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    Feb 26, 2005

    ~ Contents ~

    Introduction ~ Gabriel

    What's on Tap?
    Elite Eight Bracket Breakdowns ~

    Top 3 Matches ~ A.S.K.

    Interview with A.S.K.

    Top 5 Verses of the Week ~Gabriel

    Examining the Skeleton of Beef ~ Gabriel

    Voter of the Week ~ Gabriel

    The Introduction - Round 2

    After the first week, full of no shows, were making some progress with much less no shows last week, but of course there’s a 50% reduction in the writers left to move one so we’ve weeded out most of the lazy asses, but there was still a few I guess. I’m sure Sacrifice would agree with that as he takes his second consecutive no show win, but look at like this man, now you have no verses to archive for whenever you want to use them. There has been beefs in this league from as far back as I can remember and sometimes it seems to inspire writers while other times it just seems to annoy everyone in the entire league….. I think this last week has been one of those annoying instances as I’m sure most of you would agree….. Maybe some of us find it entertaining though? Iono, but I take my part in adding to the annoyance factor. I’d like to say it will cease, but in all honesty, it’s not really up to me. I’ve stood by my new year’s resolution and not provoked anyone to start shit… but you know who is gonna constantly be a nuisance so I will have to check his ass whenever he gets out of line. Talking about my daughter is petty and it doesn’t effect too much, but to just clown him on his own little pathetic life or lack of one, which is defined in his own screen name anyway. Racial shit will not be tolerated at all though and with this being Black History month, I’m gonna take high offence to anyone being racist. Known white boys calling known black members nigga is racist. I don’t care what the excuse is, if your folks allow you to be stupid, then keep that shit in the sewer that yall kick it at… don’t bring it here cuz you will be immediately ejected from the league until I think it’s appropriate for that person’s return. Keep it respectable… well, that’s not gonna happen is it, but at least keep it within some kind of reason.

    I’ve had to bend some rules to make sure things continue to run in this tournament and because the league demands things be done differently than I might choose to go so I adjust that accordingly and try to keep an open mind towards what everyone wants. Well, in doing this, I need everyone to pay attention and look out for any adjustments, although I doubt there will be anymore. The first day of round 2, I announced that there would be a bye week because of writers that had failed to vote, which would cause them to be DQed according to the rules I first set up….. I had to adjust that, but not everyone checked back in to see the adjustments and may think that it’s my duty to tell them personally of anything I change. Okay… that’s probably not going to happen because I’m not going to do it. I suggest that everyone looks over the Mag for any changes as well as looking over the brackets for any changes as well. It’s a tournament so things have to be run differently than in the league so be considerate of all I’m trying to do to help this go smoothly.

    Round 3 will be starting and the RSTL will be opening back up right after that so I hope you’re all ready to get that started too. There’s a lot of interesting matches coming up in both the tournament and the league so look out. When there’s something new to look for though, I will put it in bright coloring and a big font so it should get your attention… With that said:

    After the league re-opens, tournament matches will be added to the mandatory voting. This means everyone in the league will have to vote on at least 1 tournament match until the tournament is over. To vote though, you must be a participant in the league and that means that you’re signed in and have dropped a verse that week. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to vote at all. So there’s still a 4 vote requirement with the Champ match and Contender’s match being a mandatory requirement for everyone, but now there’s a mandatory 1 vote that must be for a tournament match as well and that will count towards your vote count too.


    Lets keep it crackin people… Do da damn ninjas… Ninjas is a much better word than niggas to me because it suggests a higher skill to be a ninja, while any fuckin idiot can be a damn nigga…. There’s nothing special about being a nigga at all.


    although ninjas can obviously get their ass kicked too….
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    Feb 26, 2005
    What's on Tap?


    14. Millz vs. 2. TaLi RodrigueZ

    I've managed to make my way into the semi-finals. That probably isn't the most surprising occurrence to most. What's a bit surprising is that I'm facing Millz. I think most people wrote Baron Mynd a one way ticket to the final four, but that didn't end up being the case. Then, folks might have thought that Got Life would do the job that Baron didn't, but he didn't. Who in the hell is Millz? He's a pretty good writer lol. I've seen some of his stuff in that other league and he holds his own there, so I had no reason to believe he wasn't capable here. We could call him the George Mason of this tournament, the person that nobody had ever heard of, let alone thought he'd make it this far.

    With all of that said, he's in for the test of his writing life. He's taking on one of the best writers this league, or any other, has seen and Millz is doing it on my home court. I'm not naïve enough believe that it won't give me an advantage right off of the bat. Of course it will. But, I can only hope that the RSTL voters give both of us as unbiased of a vote as they possibly can.

    As far as I can tell, this is a match up of styles. Millz is more along the lines, of say, Talent or Infinite Truth, where there is a discernable poetical type vibe in his writing. For the most part, his rhyming is very solid and his flow is certainly better than most people who try to pull off that sort of style. The dude is a formidable opponent for anyone in this tournament. He also has the advantage of having a little chip on his shoulder in the sense that he's not from around here so he wouldn't mind shutting some of us up lol. Then there is me. My pieces are easy to read through. The flow is usually pretty good. The rhymes are usually pretty good. The content may or may not be the most original thing you've ever read but my narration carries you through it regardless. I'm done talking about myself. Makes me feel icky.

    This should definitely be one for the ages. Hopefully I can hit a little groove like I did last week or else I might be in trouble.


    5. Pent uP vs. Vern Acular

    This is pretty much no surprise. Everybody pretty much knew Vern was going to skate through the first few rounds and face the winner of Pent uP and MC4SIGHT. Well, MC4SIGHT made it easier for Pent by not showing up in his first round matchup.

    I don't know for sure, but I'm fairly certain that these two have met at least once or twice before, with Vern coming out the victor. This, however, is not the same Pent uP that he would have faced a year or two ago. This isn't 20-10ish Pent; this is 40+ win 2 time champion Pent. In other words, Vern has his first real battle on his hands.

    Again, this is going to turn out to be a match up of styles. Vern is a bit like me in that his pieces are always very easy to read through. Pent's isn't always the quickest read, but that's usually because it's packed with details. Vern's flow is silky smooth and borderline predictable. Pent's is a little more abstract and less predictable. Vern's pieces are dominated by rhymes, Pent's rhymes are less in number allowing the content to take center stage over mechanics. Vern pieces
    tend to have strong and direct narration whereas Pent's narration is more poetical. What I'm trying to say is, these two are pretty much polar opposites, and this might end up coming down to who votes and what their preferences are.

