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  1. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    This is my first time putting a tribune together. Omen had an emergent situation and asked me to post up. I don't have anything clever or witty to say. So bear with me as Omen will resume the mag next I hope you enjoy and we are sorry for the lateness.

    A League On The Rise By Formal Logic
    As most would know, the last few months, there has been a lull in both leagues, and a noticeably more so in the RSTL. With a so few people involved in the first place, the RSTL had a time of almost 30 people in the league. Along with a lack of “elite writers” the RSTL went through some rough times. But in the last 3 or 4 weeks there has been a very noticeable shift in sign ins, no shows, and talent. With people like Talent, Vern, Poet, Liquid, and others signing in the last few weeks, its seemed to bring a certain buzz of competition into the air. A new felt passion to beat the elite writers has come right along with their sign ins. Everyone wants to be able to say: “I beat Talent or Vern or so on and so forth.” And with the tourney coming up people only expect a few more elite heads to sign in to shake some rust off before it starts. I know Id personally like to Navara aka L Dogg, Mac, and a few more sign back in. As for no shows, I have to really give it up for everyone. In the last 2 weeks in the bottom 30 there’s only been 11 no shows, which may seem like a lot but with 20 to 25 people battling each week, 11 in two weeks is very low. As for the top 20, you guys have done more than impress me. In the last 2 weeks there’s only been 3 no show battles, and last week only 1 person, *cough* Atreyu *cough* no showed. So everyone give yourselves a pat on the back, and keep up the lack of no shows, it brings so much more to the league that you guys make. And lastly there seems to be an enormous amount of talent, in the top 20 and even more so in the bottom 30. Of course the top 20 has the top writers because well they’ve won enough to make it there which means something. Bottom the half has become increasingly impressive. With people like Soular Guided, Lost Prophet, Cogzwell, Rikoshay, Mindscape and few others dropping very nice verses week in and week out, the bottom half the RSTL has gained a new found luster to actually try. Its only a matter of time before these guys kick the jokes out of the top 20. All I know is this league is on the rise, and its because of you guys, so keep up the good work.

    Formal's Top 3 Matches

    23. Cogzwell 4-1 VS 24. Soular Guided 3-1

    This was easily the best battle outside of the top 20. Two of the best up and comers as of late, went out at it this week. And both showed up with well written verses. Soular took the approach of story telling, bringing a short but sweet story about a blind man being able to see again. Although not very long, or original, she did a good job of telling a story, and using imagery to show the reader what the man is seeing. Where as Cogzwell took a more topical approach, writing with brilliant content, but being a bit vague as to what he was talking about. Cogzwell though has some of the most impressive stanzas in the RSTL, with great flow, and great word choice, while being vague yet powerful with his writing. Both brought nice verses, Cogzwell
    though got more votes, but fell victim to rule of losing votes for no links. Securing the win for Soular Guided.

    Winner - Soular Guided

    9. Formal Logic 26-11 VS 10. Dicenyaeye 18-4

    Im not one to boast, and be cocky, but this weeks battle between me and Dic was a very close one. Two similar, yet very different styles were used by both of us. We both take into consideration flow, rhyme scheme, imagery, and focus on writing a smooth, detailed story. Where we differ is out approach. Dic the overwhelming comedian, focuses on making you laugh, and see the comedy in out everyday life. Where as I touched on a more serious, and a bit more generally personal side. This week kept to his sexual comedy, and brought a smooth story, with much detail. And I brought a smooth story that, I can say, had a very predictable ending. As many said we both didn’t come to our full potential, where as Dic wrote a story eerily similar to his past weeks stories, and I brought an overly predictable story. In the end though the votes showed how evenly matched we were, with votes ending 4-3 in Dic’s favor. A very nice battle in my eyes, and in the eyes of the voters.

    Winner - Dicenyaeye

    Champions Match: 1. Doyen 16-1 VS 2. Tekneek 47-14

    The votes don’t do any justice for this battle. This was a great battle with two unique styles of writing. Doyen brings a more topical approach, using vivid imagery, mind teasing metaphors, an impressive rhyme scheme and a vague yet purposeful writers voice. Tekneek brings the more fluid story writing stance. By using strong details, great imagery, and a smooth storyline. With predictions strongly in the hands of Doyen, Tekneek managed to bring a very impressive verse, with no real flaw with the exception of the rhyme scheme. As for Doyen, he also wrote a very impressive verse, but left his topical piece just a little too vague for the readers. In the end the votes came out lopsided but in reality this battle was much closer.

