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    Top 5 Stanzas

    Seyance's Selected 10

    The Dic Report: Top 3 Matches

    Interview with The RSTL

    Insense's Random Blurbs: The Lame Duck

    Mod's Odds


    This has been a great week with almost everyone showing up for their matches and most of the people voting as well. Things are heating up with matches are high caliber writers and everyone bringing exceptional pieces into their matches. Great reads in several matches last and it made it hard to pick what the top matches were and I'm sure it made it difficult for Insense to choose the top 5 stanzas as well. The people's Champ continues his reign at the top and has tied Omen's record with 6 straight Title defenses, but he's up against one of his toughest competitors. Beating Vern has earned him a special place in the hierarchy of this writing league, but Rikoshay is next in line and I'm sure he has something to say about him winning any more titles. It'll definately be a dope match, that I can almost guarantee and it's looking like it will make match of the week as well. Several very interesting pieces caught my eye this week though, including the Champ match of Seyance and Vern, there was the match between Mindscape and Cereal Killer that was dope as fuck and the match of Cogzwell vs. Noib, which provided a couple nie ass drops. This week looks just as promising so I just want to encourage people to drop dope pieces and vote in matches. Good luck to everyone and have some fun. Insense has given you some dope topics to work with and I'm sure you'll enjoy what you can do with them.


    Pz Yall

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    5. Jahovah

    he fingers the strings with careless precision
    an architect of a long lost craft...
    distributing soundwaves feeding his soul
    his soul alone, not for any human task
    and as he penitrates the guitar's insides
    blood slowly spreads upon his hands...
    but he takes no notice of it
    he continues along with his plan
    continues on like a landscaper...
    armed with a dangerous blueprint
    measuring everything to its exactness
    if it said there, thats where it went
    and now he lies under a tree...
    playing his guitar, head fixed...
    on the ants on the ground
    navigating through grass and around sticks
    then suddenly his eyes grow blurry...
    he's been exposed to the truth...
    the tears drop even faster...
    as he continues to pluck the strings,
    bowing to his master....

    4. Awedishin

    a slight drift of air is so pleasant, it's often stale in this cell
    not to mention it's burning up in this trailer of hell
    they know what I'm in for, but I wouldn't dare to go tell
    these thugs and coldhearted killers are prepared to impale
    not so scary a tale, they call it "twisted, sick, fucking crazed"
    "child molestor, necrophiliac, a touch of insane"
    I shrug it away, simpletons and peons know not of what's inside
    they've never had a real chance to look into my eyes...

    my deepest, darkest fears reside in here
    a notch for every single time I've cried this year
    scotch'll gloss em up a little more than the frostiest beer
    see how sincere, I'd never double cross a peer
    with my hardest peers it doesn't come across so clear
    a little bit of God in here, a sharper gaze than garden shears
    it's hard to steer through the maze should you choose to engage
    eye to eye contact can leave you trapped without clues in a haze...

    3. Cereal Killer


    Ima veteran in the Ketamine environment
    Hiding, biding time as a Veterinarian bent
    On the side sliding, riding a respiratory decline
    To stay inside my own findings.
    No I’m not lying, I’m high lying ina pool of saliva drying
    A lion just trying to survive in a silent stasis of odd vivid visual views on violence
    ‘Til the vibrant red ‘n white sirens collide with speed
    Mixed in my mind, I’ll riot inside as a meek
    Genius intravenously getting bye in high
    Societies less then nail biting ride of pride
    I’M Excited
    Well I think I feel alive


    A club scene with some drunk teens seamlessly tweaked on life
    I pump cheap esteem up the side of plump chicks sweet-like
    drinks to break the ice, to take them outside that self made
    Hell well inside themselves with encouragement and tape
    Add some polite righteous guidance and say its just fate
    As we tip toe with full trust at an enhanced heart rate
    Past the dark tyrant that chants destructive dismay
    An hate at her frame 'til acid eats away her display

    Of teeth in stages
    Well I think she will change

    2. Seyance

    She smelled like death!