    Another very good match right here. Hopefully both come at their full potential and give us voters something to struggle over.


    5. Vigil vs. 1. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    Again, I think we pretty much got the match that we all expected when we first viewed the brackets. The only real question was whether Vigil would make it by TekneeK last round, and obviously, he did that with conviction. A.S.K put up a good fight against DIC but just didn't have enough to end his journey to the semi's.

    Again, I couldn't tell you how many times these two have met, but I'm sure it's been quite a few. I don't know who holds the advantage, but something tells me it's probably DIC. That said, when Vigil is on top of his game, he is capable of beating just about anybody.

    Guess what? YES, another battle of styles lol. DIC is heavily story-oriented while Vigil tends to go with more personal narratives and abstract topicals. DIC tends to utilize elements of humor and fantasy in his pieces whereas Vigil is about as serious as they come. DIC's flow tends to be fairly easy to make out while Vigil, well, it may flow, but it's rarely ever in a form that most of us as voters are used to reading. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just depends upon one's preference. Both of these guys, when at there best, exploit the rhymes and schemes to death.

    So what are you looking for as a writer? Are you more into wild stories or serious topicals? The answer to that question might be the reason why you vote one way or the other.


    3. SacriFICE vs. 2. J o o k

    Well look who got the short end of the stick when it came down to the seedings lol. This is my early favorite for match of the tournament, not the mention match of the year. It's only February, but already, we have to heavy hitters facing off.

    SacriFICE, 20-2 with 3 titles faces off against Jook, 16-2 with 2 titles and the all-time back to back statement wins over myself and RIKOSHAY. One thing neither of these guys have done yet, is make it to the final four of a tournament and that is what is at stake in this match up. I can't tell you how excited I am to see how this one turns out.

    For the last time, at least this week, this is a MATCH UP OF STYLES lol. It's actually quite amazing that every match this week is between to writers who are quite different in approach. Anyways, Jook comes from the ME school of thought on writing lol. His flow is usually on point, his rhymes are fairly strong, and his ability to narrate is top notch. That combination, combined with the occasional mind-blowing concept makes Jook a very hard target to take out. SacriFICE comes from the "I am pretty much going to out flow and out rhyme you, so you better come with a concept that is better than mine" school of thought lol. That is pretty much what he's managed to do so far.

    Who in the hell knows how this one is going to turn out. All I know is, I will be severely disappointed if either of you come on some "this isn't really my best" type of shit after all is said and done. This match should go down in history; make sure that it does.
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    Feb 26, 2005
    by A.S.K.

    Maybe not some of the best weeks for good matches, but there was still a few good reads and some tight battles. Plus y'all fuckers need to vote more…

    3. Pent Up vs Disused Hero

    Well despite Pent Up's huge aim conversation which I actually read for the comical value of Dic saying he was leaving then still replying angrily about twenty times, he actually brought a decent verse. The story slightly confused me, like I thought it was wrapped up to early without fully explaining but my girl read it and said I was just being slow, so there you have it. His rhyming was nice, and the development and use of words gave it a very descriptive, almost kinda dreamy feel to it. I like stories so there ya go. However disused brought a great verse as well and deserves his praise. I love his style, very flowing and written out unlike many others. Rhyming was damn good, but like many said his piece just didn't really go anywhere and that harmed his this week. I enjoyed both though, so props.

    2. A.S.K vs Dic

    This may seem a bit cocky putting my battle at second, but I think it deserved it and people were saying it was a fucking great battle. I'd kinda presumed I was going to lose this one, but I wanted to work on my writing anyway and give dic a small bit of competition. I thought my verse turned out alright, so did the ones who voted on it, so that's the best I can ask for. Dic brought a fucking nice story, just like he did last week, and even I enjoyed reading it! He used the picture I gave him in the same way I would of used it, but added in a gangster family and then a few jokes in typical Dic style. Well deserved win, and one of my favourite battles I've been in since resigning up.

    Match Of The Week

    Tali vs Brains

    All I can say in this is the hype was almost lived up to. I'd read Tali's comments of feeling uninspired to write, then Brains comebacks of how he played the same mind games on his opponents and not to try it. Thinks he slightly over-read into Tali's comments there, boys be getting be serious bout this RSTL shit! Was nice to see a Tali verse again, and while not his best it was damn good all the same. The first stanza was just excellent to me, summed up the attitude of school kids and how that all works in theirs minds. The story was developed nicely, and damn this guys descriptions and word choices are smooth. Someone told me he didn't like me, but I don't buy into this RSTL 'beef' (as gotlife would call it) and im sure he loves me really. Brains once again bought a dope as fuck verse. Dude has moved on his writing and is slowly perfecting it to um………perfection. I don't really know what to make of him, I swear he changes attitude in his posts all the time but fuck that, his writing is nice. I was loving his story, the descriptions in it were just great, and rhyming is damn great for example 'what they saw in alice and sought to restore the balance'. That line for me just sums it up, so nicely flowing and each word suited the other brilliantly. The ending kinda didn't live up to what I thought he might bring with it, but a damn
    wicked piece all the same.

    Sooo……. Next round. Jook vs Sac is gona be a stunner, and now im
    just interested to whose gona win this cos there is some great writers
    left standing now.
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Interview with A.S.K.

    Gabriel: U ready to talk turkey man

    A.S.K.: yea man, i sure am

    Gabriel: All gravy..... so first... since you're one of the old
    timers of the league, what do you think of the new RSTL - the writers,
    rules, format and shit in comparison to the old RSTL.... which I refer
    to as the Elite movement

    A.S.K.: Personally i think shits real good. I like you as a head mod, no homo. I think you do a great job, and put up with so much shit and
    people dont give you en ough credit for that. I like the rules and
    stuff, shits pretty much the same tho i think somehow we need to get
    more votes in. The writers are cool, alot of the old heads i was cool
    with aint around but theres a hell of alot of talent in at the moment
    and some cool people. fuckers need to chill with the
    petty arguing, shits so funny yet lame to watch from the outside

    Gabriel: I can agree with that and this is my new year to not put my
    bad energy out to beefs.... but if LifeLess is gonna insult my
    daughter, well, I'm only human.... so naturally the DiC is gonna piss on the pussy

    A.S.K.: Dude i gotta say. Im safe with Gotlife and all but if that was
    my daughter (if i had one) or for instance my likl sister he was
    insulting i would be so fucking mad its unreal

    Gabriel: Yea...... I exposed my weakness in a verse and he's been
    using that against me or at least trying to. When I wrote that verse
    and got it all out, it stopped bothering me. He's just a bitch, plain
    and simple...... But anyway..... beef is a constant factor in the
    league nowadays it seems.... I like the league's current state too. I
    give you props for adapting pretty quickly and writing some nice verses
    in the league and tournament

    Gabriel: Thanks for the props too

    A.S.K.: Haha thanks man, thats nice to hear from someone like yourself.
    Thats all im really here for really. To be honest, and people gona call
    me cliche, but i aint interested in getting championships. I like to
    have a nice record but im really here to improv my writing. What people
    dont know bout me, apart from ana, is that ive been writing a book for 6 months and im in talks with a few major publishers, so this for me is
    like a side project which i have love for and use to build my skill up.