    Winner - Tekneek ​
  2. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Top 6 Stanzas Of The Week By Formal Logic

    6. the room is humid, damp, slightly illuminated by light
    mildew stains brick walls, water leaks from a rusty pipe
    hands tied over my head. double-knotted, extra tight
    causing bloody sores, something here just isn't right
    then into sight, comes a dark figure, approaching near
    armed with various knives, making his intentions clear
    he stands directly in front, looking me from head to toe
    strokes my chest lightly, then delivers a crushing blow
    wind rushes from my mouth, he continues to slash
    parallel cuts under both arms, and in a quick flash
    my throat is cut too, pain plays, blood pours even more
    body goes into convulsions, feet tap dance on the floor
    beautiful music to his demented ears, face now begins to beem
    slowly he fades out of my vision, guess it's not what it seems

    - Insense

    5. an intrepid being, I see clearly the face
    that bore the weight of a fearful grace
    and as I wake and taste, and as I wait and race
    to hurry and slow down, caught in a great embrace
    joy in the morn, hope in the night
    sorrow cast off, hope in the light
    a tear in the eye, a lump in the throat
    whatever, man- it's just a bump in the road!
    I know I can't rely on my affections
    they're sweet but don't last, emotional confections
    but the unresistable pull in the direction of God
    is often something sweet, then correction is flawed
    cause when I stood in a field alone
    feeling prone to the healing throne
    it was revealing not chameleon
    God was so real, the earth fell asleep
    it was me and him, it was a spell to keep

    - Cogzwell

    4. Attraction is the gravity that evil pulls...
    So its concievable, that your looks make your lies more believable...
    Thats when deceit was obtained, and thus...
    I got fed up with your falsehoods, and you've explained enough...
    Thinking before I act is something I proclaim a must...
    Cause when I think about you I think in plain disgust...
    That I got so jaded just from a shameless touch...
    In turn, I lost my footing in this game of trust...
    I fell in love with a girl once, and her name was lust...

    My heart is surrounded by a wall disregarded by theives...
    Thats why my own mothers words were always hard to believe...
    Get far with someone, then it was back to the start and I'd leave...
    Back to the drawing board as I adjust my heart on my sleeve...

    - Liquid Life

    3. Growing up I’ve seen smiling as such a strenuous gesture
    Cracked chap lips, attract cat nip penciling pressure
    Sometimes a scripture to pleasure, and this is inventing a jester
    A switch from the better to worse reverse a glimpse from this peddler
    A systems endeavors, critically severs the head of a lion
    The king of the jungle falls and then a mimic just slides in
    Then with tension supplied and an image blemished by crying
    An intricate smile is diminished in minutes he’s dying
    This isn’t a sign and fate isn’t playing a part
    Cause a man courageous at heart is pulled away into dark
    Collages of torment and pain, displayed hatred through art
    It’s poetry’s extasy pills that rip these pages apart
    It remains as a sharp inadement object adding to nonsense
    Placid thoughts pad locking a straight jacketed conscience
    I feel guilty, I feel filthy, please kill me have me abolished
    Let the grips of hell swallow me whole I lack to accomplish
    A sense of direction, since im infected by blasphemous knowledge
    Im happy with all this, yet I contradict my actions through content
    And this broken smile, is an open vile to me splashing this vomit
    “if I could find the will to die” is my own immaculate comment

    - Doyen

    2. My two gritted teeth holds a cigarette firm
    I grasp a lighter and breathe.. then take a second to squirm
    I sit alone half in fear and half agitated
    From this prior event that had me shuddered and shaken
    Im in a room with no windows, and no furnishings seen
    But a small open door with no describable scene
    Its just a white room with nothing but some blotches of red
    As the stench is kinda putrid… crazy thoughts in my head
    Became bred…. Trailing backwards… my back to the wall
    I heard a noise.. then a wail… just beyond of the hall
    My eyes looked to take a glance at a moveable sight
    Beyond that small open door… I was shaking in fright!
    It was a white lavished figure with the height of a child..
    She approached me… my insides was quivering wild…
    Without a way to control me so my nerves could contain
    And in a second… ---- she quietly had moaned out my name…
    I took a moment thinking deeply who this little girl could be
    But with the white veil she wore there wasn’t much I could see
    I leaned close… took a glance… and pulled it up to reveal
    It was… OH MY…. I gasped… it was…. my baby Hyungil!!!
    Her face was covered with blood and her eyes like a snake
    She gave a grin… and maliciously had whispered to rape!!!
    I screamed in an instant….
    ...all was ceased to be wild…
    ...I heard silence…
    ....then crickets..
    ...and found me holding a child…
    I took a look at her face… and trembled feverishly…..
    ...It was that black devil’s face…. screaming…
    ”Mommy please be with me….”

