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    More New Rules
    by MANchyld

    Top 5 Stanzas
    by Insense

    Interview with Rikoshay
    by Pent Up

    Special Edition: "Insense's Random Blurbs"
    by Insense

    by Rikoshay

    Top 20 Breakdown of the Week
    by dicnyaeye

    It’s here…. A lil late, but we can still give ya something. For those that were patient and wanint to help like Seyance and Vern.... thanks. An idea sparked by Vern has influenced me to open a thread every Friday for articles that RSTLers write for the mag, outside of the mod squad. This gives all of you a chance to be heard on your opinion of the league. You can submit anything you want, but it needs to be RSTL related and not self centered so other people can at least here a somewhat unbiased viewpoint. Thanks to those who are starting to submit topics. That helps us out so we can consistently bring a diverse set of topics for yall. Try to submit more pictures if you can.

    This is a great site to find em.

    Due to another lil injustice I witnessed, there is another new rule to be put into play. It is posted in the new rule thread, but incase you haven’t checked it out lately, this is what it says.


    There has been too many lazy wins given. Because of this, I'm imposing a now verse rule that must be followed to receive a win when posted.

    1. A Bar = A line
    This means no more 1 word lines that just say a sentence in all as your no show verse. 4 lines is not much to give for a win so you can at least honestly give that much.

    2. No show verses must also pick and follow a topic. You will have to post your topic because I will be deciding if your verse is even an attempt to following the topic. I won't be too harsh a critique cuz that's not the purpose at all, but if it doesn't come close to any topic of the week, you will not receive the win.

    3. No show verses only count when your opponent doesn't show. If your opponent shows, then you both will have to have a verse of at least 14 lines/bars as the rules already state in the verse limits. It you both post no show verses, neither one of you will advance with a win. No show verses are for no show matches only. The verse minimum is 14 lines



    5. ssenlli

    Across the sky’s night blackness, revealed a striking madness
    Had glossed his eyes, a psychology
    Plagued by disease, was the reason, probably
    For his recent, new found passion
    For bounding and bashing, gouging scratching
    Pounding and thrashing, spitting in food
    Disease was passed down to him in the womb
    His mother got pregnant and was fired at once
    Lost her insurance, dropped from health care
    Living in hell where you’re fed off welfare
    She contracted a disease with caused her son
    To suffer an illness so awful no one
    Could have predicted the damage to be inflicted
    By kid suffering such a sickness
    That he had strangled, defiled and smothered
    The daughter of the man who had fired his mother
    Turns out he did it all without getting upset
    It’s funny how actions have this ripple effect

    4. Noib tha mutt

    love is a flower that often wilts and then blossoms
    lucky people float in oceans-bottom feeders dwell in coffins
    corpses lost in holes until the flesh and soul are rotten
    wantin' not to exist instead of just being forgotten
    but I'm a monster, plagued to feed upon all the weak
    every action that I take contradicting those I speak
    see I was a preist, lost lookin' for some release
    that was punished by my own betrayal of my beliefs
    so now I hunt, and feed to avoid my own starvation
    and my past life is the only thing I have to guard satan
    I tell the bums I meet about all the glory of God
    before I kill and drain them of their lifeforce in a blob
    painless deaths and quick kills is my way to dodge guilt
    my faith made up of bricks with a foundation made of stilts
    but is it my fault?

    3. Seyance

    I lay my head down on the pillow, force my eyes to remain tightly shut
    As I say to myself, "I'll just sleep till I’m visited by the light of the sun"
    As hours pass, I awake once more, get out of bed and hit the shower
    Washing my hair, as I hear laughter in my head lasting for at least an hour
    Ignoring it, I head out, stumbling over empty beer bottles and clothes
    I reached down to pick them up, to realize they were girls clothes though
    I didn't recall having anyone over, as I threw them off to the side
    As I head downstairs, the living room was a mess and I didn't know why
    The lamp was thrown, papers scattered and everything else misplaced
    Either there was a huge fight or I'd gotten drunk and destroyed the place
    I took notice to the odd smell that surrounded the house
    It was disgusting, and indescribable and I could taste it in my own mouth
    "Ugh, that's fuckin' disgusting, it's like something came in and died"
    I held my breath as I quickly got a drink from the fridge and got outside

