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  1. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001

    I. WEEK IN REVIEW (Clawz)
    II. TOP 20 BREAKDOWN, PART 1 (Got Life?)
    III. TOP 20 BREAKDOWN, PART 2 (Got Life?)
    V. TOP 5 VERSES (Vigil)
    VII. THE SHIT LIST (Clawz)
    X. FINAL THOUGHTS (Rikoshay)

  2. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Week in Review
    by Clawz

    Entering the first week of the New RSTL, we continue to grow the league stronger and healthier as we recover from the downtime of the tournament and Christmas break, while starting off new features like alternate matches and a points system, among other things. Here’s the week by the numbers:

    25 - People in league last week
    29 – People in league this week
    31 – Percent of signed-in members who are former champs
    .666 – League’s Win Percentage this week (29 members)
    .650 – Total RSTL Win Percentage (300 members)
    5.63 - Average points earned last week
    7 - Points you can earn showing, voting and losing in a Round Robin or Alternate match
    18 – Amount of players who posted verses
    18 – Amount of players in battles
    3.44 - Average votes per show
    7 - Amount of votes required to earn full points
    75 - Percent of battles won by 2 or less votes

    ”The Schwartz is strong with this one.”
    All in all a pretty solid week, as vote average is at about half a vote under the required 4, but still not enough with 75% of battles this week being decided by only one or two votes.

    In league action, Annihilation (12-2) defeated Got Life? (12-8) and Pain (14-8) by a tally of 4-2-1 respectively for his 3rd consecutive defense in the Championship. In the Contender Match, Mr. Chaves (3-2) was downed by veteran Runna DaMille (21-5) in a tantalizing 5-3 bout. This puts Rikoshay’s showcase alias in position for a potential 6th title, surpassing Jowelz, Peril Eyes and Tha Talent, who currently all share 5 titles a piece, should he win next week. That would leave him only 3 behind all-time great Vern Acular, who currently possesses 9 titles.

    The Blue Division Title Match saw a rampaging Malosovich (49-24) make short work of former champion Vigil (13-8) in a 6-1 count that moves Malo up into the Contender Match. He’ll take on fellow moderator Pent uP (23-9), who downed a formidable Lola .Cruez. II (2-1) in a close 5-4 decision to take the Red Division Title Match.

    ”It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… the RBL?”
    In a rare occurrence this week, all 4 RSTL mods are holding the Championship, Contender, and both Divisional Titles. You’d be right to be supic.ious, so let’s focus on your short attention span and segway into an unrelated yet unimportant topic, RIKO vs. RICO. Some call it pure madness, others call it mad purity, but everyone agrees: it’s damn confusing, and I for one am sick of being part of this twisted shenanigan. It’s an outrage, and you, the people, should do something about it. The integrity of our league is at stake.

    ”Take me to your leader”
    Elsewhere, newcomer Stairway (1-0) upset conspiracy theorist Jersey Emcee (22-17) by a score of 5-3. After returning from an X-Files marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel, Jersey could only make one logical, unassailable conclusion: “the votes are RM for me...and the other site for him...go figure...”, further adding that Tekneek’s post was a “hate vote”. The New Jersey native was neither seen fitting tinfoil hats onto his head nor screaming “PTL ASSASSINS, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!”, but it would have been mildly, if not extremely, entertaining.

    Lost Prophet (13-5) returned to league action this week, shutting out RICO (22-20) with an 8-0 win, propelling him into the Blue Division Title Match. The week’s only other 3-way saw the RSTL’s newest talent, Ribonuclease (1-1) and femcee Tha DQ (4-4) narrowly defeated by a hot Urizen (8-3), who won the bout 3-2-1. He’ll move onto the bracket matches to face Lost Prophet in for the Divisional Title.

    ”And the award goes to…”
    Defcon_5 (7-6) edged out a returning Tekneek (63-25), handing him a 5-4 defeat, as the eccentric emcee finally returned to the RSTL after he had an experience “that set me spiritually straight”, much like what the Academy did to Brokeback Mountain at the Oscars last Sunday.