    Gabriel: Cool, I'm writing a book too. I have a publicist/agent
    working with me on that. Taking it in a different kind of format......
    that's still a secret though. But, I'm currently taking an active
    stance in not letting members be lazy cuz that seems to be a major
    downfall in the league sometimes..... so I'm pushing that more members
    help produce the weekly mag and follow the due times. I also wanna
    thank you for writing nice mag articles for the league....

    A.S.K.: Thats no problem either man, just helping out and enjoying the
    writing. I hate it when the league drops off for a week, i know im
    guilty as well at times but shit still does my head in

    Gabriel: Groovy gravy, so is there anyone you're looking forward to
    face in the league once it starts up again next week?
    don't forget to sign in for next week. Whether people were signed in or not, they need to sign back in so I know who's all still in it.

    A.S.K.: Oh shit i forgout bout signing in. Um well as far as people i'd
    like to face. Um id like to go against brains, were both story tellers
    and i really admire his style and id like to try and step my game up to
    match it. I swear thats boys changed tho, i think all that talk of him
    being an alias got to him and he went from being quiet to not taking no
    shit at all haha! Um id also like to go aginst gotlife, just becazuse i
    aint faced him before ya know
    A.S.K.: Maybe baron as well.....

    Gabriel: Brains is definately rising as a top contender and Baron is
    baron... that's just that... lol. This tournament is turning out to be
    a little interesting. The first round was rough with a lot of no shows
    and some confusions as to when verses were due, but it got better in the latest round and seems to be coo now. Based on what you've seen so far, who do you think will make it to the finals in the west and east?

    A.S.K.: wtf as him signing under a new name and 1-0

    Gabriel: Baron took a lost to 4sight and decided to start over
    Gabriel: It happens, I've done the same a few times.... but I'm mr
    alias of this league I guess

    A.S.K.: Um ok, thats just strange in my eyes. He still got a fucking
    sick record, why would one loss make him start over.
    looking forward to jook vs sac but i think the final will be you vs tali which will be too damn ill. You faced him before i guess, what was the result on that? im really down on my rstl knowledge

    A.S.K.: aww shit man i burnt my dinner. chicken and rice as well, i put
    real effort into that
    A.S.K.: this your fault man, haha

    Gabriel: We've faced before in the league and in a tournament. He
    beat me in the league, I beat him in the tournament so we're currently
    tied at 1-1
    Gabriel: Lol, chicken and rice actually doesn't taste too bad burnt,
    depending on how you cooked it.

    A.S.K.: ah is alright, rice is a bit mushy but it will do. Yea well thats my bets on the final, will be a good next round all the same. All good writers left in, will be a nice finsh to a slow tounrament
    A.S.K.: yo where the fuck did madpoet go, he used to be my boy
    A.S.K.: i aint seen him mentioned since i came back
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Gabriel: Cool... chef boy r dee that mothafucka up and ur ight. Yea, I'm not sure who will make it just yet, I hope to make it out, but there's some nice writers still in it. Madpoet is somewhere in NY, making songs with Extreme Venom and shit. He's not around rm much
    anymore. Did a collab with him a few months ago and it got slept on with no comments at all..... rms open mic forum sucks. Lol

    A.S.K.: Yea man the text side is all but dead. I remember the glory days when it had like 100 ppl in all time posting. now its lucky to have 5 members in it

    Gabriel: Lol.... it doesn't seem to be a prestige thing as it once was, I think a lot of that has to do with the imfamous biters out there, which several have been caught and just continue to change names, but keep biting. It's sad..... Omen being the biggest verse thief of all
    was sad and shocking, but it will get better.
    Gabriel: Just takes some time of keeping a league on it's toes and making sure it's ran fairly with all the bullshit at a minimal.

    A.S.K.: Yea being a mod is harder than ppl realise, being the main mod is fucking riduclous
    A.S.K.: haha

    Gabriel: People like Warren, Dah Lohner, Peril, Jowelz ect. Are unlikely to come back I guess with all the time they've been gone, but I like to rely on the new talent that keeps the league evolving in interesting ways. Being the head mod can be a hassel, but I will take
    time to listen to all valid complaints and try respond quickly so there's no delay in shit. It just takes some effort to keep shit on the right track... stability has made it strong I think. You were once mod of the RSTL.... u were mod when I joined in fact. You have any ideas that might be useful in the league?

    A.S.K.: Um well maybe bringing back a voter of the week might help get more votes in. Ppl like regonition and this may just help a bit as well as showing other people how to give a good vote and return them in the same way. The league is a bit thin at the moment but i think its just one of those times. Other than that the mods are doing fine, not much more they can do, its down to the people and their interest

    A.S.K.: but some ppl are jst damn lazy, including myself at times, and mods cant do shit bout that. That whole thing between u and pent showed both sides of it
    A.S.K.: soime ppl think the mods should do fucking everything, mods think they have to do the basics and the members have to make an effort as well
    A.S.K.: shjits hard to find a balance

    Gabriel: I was actually thinking about and I might start doing that soon. It seems like good encouragement to get the votes going better. I agree on the laziness factor, me and pent resilved our problem, but it does seem people expect me to do way too much all the time when I already do a whole fuckin lot weekly and sometimes daily for weeks. I still do what I can though.... having a place like the RSTL is more important to the rising writers and helps people develop so I encourage that and that's why I'm still here. Anyway though, let's play the name game. When I say a name, I want you to think of the first word or phrase that comes to mind and explain why you chose that to describe the writer.... cool?