    - Tekneek

    1. and all that goes in are the bottles
    that have been empty so long.
    and all that you want is to stay strong...
    and you keep whispering to the bottles
    that all you want is to stay strong
    and you keep whispering to the bottles
    the empty bottles
    that you love them with each swallow
    and God knows.
    and, really, pretty much everyone knows
    the recycling guy probably knows
    the bar tender knows
    but he kicked you out last week, so fuck him
    what a ho.
    but you love the empty bottles
    that line your home
    and line the snow
    the empty bottles proved that life glows.
    have you ever dropped an empty bottle?
    too weak to hold it...
    and watched the glass shatter and scatter
    it's hopeless
    the glass will forever be broken
    and every bottle suffers the same fate
    no matter the face that's refusing to stare into the side
    because empty bottles
    come with a bitter taste.

    - Talent
  3. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    An Interview With The Champ

    Madpoet: Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the man who never ceases to amaze, when you believe Tekneek has accomplished the impossible..he does it again..I bring you James Propane AKA TekNeek.How you doing tonight Tek?
    TeKNeeK: Hungry as hell - just came home from work --- my gut's deflated inward... gimme some grub.
    Madpoet: You were recently re-modded as an RBL Mod, And you were able to take the title from Vern Acular, how did it feel to start the new year off like that?
    TeKNeeK: Shocking... this wasn't supposed to happen until like midway 2005. both of this.. Jeff had told me sometime last year that sometime this year I'd be re-modded... but not this early.
    TeKNeeK: As for Vernacular... I did NOT even look at the possibility of getting a win... didn't even see it coming.
    Madpoet: No one saw that coming homie, what do you feel you bring to the table as an RSTL champ and RBL Mod?
    TeKNeeK: As an RSTL Champ... a whole lot of years of sitting here trying to shove, grind, scoot, and take away everything that's kept me from the top. Basically experience... as an RBL mod -- its also experience... but careful observation... I care for the RBL... I want it to flourish and work... and basically stop all the recent complaints and whining that's it gotten ....
    Madpoet: SO your RSTL champ now, who do you look forward to facing and why? And who do you wish would have that 1 bad week so you dont have to face him/her?
    TeKNeeK: Tha Talent is who I want to face.. and yes I'm getting the chance of facing him right now. I cant really look beyond him right now because within this 7 day period I can lose my belt quickly *snaps his fingers* just like that -- and I want to give 100% against him and give this match a good look-in. As for the person I wouldn't want to face... 3 names: THA TALENT, DICINYAEYE and VERN again.
    TeKNeeK: Something about VERN the next time... he's going to capitalize and put me in a world of hurt if we duke it out.
    Madpoet: Some people would call Tek an egomonger who is mostly into himself....what would you say to those people?
    TeKNeeK: The egomonger is pretty much dead. I'm on a mission for 2005 to remain more lowkey and minimize my melodramatic persona that I've been displaying in the past. The only time I ever would speak my mind was in the RSTL magazine... period. It is difficult to maintain but its what I want to bring. I want to shed more eyes on me with a lot more respect this time around...
    Madpoet: (Ok 1 last question then we will go into word associatons)
    TeKNeeK: as for me being into myself ---- I have to when 40+ others are going after what I want.
    Madpoet: So we all know Tek, tell us 5 real things about James that we would never have guessed...
    TeKNeeK: Hmm..
    TeKNeeK: 1.... I woke up one morning half paralyzed unable to move my body because I had a 7mm bulge on my L5-71 disc.
    TeKNeeK: 2.... I drink OJ 3x a day.
    TeKNeeK: 3.... I believe I can win the next coming RSTL tourney.
    TeKNeeK: 4.... I'm forever a Kobe Bryant fan thru thick and thin.
    TeKNeeK: 5.... I recycled and bit someone's verse from another site one time in a regular RBL match and nobody found out.
    Madpoet: Ok it's time for the staple of RSTL interviews the infamous word associations...
    Madpoet: The current state of the RSTL
    TeKNeeK: Stable and Great.
    Madpoet: Doyen
    TeKNeeK: Respectable and Good Mechanics in writing
    Madpoet: The new RBL
    TeKNeeK: Looks Bright
    Madpoet: Pea's
    TeKNeeK: Taste good to me even without carrots
    Madpoet: Asian Women
    TeKNeeK: The ~~~~~ of my eye
    Madpoet: Black Women
    TeKNeeK: Juicy and Nasty at the same time
    Madpoet: White Women
    TeKNeeK: Look @ my last 2 responses
    Madpoet: Voting happening in Iraq
    TeKNeeK: A change that was good for the people there.
    Madpoet: Al Pacino
    TeKNeeK: Legendary
    Madpoet: This interview so far
    TeKNeeK: Interesting - your doing great.
    Madpoet: Anger management
    TeKNeeK: We all need it sometime
    Madpoet: Pro-wrestling
    TeKNeeK: I think I'm going to Wrestlemania this year (its in L.A.)
    Madpoet: OK Tek, It is time for Poet's report card and everyone knows how this works...
    Madpoet: Anonymous
    TeKNeeK: Unknown --- yet to see him since 1999..... but if I have to recall --- B+
    Madpoet: Yassa Arabfat
    TeKNeeK: B+ - Improving, I can see it... needs to stay focused and keep at it.
    Madpoet: Spacebar
    TeKNeeK: A- - I enjoy his writing... great stuff this past week... I hope he goes far.
    Madpoet: Erykah Caine
    TeKNeeK: B+ - She will be RSTL champ this year... she's gotta concentrate and take it in stride.
    Madpoet: Ninja Kid
    TeKNeeK: ---- - Havent really looked at him --- cant give a grade.
    Madpoet: 6 Ft Deep
    TeKNeeK: B+ - He lacks 1 or 2 elements in his writing ... only if he knows and identifies and handles it... he will be the most dangerous in RSTL.
    Madpoet: Anaphora
    TeKNeeK: B+ - Unreal; the guy reads a book and copies it onto his thread.. j/k -- Im pretty much speechless at his ability to write.
    Madpoet: And lastly Smoke Trail
    TeKNeeK: B- -- He can be better... just needs more all-around involvement in his repertoire when it comes to his rhymes.
    Madpoet: Well Tek, I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this, with being champ and reviving a tore down RBL I know you have your hands full....So Be easy and the floor is yours..
    TeKNeeK: Shout outs to the mods... great job guys. -- Respects to everyone in the league... 2x champ... I can aim for other things now that 2005 has started great for me... keep doing yours... keep it raw... peace.
    TeKNeeK: Funy thing is that in 2004's end I said that i would go all out and merc everyone ----- I mostly did.. and became champ... didn't even think it would happen but it did.
  4. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    The TEK-nical Opinion

