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    Table Of Content
    1. Introduction
    2. Battle of the Week
    3. No-Show Shine
    4. Predictions
    5. Topics
    6. Interview

    I was very happy with the way things transpired last week.. Im still not happy with all the no shows, but I think that will stop shortley because that people that want to compete are still here and those that dont seem to have left.. So show up for your matches.. Thank You..

    Battle of the Week​

    Ace the Prophet vs The_K3


  2. No Show Shine

    nom dillinger

    Predicitions in Bold

    C. MC Guttso 4-0
    2. Ace the Prophet 3-1

    3. Blitz_Kreig 2-1
    4. Soull 1-0

    5. Nu'MaaN 1-0
    6. nom dillinger 1-0

    7. Discreet 1-0
    8. .:pain:. 3-1

    9. The_K3 2-2
    10. T.a.C 2-2

    11. NOBLE SOLDIER 1-1
    12. L. Kross 0-1

    13. Obese Jesus 0-0
    14. Got Life? 0-0

    15. Joro 0-0
    16. Nick Names 0-0

    17. liquid' acid 0-0
    18. ShadowWarriorfs 0-0

    19. eye-rime 0-0
    20. Orange407County 0-0​


    This week we're gonna see what you all can do with quotes.. Some famous, some not so famous.. Lets see who's really got some writing talent..

    ''Writers are a little below clowns and a little above trained seals. ''
    - John Steinbeck

    "Those who act by the inch and talk by the yard deserve to be kicked by the foot." -Anon...

    "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV
    will be fought with sticks and stones."
    - Albert Einstein (contemplating nuclear devastation)

    “Ah, yes, divorce ... from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man's genitals through his wallet.”
    -Robin Williams

    " If your going thru hell, keep on going"
    -Winston Churchill

    "God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world."
    -Paul Dirac

    "Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study."
    -Red Auerbach

    "I don't think there's a punch-line scheduled, is there? "
    -Vince Lombardi

    "Our world faces a true planetary emergency. I know the phrase sounds shrill, and I know it's a challenge to the moral imagination."
    -Al Gore​
  3. Interview With .:pain:.​

    Alright, tell us about yourself. What's the story behind .:pain:.?

    Well, the name kinda says it all, lol. Born in the projects to two alcoholics, father was abusive, had two older brothers that pretty much took out their frustrations on me. I pretty much got beat everyday till I was big enough to fight back. The city I'm in has the highest rate of drug abuse per-capita, not to mention it's a run down old abandoned industrial city with no jobs and nothing to do. So I sold drugs, got kicked outta high school, had my house raided, cops took my truck, spent a week in jail for it, then got sentenced to 3 years probation under the condition that I got back into school. Now I'm in school, made the dean's list every semester since, have a legitimate job and wonderful girlfriend. That's kinda it in a nutshell.

    A real rags to riches (relatively speaking), if you will, lol.

    What's something that's shaped your life out to the way it is today and how has that affected you?

    Goin' to jail really did a lot for me. It's weird because while I was in there, I was in processing the whole time, which is like being in ad-seg. While I was in there, a good friend of mine brought me some books, and one of them was on passive-aggressive behavior. It really struck a chord with me because I felt like I had been fucking up my life to spite my father, which is kinda like cuttin' off your nose to spite your face. Me fucking up my life in all those ways was just passive-aggressive behavior towards my father. Since I had that epiphany, I really did a 180 in the way I thought and acted, and I'm a much better person for it.

    What's the future got in store for you?

    I'm in a band with a good friend of mine, we both play guitar, we both write, and I sing and do the keys too. I also plan on recording a album/mixtape by the end of the summer, using a lot of the shit I wrote in this league and BW's. Gonna continue pursueing a bachelor's, then master's in psychology. Dependin' on how things go maybe a PHD. And bust my ass working the whole way through, lol.

    What got you to start listening to hip hop/rap?

    My oldest brother had a two tapes, a Naughty By Nature tape and a Gangstarr tape, and I used to bump the shit out of those. Mainly it was the music my brothers/friends listened to, so it grew on me.

    Who were some early favorites of yours?

    Jay-Z, Naughty By Nature, Gangstarr, Nas, Ja-Rule (fuck what you heard, Veni Veti Veci was sick), and DMX were the first tapes I bought. Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z was the first album I ever purchased, It Was Written was the first album I owned (kinda stole that one, lol).

    Who are your favorites now?

    Slug and Jay-Z will always be my all-time favorites. Right now, Blu, Cage, and Brother Ali all get heavy play.

    What are some differences between your favorites from then and now? Think the change is for the good?