    A.S.K.: yea go for it
    A.S.K.: u ever drank morgan spice
    A.S.K.: shit is sweet
    A.S.K.: anyway

    Gabriel: Isn't morgan spice some apple cider or something?
    A.S.K.: haah nah man its liek some dark rum
    A.S.K.: it liks 7pm here, igotta get my drink on

    Gabriel: Oh, I'm way off..... my bad.
    Gabriel: I'm not even thinking bout alcohol yet, I'm still on my first cup of coffee
    Gabriel: Lol

    A.S.K.: haha time difference between us still has me confused

    Gabriel: Yea, I work for a company in London so I know wassup, but it's still weird. Ok though, lets start with Pent uP...

    A.S.K.: moaner.............haha man i dont know him, but that conversation between you two had me laughing. He was so into it, i could actually imagine him proper shouting at u while he wrote it. But his verse this week was pretty nice, so i will keep an eye on him more and read some of his past verses
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Gabriel: Ok, fair enough. He's nice with it. What do you think about Jook

    A.S.K.: brains............haha nah im fucking with him, Dude is real nice with it, i read some of his verses id missed and he is a superb writer and seems a good guy as well. I liked how he defended himself so strong with the brains thing. Him vs sac is gona be one i have to
    fucking read
    A.S.K.: oh shit gotta mention summin. how about a quote of the week (or quotes) as in best lines, summin a bit fresh for the mag
    A.S.K.: i think we had it when i was mod

    Gabriel: Definately.... Jook is one of the best in my book even though he's a police officer in my city and I'm not a fan of cops in Oakland. They can be really shady with shit.

    A.S.K.: fuck the police at times man, i got followed by some car down a moterway for like tne minutes, then the undercover flashed me over, as i pulled over he just sped past me
    A.S.K.: dicks

    Gabriel: Quote of the week huh...... sounds nice. I don't think I could write that cuz I may be bias in picking shit, but I like the idea
    Gabriel: Lol

    A.S.K.: any more names?

    Gabriel: Police in my city make as much as I do... almost 60 thousand a year. That's just for patrol car squads and shit. Seems like they're over paid until you see them fools on that show cops getting their ass beat by a crackhead. Yea, what about Brains
    Gabriel: His name comes up so much, we have to mention him in this

    A.S.K.: Talent but attitudey.......I say this because i really do love his style. I thought at first he was a bit overrrated but his last two pieces have been really good reads and he has kinda just tigthened his style totally. However some of his comments annoy me a bit. I have nothing against him and this aint a diss or nothing, but he comes across as a bit full of himself. Like when tali said he couldnt be bothered to write and brains totally went into him bout not playing 'that game' with
    him. Im sure he is a safe guy, its always hard to tell in text, but some of his comments read like he's on some fuck you all shit
    A.S.K.: bro u alive?

    Gabriel: Well, I think the fact that he's being called Jook, Six, then being compared to TheReturn and others... may have been annoying when he's trying to gain respect under the name Brains so I understand that. You've been here a while like I mentioned before... so I'm sure you're very familiar with Tali.... give us some insight.
    Gabriel: Sorry man, my signal dropped on my phone. I handle most of my league work via sidekick pda/cell phone

    A.S.K.: Tali's a fucking mystery to man. Mainly because ive just seen I have been in ths league since august of 2004. I had a real shit period in my life and i couldnt do rstl so i dropped out, but i didnt really know tali to well back then. I love the way this guy handles himself. He's on the best writers the league has held yet he is so humble and respectful to everyone. He dont chat shit, only reasonable opinions. He's a great add to the league and even better as mod. Longer he stays around the better

    Gabriel: I agree with every word of that.... that's my folks. I always respected tha guy and wish him well as he may be retiring from this year. One more man..... and you know who.....

    A.S.K.: do i?
    A.S.K.: oh shit i do?

    Gabriel: Mr. Short story.... A.S.K.

    A.S.K.: hold on say it just incase
    A.S.K.: haha

    Gabriel: Lol

    A.S.K.: Oh shit man i thought u was gona say gotlife, that coulda been embarrasing. Haha at the name mr.short story, u gotta explain that one to me. Well im average.....and thats honest as fuck in my eyes. Im never gona be anyone special in the league, im never gona be chatted about in the same way as Tali or someone like IV nor am i gona be hated at times like tekneek or gotlife. I just drop ok pieces, geta few good reviews then get on it with. I doub ht i'll ever be champion either, but im totally fine with that cos i feel my writing has improve din the 2 months ive been back and thats more than i can ask for
    A.S.K.: but i love my storys, so thats what im gona continue to bring and hope people enjoy them

    Gabriel: I think your style of short story telling will make you a great author and that's what I was thinking about when I said that. Goodluck on your book man and thanks for you help. Is their anything else you wanted to say to the guys before end this?

    A.S.K.: Not much apart from help the mods out and dont be lazy cunts, keep up the good writing and good luck with whatever u do offline. And if you face me, bring the best you can, id rather lose to a great verse thsan win to an ok one

    A.S.K.: cheers fo the interview

    Gabriel: That's wtf I'm talking bout..... and they will need some good shit to contend with your skills fa sho. Nice interview man..... good to have you in the league and I'll see you when it starts again on the 13th..
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Top 5 Verses of the Week

    Because I didn't have much time to reanalyze these verses, I'm just going to use my original analyzation from the votes I casted already. I think I was pretty accurate in those so...... here it is



    TOPIC: Lost in the Rain

    The Current

    Definition of Current: Occurring in or belonging to the present time.