    By: Tekneek

    The TEK-nical Opinion is a small column of the RSTL magazine dealing with in-depth issues on the individuals currently participating in the league today. The many different kinds of topics, discussions etc. are created and responded by TeKneeK and are considered strictly opinionated information brought to the readers of the RSTL magazine. For any responses suggested on any of the information given, you can AIM TeK at: TeKneeK2006.​


    I want to start off this by basically speaking my mind about what just transpired this past week for me… you can pretty much call it a shocker… and it goes like this: TeKneeK is your NEW RSTL Champion.

    And with this accomplishment, the next thing I want to do is to give shouts:

    VERNACULAR: I respect and admire what you did last year both in RBL and RSTL. I enjoy reading your pieces because of your flawless mechanics in making your rhymes sound so sweet when they flip off my lips… and for being the MVP of 2004 in the RSTL. I never ever ever had any intentions or thoughts that it would ever turn out like this… but it did… and as a worthy and classy opponent, my hats off to you.

    OMEN: He is my #1 supporter, cheerleader, mentor, whatever. We have different views on our writing styles and everything, but as of late… I realized that you just cannot hate a guy like him. He's too cool of a person and his down-2-earth persona is just too much of----you just can't hate the guy. He writes great… he's a military guy… he's respectable… but we chat and just basically discuss my strengths and weaknesses and pretty much is just cool peeps… *raises his RSTL belt* this one's for you dogg… I did it.