    Her maggot skin and carcass breath, she need not speak, my heart is deaf
    Now shadows veil her darkened crest, Oh! Why am I in love with flesh
    And there she lay like silver stars on planetary plates
    Her face so full of death and time and capillary breaks
    He examined her and cursed the skies, the vile, waning moon
    The wrists that once were kissed were now two giant gaping wounds
    The blood had run; fled from her and life had joined the stream
    The earth had drank and lulled her into blood-anointed dreams
    The maggots had been first to feed on her and her alone
    Even other graves sent whispers through their world of stone
    Such beauty could not last; she was dead when she was born
    Whoever falls in love with death repents for evermore
    But little did the poor man know how fate would interrupt
    His journey while he sailed as a stranger in her flux

    1. Mindscape
    Correlation god is 7, 11 is Aquarius, bearing water to baptize
    Half lies are hilarious, speaking vicarious…
    …statements which are various
    Who wanted to praise the queen of heaven is that who Mary is?
    I mean Samarians? betrayed Judas Iscariot pay the price
    Idols of gold and silver cant save your life, play your heist
    Your fame is nice, like the number on the painted dice
    That game is trifle, like the tongue no man can tame his light
    New Jeru speech native, worship seeds of David
    Your dreams are wasted, in the city with streets that preach hatred
    Urban labyrinth crisis, and blasphemous devices
    Mixed message of safe sex and abstinence advices
    The glamorous entice this, while the hazardous ignite this
    Retrospect to resurrect like Lazarus in Christ is
    We got to live righteous, and seek the most high not psychics
    Receive Yahshuah of Nazareth where true eternal life is​
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    Seyance's Selected 10

    10. Ninja Kid
    This man has managed to take some serious beatings, yet he still remains
    in the Top 20 and he still manages to produce some quality verses. This
    week he chose to kill the pope. He did well describing the events taking
    place, what led up to his decision and how he managed to convince the
    people to revolt against the church. He chose to write his stanzas out
    of order, something I’m not extremely fond of, giving the reader a
    glimpse of the pope’s death and then leading into his convictions
    against the church and finally ending it off. Ninja showcased a little
    creativity this week.

    09. Insanity
    Told the tale of a man taken from nothing to stardom, he seemed to get
    caught up in the whole sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle, allowing
    it to completely take over his entire being. He brought the imagery this
    week; although the flow could have been better it did pick up towards
    the middle and moved nicely along. Enjoyed the ending reference to Free
    Bird, thought that was a nice little touch. Just a straight forward
    verse that told a good story.

    08. CogzWell
    I think this is a man who has had more bad luck in the league than most.
    Simply because each week he’s paired against an opponent who has
    garnished some accolades in the RSTL. That doesn’t make him a bad
    writer, in all actuality I think Cogz is a very good writer, of course
    he could use some sprucing up in areas, but can’t we all. This week he
    really took a dope grasp on the picture of the man stringing his guitar.
    As he wrote a verse of a man speaking to God and releasing all his
    bottled up emotions to our savior. What really stood out to me in this
    verse is that while you’re reading it, you really get a sense of what
    this mans going through, and when you hit the end you see that the whole
    time he was just writing a song. Reminded of a musical almost.

    07. Alex Pander
    This is one guy I think some have been sleeping on. I’ve been
    impressed with him the past couple of weeks and this weeks verse was no
    exception. I read through it and was just really vibing with it. His
    take on how suicide leaves you stuck in purgatory forever was a nice. He
    took a realistic approach with it, using a nightlight to cast shadows of
    figures and how in time when light comes those shadows disappear. The
    flow was real good in this one and his imagery really painted the
    picture it needed too. I say start checking him out, I think as weeks go
    he might just get more impressive.

