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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Omen, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    Alright people, the Mag is back for this week. Of course it’s a small one.
    I’m going to ask now, that if anyone out there can write up an article
    And send it to me, then I will put it in the Tribune. I don’t care
    Who writes it or how many there are, they will all get put in. Just
    Write on whatever you want to write about, long as its RSTL related in
    some way. The league itself will resume at the end of this week.
    So those of you still in the tourney who are in the league will be
    required to write two verses for the league. People I would like to see this
    Mag grow a little more in size, and I need your help with it. I’ll do
    what I can in the spare time I have, but any help you all can offer
    is greatly appreciated. Anyways, lets get on with this. G’Luck to
    all competitors in the tourney.

    The Dic Report
    By: Dicenyaeye
    Wassup and welcome to the dic report. After a long break with a month
    of recycling verses, I'm finally over the flu so I can write some shit
    again in comfort.

    We had way too many no shows, even though it's expected in the 1st
    round. The people that seemed to be favors to win are the main ones
    that didn't show I.e. Infinite, 4site, Mac, Dmetrius (Although Athiest
    is dope too), Noib and Illweezy so that automatically slimmed the
    competition down. Then some of our seasoned writers just didn't put
    forth a true effort so this round was a disappointing one to say the
    least, but there were a few rays of light in this abysmal week for the

    Maybe it's the flu season taking effect though because it surely had me
    fucked up and overdosing on Theraflu, hot tottys and chicken soup for
    hella long. But without any further delays...... Here's your top 3
    Matches of the Week. If more people showed up, I would of did a top 5,
    but not enough effort was put forth this round and that even includes
    from me and Talent.

    3. Tekneek -vs- Omega

    A very interesting match of graphic events that shifted the lives of
    both main characters. Some nice reads on both. But lets analyze our
    writers first.

    Omega, I've seen you in the previous weeks before the tournament started
    and you have some skills that I would like to see elevate in this
    league. As for this week, I wasn't feeling the fucking my daughter
    content.... It's been done here be4 a few times, but at least ur focus
    wasn't placed there too long. As it moved on, I was able to follow ur
    content a little closer. It was a lot of self examination in it as u
    reflected on what a horrible person u are, but not enough on the other
    deadly sins u said uv done at the end. But ur persona did seem very
    controlling as well as demented and that was nicely expressed in the

    Tek has been an editor of both league's mags and has recently gotten his
    2nd rstl title so he's on a comeback trail. He just quit modding the
    rbl, but I guess this gives him more time to write. His focus seems to
    be in solid story telling still as he shows his ability to give some
    nicely structured verses this week. The hooker thing has been done to
    death with more angles than an octagon, but still his portrayal was
    cool. With the hooker being a teen that's seemably a nymphomaniac and
    runs through some nba players, but the interesting twist at the end made
    this one a lil more special. The girl is the bitch that kobe fucked
    anally and tried to sue him. That shit had me dieing.

    Winner: Tekneek

    2. Yassa Arabfat -vs- Peepers

    Peepers, I've some nice things about you and have read a few nice pieces
    with clear vision and nice wording. Although I don't feel that this
    represented your highest qualities, I did like this piece more than my
    vote would indicate. The introduction was nice and I liked it, but as I
    stated in my vote, your verse didn't open up enough in the body of it's
    content. Some nice metaphors and cool imagery though. The first stanza
    didn't seem to follow the intro at all though. Starting with 'savage
    baggage' then just saying what he was hadn't done. Too many lines
    wasted there although I thought some of the metaphors throughout and
    that added a lot of color and creative vision. It picked up nicely
    after the first stanza and became a much smoother piece to read. The
    start was just to important to waste.

    Yassa Arabfat, you have proven to be a great writer whenever you choose
    to be and I'm happy you're choosing to be right now. Too many people
    are unaware of your true skills because your effortless in most of
    verses and even then, you can write some good shit. When you put your
    time in a piece it's nicely executed. This was one of those moments and
    it's nice to see someone else get a little perverted with details into a
    sexual affair of a wife, a maid and the gardener. Flow was on point
    with multies and that's a plus, but what opened this up was the nice
    details and the personality of a video camera protecting his
    master/owner. The little surprises of sexual perversions kept it
    interesting throughout as well and the ending was dope. She died like
    she lived; getting fucked at the finish. Great read man.

    Winner: Yassa Arabfat

    Match of the Week:

    1. Cereal Killer -vs- Choppa Style

    Cereal is a very polished writer with some twisted visions. His imagery
    is usually painted nicely within his descriptive wording and strong
    writer's voice. This week he came with these elements as a blind man
    who is finally allowed to see just to catch his wife cheating on him.
    Well told with some nice sporadic flows as well to follow a little
    easier. Some of the scene details you used were dictated nicely.
    Specifically I liked the way you had the blind guy describing seeing his
    wife for the first time as she's fucking this other guy. Your word
    choice in this sequence was very elegant, which struck me as odd because
    it's not an elegant subject matter, but I liked that about it as well.
    I did want to hear more descriptions of him murdering the wife, but even
    without that, this was a dope read.

    Choppa aka Trapazoidal took a brief leave of absence after stating his
    boredom of text leagues and giving his old name with several points and
    over 20k posts to Demik of people, who has the most aliases on this site
    already. His modded for the rbl and written some great mags there as
    well as modding the rstl and assisting this league so needless to say
    his participation in the leagues were missed. He returns with fury
    though and is probably the most worthy champion caliber writer without a
    title yet with Yo Momma and Formal falling right behind him. This week
    he let CK pick the topic he used and still flourished in his writing
    with great flow and excellent narration as he's also blind, but begging
    on the street before he's killed and that's how he gets to see the
    light. Nice ending man and welcome back.

    Winner: Trap (give demik his name back and take back yours back.
    Jeff will give you the pw I'm sure)
  2. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    word sorry for not showin y'all...its only like the 2nd time in RSTL history I no showed, last time was in the champ match vs WW3 about ummm over a year ago lol
  3. dicnyaeye

    dicnyaeye Guest

    you left my real name in the article... lmao

    take it out please. and Mad, what happened to the other articles?

    this would of gotten more views if you left it in Hookups, I think

    but aight, thanks for posting my shit.
  4. T-LoC

    T-LoC The Truth

    Jun 23, 2000
    nephil and author unknown are ill..

    both had tight versus last week... mad props.

    RIKOSHAY New Member

    Oct 31, 1999
    How's that possible, they're not even in the tourney.
  6. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    they're cool, but neither one is in the tourney and the last battle they had was against each other

    and it was ok
  7. Saga

    Saga All Eyes On Me

    Jan 2, 2000
    cool read..

    my tourney match is ready for votes
  8. Madnick

    Madnick Modern Laureate

    Dec 9, 2004
    nice mag I'll take part in some articles. we the regular league start up.
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