    DICINYAEYE, FORMAL LOGIC, MADPOET: Im putting all three of these fellas in one because they all pretty much were supporters as well and gave me some cold hard information on what I had to do to take things to next level. Doubts and confusion were pretty much consumed at the time I was talking to these cats and they all pretty much held it down for me and raised my nature in perservering through everything I had to experience… the hating… the criticisms… and everything. Thanks to yall for keeping me levelheaded… ya'll aint touching me right now…. Im right here.

    YO MOMMA: He basically told me to STFU and stop yapping. He told me to get serious and write. He told me to stop looking stupid and handle business. All the hate and constant bickerings I got from him awhile ago was all intense motivation to get me to do this. If it wasn't the intention… you made me shutup and write.. and this is where it's gotten me. So thanks.

    THA TALENT: When I shunned him to not read me anymore… I knew I wasn't on that level. And I never really brought that fire to maintain. But he's the barometer of everything I write. I look to him as my thermometer. Am I hot or am I not? When I saw that he voted me over VERN, I knew that that was the time that I had won officially the RSTL belt… thanks for critiquing and seeing me out. --- Now I gotta step to you this week…. Good luck.

    Anybody who knows me will tell you that I'm probably the most competitive, the most passionate, the most dedicated or the most intense when it comes to competition. I do this to solidify the credibility and the importance of the RSTL's existence. I try to display this in light of others, so they see that this foundation was built to be strong, structured, workable and solid. I'm happy to see that stability still remains.

    During the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years time of 2004, I was in the process of getting over the hysteria of going 0 for 2 when I lost both to Omen and Ed Lake in one week. Some may say it was a difficult task but I knew in my own feeling that I could beat both… but pretty much the worst of me got the best of me. Whatever reasons extracted this fiasco was pretty much a sign to submit and just let go of the league entirely. But reality was pretty much there during my time away from the league and all I know is that at this very point --- whatever the league is, however it is… if I lose 6-9 more or win 10… I was going to be just the way I am and let my record be just what it is in regards to how I showed up. For 2005, I pretty much vented out frustrations, anger, and anything else to the RSTL… and to keep everything else silent and never told.

    I remain mellow in light of all the hype, the fun, the humor and the drama that goes in the league now… I've become humbled to basically everything. But now that I hold the reign of being 2x RSTL Champ… I'm glad to be it. I see the Hall of Champions and I find that people like BLACK JESUS, DAHLOHNER, RICH COREY and IV are all there with me in my accomplishments. I find confidence in seeing that once again Im able to pose a threat to even the very best… and to capitalize on achieving a win despite when opponents don't have their best days. I take what I can take. And I relish what I receive… I'm gratified.

    It's funny… my two main goals for 2005 in the RSTL was this: 1---win the RSTL belt, 2---get 50 wins. I never ever ever thought that I'd get 1 done before 2. Now that with one of these fulfilled… I have new goals to set for this year: 3---Win the next RSTL tourney... 4---Get 60 wins… and 5---Get 4x champion. Knowingly that these are very high hills to climb, I feel that in the face of the best, I can perservere and confront and win as well…

    I hope that with everything I just stated… that this puts a drive or invokes motivation to all those in the RSTL right now to really get down and get things moving for them. Im proud and hold this RSTL belt happily… and will TRY to keep it at all costs as long as I can.​
  5. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003


    Rapmusic once embraced a man named SAGA. He was a story that was happily told of in the voices of battlers here in RMC. Many RSTL cats do not know the things and the impact SAGA has made with many of the great crews in the site. TNS, UM, VT all knew of his battling skills and his feisty persona as a battler. But with his debut, I consider SAGA a colleague since we both were fellow textcats during the glory days of RMC. I really find appreciation and excitement when people like SAGA join the league. We also see that ANONYMOUS, a class of 1999 textcee is entering the league and would like to recall that he manhandled me in the past on a storytelling tournament that JEFF sponsored during 1999. ANONYMOUS will be a welcoming addition to the league along with SAGA… and will add a lot of good flava in writing as the old clashes with the new. Seeing other heavyweights of RMC already in the league like 6 FT DEEP and RIKOSHAY is pleasing and a great thing. I personally have the pleasure of seeing how these folks use to write before and how they've progressed as of today. It's entertaining to see and pretty much fun to actually support these fellas in coming up and representing for the 'old-timers' of RMC who have come and gone… but come back again to represent. In the RBL, folks like JOHN DOUGH and PNUT can still to this day come with it… and to see these guys come to the RSTL and work to reach to #1 is significant but just too nice to know. As a class of '99 myself, I raise my glass to all of these once heavyweights SAGA, ANONYMOUS, RIKOSHAY and 6 to continue doing their thing and to come with it most definitely.