    06. Mindscape
    The man who has been chastised as the most inconsistent of the Top 20
    brought a really stellar verse this week. Taking the religious route, he
    touched on a lot of areas that I myself had no idea about. Especially
    using names I’ve never even heard of, but much like L Dogg it was one
    of those verses where you almost feel you should go and discover these
    new things. Mind has always brought what I consider to be a great flow,
    he has a way of using multies to really bring out his messages. I really
    enjoyed reading this though, I must say I wish he posted like this
    against me last week, would of made the match a lot better. Just a great
    take on the apocalypse.

    05. Cereal Killer
    I must say I wasn’t exactly fond of his rhyme scheme this week. When
    reading it I would be thrown what seemed like every direction, multies
    would lead to something different and so forth. But the emotion and
    content of this verse is what stands out to me. He really did a great
    job on touching the emotional aspects of how a woman feels about
    herself, especially a woman who feels the need to purge to stay thin.
    When I first began reading I was wondering where he was going with it,
    but towards the end I was able to grasp the concept and appreciate it
    all that much more. Was a joy to read and I could just appreciate his
    outlook on the topic

    04. Noib Da Mutt
    Took the insanity route this week, something I think we’ve seen done
    numerous times on the net. Still, he managed to make a dope story out of
    it. The whole time I was reading this I thought he was going to kill his
    wife or something until I got to the end and found out the truth. I
    really enjoyed the imagery and emotion in this verse, thought he did a
    great job with it and just really showcased his talents. The flow I felt
    was a bit shaky in parts but nothing major. The middle stanza in red was
    really the showstopper in this verse; I felt it stood out most amongst
    the rest. Noib took his match pretty easily and it’s no wonder why.

    03. Awedishin
    This was just a nice take on the whole Jeffrey Dahmer situation. I was
    really feeling it, basically because it something I wasn’t expecting
    to read from you. Your past verses have been good and creative but I
    think this is the best one I’ve read from you so far. I really think
    you might be the most consistent writer in the league next to Riko right
    now. This was an interesting story, with good imagery and flow. Although
    in a couple lines it would stumble, but I think it was maybe about 2 or
    3 that it happened in. I think people really missed out this week by not
    getting a chance to see this verse up against someone. Just your imagery
    and description of events really brought this story out in my mind, made
    it stick.

    02. Doyen
    This mans flow seems to be unmatched in the RSTL. Each week he’s
    managed to dominate his opponents it seems. This story was really
    spectacular. A suspenseful story about a boxer who is torn between,
    either gaining the most coveted title in boxing or saving the life of
    his loved one. Choosing his loved one over the title, he takes a dive
    after only two punches thrown in the bout. Doyen wrote this so that
    while you read it you wanted to know what was going to happen, he kept
    you on edge. Great imagery and the way the verse progressed really
    heightened the intensity of it.

    01. L Dogg The Legend
    I read this verse when he first posted it, and I must say I enjoyed it
    just as much the second time as I did the first. This was an incredible
    verse to read, the way you captured everything seemed to be almost
    perfect. You took that picture to a whole new level. I feel you did an
    excellent job at explaining all the references you made; always when you
    read them the next line would explain your thought process on them. Nice
    touch and it allowed the reader to grasp it easier without having to
    read your long explanation at the end. The flow was real simple and easy
    to follow, I just liked the way you approached this more than anything​
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    The Dic Report:
    Top 3 Matches of The Week

    3. Mindscape vs. Cereal Killer

    Two highly respected creative engineers are put to the test in a match against each other.

    Has been the topical leader in the league. Although he hasn't been honored with a title as of yet, he has shown his exceptional wirting abilities with nice vocab and strong narration with emotional content that pulls the readers closer and closer as he continues. The realistic portrayals of modern society motivates him with gripping metaphors that are like an exclamation to get our attention. He hit us with religion this week and it was powerful with an use of characters of the bible, but done tastefully to make his points.
    For Example:
    Urban labyrinth crisis, and blasphemous devices
    Mixed message of safe sex and abstinence advices
    The glamorous entice this, while the hazardous ignite this
    Retrospect to resurrect like Lazarus in Christ is
    We got to live righteous, and seek the most high not psychics
    Receive Yahshuah of Nazareth where true eternal life is

    This was a nicely scripted verse and although it doesn't hold a character for the narration, it's other vices are finely tuned.

