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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Omen, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    Hello all!!! Today we have a small Tribune to offer you. Yes it only really consist of two interviews, but that’s all I have and I would type something up but I am busy getting ready for class and typing up a response questions. The tourney will hopefully start next week, we need a few more sign ins before we can proceed any further. Other then that have fun this week everyone. G’Luck!!!!

    Interview Of the Week Part I
    Ladies and gentleman I bring you a fierce competitor, a man who people sometimes argue doesnt belong in the hall....but is in fact a former champ. Please welcome INSENSE for me...what’s good tonight homie?
    nothing much, mother out of town for I got evil intentions for tonight
    So as a former champ who do you respect in the league, give me the top 3 competitors and the worst 3 in your opinion..
    Well there are definitely a lot of writers I respect, but as far as top 3 respected go I'd say Formal Logic, Talent, and dic because of the way he wins titles with ease and worse three
    hard to pick seeing as I venture to bottom half every so often, but here I go. Kaybi isn't the worse, but he has fallen off since the topical powerhouses have come back. Smoke Trail is destined to be the next no-show king, and RICO just because

    If you could trade your life with anyone you chose alive or dead, who would you trade with and why?
    Damn these questions are hard. I would probably trade my life with Super, I mean 400 pounds and 12 years old...beat that
    But seriously I would switch with Jay-Z, that guy just has it all when it comes to music. He spits freestyles with little effort, but they are nice as hell. And all that shit they showed on the movie Backstage looked fun as hell, but definitely HOV

    A lot of talk has been going around saying you don’t deserve to be in the hall of RSTL champions, do you feel you deserve to be there and why, also what would you say to the people who say such things?
    Waited for this moment a long time. I can seriously understand why some believe I don't belong, but I put in the effort for those 5 weeks or so. And when it came to the champ match, i showed and posted at that time a dope ass verse. I look back on it now and think what the fuck was I on. Dic really killed me when he edited out his verse, and decided to quit. To sum it up, we both showed and I went up 3-0. I check the battle the next day and I see Dic I am running around the house while my mom is yelling get off the computer and then I get an AIM from you saying I might be removed....and there fell my world. But a word of warning to all striving to win the title for the first time, it's not as good as it seems. Really kills your drive...but I'll be in the hall forever so lets all move on people
    Ok what’s your favorite movie of all time and why?
    LOL, well I have a real hard on for Napoleon Dynamite right now...watched it around 6 times if not more. But Scarface is my favorite, I should kill those bitches who made him go out like a bitch in the end though
    Ok time for word associations....
    Madpoet beating you 3 of 3 times you faced him
    no comment
    only RSTL's greatest through his eyes
    mean people that kick me out of strip clubs
    Hall of champions
    permanent home of my hours put into text[/b]
    Racist jokes
    I find myself calling whites nigg@ all the time
    sad case, parents been deployed 2 times each
    And lastly before poet's report card....religion
    something breeded in me, but I find myself curious about other possibilities of our evolution
    Ok poet's report card..
    B- black is the future of the RSTL. He hasn't really won that big match yet that will send him into the next level of distinguished writers
    C he is decent, but his true colors may have been exposed this week, but then again he faced Vern. Cool sig though...
    6 feet deep
    B+ definitely a powerhouse in the RSTL. I really enjoy reading his pieces lately...he will be champ soon
    B original and underrated, has his good weeks and bad. This guy seems to be a little inconsistent, but the voters really take to this guy...I’d crush him though
    Retulen Reactus
    C+ pretty much the same as Insense. Really I haven't peeped too much of his work so a C+ seems fair from his showing against Formal a few weeks back
    B- I really, really like her style, I don't see why everyone hates her so much, but once momma gets to ya...they all flock. She has a nice style and with a few tweaks could find herself champ in the future...but for controversy I'll say that nique will be RSTL champ by the end of March

    Id like to thank my little bitch , I mean dog Insense for doing this , and the floor is yours homie....pzzz
    my flow is insane, kicking it to the mundane// kill all the fame, you fagots claim//...madpoet flow right there. He may be 3 for 3 against me but don't believe the hype. And furthermore, i peeped some of the RSTL heads verses in the RBL and I'd like to say....stay in the RSTL and leave that shit alone. The 64 man tourney kicks off soon and I see some possible aliases in there, and I just want to say not to fuck it up already....J Lo could still get the dick, no matter how many guys she marries, but that beat is annoying as bloodshot rip it though. And one final word, please, please don't waste your money seeing any of that bullshit that is suppose to be scary at the movies...oh, and no matter what TO condition is the Patriots will still beat that ass...Superbowl party on AIM...hit me up and I’ll send invite, lol...*signs off and throws pen like Letterman
  2. Omen