    The MODS deserve a hand for keeping the league so stable and maintaining throughout 2K5 so far. The four right now who hold down the RSTL are great peoples… OMEN, FORMAL, PATRIARCH and MADPOET. I look at these guys and I think as long as they stay passionate in helping this league remain… we can go the whole year without any mishaps or problems. I share momentary conversations with all four and all of them are great peoples…

    On behalf of all of us in the RSTL who are here all the time competing… I just wanna say keep up the good work and great job you guys are doing… I will look to posting a thread about you guys doing a good job… and hopefully JEFF can find some way in rewarding you guys for keeping the peace in the league.


    TEK: I have the pleasure of sitting down with one of's finest oldschool cat ANONYMOUS --- and to sit here with a fellow class of '99er, the "Whodini" of the textcees here at RMC... how does it make you feel being considered as one of the important figures to start it all?

    ANONYMOUS: I really don't know man. Mixed feelings. Like the old heads give respect which I hope I earned but some of these new guys really turn heads and go out on a leaf. All in all I can't complain about my own situation.

    TEK: '99 was a year where everything pretty much was at its start... the birth of uprising textcees... you were one of the big reasons of it --- what happeend to you in 2000?

    ANONYMOUS: Well. Jeff banned me for a while. I came back under various aliases but never really got the hang back for the whole thing. I dunno. It seemed like the new crop came in and did their own thing with the whole scene. Sorta took it over. And I have to admit made it a lot better. Some of these guys really impress me lyrically. Jeff unbanned the name and someone gave it back to me not too long ago so I'm back. The rest is history as some would say.

    TEK: It seems as if this ban time was for awhile --- at the time from 2000-2004... were you still in RMC or did you go to the audio side???

    ANONYMOUS: I went to the audio side for a bit. Battled people like Wird of Pley and held my own pretty well. I'd say 2001 is when I really just dropped off the face of the whole net world. But I did venture across to read some of the textcees of their respective times. Epimetheus being a personal favorite.

    TEK: What was your feeling when you heard of Epimetheus' death? -- How did it affect not just you but everyone on the audio side?

    ANONYMOUS: It was mixed feelings. I didn't know the guy personally so I couldn't show real remorse, but like all the people that are struck down in their youth I felt bad. And as far as the audio side, I can speak respectfully that everyone knew and showed respect in their own way. It was like a dull silence hit RM for that moment. Something odd even in this time where the site has the least activity on the text side. It was weird. But condolences still go out to his family. It was a shame.

    TEK: Indeed a sad bit of information it was --- however, being in the audio side -- why weren't you ever in the text side??

    ANONYMOUS: I guess I thought I out-grew it in a way. By the time I really got back to writing again (2001 roughly) the whole text hing had changed. Styles were different. And honestly the talent level was at an all time high. I guess in a weird way I figured I couldn't hold my own anymore. I sort of sat in the shadows and watched, reading various verses. I stuck with audio for a bit, sort of got into the whole 'really spitting instead of writing' thing. I guess at the time audio just appealed to me more.

    TEK: And now for 2005... we see you entering the RSTL -- back to text -- back to the way it was when you first came upon the site. Why did you come back?

    ANONYMOUS: I have a friend in it currently under alias. But what really made me come back was all the talent hitting it again. People like Eulogy who I liked to read are back and it's like a 2nd chance to get to test my skill against people I enjoyed reading.

    TEK: Was battling ur forte' or story/topical writing your niche? --- Do you feel that you'll immediately get back into the flow - or will you allow a few weeks to get yourself situated with the rest in the league?

    ANONYMOUS: Battling was my forte most. Majority of people that remember me, remember my battles. I always tried to post a random topical but never really climbed atop of it like some. I have been trying to keep in practice so I hope it won't take much time to get back into it, but then again it might take a week or two to really knock the rust off. Guess we'll just have to stay tuned.

    TEK: I personally look forward to seeing you come thru in the RSTL --- are there any in the league right now that you seen/red at all that impress you?

    ANONYMOUS: One person has but they will remain..anonymous (no pun intended) because I don't want to reveil the alias. Other then them, Saga really impressed me. The top 20 came nice like they should, but Saga wow'd me with that peice he wrote. Props goes out to him for it. Really left me saying "worth the read".

    TEK: Im gonna give you a word --- and you tell me in one word in return what you think of it ... ok?