    In Religion
    I'm cross-eyed, so I can't see my doctrine hidden in encrypted scripts
    I'm clueless that christianity's blueprint was taken from egyptian myths.
    They say it's doomsday,
    that we've come to the edge and there's no more room to make,
    they see the clock striking 12 so they assume their place and their gloomy fate.
    But most presume its fake, believing revelations carries no ground
    they think the horsemen of the apocalpyse are riding on time's merry-go-round.
    The past & the future are going in an opposite direction
    and I'm lost at the intersection, longing for god's protection.
    I'm a blast from the past that's resurfacing at Godspeed
    but I'm not looking both ways before crossing the street.
    Even if I make it to the other side I may not come across what I seek.
    I've forgotten my once thoughtful heeds and bought into godless needs.
    I promote unlawful deeds by bottom feeding on the common seed
    from fallen angels to fallen kings - I've lost my creed at the cost of greed.
    In Music
    I have no message that aims to clean the mess in this age
    I'm in a state of escape, and not addressing the rage.
    Artists are trying to move units rather then move people
    and their delusional, believing the two are true equals.
    Musicians have been merchandized so their art is rigid,
    and their sound is caught up in the digits so its hard to dig it.
    In Revolution
    I'm the quiet before the storm
    violent riots of reform are silenced by sirens of the norm.
    Tyrants in their throne grew def in the absence of dissent
    and the new left are masking their intent while asking for consent
    from the masses who bask in their content.
    People are unmatched by the task their up against.
    Some have been dragged into descent, they've packed their bags for the night
    while others are waving flags they represent, but all they have is bragging rights.
    In Politics
    I've got my hands full with unlimited scandals and political vandalism
    the masses who can't phantom it are critical and wish to dismantle the system.
    Presidents are free-basing on high podiums and becoming junkies of talking smack.
    They only look over their shoulders to do business with the monkeeys on their back.
    The figure heads who configure the threats are breaking more than a sweat
    and already the pundits are raising their breath and waging war for their bets.
    All the while the dictator is debating what's next as the nation faces its death.
    Still, some patience is left for the traitors who continue to stick to the page.
    Like cancer they're quick to invade, and create terror cells sicker than aids.
    Democrats preach they've got the lethal injection and speak with intention
    on impeaching through legal inspections but what they need to be addressing
    is the bigger elephant in the room that seeks their investment by feeding their attention.
    They're not teaching a lesson, all their doing is keeping the people from guessing
    about the real evil beneath these dimensions where fascism leads the convention.
    In Media
    I'm in a war of words and in the ratings battle everybody is unkind
    its where back talkers pretend to be straight shooters on the frontlines.
    I've lost broken hearts and won unspoken minds cause what I sell shakes views
    and while people wait for hell to break loose I take cues and tell fake news.
    I publish lies to get a piece of the culprits's pie but sooner or later I'll cut the ties
    cause I know I'm transforming before the public's eyes just as the republic dies.
    In Consciousness
    A heavy rain gonna fall, I've already felt the brunt of the storm
    and although its too early to tell, these shallow waters gonna' warm.
    I'll submerge in polluted waters and drown in the torrent of illlusion
    and tomorrow's death will come today in the midst of torment and confusion.
    I might clear the trend right near the end when the sun will come again
    but I fear the tears of the children will be lost in the rain before they become men.​

    Gabriel Comments:
    man... I was really impressed with this. I expected something along this kind of subject from you, but the way you formatted this to include all the different focus groups was really dope and it all had great transitions so there was no awkward instances in between sections. It started off great with the religion stuff and I was pulled in to it deeply after that. Very insightful, nothing really unknown, but worded nicely and with the wit you add, it was great. Like I said, I liked this segment most.... and I hardly ever quote shit...

    I had to go back and reread that part. Nice shit man.... for a youngsta, I'm even more impressed that your bringing not only some nicely developed schemes with great structure and rhymes, but also educating with an entertaining verse.
  8. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005

    Vern Acular

    Anxiety Issues

    my state of apprehension.... couldn't relate to half the tension
    that's sitting low in my minds embryo...i've made a rash decision
    so today i ask permission...
    dear god, i hate i lack dimention
    i feel unsafe you have to listen cause i may attack with vengence
    i keep distractions bottled up in me my fate's an apparation
    cause it's either death or the rest of my life just may be stashed in prison
    so i wait, relax, and sit inside of nature's glass detention
    im on the verge of a break down, but wait now...
    as i make my last incision


    so ummm..... you know the phrase....."my life is like a book"
    and now im on the final chapter of it likely i get shook
    when i think about what im doing, see what was right i over looked
    im in the mirror, shadow boxing, see im fighting with a crook
    excitement being cooked....within a mind that's so unstable
    a good side has a bad side, but my side's becoming fatal
    food for thought ? well at dinner time, crime sits at the table
    and we discuss topics such as murder, but suicide decides to take you
    by suprise and i escape to another place of imagination
    full of hatred and aggravation, im two faced but with animation
    i cant contol it though, i overdose...mind state has an annexation
    and here comes my alter ego, the evil trait that has me anxious
    i cant escape this amputation....

    "CUTTTT".......... losing my me from choosing a side
    get out my head you son of a bitch, it's so confusing but why?
    is reality so beyond me i keep refusing to try
    to get a grip on it, so i come up with excuses and lie
    and usually i.....just get's sad cause i throw a fit
    i got a sane part of me but most would say that it dont exsist
    see im the type to punch holes in shit and come home with swolen fists
    and im so alone within a dream world that i never notice it
    my hope is stripped, cause i see life as a hoax so i joke with it
    and i got a window of opportunity but i refuse to open it
    i guess it's me, the stress and greif the pressure see it holds a grip
    around my neck and chokes a bit but never gets it over with....


    i guess by now you've got the picture, and see anxiety's a bitch
    and im a son of one, so i just wanna die im getting tense
    my reflections staring at me, and my eyes are getting thick
    i punch the mirror and realize that i've been fighting with my fist
    "CUTTTT"....."CUTTTTT"....."CUTTTTTT" who's that and why is this intense
    cause finally i sense reality and try to get a grip
    i see an unfished puzzle of my face....i say good bye and then i pick
    a piece of broken glass up and start slicing up my wrist


    Gabriel Comments:
    As always, you're flow in combination with your narration made this read smoothly and the character development through it was cool too. There was no real explanation to his grief though to explain his issues in detail with examples of his troulbed life so that was kind of vague. The monologue format was well done though and executed with the cut scenes made it dramatic like something to be performed on stage.