    Three former champions enter Week 2 of the New RSTL, including recent tournament and league champion I Dunnno (45-13), Insense (23-8) and Lord Drama (45-12). Also returning is moderator MISSKEYdaQUEEN (9-4), eliminating any possibility of mod bias within the league, since anyone can plainly see she’s not in the Top 4. Now don’t you feel silly coming up with such notions, after all, they’re just “theorys”, much like evolution and Nell being wack. Oh wait…

    Also coming in are Anonymous (4-1), Brickz (0-0), Concise (0-0), Blackwell (0-0), Symptoms (0-0) and Ticker (0-0). Sadly, DBS Crew members Shogun (3-3) and Scrolls (9-8) are signed out for the week due to no show. Hopefully they’ll return once their suspensions are up.

    And that is the Week in Review.
  3. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 20 Breakdown
    by Got Life?

    While some of you may have gotten excited about the prospect that Vigil will be breaking this down as opposed to me doing it, your excitement is short lived. I’m back, I’m in your face, and odds are I still don’t like you. Regardless of that though the battles were interesting this week with various people stepping up and trying to make a name for themselves.

    We’ll start off I guess with the Ikea division, because well fuck it I don’t know why…the whole concept of the divisions are absolutely pointless and I still really don’t like the whole color scheme…but yea…that’s that…fuck it…the Ikea division only had one battle anyway…

    Ribonuclease vs Tha_DQ vs Urizen​

    This battle actually had two pretty well written verses and one seemingly rushed one. None the less all 3 of these writers were alternates and I appreciate their desire to actually partake in the league and not ride on the no-show parade. Urizen actually surprised me here developing a piece about a gang rape where the main character telling us the story was battling with himself on whether to commit the rape and further degradation of the woman they took captive, or to go against his gang of companions. I think he definitely showed signs that he is emerging as one of the guys not to sleep on in the league. Ribo showed us the classic tale of the kid with infinite potential who gets picked on at school and isn’t dealt a great hand of cards in this game of life. Unfortunately readers were turned off by the kid becoming yet another shoot up the school type of character, but of the three verses this was written the best. Tha DQ had a piece not many people actually understood, but it had a lot of interesting elements to it. I think she easily had the most creative piece, but her lack of creativity failed to seal a shot at a victory this week. I think once she actually has time to sit down and write and understands more of the mechanics involved with writing in English she might grow to become people’s favorite female in the RSTL, dethroning Nique of the honor she currently holds. That of course would only happen if Nique never came back, but none the less, this was a good battle and Urizen ran away with the win.

    Malosovich vs Vigil​

    The Ikea title match was actually a rather interesting read and it definitely was closer than the one sided votes would suggest. I feel that both writers were in no way near the top of their game in this one though. Malo wrote a verse that connected with me because of the terrorist in his piece; having grown up in New York this was obviously sentimental for me to reminisce, but he pulled it off nicely, beyond that the conflict between the terrorist and his mother who does not want to be labeled like every other terrorist and knows that nothing good will come of it all…the struggle between the two…and as for the twist…well read it yourselves bitches. Vigil on the other hand went with a very strong metaphorical piece. I really like the way he approaches his topics with so much creativity and a rather good flow, but his verse although seemingly nearly flawless left readers confused or wanting more. I think this was yet another classic case where a writer in this league went way above the heads of most of the readers because some people are just ignorant or maybe just not that bright these days. By the way if you think this might be referring to you then you are 100% correct, you are the idiot in question.

    In the Target division, yes I am renaming both divisions after stores that embody the colors of the two divisions and don’t actually clash, because as we all know, the two divisions never really clash except in the contender and champ matches.