    Cereal Killer
    His creatice structures have constantly supplied assistance to his displays of diction and use of imagery to carry out his writers pressence. As a 1x champ of the league, he has faced some of the greats like Trap, Formal Logic, Vern along with many others and althouh he hasn't alwasy been victorious, he's proven himself with several nicely written verses. This week, his format brought us three examples of female personas that are going through twisted phrases of life. From their passion to their addiction and finally to their fetishes, he gives the details that keep readers focused on what's happening to the character. As they go through their pain and seemingly enjoy it for the most part, his narration of them is alluring in a sick kind of way.

    This was a well matched showcase of skills.

    2. Noib da Mutt vs. Cogzwell

    Another nice match up that, but the results of this one was one sided. I could of seen it going either way, but the people have spoken.

    Has deinately been a delight to read these past few months in the league with his intense emotions brought with great sequences to develop his characters as realistically viewed as possible. We are usually able to relate to them because of this and it gives his verses an appealing quality to be viewed. This week he started off with a graceful thanks for allowing him to be real. Well, let me be the first to say your welcome and I like your approach to things. I thought it sounded a little too preachy at first, then I realized this was a sort of confession of sins and as he pleads for being weak and desiring things that are sinful. I'm not too found of religious pieces and being that this was the 2nd one I read, I thought it would loose my interest, but I was actaully pulled in by it as he gave a personal outlook into the life he is trying to avoid and prays for assistance to stay strong. Refreshing to see such a good hearted young man in here. This was a nice and very mature piece that we all can not only enjoy reading, but even learn from in some self reflection like he did. In speaking on behalf of the RSTL, I'd like to say...........Thanks man

    Has done a lot in the RSTL and even got himself a title right before the league was changed and all of the old vets had vanished. His strengths have lied in detailed stories with an overwhelming emotional facor of the societies his characters live in. His focus isn't usually placed so much on flow from what I have read, but for this showing, he brought out some lyrical fire for us. Flow was there and was nice as his character went through the process of killing someone. The killer showed some sympathy in their emotions as they prepared to slash the neck of the victum and that made it even more attention grabbing. Death comes to us all, but Noib just yet as he advances in a surprising blow out over Cogz, receiving all the votes. Grat job man and nice verse.

    1. Championship Match: Seyance vs. Doyen

    The battle of the People's Champ was nothing less than that and greatness from both.

    Came with something we have been waiting for from him for the longest. In most of his shampionship defenses, he seems to post well narrated pices with excellent focus on characters as well as dope imagery, but the flow has always seemed a bit under par. This week, he brought it out and showed us what he's capable of. The great competitors can rise to challenging the greats and he did just that. A twisted tale of an overly obsesed guy on a corpse as he digs her up with putting all the senses of her dead smell, her decaying look and yeah.......he even smelled her breath. Nasty, but still done nicely with a developed writer's voice. He's on his way to beating omen's record of title defenses with infinites record of undefeated streak right after that. Do ya thang maint, you truly are the people's champ, but you will have to prove it again against rikoshay this week.

    Dopeness as usual and as expected. Having the most titles in the history of the league puts a lot of expectations on that writer, but you always handle it well. With as many titles Vern has taken away from people, it's was expected that he'd walk away with his 10th title and his story was told to do that. Suspenseful and filled with spectacular flow, ie multies and inners throught a nicely choreographed ensenble of words. With a man up for a different championshio in boxing, the boxer is swayed to throw the fight with threats of hurting his wife. As his wife turns missing from the audience, his focus wonders and he's laid out where he later is greeted by his wife......damn. Definately a nicely told and developed tale. The metaphorical approach he chose makes it seems like he planned to loose, but all the Elite members came in to save him from being swept as Seyance take another victory and remains undefeated.
  5. MANchyld

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    Insense: Upon arrival at the RSTL's house, I stumbled into Kaybi cutting the grass. He warned me to be very sensitive to the RSTL's feelings or there could be quite an uproar. I nodded and approched the door cautiously.....once inside he led me to the RSTL's study office and thats where this interview began.