  9. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005

    Pent uP

    Immoral Actions

    Imaginery friends are better than People

    As children, some of us develop imaginary friends
    And some of us don't let go until our lifespans very end
    A sad and scary thread that holds our concious together
    Where if we listen to much we come off as thoughtless or clever
    Opposite sides of a psyche that might seem drastic,
    They potentially both point to psychiatric help

    Which brings me to the subway train that I'm on
    Explaining my wrongs to graffiti sprays on white walls
    While lights flicker and I stare at bums requesting tips
    clenching my nose closed at the stench of unattended piss
    Glaring at a honeys legs, then hips, then her stunning, gentle lips
    As they scrunch together with bubble gum descending quick...
    It expands exponentially and i think I'm certain that shroud might pop
    The flickering stops for a second and our eyes lock
    She approaches, hips swaying like models on a cat walk
    A hundred wack thoughts perplex my usually cunning back talk skill....
    She arrives, smiling and fiddling her blouse
    The question "Gum?" riddles out her mouth...
    I think You could smell my breath from over there?
    But say "Sure...." to gain some closure wear
    She looks at me weirdly while handing me a stick
    When, candidly, I rip a fart and start stammering some shit
    While managing to think god, I hope she doesn't smell that
    But her face wrinkled up as I paused and fell back
    A dozen pests laughed, and it all seemed aimed at me
    Her original demeanor of seduction and glee drained slowly
    So I started a three-legged-pig joke real hastily
    But thought as I was speaking I wonder what breakfest she'll make for me
    The train stopped, she scoffed and said "Nice try you FREAK"
    I thought I should've stuck with the wise guy technique
    She got out and I couldn't tell if she was scared or just cautious
    but I was prepared to get off this train and head to my therapists office
    ......getting off I thought of what I would of done to that girl
    And I felt like Pac with all eyez on me in a mundane ass world

    My thoughts continued until I got to his door
    I knocked, and of course wondered which problems I'd horde
    This being our first session I wanted to remain locked up and sore
    But when he opened up I was shocked to the core
    Because his assistant was the honey from the train
    And he already had my diagnosis which made me feel crummy with disdain
    bastard probly knows how much money he will gain
    With my bill more than likely sitting on the window pane

    The doc smiled at me and said No, you're far to rare
    I shot a gaurded stare, protecting my dark nightmares,
    Cloud filled dreams, and copywritten ideas
    He took out a recorder and said I've given my peers
    Notice, I'll explain, but first I need you to think of a random phrase
    and repeat it in your head until you stand amazed

    He had to be fucking with me so I switched the common thought
    I wish your assistant would let me stick my dick in her cunt you FOB
    I repeated until he stopped the recorder in a sudden pause
    Played it back to reveal I had no Inner monologue

    All my dastardly deeds dawned alight faster than speed
    All those girls' who's guts I managed to beat
    Church ceremonies when I thought the pastor was weak
    Speaking 2 thoughts at once, like when I'd brandish my glee
    But felt outlandishly creeped or even stranded with peeps
    And it sucks knowing no one said a DAMN in the least
    Because all my imaginery friends were really laughing at me
    Now I'm struggeling to conform to a normal pattern of speech​

    Gabriel Comments:
    I liked the way this verse developed. It was pretty creative subject that I don't think I've seen done before so it's good to see new approaches handled nicely. Your narration was pretty cool.... some words didn't seem to flow as natural, the word horde sticks in my mind as a word that you would never use adn didn't seem like a word the character would of really used either.... I still enjoyed this a lot though all the way through. Great character development and all this without much time to write... chump ass... lol

  10. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005


    IN THE YEAR 2010

    Loving the Darkness

    …The heir apparent of a pair of careful parents
    set in ten commandments she would never dare to challenge
    Scared of what would happen if she failed the Catholic practice
    …Long established moral fabric torn until the cloth was damaged

    That’s what they saw in Alice and sought to restore the balance
    …poured her holy water, forced to absorb the gallons
    …With morbid damage that only the Lord could salvage
    and manage to diminish which is what they thought would happen
    …It was all imagined … she was pretty well behaved
    but if she went against their system they instantly felt betrayed
    A liturgy bread buffet … seemingly everyday
    At least till he came and helped misery melt away
    …She met him in school, after praying they would get introduced
    Pretty soon he was the only one she let in her room…
    Denim and blue, leather with elegant shoes, offbeat
    He recognized her stresses and lessened them too, softly
    …Often made her forget she was cemented in rules…
    and loosened the strict rigidity, extended her views
    …Her parents even liked him which was slightly surprising
    Only because he didn’t fit so tight in their alignment

    Still he seemed to hypnotize them and impress them with his etiquette
    …whenever there was tension in a room he simply shredded it
    His delicate rhetoric had intoxicated Alice and
    she was an orthodox, caught in knots … he unraveled them
    Valiant and charming, yet alarmingly unexplained
    Soon she noticed every time she approached him he’d tuck his chain
    and he wasn’t always fun and games. Some days,
    he’d say he had to tend to “private matters”, then run away.
    …Simply darted homeward…speaking of which
    she had him at her house but never spent an evening in his
    …or even seen the inside of it, but paid little mind to this
    and even grew to like the suspense she was provided with
    …It off-set all the force-fed righteousness…
    He often said “I have to tell you something”, time and again
    But couldn’t find it in him and would fall dead silent
    …she didn’t believe in broken faith, ignoring any sign of it

    These were tough times, a permanent drought season…
    The rate of anemic babies increased and they seemed to keep bleeding
    …Twelve buildings in three cities had fallen without reason
    The warmest summer as of recent was thirty degrees beneath freezing
    The people would keep pleading for relief from the mire
    and Alice appreciated having someone there beside her
    To take her hand and guide her through each horrid occurrence
    ... as his lips let the hints slip … part of her heard it
    It was hard to blur it … still she couldn’t trace his history
    Three months in … and he was still a basic mystery
    Until the night he would finally, tell her his plan
    …when he flopped trip sixes in six consecutive hands
    Revealed the chain, she thought was from another girl
    …Uncovered pearl pentagram pendants from the underworld
    …brought up the recent horrors and began to explain it
    She knew the Antichrist would come but never thought he’d take a maiden…

    The object of affection, or target of the devil’s henchman
    Damien laid his eyes on her and felt her very essence
    Then he read her thoughts about her parents as she choked up
    “They’ve been taken care of, no longer can they slow us”…

    Gabriel Comments:
    I want to say that I'm a fan of using different font, I did that too this week, but please when you do that can you increase the font size so we readers/voters can read your verses without struggling. not taking anything off for that, but it would help and I'd personally appreciate it because I like reading your work.

    Ok, moving on...... the verse, written very well. you have the narration of a author, but with the flow and rhymes of a great verse writer. The content in itelf was nicely developed and easy to follow to your surprise ending that I haven't disliked yet in any of your verses I've read. So far, your suprise endings are the best surprise endings in the league. The character development wasn't that great, but I can see how that may have been on purpose to help the mysterious element that you were going for. I liked this alot regardless.... Some of your lines were just barely stretched, it didn't take away from the read at all, but in such a close match, it all counts and it was noticed. If you were facing anyone else, this would of probably won.

