inside and her pussy's drippin' wet
    slip a condom on to fuck, but she doesn't give in yet
    "will you stay with me?"
    I nod
    of course I will agree with you
    you're cleaner than a whore and ya also free to do

    her legs spread as she kisses me...

    glistening lips of submission suck on mine of trickery
    I'm a mess quite simply and she tastes my misery
    my penis is in this gift to me
    no condom on
    no mystery
    pulled it off I split the bush and push inside my victory
    senses leaving while I peak
    feeling weak I quit and breathe...

    3. Seyance

    She sits, two eyes glassy, cold, grass is growing greener, dark
    Yellowed with dust of ages, it's finally gaining a spark
    Tombstones are glowing, colors warm the granite and glass
    Can see herself beneath the earth, remember what never came to pass
    Numb within this wasteland, her body heat runs cold
    Every breath exhales like frost, she’ll be burning till she’s old
    She’s become a little cynical, a little bitter inside her heart
    Self doubt has blossomed inside her veins, the poison tears her apart

    Wraps her arms around her knees, she holds her body close

    Never noticed how marble could sparkle, like the dark wing of a falcon in flight
    It's distracting to watch as she’s thinking, then again she’ll be thinking all night
    She sits and watches the wind blow, no longer invisible in her eyes
    It sparkles with the colors of ages, illuminates these souls waiting to die
    Lays down and cuddles the granite, it cradles her, cold and aloof
    Pretends that it has arms to hold her, there's an understanding she might never prove
    Waiting to speak to tomorrow, leave the grave beneath a cloak of suspense
    Turn to look back, one last loving glance, Here Lies Her Innocence

    2. Don Vito

    ...she was pale, insignificant among a crowd of merely a few -
    I stole her heart with ease, and betrayed her in a room with a view -
    We never spoke of the event, silence had swallowed her whole -
    Her demeanor turned cold, but I needed her, so could never let go -
    Naked amidst tangled sheets and surrendered insecurities we'd lay -
    And compelled by adoration I promised to clean up the mess I had made -

    Vigorous laments prevent sleep from settling in...
    When lights go out, despair is orchestrated into an unsettling din...
    These hands degrade my chapel to satiate the perversion within... week went by, she refused to utter a word -
    She'd always been stubborn, and one to prolong the absurd -
    My avid attention went unheeded, her lips were impassive to my touch -
    I had abused her trust, more so than when I'd invaded her with violent thrusts -
    In a placid limbo we'd sit, her cheek pressed solemnly against my chest -
    Elation quickened my blood as we revelled in the the calm beauty of her death -


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    into your subconscious to keep you compliantly still.​
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    MANchyld Interviews With Awedishin AKA Mac Flow: Letting The Vet Speak

    MANchyld: I'm here with one the RSTL's champ of champs. A vet, a member of the Elite and a 5x title holder.... Mac Flow AKA Awedishin...... wassup man?

    Awedishin: hehe not much, just multi tasking,, etc. Good to be here though

    MANchyld: Complex mind getting busy wit it. I can dig it. With all the new rules that we've have implemented in the league, do you think it will help out the voting process with them giving better explanations and requiring no show winners to vote as well?

    Awedishin: Yes I love the "still vote even with no show win" not only helps everyone out and forces more votes, it keeps the members who won by no show actively reading at least a couple of matches and whether they want to admit it or not, it'll help them develop a more in depth view of what each member is capable of, in case of future matches. Voting has always been somewhat of an "issue", not necessarily a "problem" but I like what you all have done so far to help resolve the "issue"

    MANchyld: Thanks man, we're trying to improve the league with these new rules and make it's writers feel a lil more appreciated for their work. The Elite seems to be making a nice comeback into the league with the return of L Dogg, Vern making his usual appearance to get another title, IV briefly coming in to show us a lil something and your return as well to give us what we've been missing. Do you see any other Elite members coming back like Infinite Truth, Talent, Da Lohner, Warren (although I highly doubt it)

    Awedishin: I dont ever see Inf or Warren coming back to the RSTL, both of them have basically made it very clear they won't participate anymore. Dahloner I dunno, havent seen him in a grip but hes came back a couple times so who knows...Talent, ehhh I know he loves writing and he really has a love (or at least HAD) for the RSTL, so I could see him making a comeback one day. Elite is a bunch of older heads who have all basically done their thizzle for the most part so its hard to say whos gonna be here and who's not. I just like writing and stayed away too long, thought I'd come polish up hehe

    MANchyld: all good, I can feel that. It would be nice to get some of them cats back, but even I have grown tired of the league some so I understand their decisions. With summer approaching soon, there will be another tournament coming up. You don't always do well in tournaments it seems, but do you plan on changing that this year and giving a solid shot at being a tournament winner to go along with your RSTL accomplishments?