    RSTL: Awwww, Insense my son...hows the old champ doing...?

    Insense: Well I'm currently taking a break from you right now. After I got screwed by Seyance that one week I decided i needed a break.

    RSTL: It was an unfortunate circumstance, but you giving up your 2x RSTL Champ title for the betterment of the league was very honorable...and I thank you for that. So where is Seyance standing as far as any records are concerned.

    Insense: Well if he beats RIKOSHAY this week then he will break Omen's record for most consecutive title defenses. And if he wins the champ match next week he will be tied for the longest undefeated he's looking to remold the Hall of Champs.

    RSTL: You don't say...I'll be watching this week, so what brings you to my home...?

    Insense: I came to ask you a few questions about yourself and other random things. Just a little article to catch up on things....*wipes sweat off forehead*

    RSTL: Ask away then and quit gazing at me like I'm some chick...!!!

    Insense: Ok ok, first question, how do you feel about your current state..?

    RSTL: Why do I look sick to you, *stares hard, then laughs*, just fuckin with you little guy. I think I'm doing pretty good right now, a few of the big names that once inhabited me have returned...such as Awedishin, Vern, and even KonvILLution has returned. Plus the rising new names like Seyance and RIKOSHAY are already building a new list of people to admired in the future. But overall I am very pleased with my current condition.

    Insense: Thats always good to hear, and what are your feelings towards your MODs..?

    RSTL: They're doing a nice job taking care of me, sure my rule book has been admended but all the changes have been for the better so far. the thing that sets my current caretakers apart from the ones of past is thier creativity. RIKO has installed the MOD odds, MANchyld has taken over the duty of my Tribune, Pent up..*thinks*, and you have remolded my look with some new banners and funny articles.

    Insense: Awww to your mini awards so far this year...i'll state the award and you'll give me the winner's name...

    RSTL: No problem....shoot

    Insense: Alright, Mr. No Show Award....

    RSTL: Hmmm this is quite a tough one, first thought says yo momma...but he has been doing pretty good this year. Upon second glance I'd say tekneek...but you guys are so tough on him and I'd hate to let text lead to the winner of the Mr. No Show Award is all the noob sign ins that never show...

    Insense: Hahaha, up the Most Imporved Award...

    RSTL: This is a hard question as well, but i'll go with the sleeper and award the Most Improved Award to Mindscape...he deserves it.

    Insense: Now the Mr. Comeback award...

    RSTL: This is easy, well its a tie now that I think about it. I have to give it to Awedishin and also to L dogg, both have comeback and produced since thier return...

    Insense: the destined to be RSTL Champ award...

    RSTL: *glances at RSTL ranks* Hmmm, i'll give this award to Mindscape as well, I think he has the ability and drive to do it...its just a matter of time, or sign outs for that matter.

    Insense: Thats all I have so now you can say whatever you have to say and we will wrap it up. Thanks for taking the time RSTL....

    RSTL: Your very welcome Insense, now you little bitches focus on me. *brushes eyebrows with finger* I have a little suspision that some bitting may be taking place, and you know who you are. You are being watched closely and if you make the slighest slip up you will be caught and banned. I'll be damned if you make me look like a pussy of a league and try to penitrate my walls. So I will repeat, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT, if you continue I will own you like that bitch in Insense's random blurbs shit. To the rest of you, embrace this moment as Seyance attempts to rewrite the Hall records. It's not often that you will experience a feat like this taking place, and if he wins this week the anticipation will only build. So I challenge each and every one of you to beat Seyance, lol. That is all I have to say....