    ANONYMOUS: talent

    TEK: Audioside

    ANONYMOUS: dope

    TEK: Textside

    ANONYMOUS: weak

    TEK: Class of 1999

    ANONYMOUS: best

    TEK: Janitor

    ANONYMOUS: dad

    TEK: TeKneeK

    ANONYMOUS: grandmom


    ANONYMOUS: god-send

    TEK: Jay-Z

    ANONYMOUS: lips

    TEK: Nas

    ANONYMOUS: nice

    TEK: The Game

    ANONYMOUS: waaaaaack

    TEK: Dr. Dre

    ANONYMOUS: beats

    TEK: Dipset

    ANONYMOUS: sucks

    TEK: New skoolers

    ANONYMOUS: nasty

  6. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    TEK: Old skoolers

    ANONYMOUS: still-dope

    TEK: What is your quest/goal entering the RSTL this coming week

    ANONYMOUS: To show people that the old school heads can still hold it down.

    TEK: Before I end this --- the floor is yours to say whatever it is you wanna say to the people in the RSTL:

    ANONYMOUS: Keep doing what you are doing. Some of us older heads may not be very out-spoken but I can honestly say that a few of you are impressing us to the fulliest. Shouts go to Cam.. you know who you are. Shouts to RSTL as a whole. You made me wanna write again.


    Each week, I venture through and skim through some of the rhymes displayed by some of the RSTL cats currently participating… and there are a number of people that I want to commend for bringing their best:

    LIQUIDLIFE - You're a step away from grasping that one true style that will completely set you in the frontseat for greatness in the RSTL. I always been reading your rhymes even thru our beefs and I actually enjoy your style. I think that once you sit down and research your technique… you will find that niche that will leap you a step ahead amongst these others… I truly think so --- I hope you keep at it and find it soon.

    ERYKAH CAINE - I will say this right now --- you WILL be the first woman to be RSTL champion… period. That is all I need to say. Do NOT lose your focus.

    MINDSCAPE - Absolutely outstanding read on your verse this past week. I thoroughly loved it beginning to end. You are a heavyweight in my eyes. You just need to correct where YOU FEEL is your flaws and maintain your edge. You're consistent and can only get better as long as your mind stays with your writing.

    SPACEBAR - Stunning read this past week. The way the sentences flowed and how refreshing it was to read that was…. You and MINDSCAPE brought two verses that I'll remember for awhile. I honestly slept on you week's previous but if this is the way you come with in your rhymes - I'm ready to look deeper into your style.

    THAUMATURGE - Who is this guy??????? ---- Why is it that writers of the mag in the past have not mentioned him so much??? --- Why are you being slept-on? - If it be --- you are by far the most slept-on writer in the RSTL right now. Keep coming through… an interview with you is overdue.

    PENT UP - On a personal note - me and him go way back. I know of his past and the things he's been through in his RL… all I can say is that he's been thru hell… and some of that personal ish that he's had to endure thru will inspire him to come through with some mind-driven, heart-wrenching, emotional rhymes. He may not be a polished writer, but I know that he's got a lot to say and a lot to show to us …. So all eyes on you PENT.


    Welcome back to the TOP TEN power rankings for this coming week… and without further a due… here they are:

    - The 2 losses are meaningless… he's still good and should stick to his game.

    - The future is bright for him… we await his forthcoming to the top 5.

    - He knows what he has to do… the potential for him to be astounding is ripe.

    - 9x the better… you can bet that's what he's after.

    - *snoooores* - I hope people awake when they read him this time.

    5 6 FT DEEP
    - Personally, I feel there's one or two areas in mechanics that he can work with… and everything thereafter will be absolutely dominating.

    - 2004 in the latter months was his time - he's carrying it over to 2005… quicker than FRACTURE's legendary status maybe?

    - Inching closer and closer every week… and yet the challenges seem to be harder and harder also.

    - When you have a writer like him entering the top 5 --- you pretty much are looking for a sure shot loss facing him.

    - 2005 RSTL's MVP?????????? ---- The forecast calls for clear skies and sunny days for him.


    VERN-ACULAR has extended his accomplishments in the RSTL being 8x champion. The league pretty much knows who he is, what he's known for and how he makes it happen. But currently this week as I look thru the HALL OF CHAMPIONS, I realize that the next person behind VERN is THA TALENT… and even though TALENT has graced to be RSTL champ 4x only --- seemingly his track record and the noise he's made since his start here has been a colorful one.