    Awedishin: haha just call me out! nah everyone who's anyone knows about my tournament wackness in the past. I've never quite figured out what I'm doing wrong outside of a complete lack of effort most of the time. If I'm still in the league or still on the site (don't see why I wouldn't be doing either) I'm sure I'll be in this thing again, with a high seeding again. I do plan to try a lot harder, you know as you and I were discussing before the interview I was reading a lot of my older (2 years ago) verses and I couldn't believe how much stronger and polished I was then, I think signing in and out a lot in the past couple of years has done some bad things to my writing and I feel that if I really am gonna come raw as I once did I'll have to be in this thing week in and week out pleading my case to be champ again. And, by the way, just to correct something from the introduction, I'm only a 4x champ, but I appreciate you jumping the gun for me haha

    MANchyld: LMAO, my bad... I got you confused with Talent for a second. 4x, 5x..... you know you'll get it anyway so I'm just saying it now. You're facing your old friend Vern this week, is that enough to motivate you to bring that old Mac Flizzle to the ring with the dope ass imagery and word play that I had come accustom to back when I was a newb?

    Awedishin: whew...yeah about Well, Vern, as you know, is an INCREDIBLE writer, and then when he really tries, wow lol. It will certainly motivate me to try a lot harder and really do my best. Obviously it will depend on the topics and how twisted my mind is working this week, but I certainly don't want to disappoint anyone because this is obviously one for the ages.

    MANchyld: Mos Definite..... but you've beaten IV, Talent and if I'm not mistaken you've beaten Vern before as well so it shouldn't be too hard. lmao, just fuckin witcha..... As an old Mod of the RSTL, you have a lot of experience in doing what I'm now doing.... Are there any suggestions that you have for me and the other new mods of the league? We're all new mods of the league, but I think we're moving in the right direction. Are we missing something that might make things better?

    Awedishin: You know actually I think you guys are doing a fantastic job right now. It's really hard to get older heads to sign back in, hence your competition levels are going to be a little "weak" at times, but you all (from what I've seen) have done an incredible job with getting the matches up quickly, I love how you post the topics up Sunday night giving heads more time to choose, and extending the deadline for voting was brilliant as well. You're definitely headed in the right direction, and I think we've always have some good mods, it's kept the league strong for a long time. You see some things come up with the RBL from time to time where cats want to shut it down because of poor modding and that doesnt happen here. I believe the one thing you all lack in is the mag from time to time, but thats just a matter of getting participation in development. I believe you all are doing an excellent job and I'll be the first to say good job and keep it up.
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    MANchyld: Gotta appreciate that... thanks alot man. Now we're gonna play a lil word game. I'm gonna type a word and you give me the first response that you can think of.... cool?

    Awedishin: cool go

    MANchyld: RapMusic

    Awedishin: educational

    MANchyld: Lyrical Crack

    Awedishin: Brother Ali

    MANchyld: Nice Plump Ass

    Awedishin: Vida Guerra

    MANchyld: Turn Tables

    Awedishin: Kid Capri

    MANchyld: and one more.... Serenity

    Awedishin: Stripper!

    MANchyld: lmao, dope ass answers man. lovin em all. ok, now we'er gonna do the grade game. I'm going to name a few RSTLers and I want you to give them a grade and explain it. You ready professor flow?

    Awedishin: certainly

    MANchyld: Vern Acular/dOyen

    Awedishin: A+ - easily the best of all time at what he does, and one of the most genuinely nice people on this Earth

    MANchyld: Noib Da Mutt

    Awedishin: B - he's still on the come up but he's gotten a lot better, and he's a funny dude
    Awedishin: that's a B by the wya

    MANchyld: LiquidliFe/ Jersey Emcee

    Awedishin: C+ he can come nice when he tries, we've had our beef before but he's aight. Not consistent enough though

    MANchyld: L Dogg

    Awedishin: B L can do his thing, he needs to stay around longer when he comes though. Runs his mouth too much on the boards, cool dude on AIM, Identity crisis? I dunno lol