    2. Mindscape

    She’s been defeated by everything and everyone
    Her virginity was stolen from her grandpas oldest son
    Her mother always screamed for her to go clean
    Because mom was a slave to a man named Jim Beam
    Older brother is a fiend serving a life sentence
    Murdered in the streets, he’s cold with no repentance
    Teachers told her she would always be a failure
    family history and the hood would always tail her
    And why would she try, without wings she cant fly
    Without emotions she cant cry, has infections that wont die
    But she kept searching, always looking and learning
    Her hope wasn’t gone, just tired and yearning
    Knew she could move on and up in her day
    She was lonely and lost, and didn’t know the way
    One day she was introduced to a bit of the Bible
    Which was just the beginning of a slow, joyful revival

    1. Awedishin

    staring at the ripples gives him the tickles like a girl with hard nipples
    I know it's simple, but the effects are almost like dimples
    watching the lake's face smile, underneath it's plagued with riddles
    and they dont always surface but here and there you'll catch a nibble...

    he scribbles...
    jotting down notes from the meeting, today his thoughts were fleeting
    hard to stay focused, he keeps seeing things and daydreaming
    Tony's been worried for a week and it seems the stress is increasing
    *checks his pulse* - for 5 days it's been rapidly beating
    what he happened to see in that evening could leave him marked for deceased
    hasn't said a word to anybody, it'd be too hard to believe
    to his car he retreats - he makes his escape everyday at 5:01
    he knows this turn of the key could very well be his final one...

    blood drowned the sidewalk like a barrel of runny ketchup
    wanted an even closer view but wouldn't have dared crept up
    he watched them beat him with baseball bats, breaking every bone in his body
    and just before they left, Tony saw the face of John Gotti...​
  2. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    Pent Up Interviews Ex-Champ and Mod Rikosahy

    Pent uP: I'm standing here with former champion RIKOSHAY, Riko how do you feel coming back into the league with the returning vets?

    RIKOSHAY: I'm hoping we can keep as many of them in as possible
    RIKOSHAY: we lost a couple already (Most notably, IV)

    Pent uP: Yeah, it happens; do you feel it will be harder to keep your record clean? Do you fear going up against anyone?

    RIKOSHAY: Well, I was hoping for a Mac win last week, so I could have a shot at another member of the exclusive 4x or more club.
    As it stands, I defeated Vern for my first title. Although I expect this one to be much closer, should he manage to defeat Seyance this week

    RIKOSHAY: If not, then I get my rematch with Seyance. I do hope Mac stays in so we can meet eventually

    Pent uP: That would definitely be a dope Matchup, but speaking of Seyance, how do you feel about his run as champion?

    RIKOSHAY: I noticed MANchylde used the nickname I coined for him; "The People's Champ" meaning that he seems to have just what the people want because he doesn't lose. I, personally, am not a fan of his style but I admit he's good at it. Many I speak with each week expect him to finally lose. I think most people expect he'll lose this week. We'll see.

    Pent uP: This champ match should really be interesting, With doYen attempting his 10th title, and Seyance going for longest title run. How do you view the voting in the RSTL right now?

    RIKOSHAY: I've only been in it just under 5 months, so it's hard to contrast against eras I wasn't there
    RIKOSHAY:Otherwise, voting seems the same as it's been since I got here

    Pent uP: Speaking of voting, we have some new rules in place; do you feel all those rules are necessary?

    RIKOSHAY: Absolutely. I'm very meticulous so I'd like to refine those rules even further. The thing is, a lot has been left up to judgment and interpretation which leads to bitching.
    RIKOSHAY: When rules are definitive and known ahead of time, you can't bitch if you disobey

    Pent uP: True, well said. Do you have ideas for any other rules you'd like to see instated?

    RIKOSHAY: I think we need to set in writing rules and penalties for editing verses.

    Pent uP: Word I feel that. Is there anything you want to mention particularly about anything before we move on?

    RIKOSHAY: Well, as a Mod, I have grander schemes for the league in general but it's so well established that any drastic changes are not likely to happen. Instead, we focus on making what is in place stronger. As a participant, my goals are still the same. Defeat everyone in the 3x or more win group. Break the undefeated record. Break the title defenses record. I first joined this league because I’d stumbled upon the Hall of Champions and I didn’t even know who those people were. I did know that throughout RM’s history there’s been less than 5 people who I considered to be at my level, skill-wise, so I figured I would be unbeatable. Once I started learning how fickle voting is, I realized that there may come a time when I don’t win.

    Pent uP: I Feel the voting bit, but you consider only five people to be on your skill level? That's pretty critical, lets see what you say about some cats. We're gonna play the grading game right now, you know how that works; Im'a say someones name and you grade their writing skill, cool?