    Insense: Thanks once again Mr. RSTL

    RSTL: Yeah whatever kid, tell kaybi he better edge my yard up pretty nice too on the way out...pz
  6. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    Insense's Random Blurbs:
    The Lame Duck

    When I first stumbled along this video I found myself torn in two diffrent ways. Upon first view it seemed like the video could be kinda fake, and on the other hand it was still funny as hell to me. All I wish was that they would of shown more of what she did before the camera started rolling...but everyone can pretty much get the picture right..? Basically she fucked everyone in that van, at least the guy in the back with her, and they dissed her afterwards. But at least they drove her somewhere near her car and didn't drop her off in the middle of no where. Now that I think about it, it's kind of sad...but at least she said she had a good time, ROFL....thats all for this week floks.

    Mod's Odds

    RIKOSHAY over Seyance - 3 to 2 (60%)

    LDogg`TheLegend & ssenlli - even (50%)

    Awedishin over Cereal_Killer - 5 to 3 (63%)

    Noib Da Mutt over NinjaKid - 3 to 2 (60%)

    doYen over God Father - 4 to 3 (57%)

    KonvILLution & Mindscape - even (50%)

    Retulen Reactus over Mandarin - 8 to 7 (53%)

    Alex Pander over Unavailable. - 7 to 6 (54%)

    Insanity over Cogzwell - 4 to 3 (57%)

    Adrock & Tremendous - even (50%)​

    QUEEN ICESIKill Wet Dream/Worst Nightmare

    Aug 14, 2001
    that's a cool mag. lol @ Insense interviewing the RSTL. you crazy boy

    nice work everyone.
  8. Insense

    Insense take one...

    Apr 9, 2004
    you should see what i can do with two breats
  9. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    2 members of the elite voted, out of 6 of Vern's votes.
    i even came in and gave credit to Seyance, without mentioning vern's verse.
  10. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    best mag i read in awhile top job guys, i read everything on here n ima check the video out after i write my verse this week.

    well done to seyance

    n mac im feeling hungry ;)
  11. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    word @ Talent

    and lol @ Cereal, well dont be eatin me son...that shit aint cool :)
  12. Ninja Kid

    Ninja Kid AKA Jae Keeps

    Oct 11, 2004
    good mag, cept i shoulda got the mini award for most improved... bastards...
  13. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    seyance did good against vern.. although it was a tied match he still won from vern not voting.. it is hard to do what this guy has done with his time in the league so whether he wins or loses this week wont matter match.. thanks for readin my shit an given it #1 man.. i didnt think people read verses when the other person didnt post..

    nice mag..keep doin ya thang rstl mods...
    some good matches this week... good luck to you all
  14. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    Thanks everyone and Talent, it was nothing personal, but it was looking like a sweep when I wrote the article. The first votes for vern came sunday and were from mac and L.........

    Anyway though, nice job everyone that posted dope verses. This shit is for yall

    *end transimission*
  15. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    I didn't think I no showed that much anymore. I stopped when I racked up like 5 losses. Unless you're counting the times I give it to dic.

    Anyway, dope mag. These get better every week. Maybe not the most blockbuster mod team we've had but you're certainly getting shit done. Maybe you will be the team that gets us past this 'waiting for the vets to come back' phunk the leagues in.

    You've nailed the mags now nail the poor voting in the bottom half to help retention.
  16. Madnick

    Madnick Modern Laureate

    Dec 9, 2004
    Straight mag.
  17. dicnyaeye

    dicnyaeye Guest

    I have never no showed using your name and have only provided wins for you..... stop it

    the bottom half will soon be taken care of as well my Britain Buddy
  18. bigKEN

    bigKEN Hoosier Daddy??

    Apr 24, 2000
    nice work fellas
  19. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    That's what I ment you Yankish porker.
  20. dicnyaeye

    dicnyaeye Guest

    No swine here, the dic is MSG free.... for the gals on that low cal/low carb diet
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