    MANchyld: lmao, That's what I think sometimes too...
    MANchyld: Rikoshay

    Awedishin: A very good writer, great mod, seems to be a cool dude although I've never really spoke with him before

    MANchyld: dicnyaeye... had to ask since I have the opportunity to
    MANchyld: lol

    Awedishin: hehe A very dope writer, I was incredibly impressed when you first came and ran through heads like a mofo. super cool dude to talk with, always willing to help and give feedback when asked, and a great mod as well

    MANchyld: well thanks... It's nice to be so appreciated man

    Awedishin: no doubt, I call em how I see em

    MANchyld: Tekneek

    Awedishin: B+ Tek has shining moments, and then Tek has "damn he tried WAY too hard" moments lol. Tek's cool, hes been around a long time and he shakes the haters off, I can appreciate his dilligence and dignity...

    MANchyld: ssenlli

    Awedishin: B pretty cool dude, good writer when he's around. original name hehe, nothing bad to say about him at all

    MANchyld: and last, but definately not least Pestilence/Zhanng Fei

    Awedishin: A hes got mad potential and really shines when he tries. he's a little silly and overzealous at times but thats what he does and who he is, and he's always been a cool guy with me. One of those "beat ya when you least expect it" guys

    MANchyld: dope breakdowns....... well man, I want to really thank you for your time and giving your feedback in this interview. Anything else you wanted to say before we head out

    Awedishin: Sure thing no doubt man I appreciate the opportunity. As far as final words...good luck to Vern this week, I'm sure I need it more than he does but let's make it an ESPN classic lol. Shouts to the mods, keep up the good work, all the new cats that I see around keep doing your thing, don't let anyone tell you that you can't ever be one of the greats...just like anything else there's always room for the new "greats" and they will make their place in history. Everyone keep up the honest in depth voting and win, lose, or draw take the chance to read these verses and learn, education is the best thing you can ever take away from this place.

    MANchyld: some nice ass words of encouragement that I think we all should follow. It's been a pleasure man and I'm sure one of these days, we'll have a match that'll wake everyone up with verses of pure uncut dope.

    Awedishin: haha no doubt man the pleasure is all mine. stay up, much love homie

    MANchyld: fa sho, pz out man.... see ya in the league

    Awedishin: word pzzzz
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    RSLTers Get Punk’d…. : A New Segment
    This Weeks Segment - Pinning Pent Up - by Insense

    Pent up

    im just saying
    i know why i write
    and though being competitive is nice
    thats not why i write
    in leagues
    it's not to be better then the rest of everyone
    though thats a nice addition
    so why do you write then
    i write, generally, as expression of self
    hence my "unique" style, its ME and how i view this skewed world
    i join the leagues
    to write more often
    so that im not rusty when i decide to pick up a pen for myself
    and in that sense
    i write to make sure my skills are at par with the expression and emotions i want to fill a peice of my own with
    because if i can't follow guidelines, i can't make my own
    but if i can write to my own guidelines
    i feel i will be as perfect as i can be
    i hope you don't believe that crap...
    what crap?
    the last few responses
    it sucks that you lost your spirit
    but thats how i honestly feel
    there's no point in me lying to u right now
    bwahahahaha...come on now...whats writing without being noticed.
    you tihnk i care about being noticed on a website??????/
    Hell no
    i plan to make tapestries
    and publish them
    thats why i wish to be the best in my own way
    see, now thats what people who never succed say
    lol@never succeed
    really...what have you done here on RM...poet tree takes 2 weeks to get to champ match...and thats nothing
    what's RM got to do with what i said?
    RM is the basis for your writing...which deals with need to bitch and shit
    RM isn't the basis for my writing
    i started writing before i came to RM
    i came to RM to expand my abilities

    you just stated that it keeps your writing...come on now...
    and it wasn't even the first forum i found
    RM keeps me writing, buts its not the basis for my writing

    yeah, well personally i think your'll never be a top writer
    i could beat you any day

    lol, are you serious
    not in a battle-RBL wise
    but in poetry and RSTL

    lol, fuck you kid
    i've proved so in poetry, and if you really think you're taking that title
    i'll be seeing you in two weeks
    and definately taking it from you
    but im sure mad will first

    lol, you won't be in champ match in 2 weeks
    But i will
    im rank 5, the only opponents before the champ match are tremendous and cogzwell/mindscape (pending winner)

    lol...yo i have to tell you something
    tell away
    this is just a joke...i was just fucking with you for the new punk'd type deal for the don't think i'm an asshole like that do you
    How could you fuck with me for the punk'd type ordeal when i aimed you?
    but lol, go ahead, post this, its a good laugh

    will you be next..?
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    by Rikoshay