    RIKOSHAY: Less than 5 in RM’s history. My standards are very high because I know what can be done with writing. Meanwhile, I’m out of time for now.

    That’s a hell of a cliffhanger man….. Who are the ‘less than 5’ I wonder?

    My guess is Vern, Mac, Talent, Omen…… that’s less than five. Is that it? We’ll see if I was right next week.
  3. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    Special Edition: ..."Insense's Random Blurbs"....

    Shake It Up…. And give em a Lil Game


    Thats right faggets, Insense is releasing all his spectacular dance moves in an all new video....for only $20.00 you will learn moves like





    THE REAL HUSTLA DANCE... (cassidy is a biter), also note how the white guy is amazed






    Well unfortunately that is all I can show you right now, but for the low price of $20.00 you could learn these and many more moves. If you doubt my moves just look at how all the people in my math class are staring at me...also notice how the principle sneaks up on me to carry me away to her office and show her some moves. (analanus penatrainus clip)....

    images are coded with image button....titles are bold and size 4 font....

    Mod's Odds

    doYen over Seyance 2/1

    RIKOSHAY over Runna DaMille 6/1

    LDogg`TheLegend over Pent uP 5/3

    Mr. Mynd over ssenlli 8/7

    Cereal_Killer over Mindscape 2/1

    Awedishin over Unavailable. 3/1

    Noib Da Mutt over Cogzwell 6/5

    NinjaKid over Tremendous Even

    Mandarin 2.0 over Soular Guided Even

    Alex Pander over Awaken 3/2​
  4. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    Top 20 Breakdown of the Week

    19. Alex Pander 2-0 –vs 20. Awaken 2-1
    The Newbs fight it out in the Top 20

    Alex Pander from what I just read in his last week’s verse has a nice topical style that may get noticed if he can take a win here. His flow is a little basic so he can work on that if he chooses, but his layout is developed enough… a lil rough around the edges, but maybe he’s been holding out on us. I guess we’ll find out now.

    Awaken lucked out last week with a no show against pestilence/zhang fei, but from the no show verse he posted, I can tell he has some skill and with his first appearance in the top 20, I think he might have something nice for us. His flow seems pretty fluid, natural and unforced and he seems to have a mature writer’s voice.

    Let’s see who will stay in the top 20

    17. Soular Guided 7-5-vs- 18. Mandarin 2.0 5-2

    Soular Guided has become a fierce lady competitor that can capture your attention with a gripping tale filled with exciting imagery and complex emotional situations. Her insight into topics has brought her into the top 20 and that gained some recognition for it too. Although flow is not her strong point, her words are powerful sometimes and can supply the missing element of sustaining a reader’s focus like flow can help with. She gained respect in this league and the Poet Tree League with her unique characters and viewpoints and with some more of that, she can climb further.

    Mandarin 2.0, I remember some of his verses from a few months back I think, but I can’t remember what I thought of him. I can vaguely remember that he did have a good sense of focus in his writing with something else like….. flow? Weird characters? Don’t know. I guess I’ll find out wtf it was I forgot this week when he posts something. He must have some fans because it’s voted with him even against Soular.

    15. NinjaKid 7-6 –vs- 16. Tremendous 4-1
    A nice match up and this one will be cool to read.

    The favorite is Ninja Kid with his nicely written tales, he’s become a noticed figure here although he has faced some tough competitors that have resulted in some close losses for him. He has shown us that he has some cool flow when he wants to use it, can provide details and paint a scene as well. Worthy of respect in here

    Tremendous has escaped under the radar a lot by getting some no show wins, but has also provided some skills for us to see a little of what he’s capable of, but it is enough? I honestly don’t know enough about him to tell you. I haven’t heard anything and nobody seems to have much of an idea if he’s a nice writer or not. Well, now it’s time to show us man. Prove the critics wrong.

    13. Noib Da Mutt 27-11-vs- 14. Cogzwell 10-7
    Equally matched in my eyes and this will be nice to see.

    Noib is an established member of the league who has faced a lot of vets and got some wins as well as respect as a great story teller. His use of suspenseful imagery in emotional settings has captured many readers in the past and I’m sure he has something for us along those lines. He’s the favorite for the reasons I’ve just stated because he makes you want to read the end with a conclusion that is usually nicely thought out and twisted. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a chance to face some more vets in the top 10 with a win this week.

    Cogzwell has struggled against writers in the top brackets with some tough, but he’s still a nice realistic writer. He brings some development in his characters with some emotion to help portray their anguish, but sometime his topic choices leave him traveling in directions that are better left untraveled. Just to be honest, it gets boring and with a lack of flow, you have to provide a powerful sequence of events. He’s still a nice writer, but he can get a good work out in this match.