    Omen O Luh Da Kids

    Jun 16, 2001
    Interview Of the Week Part I
    Today I have a special treat for the RSTL mag. I bring you the man himself, the reason this site is here and the man who calls all the shots...I bring you you doing tonight homie?
    Sup chakka
    So how long have you been running this site? And who in hip hop does the custodial administrator listen to?
    basically - i had beef with some mods at another board, so I said "fuck them" and thought i could do a site better... that happened in 1998 - took about 8-10 months to buy the name, at the time the site was just one page, with a for sale sign on it. Paid 12k for the name back then... rest is history.

    Right now I’m Listening too...- I got in the mail today j-zones 'gimme dat beat foo"

    Any other hip hop artists past or present inspired you?
    I’m more into old school and underground cats like tonedeff
    As of recent there has been a lot of drama, a lot of people think they are pretty tough over a computer screen, text gangsters, who do you feel are the top 3 bitches that need to get a grip and grow up and what was their beefs?
    I could care less... its all drama, drama on the site makes me money - beef=page views - every time a banner loads up, I get to feed my lil girl. Drama and beef have been at the site SINCE DAY ONE.... isn’t nothing new that we haven’t seen... same shit, just another day but different people. That’s why we call the site... nicotine via the screen.
    And as a warning to anyone thinking of cutting up, Janitor ALWAYS wins...remember that...If the movie of your life was cast, who would play you and the members of your family and why? for bonus points if you an also pick any mods out and match them up as well that would be cool
    a movie... hmmm someone who looks like Bruce Willis but has hair lol and the mods would be like a box of crayons... this site wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of all 45-50 mods that we have...
    Sounds like you blossomed and grew into who you are out of struggle....
    What have you always wanted to do but never have, and what have you done in your life you wish you hadn’t?

    I've always hustled -I grew up with nothing, lived in apts all my life with cock roaches and box fans in the window... always worked.... no matter what it was, i was always trying to make money - I am a high school drop out at age 17, in and out of trouble till I got out on my own and had to grow up quick- and when I did quit school i was on my own and never looked back - I’ve always been self-made - and no one cant take that from me... all you have in this world is ya name.

    If I wasn’t married, I’d be living in NYC running a hip-hop label - but, my marriage to my wife was the best thing that ever happened to me... we have the most amazing lil girl, she pretty and smart like her mama! Family comes first for me. I don’t regret many things.... the only thing I wish I would have done differently, was to study better in school, but back then I had no choice but to work all the time and help my parents. My mom was dying of cancer, and my pops only made like $800 a month back then - shit was bad. Once I quit high school, I had to play alot of catch up, and it took a lot of dedication and work to get where I am now. I beat the odds, but anyone out there wanting to quit school, don’t fucking do it. Get your education, and hustle your way into college no matter what.
    What movie/movies have you watched that you are embarrased to admit you LOVE?
    I’m a big fan of - last 4-5 years I worked so much that I never had time to see movies, so I’m playing catch up now. My top 3 picks are: Rounders, City of God (a must rent), Bourne Identity - as for as embarrassing movie? hmmmm I hate to say it, Forest Gump - that movie is all about Perseverance.
    What woman (famous singer or actress) does the janitor have the hots for?
    besides my wife... that chick (*hatcher?) from desperate housewives ...
    Terri Hatcher..Im gonna check out city of god on your recommendation...Word association time..
    yeah its great movie = want 100k members
    Madpoet = best mod since ragu
    Tekneek = needs a to get laid
    Rock Music
    Rock Music = all music is intertwined
    Eminem = reminds me of all the young kids who think Eminem invented hip-hop lol
    George Bush
    George Bush= friend of mind is a secret service agent for the president, i wish i could tell u the stories...
    The RSTL
    2nd longest running league on the net
    L Dogg
    L Dogg = shakes my head, its like he hit puberty and woke up the next day hating hip-hop. dunno!
    Other Rapmusic sites on the web
    I’ve seen a lot of sites come n go... = commercial = good place to buy cds
    weed? Should be legalized - there is no conclusive evidence marijuana causes negative health effects. For example, there has been no link between marijuana use and cancer. We live in a country that allows alcohol and tobacco use. Marijuana is very comparable to these two legal drugs. Because these drugs are legal, marijuana should be legal as well. Too many people are sitting right now in prison because of simple weed possession - it’s stupid. When is the last person you knew that smoked weed go out and kill someone? Alcohol kills so many more people than herb ever will. I don’t condone smoking it before you go to school or work, that there is some retarded shit if you do. But, if you want to relax, chill out before the night, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