    19. -Atreyu- 2-0
    20. Mr. Mynd 2-0

    -Atreyu- and Mr. Mynd have both quietly returned to the league with fresh records. I don't think either has had a real match yet (Winning via no-shows) but, from their previous records, everyone knows they're fully capable of winning by vote. Speaking of previous records, did they both forget them? Perhaps they're both shooting for the undefeated record? If that's the case, one of them will lose this week (Assuming both show up) and until they show full preparedness, this one is up for grabs.

    17. ssenlli 17-7
    18. TeKneeK 49-17

    ssenlli is doing a nice job of shaking off the rust. Unfortunately, I was not the opponent to shake off on and he took a loss with a nice verse against me. If we can expect him to churn out more verses of similar quality, he will be right back up in the top without impedance.
    TeKneeK could not quite get that elusive 50th victory last week (Although, to be fair, it was his first shot at it) and we can all be certain that only fueled the fire. Should he get it here, that 3x title will be within his line of vision so the impetus is there.

    15. LDogg`TheLegend 32-7
    16. Tremendous 4-0

    LDogg`TheLegend is showing that he's still got it. Just didn't quite have enough to push past Vern last week. It was close though and his opponent this week should not prove quite so capable. As long as L doesn't underestimate, he should be back in the Top 8 next week.
    Tremendous entered the league while it was at a weak point and rode his circumstance to a top 6, in which he no-showed. We still have yet to see what he can really do against a proven opponent. If he can manage a victory here, he will legitimize himself and earn a return to the top 8.

    13. NinjaKid 7-5
    14. Pent uP 8-3

    NinjaKid really fulfilled his potential last week. His verse was one that would've been tough for many to beat (Unfortunately, Ashen's equally nice verse got the short end of the vote). The question is, can he do it again? Is he now competing with himself to maintain par? One thing is certain, he can't afford to come sub par this week.
    Pent uP shot through the ranks quickly enough, basically unhindered all the way into the Championship. Now he finds himself stumbling on some crucial hurdles. He has one of the more unique styles in the league, and when it clicks it resonates. Are his recent struggles due to him not connecting with his style or has he had trouble connecting due to the struggles? If he focuses hopefully he can click and just take it one match at a time.

    11. Insense 19-5
    12. LiQuiDliFe 18-6

    Insense has been through a lot the past two weeks. He's found the fortitude to persevere through it and may come out the stronger for it. Should he manage to, yet again, find himself in a championship match, I'm sure he'll do whatever it takes to keep everything squeaky clean. As it is, he's got a few steps to go to get there again and none look to be easy.
    LiQuiDliFe returns again. As the list of champions grows ever longer, it's the shorter list of multiple champions that everyone aspires to. Less than half the champs have ever repeated so it is more of an accomplishment. Will he stick it out and show? If so, he has what it takes.

    9. God Father 6-1
    10. Vizz Blade 8-1

    God Father wrote a great "Being..." verse last week. Unfortunately, those haven't been in since E2's heyday and he found himself a vote shy. Hopefully he doesn't let voter preference determine his writing approach because he's really been coming into his own the past few weeks and has what it takes to bring the voter around to his side.
    Vizz Blade had technical difficulties last week and was given the opportunity to remain in the league, taking the set-back of falling out of the top 8 and postponing what he, undoubtedly, hopes is an inevitable championship. If he thinks he dodged a bullet with Mac, he may find he's got just as tough (If not tougher) a challenge now.

    7. Cogzwell 10-6
    8. Runna DaMille 3-0

    Cogzwell has been slowly climbing the ranks for some time now with one step back for every two steps forward (Reflected by his record, as well as the responses to his verses). When he's taking one of those forward steps, he's tough to keep up with. Has he finally put together the momentum to carry him over the hump? He is, after all, just two steps away.
    Runna DaMille has impressed many with a well rounded style. Last week he seemed to try to do too much with long multies and lacking in other elements (No way to keep it rounded) but the verse was still good. Had his opponent given a real effort, would it have been a contest? Point is moot...this will be a contest.