    11. Awedishin 50-20 -vs- 12. Unavailable. 43-25
    Two 40 wins Club Vets come to face off

    Awedishin is one of my personal favorites in the league and with his twists and nice vocab along with dope flow, if he chooses to use it, he could honestly beat almost anyone here. He doesn’t push himself to reach his peak too often from what I’ve seen, but when it’s really time to step up to the plate, he’s usually noticed. With a loss last week to Vern, I’m sure he’s motivated to do something this week. His stories of the past have been graphic in imagery, well developed narration with multies and inner rhymes. I’ve seen this guy do a lot with a simple as topic and I he’s ready to get another title.

    Unavailable has been in the league since way before most of the people here now and is the only member of the 40 win club without a championship title. I think this is because he jumps in and out of the league too much and if he’d stay in for a few months and focus his flows a little more, he could get a title…. Maybe. He has shown me some skill in the past though and has earned his place in the 40 win club from that, but his chances are just really slim this week. I’d like to see him provide a dope story for us that competes with Mac, but I just doubt it will.
  5. MANchyld

    MANchyld Guest

    9. Mindscape 12-6 –vs- 10. Cereal_Killer 28-9

    Mindscape has climbed as high as the championship and I’m sure that where he wants to return. He wraps some nice concepts with his stories and topicals, but I think he’s stronger with topical writing. In those, his skills usually give a better choice of words and a nice overall concept that is concluded in a solid ending. His stories need some work still and against Cereal Killer, I think he might want to bring the diversity of topicals over stories. It’ll be interesting to see what he decides to write this week. He’s the favorite this week over an ex-champ. I wouldn’t say that he’s better, but I think the people would as the crowd slightly sways in his style of writing.

    Cereal Killer has given some of the craziest stories that I’ve read in this league and that’s including the nasty ass shit that I write and have yall laughing while thinking, “what a sick ass mothafucka.” I’m sure Cereal has something for us this week in his return to the league to face some of his buddies like Noib, Vern, Mac and others. CKs strengths are in his suspenseful outcomes and crazy character personalities and narrations. His ending are usually nice too and I like the sway he can display a truly crazy persona. He would actually be my favorite to win this week, but the people have spoken.

    7. ssenlli 17-7 –vs- 8. Mr. Mynd 3-0
    Well, this is one that should be damn nice folks…..

    I’m not writing that shit backwards man so you’re name is illness for now. Anyway, Illness has proven to be worthy adversary to anyone who he faces in the league. I thought he was Pestilence at one point because he’s that good at times with great focus and strong flow that paints realistic scenery for his stories, he’s where he belongs… in the top 10. His gift comes with being able to take a simple topic and turn it into a fully developed verse. Although he’s not the favorite this week, this will be a very close match and possibly the match of the week as far as votes go. With a win against Tek last week his on a mission to the top.

    Mr Mynd/ Baron Mynd is a diverse writer as he showed us last week with a politically viewed topic of society with democrats –vs- republicans. Republicans suck by the way…. He usually has much better flow, but I think he took his opponent Atreyu too lightly last week. I doubt he’ll make that mistake with Illness though. His flow and outlook is what he should use to bring out his verse this week and I think with that, this will be the closest match this week.

    5. Pent uP 9-3 –vs- 6. LDogg`TheLegend 33-7

    Pent Up has taken his unique approach and made it work for him with a metaphorical display of colorful imagery with underlying meanings, he’s gained some respect from most in the league. His strengths are his word choice and his creative outlook on his topics. He’s usually able to take his topics to places that most of us wouldn’t think of and sometimes that’s how he looses readers attention because they can’t follow along as closely. He has to make that a strength instead of a weakness and bring a clear definition for us to understand. This doesn’t mean he has to give up any of his unique visions, but it will mean that he has to use some solid and logical basis for a foundation of his piece. He’s my folks so of course I want him to win, even though he’s not the favorite this week.

    L Dogg has remained a factor in the league as an established veteran writer with solid flow, nice word choices and a solid structure of topical formatting and character building. His narrations are his bread and butter as he tells stories and topicals like he’s the 3rd person looking in. It’s kind of weird to me, but he does it well and it works for him. He has a record that speaks for itself and although I don’t like him, he’s a nice writer most of the time. His flow is really what sets him apart in this match as he usually comes with pieces filled with inners and multies.