    Id like to thank you for taking the time to do this. The floor is yours for closing comments..
    yeah - poker time! pzzzzzzzz! ​
  3. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Top 3 Matches - By Formal

    Contenders Match: 3. Anaphora 23-9 vs. 4. Erykah Caine 21-8

    The best female writer verses the best story teller, a match up to be watched. EC came into this battle using vivid imagery, she seemed to describe everything with much attention to detail. EC brought a pretty entertaining story with a pretty intelligent concept. Other than a few suspect word choices, EC wrote a real good verse. Anaphora stuck to his guns, writing an entertaining story, that keeps moving, and really leaves nothing to thought. Ana had a real nice story of life, and had a good concept behind it. Other than his quick stanza’s of stages in life, Anaphora brought a winning verse. Sadly enough though, voting this week in general sucked, especially in this battle. Not in terms of content, but the amount of votes. 3 votes does no justice for this battle. In the end though EC picked up the 2nd vote, in a battle that could have gone either way.

    Winner - Erykah Caine

    5. Dicenyaeye 19-4 vs. 6. 6feet Deep 13-3

    Two of the better story tellers took part in this battle. Both known for their comedy, but more for their attention to detail to keep the story moving. This week both used their honed skills as much as to their advantage as they could. While 6 took a semi-serious, yet funny approach, Dic just came out with pure comedy. In the end the voters had to vote in a matter of which wrote their story better. With votes nearly tied Dic pulled out a close victory. Using his comedic presence to his advantage.

    Winner - Dicenyaeye

    Champions Match: 1. Tekneek 48-14 vs. 2. Tha Talent 61-18

    This battle featured two very different styles from two very different writers. Tekneek again this week took the role of the smooth storyteller, that brings solid details, and a fluid storyline. Where as Talent took the role of the intelligent topical writer. Using real thoughts of the everyday person, and saying what we all know is true. Both used their own style to their advantage as much as possible. Tek had a very entertaining story, and Talent had a very real type of satire about society. And in the end it was really more the voters preference of style. The votes in this battle said much in the way of proving how half and half the RSTL really is. Honestly this battle could have gone either way, if more people had voted, this battle could have gone the other way. In the end though, voters took the side of topical writing, as Talent edged out the win, to gain his 5th title.

    Winner - Tha Talent

    Top 5 Stanza’s - By Formal

    5. windows to the soul r bound to a scene, bound to be seen
    shown to he, who awakes me, lips frown, dimples spilling to cheek
    lids to ceiling ripple pilot cries that dividing building matter
    silent call to pastor fall victim to the plaster God please answer
    just then plump lips smother one another, palm makes dress slowly creep
    as a musky oil from the pouting slit in panties did seep
    soft touch did rise up over wet silky thighs, hollow ablaze in delight
    pubes, glisten and gleam, in bright hues like stars in the night
    as tongue explores stakes claim n this gynecologist paradise
    candle light projects sight of legs hoist, lips moist, clit erecting
    hole widening like winters subsiding and orgams-n-blossom, letting
    all of my flesh mesh with the curves of this person limbs
    eyes lids part ways, as tight lips part ways, depart waves then
    its no him, the person in front of me is a she, fairy tale princess
    skin breaks out in goose bumps, as her chin bathes in juice from clit
    i cant resist giving in to every move and twist as tongue caress, curves and hips
    i'm sog in her hands, as she prods with her hands spasms command my bod
    O My God!!!!

    - Erykah Caine

    4. Days and years slide by in passivity, as youth has long slipped from me
    The symphonies now sympathy, in a barstool I sip a drink
    I’d become too quickly fifty, still a waiter, still waiting
    For that opportunity to come right up, and take me.
    I haven’t written in years, and hide within my fears
    That I once awoke screaming from, pouring with tears
    A career server, trapped on the hamster wheel, but I’m past just that
    Could say I’m a slave to the grind, but that’s not accurate
    I’m more a hostage to the grind of the wheel, as I ran too fast
    And now the momentum’s trapped me, and I can’t get off it
    My fear of being trapped in a cage, has closed the door, and locked it.