    5. RIKOSHAY 10-0
    6. Noib Da Mutt 27-10

    RIKOSHAY does not speak of himself in the third person. I do, however, make bad jokes. My verse last week, it turns out, was not a joke (Leading to a shut out over a good former champ). Although a departure from the style that brought me up through the ranks to Champ last time around, this is actually my natural style (Along the lines of what I used in the tourney) and I just hope it works as well for me.
    Noib Da Mutt will hopefully relish the opportunity to avenge his loss to me at this same spot my last time around. He's seemed much more determined to take that second title lately. His last few verses have been substantially better than what he came at me with the first time so this match be close once again.
  9. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    3. doYen 22-3
    4. Awedishin 50-19

    Unfortunately, I'm not well enough versed in RSTL lore to tell you how it's gone whenever these two have squared off before.
    doYen continues his march. Every time he signs in it seems to go 10th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st. He may be the only person who nobody would say wins without merit. There can always be an argument that so-n-so won on favoritism or bad votes, you can never say that doYen won on anything less than a good verse so, on those rare occasions he does lose, it's only to an even better verse.
    Awedishin finally joined that rare tier of 50 Wins...unspectacularly, via no-show. He did post though, and it would've been tough for anyone to have beaten his verse. Looks like he's getting back into shape quickly and he'll need to be as he becomes the second Elite member in a row to take on crew-mate, Vern.

    1. Seyance 12-0
    2. Mindscape 12-5

    Seyance is something of an enigma. At 7-0 he entered his first championship match in which he managed a tie. His first title defense received only a total of 4 votes. His second ended in a tie. His third was declared a tie after much controversy. His fourth title defense (This week's 3-way) he won by one vote and, had it not been a 3-way, he likely would have tied again (In the one vote cast for Insense, God Father was listed second). How does he always manage to get just enough to remain undefeated?
    Mindscape actually has many similar qualities, although I'd have expected MS to make it here first because he edges Sey out in a few aspects (Primarily rhyme scheme) but MS hasn't shown the consistency. He first broke the Top 10 at 4-0, losing to 6ft Deep. With that loss, and from that point, he went 2-4 (Including a loss to me). He's rebounded nicely with a 6-1 record since, and seems to be bringing it all together at just the right time.

    Mod's Odds

    Seyance over Mindscape 7/6

    doYen over Awedishin 7/6

    RIKOSHAY over Noib Da Mutt 3/1

    Runna DaMille over Cogzwell 2/1

    God Father over Vizz Blade 2/1

    LiQuiDliFe over Insense 5/4

    NinjaKid over Pent uP 2/1

    LDogg`TheLegend over Tremendous 3-1

    ssenlli over TeKneeK 5/3

    Mr. Mynd over -Atreyu- 3/1
  10. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    Dope Mag...........damn@ its length tho, good work fellas
  11. Mr. Mynd

    Mr. Mynd The British Guy

    May 11, 2004
    Haha, this was dope ..

    "Speaking of previous records, did they both forget them? Perhaps they're both shooting for the undefeated record?"

    Someone jacked the Baron name here AND at prowlers last year, which I why i use the Script one there Soooooooooooo .. I had to take a 0-0 record under this name. :^)
  12. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    dope mag, glad I could be a part of it
  13. Madnick

    Madnick Modern Laureate

    Dec 9, 2004
    Dope mag.
  14. doYen

    doYen Man Above All

    Jun 18, 2004
    great mag, i want to give my compliments to all of the mods on doing a good job at piecing this league back together, madpoet asked me to be mod again, but i had faith in the team that is doing it now, so keep doing what you're doing and thank you

  15. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    ^^dope words of encouragement
  16. Ninja Kid

    Ninja Kid AKA Jae Keeps

    Oct 11, 2004
    dope mad ya'll, great read, read it from beginning to end. keep up the good shit...
  17. Noib Da Mutt

    Noib Da Mutt New Member

    Dec 18, 2001
    this was a VERY good mag... liked the punk'd thing, that was dope, although ya'll gotta find some shit more creative, i could help in that department...

    I'm a B, which is cool, it's better than a C...
  18. dicnyaeye

    dicnyaeye Guest

  19. Seyance

    Seyance RSTL BITER!!

    Jan 15, 2005
  20. dicnyaeye

    dicnyaeye Guest

    Yall replies are what encourage us to bring forth great articles....... So try making some great replies and maybe I'll continue to write my ass off fa yall

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