    There isn't much of a difference except the shit I listen to now is more intellectually driven, if you will. I always dug the soul of hip-hop, shit that resonates deep inside when you listen, and that's the criteria I've used in the past and will always use in the future.

    Name the best album of all time, in your own opinion, without any explanation

    Lucy Ford EP's.

    Who do you feel is the most underrated rapper in the game today?

    Gotta be Beanie Sigel for me. The man consistantly destroys guest spots and makes other, well established rappers look like novices. He's inconsistant in some ways though, "Get your wig pushed back by the wig push backer," is probably the wackest thing I've ever heard, but his verse on You, Me, Him, and Her is one of the sickest verses I've ever heard.

    Now, you've been a strong competitor in both the old RSTL and the new RSTL. What are the perks of the old and the new?[/B]

    The old was cool because it was literary driven, which will help a person grow purely as writer. The downside of that is the fact song-writing didn't get the appreciation it deserved. Flip that around and you get the perks of the new RSTL, lol.

    What are some ideas you have that could possibly make the new RSTL fresher?

    Man, there's a reason I ain't a mod, lol. I suck at that kind of stuff.

    Which is your preference: Video Collabs or Topical Pieces?

    No preference at all actually. I dig 'em both equally, and I really enjoy doing both.

    Who are the top writers, in your opinion, that are currently in the league?
    You and Ghuttso have always been two of my favorites. GL? too.

    Out of the people that have recently signed in, quite a few are vets from the past who the newer heads may not know about. Who are a few vets that need to be looked out for that have recently signed in?

    Well Scatterboxx no-showed, lol. GL? will definitely do well, if not win a championship. Nom has the potential to beat anyone when he concentrates.

    Who would you like to battle most in the league?

    GL? and Nom. I haven't battled either in over a year.

    Name the sexiest celebrity alive. A pic or two wouldn't hurt to put in here for the reader's pleasure either, lol

    Eva Mendes


    ^I would do anything for one with that girl, lol.

    Let's end the interview on a quote. Give me a quote of your choice. Doesn't have to have any relevance to anything at all, just a quote of some sort.

    "All art is quite useless."
    -Oscar Wilde.

    Good luck the rest of the way through, bro.

    And to you as well...
  4. The_K3

    The_K3 ^Secksi^

    Dec 30, 2005
    i got discreet becoming champ real soon
  5. Quriosity

    Quriosity Moderator

    Nov 24, 2001
    quote week. yay! and i'm out of school.
  6. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    definately digging the quotes... got some ideas brewing up.
  7. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    good shit noble.
  8. xX_NASTY_Xx

    xX_NASTY_Xx Guest

  9. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004
    no love from Noble :-(
  10. liquid`acid

    liquid`acid gods busy can I help you?

    Jun 21, 2005
    ^its cuz u aint on his nuts like me
  11. Blitz_krieg

    Blitz_krieg SAY WHA.........

    Jun 17, 2008
    yeah nice job... Loved the pic too...

    and great interview with pain... i actually did read it, like i read all the rest.. .i think this one was the best thus far...

    good shit..

    will be looking forward to my interiview shortly
  12. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    ^Good lookin on reading that interview, Blitz. Thanks for lettin me know you liked it and all
  13. Shadow

    Shadow Kotaro's Master

    Apr 11, 2004

    I'll be posting tonight btw :) good luck
  14. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    only read the interview and topics, but i like what i see.

    i will be posting tomorrow probably.
    long as i get around to writing.
  15. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    thanks for helpin out an doin the interviews, Ace. those are really nice additions to the mag.
  16. Word, Im gonna have to find someone else to jump on the nuts, cuzz acid burns.. ;(
  17. .:Pain:.

    .:Pain:. Futurely J. Keeper

    Dec 4, 2005
    Yea, I am a pretty interesting guy I guess, lol.

    Dope mag as usual...
  18. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    who the fuck put me up against nom.

    that's bullshit ...

    [turn] ...
  19. .:Pain:.

    .:Pain:. Futurely J. Keeper

    Dec 4, 2005
    I just wrote the deepest, most profound, most philosophical piece I've ever written, and already posted. Probably one of my favorite verses ever.

    And I'm fuckin' terrified a lot of it is gonna fly right over people's heads...
  20. MC Guttso

    MC Guttso Fingers in Pies

    Jun 22, 2006
    Fuuuuck, some shit close battles last week.

    The people that showed did the fucking business tho.

    Discreet you remind me of Atheist.

    Pain, the interview was quality. Definitely an interesting life which is actually a proud to have, down to-earth success story you got there man. That's the truth.
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