  11. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005


    Tali Rodriguez

    Chasing Destiny

    Eventually, everything that shows growth decays
    Or using other words, in the end, it all goes away
    As sure as the cagey coast elopes with the ocean’s waves
    In the end, it goes away; it ALL goes away

    One quickly figures out where one’s ass is supposed to fit
    Whether you cried the first day of class or laughed at the folks who did
    Even if neither choice was something you were much into
    By doing nothing, you made a choice, and that choice stuck with you
    As the days and grades passed, you played games and obeyed fads
    Or became the ‘picked on’ and picked up ways to evade class
    But even if neither choice was something you were much into
    By doing nothing, you made a choice, and that choice stuck with you

    Once junior high hit, the phantom boundaries were set in stone
    The kings and queens were crowned and pawns were generally left alone
    But say you weren’t them; I bet you sort of wanted to be
    If only to avoid the teasing and taunting that haunted your dreams
    It probably seemed that often a coffin was awfully intriguing
    Maybe guns and pills crossed your mind, or possibly bleeding
    Of course it never panned out; you weren’t really dying to leave
    You were tired of being slighted and yearned for the right to believe
    That the next four years of your life would surpass the previous eight
    Because, as it stood, you were trapped and lacked an easy escape

    If only you’d known…

    Everything that shows growth decays
    Or using other words, in the end, it all goes away

    Grades nine, ten, eleven, and twelve were a mix of heaven and hell
    Peaks and depressions, leads and suggestions, greed and deception
    Obsessions and needs, confessions for deeds you deemed to be reckless
    Exceedingly restless cause’ your actions never seemed to leave the impressions
    That you sought. You swore you had every lesson received
    All the answers, when really, you barely had a piece of the question
    It’s likely you lacked perspective which led to defective reasoning
    But post high school, close to none of that shit means a thing

    If only you knew…

    Everything that shows growth decays
    Or using other words, in the end, it all goes away

    Once it goes away, you’re left with very little to guide you
    And you’re forced to confront all of those evil demons inside of you
    Tried and true methods of coping no longer work their magic
    In the tragic search for sadness cures it’s sure that nothing certain passes
    Through a hearse as fast as fervent passion and you’ve lost yours
    To the coffers of mass acceptance or purposely lacking tenants
    Throughout school, you worked so hard to create an escape
    From the insecurity that was most happy to take in the bait
    But once the audience displaced, did you ever vacate the stages?
    Or were you still a performer pretending to placate their gazes?


    One quickly figures out where one’s ass is supposed to fit
    Whether you drove the nicest car to class or laughed at the folks who did
    And even if neither choice was something you were much into
    By doing nothing, you made a choice, and that choice stuck with you
    But only as long as you allowed it to fester within you
    Did the self-imposed pressure to live up to 'nothing' continue
    Once you took a look back and perceived the contrived standard
    You realized that you had finally reached precisely the right answer

    Which is what?

    Everything that shows growth decays
    Or using other words, in the end, it all goes away
    As sure as the cagey coast elopes with the ocean’s waves
    In the end, it goes away; it ALL goes away

    But then what? An entire lifetime of chasing your destiny
    Leaves you basically empty, ashamed, afraid of facing your memories
    It's okay cause' eventutally, instead of tracing, you'll make your own fate
    And begin the slow race toward erasing the entropy

    There it goes...

    Gabriel Comments:
    this was masterfully written I think. Somewhat of a poetical prose for those looking to expand in that field.... here's a great example. I was into it from the very start as the flow and metaphorical inference you used were near perfect.... can't be calling nobody perfect, not even me. lol

    Eventually, everything that shows growth decays
    Or using other words, in the end, it all goes away
    As sure as the cagey coast elopes with the ocean’s waves
    In the end, it goes away; it ALL goes away

    I loved this start of it, reminds me of how mines starts actually with great wording and used as the introduction of the details that follow. The subject of growing up and becoming more mature as you go through what kids are like in school, maybe more so you then others, but we all can relate. You went through the transitions nicely with a kind of chorus.... sounds like something you plan on recording later, which isn't a bad idea. My humble guy puts up some texticular heroine for the verse fiends.

    *Please sir, may I have some more?*
  12. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005

    Examining the Skeleton of Beef

    Most Beef starts from a simple comment, thought or accusation made from one person to another and then it just escalates from there. I guess I can consider myself somewhat of an expert in this area because I’ve been in the biggest beefs within the RSTL since I got here. Problems are gonna arise out of confident, sometime ego-manacle is a better term, writers/rappers clash in matches and outcomes of those matches are determined by what may be viewed as bias.

    Lets take a brief moment in RSTL history to review some beef…

    For Example: Mac Flow VS. L Dogg

    This beef started within the crew known as the Elite and continued for almost a year straight with threads ever other day made by one or the other with insults slung back and forth all the time. The beef ultimately resulted in Mac Flow making another crew called Starving Artists, which I was a member of, but never in the Elite crew. This included some Elite members though like Omen… yea, I know, he doesn’t really count, but he did back then. Formal Logic was also in this crew with some other known RSTLers at the time, but their names are slipping my memory because this was in 2004. Then there was another crew started called Elite 2.0 which consisted of additions like Anaphora, Cereal Killer and Madpoet. Eventually, both L-Dogg and Mac Flow resolved their issues, the subsidiary crews were discontinued and other crews formed them… like Elite 2.0 and Starving Artists joining to form The BlackHand, which was a crew that me and Madpoet started.

    You’re probably asking, what’s the point of this shit? Well, the point is, not all beefs have bad results. In this case, the primary beef evolved into several different collaborations of writers which built stronger bond within our lil ole league, which is a best case scenario I think. Several crews formed from 1 beef and helped start a revolution of strong writers… Power to the Mothafuckin People Ninjas…..

    Then there’s other beefs that start over stupid shit and just consistently grow more and more annoying all the time. Sadly, I’m usually a member of these kind of beefs, which is also why I’m trying not to be involved with trivial shit. But… in this example –

    L Dogg VS. Dicnyaeye

    This became one of the most site publicized beefs I’ve ever witnessed with me starring within it. This started because, as most of you already know, I like to use alias names. Most people now commonly know me as DiC because I use this name more than any others. However, I’ve been at RM since 2000 so I have other names and my first name was pretty wack… Lyrical Sorcery, which was later changed to MANchyld. It was the name of the first song I recorded when I was 19.