    TALENT is a 2003 finalist in the RSTL Fall Tournament, a 2004 Champions Tournament, and winner of the 2004 Fall Tournament and now recently the one of the few RSTL cats who has reached 60 wins in the league. Don't forget he's won the RSTL title 4x. You have to admit that his success has been pretty much well-displayed and with a chance to win the RSTL belt yet again… he will join the likes of JOWELZ, PERIL-EYES and OMEN as 5x champions. That's not a bad place to be amongst the elite now is it?

    And many have known that in the past, that there has been minor disagreements with myself and him, but he is as equally deserving a champion than anyone that may be named atop him. When I look at the bigger picture of what THA TALENT is… he is pretty much a real low-key type of person… who has a real unique sense of 'quietness' about his demeanor that almost is mysterious. And the character he portrays in RMC, I personally find a fascination and a suspicison always that the way he acts is too much of someone else from my past that I know in RMC. Whether or not he is that person… you really gotta wonder and think…

    His skill in writing is in a league of its own. Week by week, he comes with a way of writing that astounds, stupefies, shocks and awe-strikes readers. I myself am one of them. Even in the times that I did not show so much liking to the guy, he still never ceases to amaze with the 2nd-level deepness in his rhymes that he utilizes.

    I have my hands overflowed this week putting my title on the table against him… and till this very day --- despite all the personal feelings or remarks I might have said or thought… you have to commend him for his skill. I feel that this time around… the verse of my life will be required to even equate to what he brings… cause lets face it --- the past month being in the RSTL, it hasn't' been flawless enough that I've come through with a perfect rhyme. And its still in process. This is taking nothing away in VERNACULAR whatsoever. VERN'S success speak for himself… but THA TALENT is just a whole different type of game that's brought to the competition. Comparing these two guys is like looking at the overall game of a LEBRON JAMES and a KOBE BRYANT… both have their styles of greatness.

    There will be no argument or disputes on what THA TALENT has already fulfilled. He's already a legend in my book in the RSTL. His consistency is more than enough evidence than his accomplishments that he undoubtedly belongs up there with the few who dominate… and to be facing a person of his caliber in a match of wit, knowledge and skill… it will be a good experience even if I suffer from the outcome of this week.

    Hats off…. Let the gauntlets be dropped… TEK vs TALENT…

    Right here.

    That's it to say for this time in the TEK-nical Opinion… join me next week, when I talk more about the current RSTL competitors and more of other in-depth discussions brewing around the league.​
  7. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
  8. Soular Guided

    Soular Guided Soulful Dike...

    Dec 21, 2004
    WOOT WOOT!.. good fucking mag :D
  9. Tha Talent

    Tha Talent , Tha Master.

    Jun 3, 2002
    a little advice for the future: don't interview tek again because he can say anything he wants in his column.
  10. GammoN

    GammoN Sole Survivor of the DOJO

    Sep 30, 2004
    good mag..props to TekNeek, Formal, MadP, and all who made the mag this week..keep it up..
  11. UneekTestimony

    UneekTestimony New Member

    Feb 16, 2003
    I agree with Talent. The entire Mag was Tekneek's, but it was pretty good to begin with. & I know who Anonymous is.
  12. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    It was a little Tekheavy this week...Cause he beat Vern...That was big..

    Thats the reason why..I put alot of time puttin it together n shit..

  13. Gummo

    Gummo New Member

    Jul 22, 2002
  14. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    Sorry for my hoggin the mag.... hopefully the stuff i wrote offfsets all the stuff about me..... anyways... good job mods..... once again.

  15. iLLweezy

    iLLweezy ILLWeeMaN

    Sep 10, 2002
    I liked the mag. I read Tek's interview, and Tek's column most of it. I know how the old heads do it, lol. Gratz on winning the Championship though, Tek. Mad nice.
  16. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    Dope Mag Congrats to Tek For His Belt (again)
  17. Saga

    Saga All Eyes On Me

    Jan 2, 2000
    thanks for the kind words from my old school peoples.
  18. Shrug

    Shrug Street Poet

    Jan 31, 2005
    Dope top 6 stanzas. incense, thats some intense shit.
  19. -Oz-

    -Oz- ^^^^^

    Sep 28, 2003
    Jay-Z comment was uncalled for =(
  20. Sarah Reynolds

    Sarah Reynolds New Member

    Jan 22, 2005


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