    - Anaphora

    3. I realize if I was blind
    I wouldn't bleed this way,
    Recalling the obscene I've seen,
    can't make it go away.
    I wish that I could close my eyes
    and let light shed its skin,
    to peel another layer back
    so darkness can seep in.

    If i had shut my eyes before
    then felt around the dark,
    I might have missed the misery
    instead I hit the mark.
    Last night I fell apart,
    a bleeding purple heart,
    I stumbled on the lessons learned,
    I'm doomed right from the start.

    - Spacebar

    2. it seems like sometimes when i wake up
    i'm forced to put on the makeup of a fake scrub
    an everday bum, mr. nine to five
    sleeping from nine to five
    i've signed my life away
    on the dotted line and I'm
    faceless...cubical A-10
    human mongoloid because i'm employed
    but should be in the state pen
    i've learned to hate pens.
    writing just reminds me that i'm still stuck in this slave den
    they say we're all trying to make ends
    but i'd rather keep moving because the finish line is always wasted.
    and i'm always wasted.
    i can't remember if i told you i was faceless
    but i know i've learned to surf the tides even as the waves bend.
    and even when i hit the shore and flip my board and slam the sand..
    i know no matter how much i want to stay down, i'll take a hand and stand
    and even as my personal values heavily weigh in my mind
    i'll always move onto the next day in the grind.
    i'm a slave to the grind.

    - Talent

    1. in a world full of impuritiries, one city cannot be perfect
    and your efforts to make utopia is why I shot and murdered
    this innocent priest, giving him peace, I stopped his hurting
    cause when he would preach, you listened but seemed, to not be certain
    is god a servant, no he isn’t, so stop asking for help its
    sort of selfish, don’t repent it’s, the reason for cops and vermin
    the prune is in the pudding, while the proof is in a bullet
    the solution isn’t good and this is where the shock emerges

    - Doyen
  4. General Concrete

    General Concrete the infamous

    Jan 3, 2000
    great stuff

    a bit unlucky for Insense to be on the same page as Jeff interview-wise but these were good nevertheless

  5. GammoN

    GammoN Sole Survivor of the DOJO

    Sep 30, 2004
    the super-secret special interview was good..
  6. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Thank you for the positive comments all.
  7. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    haha jeffs a damn fool

    good stuff fellas, wish there was more but its all good, Im not even a competitor right now I cant complain
  8. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    My fault on not sending the rest. I got a new job and been working way too much. Ill send everything anyway Omen.
  9. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    nice interviews ima have another J in honour of them
  10. dicnyaeye

    dicnyaeye Guest

    grat interviews Mad, you're getting polished at this shit, keep it homie.
    cool ass picks for matches and stanzas Formal, dope

    Insense, yeah, I pulled my verse, it wasn't to discredit you though or anything like though.... just didn't want to get dqed for recycling a verse (originally used by my other name) I fully accept that loss and just push yourself to write and climb up again with all the Talent (no pun) here now. you're cool with me man, just keep writing and let the haters hate
  11. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    i didn't get stanza of the week.
    just kidding
    i guess one week at number two is alright
  12. headless verseman

    headless verseman JERSEY NUCCUH

    Oct 17, 2000
    its a good idea, to only quote 2 or 3 couplets instead of entire paragraphs

    or why not just post their whole verse?

    hint hint change it
  13. Spacebar

    Spacebar Mr. Rab E. Caps

    Jul 26, 2002
    Surprised To Get Mentioned In This After All The Shit I Caught About My Verse

  14. Eulogy

    Eulogy OG Hybrid Angel'

    Jan 24, 2001
    thanks guys!

    Wheres my shout?
  15. General Concrete

    General Concrete the infamous

    Jan 3, 2000
    headless I've been saying that since ever since
  16. Madnick

    Madnick Modern Laureate

    Dec 9, 2004
    good tribune. Alot of well infomational reviews .
  17. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    Then it'd be top 5 two liners, not top 5 stanza's.
  18. Anaphora

    Anaphora was here

    Jan 17, 2004
    Yeah, I was really disappointed in the voting this last week... I think Talent was just afraid I'd beat him again. haha
  19. UneekTestimony

    UneekTestimony New Member

    Feb 16, 2003
    thanks for the mention insense..even though i fucking no showed...smh..
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