    This match will be decided on the endings of both pieces I think. If L picks a strong topic and gives a solid ending, then Pent will have to really come with it to get a win.

    3. RIKOSHAY 11-0 –vs- 4. Runna DaMille 4-0
    Another battle of the undefeated in the upper ranks. That’s always a little exciting

    Rikoshay is one of the most highly respected writers within the league. His flow format has been almost flawless at times with a profound vocab to go with it and that has brought him to be an undefeated ex-champ out to get another title. Some might say that he looses focus on his topic with his complex rhyme patterns, but he is always able to supply some underlying meanings with metaphors and word play that is clever. He was the people’s champ before Seyance and with a win over Vern, when Vern attempted to mock his style, he has the ability to gain that unofficial title again of people’s champ.

    RunnaDaMille has climbed quick s fuck and is already in a contenders match with 4 wins. With a unanimous victory over Cogzwell last week, he’s shown that he has some skill, but I don’t think I’ve seen enough to accurately assess his skill level. From what I’ve seen, RDM has some nice flow and can develop stories with not only tight characters, but also have dialogue which can be difficult to do. He bring some excitement in his stories and I think he might want to rely on that this week.

    1. Seyance 13-0 –vs- 2. doYen 23-3
    The Battle of People’s Champions

    Well Seyance, now we’re gonna see what can you really do because with Vern on a hunt for another title, he’s not coming soft. Seyance has given us some stories filled with emotional and dramatic scenes and strong characters that readers can get attached to. His writer’s voice is what has made him a people’s champ and although his topical direction has been just plain in my opinion, he has a great writer’s voice to carry him through to victory, but it won’t be enough this time. He’ll need to dig a little deeper for a win against doyen.

    Doyen is truly the most highly regarded writer on this site and has a very diverse set of skills that he can play with at will. His flow is great, a well rounded vocab, great sense of verse direction and has the special ability to soak up a person’s style and use it against them by taking their strengths and supplying a verse that doesn’t include their weaknesses. Its twisted, but I’ve seen him do it several times and he’s almost mastered it. Only a few members have wins against Vern in any league, but this is where his home is and where he rarely ever looses to anyone other than other vets. Outside of Omen and Peril Eyes, Vern is the people’s champ overall
  6. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    I hate 10 year old humour.

    Dope mag other than that.
  7. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    very nice, still rotflmfao @ insense

    word @ Riko, I'm sure you'd love to beat me lol, but I'm gonna have to get the inspiration to win again before we'll meet I'm sure

    thanks for the mentions, and the top stanza!
  8. Ninja Kid

    Ninja Kid AKA Jae Keeps

    Oct 11, 2004
    dope as usual, keep em comin...

    QUEEN ICESIKill Wet Dream/Worst Nightmare

    Aug 14, 2001
    that was pretty nice

    insense got a couple of moves. I see there's some good rappers in here from those stanzas so let me see what I can do in this. I'm gonna have to read the rules and how this shit is worked

    cool mag and credit to the writers.
  10. RSTL BaNk

    RSTL BaNk New Member

    Apr 7, 2005
    One of the new things that I’ve been sleepin on is giving the newbs points for their 1st and 2nd wins. For their 1st match, they get 1 point for the win if they post a min. of 14 lines and receive a real win. The same applies for their 2nd match, but in this match they’ll be against another 1st match winner so it’ll be a better match most likely. They’ll receive 4 points for the winner of those matches.

    Good Luck New Writers….

    Void – 1 point
    Insanity – 1 point
    Adrock – 1 point
    Mr Mynd 4 points.. missed giving it your 2nd match
    Alexander Pander – 1 point, missed ur first match
  11. Cereal_Killer

    Cereal_Killer no ESCAPE

    Oct 25, 2002
    dope mag boys n dic just for that breakdown u gave me ima give u a treat u'll wannabe sick
  12. Seyance

    Seyance RSTL BITER!!

    Jan 15, 2005
    Nice Mag
    I'm a get that steez to you either Sun or Mon morn
  13. dicnyaeye

    dicnyaeye Guest

    My pleasure CK and I'll be reading what you have for us a lil later

    Seyance.... email your article to when you write it and title it
  14. Mr. Mynd

    Mr. Mynd The British Guy

    May 11, 2004
    Quick Questions:

    What are those 'points' for?
    AND - why give my match a breakdown this week when it was clear I couldnt show up anyway?! Lol.

    Other than that, a nice read. I enjoyed.
  15. Awaken

    Awaken New Member

    Dec 16, 2004
    pretty good mag this week.
  16. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    my bad for not showing i need some time off
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