    Anyway, because I like to hide under these under names, when Dicnyaeye became a somewhat popular name at the site, people wondered who the fuck is this guy writing these weird and perverted ass stories, but only a handful of people knew me and most of them were part of Poetry Realm and Poet Tree league so RSTLers were left in the dark. L-Dogg couldn’t get over the fact that I wouldn’t reveal my true name and started so much shit over it, I just responded with throwing shit right back. This made out matches widely public and constantly controversial in their outcomes. L-Dogg found out I was Lyrical Sorcery from me telling Vern, which was stupid I know, but for a couple of days, Vern was in my crew The BlackHand and he promised to keep the secret. From this, my beef with Vern started and then the Omen fiasco, which has lead me to dislike Elite as a crew in almost it’s entirety with the exception of Mac Flow cuz dude is cool with me and always will be.

    This beef had no real point to continue for an entire year almost like it did with complaints back and forth to Jeff, supermods and admins because we were both mods and mods beefin isn’t supposed to be allowed, but it definitely had it’s impact on the league and it’s members. Was it a good impact like the beef between Mac and L? I don’t think so…. It went beyond the RSTL, L found out who I was and started trashing the Poet Tree league forum and being an ass, which got him demoded once and of course I continually called him L Douche and Langdon the Loser, which is his real name as far as I’m concerned. He was the first person to mention my daughter as a source to escalate the beef and for what? All because I was an alias…. That’s just fuckin stupid.

    So now were entering more familiar territory for me in these current beefs…. Langdon has been replaced by the likes of GotLife? in being the asshole that starts these beefs. He’s coined the name Lifeless from this by me because it shows he has nothing better to do than start this stupid shit. He’s also coined the name L-Dogg Jr. because he acts very civil in AIM convos as L would do, but on the boards would remain a complete ass and go to the lengths of looking me up on my space to get ammo for his beef. Yea, just another useless beef that hasn’t resulted in much… but it’s gotten both me and Lifeless outcasted to a degree by some members. It’s one of those things were you have to pick sides because I’m not going to want to make friends out of his friends on the site and visa versa….. This just leads to more and more beefs though. So now there’s GotLife? VS. Pent uP, GotLife? VS Sac, Dic VS Tekneek and so on and so on. It never stops now, but should it stop?

    I guess some crews have grown and gotten stronger from present beefs as well….
    For Example: Masonic whatever the fuck… yall crew name is one I can never get right, but anyway. None of the members in that crew like GotLife? as Brains and HellRhza have beefed with him. Then there’s Keg Party who has also had beefs with GotLife? and leads to the next segment of this… Does this cause the bias that fools complain about in their matches? Of course it does and you should expect that to happen before these beefs are created. Sides have to be picked and if your side is on the short end, then you’ve fucked yourself so get used to bending over as everyone else fucks you too. If you’re not ready for the consequences that beef has, then don’t fuckin start any beef, plain and simple.
  13. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Voter of the Week

    There’s some members of the league who still put some time and effort in giving their votes and that’s highly appreciated because you can’t have a league operate well without quality voting and that’s an issue that I’ve noticed in every other league I visit just to see how there’s compares against our own RSTL…… When I think of quality voters in the league currently, a few names come to mind like ASK, Sacrifice, Brains, Vigil and myself…. Not to say that there’s not more great voters, but those are the names that come to mind because almost every week, we see them give good breakdowns of the verses, compare the two in their strengths vs. their weaknesses and not just go on what they were ‘feeling’ but look for the elements of writing verses to base their vote on, which is great because it’s more open minded and allows a writer to be open minded as well in their content.

    Last week, there were a few people that stood out as good voters with Sacrifice giving his outlines of the elements he thinks make for greatness along with Vigil once again. Some people tend not to vote when they think they’re losing a match, which is understandable, but I’d like to use this magazine article to place some importance in giving great votes because we need and want your input.

    One guy was quick to give his votes though and also include details in his explanation that makes even the loser of the matches he voted in feel some appreciation and maybe even follow his advice, which was nice and honest while still being courteous. What can you say about this guy that hasn’t already been said, he’s the humble great…. Tali Rodriguez and he’s out voter of the week for our Round 2 of the Winter’s Master’s Tournament. Good job man and I hope people are benefiting from your critiques because I know they all should be. When he gives a vote, he points out your strengths in writing as well as nicely advises on things that still need to be worked on and he’s so loved in our league, you know if he’s saying it’s credible shit. He was the first to vote on most of the matches last week as well in putting his votes up Sunday, when verses were due…. Commendable ninja right here….
  14. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Nice work from everyone involved.... ASK, good shit man. Pretty accurate I think in your match reviews... definately Brains vs Tali was the killer match of the week. I actually thought Vigil vs Tek should of been 2 or 3, but still gravy

    Tali, thanks for the help man. Pretty nice breakdowns, very accurate assessments of the skills on board. you seem to be picking back up the natrual knack of this shit as you recieve verse of the week and voter of the week.

    Urizen, I tried waiting for you to send me your Top 5 Verses, PMed you and waited for hours, but since you didn't respond, I just did it myself. Your work is always welcomed though folks.

    To Myself, pat on the back... I put some solid hard work into this so I hope yall appreciate it and give it a read... then afterwards, say whatever's on your mind from reading it.

  15. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    sorry for not responding and not doing the top 5
    I had em done but I couldnt send em

    school is fucking me up
    exams and resits and life just got a little to hectic for the boy
  16. A.S.K

    A.S.K ...

    Mar 11, 2003
    good mag, glad i could help out. yea maybe i fucked the top 3 matches up sligfhtly but oh well, next week i'll do a top 5 as there will be more
  17. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Its cool Urizen... do whatcha gotta do...

    if you send em to me now, I can add it in my last post though

    ASK, don't sweat it, that's just my opinion.... all gravy though. Thanks for all the help man.
  18. ConstantFlows

    ConstantFlows New Member

    Nov 10, 2001
    Dope mag, roflmao@ask getting his girl to read my verse

    Did she like it?

    Nice effort by all.....see u in the final 4


    Apr 16, 2004

    What did you like, dislike... ect.. if this was a vote in a match, it would get DQed for not having enough explanation in it.


  20. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Lol @ 60,000/year. Dic you're kidding me right? I was making 69 in the academy because of my degree dude.

    Base about 73, but gross about 115 with the mandatory OT.

    Check the link.

    Nonetheless, this mag was dope as fuck I really enjoyed it. I got a nice verse that is nothing more than real coming to the table. It's a topic that we all want answers to. Sac and I will be a good match. Sac best of luck man, I really look forward to it. You guys all came together well on this. Keep doing what you guys do, and I will be contributing to the mag next week.
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