    Defcon 5 vs TeKneeK​

    No matter what I say no one will be happy, but I really don’t give a shit, hate me all you want, but this was a big let down. First off Tek comes back and the candle I lit for him didn’t even burn out yet…go figure…anyway…once the lack of shock wears off we can all go back to our daily lives because Tek found Jesus and he brought Jesus with him to the RSTL…some sources say that Tek actually found Jesus in Vigil’s verse last week, but there have been sightings of the crucified Jew throughout the world as we know it. Regardless of which if you ignored all the side notes and captions that Tek included in his already lengthy verse you wouldn’t really be able to figure out what was going on and as this is a writing league I overlooked his little extras before and after the verse that were explaining his frame of mind, Tek talked about a dream that disturbed him and seeking answers within the bible, but there was really no conclusion drawn…except that he’s found Jesus…and now he’s back in the RSTL…apparently even with Jesus on his side though Tek couldn’t swing this one his way losing by one vote to Def. Def while not having found Jesus probably should start looking for him because I don’t think he’ll be catching any more lucky breaks like he did this week. If he doesn’t start actually working his verses over and doesn’t stop rushing what he writes he’s going to find himself notching more L’s onto his record. There is talent within his writing, but it needs to be polished and that is something that was truly lacking from his verse this week, which contained awkward metaphors that seemed like they belong in the RBL as opposed to the RSTL…at the end of the day though he came away from this one with the win.

    Lost Prophet vs Rico​

    It seems that Rico just can’t catch a break…he’s writing not bad verses week in week out, trying to maintain a steady flow and add his own little twist to the topics he’s been approaching, but this week he really got slaughtered. The fact was that Rico’s verse while good really didn’t stand out in my eyes and that is not something I can say for his opponent. I know that rating the best verse of the week is a really hard thing to do because it’s not like we all approach the same topic and see who flips it better, but this gets my nod regardless of who actually gets the award. LP wrote about a father who lost his son to cancer and the emotion and imagery behind it all really captured me. I think the greatest part to this verse though was that it did not focus around the father’s pain and anguish but rather towards how it leads him to become a street musician left on the streets playing his saxophone, which is a very passionate instrument for any of you that may be unaware. Beyond that LP talks about how there is a boy with his mother that comes to listen to him play and how much that boy reminds him of how his own son use to be and how for that moment it brings some joy into his life to make the boy smile. This was a really deep and moving piece and I can’t wait to read more from LP if he can keep writing at this level.
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    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Jersey Emcee vs Stairway​

    Of course it wouldn’t be in Jersey’s nature to not be annoyed with voters claiming that people from different sites didn’t feel him…I didn’t dwell to far into the votes, but I know I’ve voted for him before, but I just didn’t find his piece that original. Essentially his piece was talking about love and then his piece enters a speech that seems like it’s being told to the character by a girl, but in reality it is his body talking to him. Mad at him about how he used and abused his body and got himself AIDS…leaving the character at a cross roads between the quick painless death of suicide or the slow demoralizing death entangled with AIDS…while I liked the way he wrote this It really lacked originality…it was just another my life is over because I have AIDS piece, except it was told via the body instead of via the mind. At the end of the day it’s still the same shit, written well but lacking originality, which seems to be a common theme these days. Stairway on the other hand really came out of nowhere and surprised nearly all of us with a clever approach to a topic that could have been very bland because of how many ways it’s been flipped before. Stairway on the other hand surprised me with his creativity and ability to flip this topic in multiple directions and came away with a much earned win. Yet he still had room for improvement as far as working over his flow and adding more elements to his writing and giving it a more complete feel to it. I think that once he settles into his grove here in the RSTL he could continue to surprise some of us.

    On a side note one trend that I did notice from all of this is that it seems every single RSTL member from the state of New Jersey always seems to have one issue or another, we have Jersey the constant complainer, we have Headless…the straight up hardcore gangster drama queen, and last but certainly not least we have the always correct Got Life? might be a trend, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we here in this fine state don’t like each other, so why in the fuck would we like you. Think about that next time you try and message me asking me to rethink my vote, I’m not going to name names, but you know who you are and quite frankly I find you very lame and you need to stop trying to talk to me like we’re friends Lola…

    But without further delay I bring you the Target division title match starring…

    Lola Cruz II vs Pent uP​

    I was rather surprised by how close the votes were, but then I thought back to how some voters never really look into a piece, and this battle was far to close in the votes considering the difference in caliber off writing. Pent came with one of the better verses this week nailing his flow and taking an approach you don’t see everyday about being the President of our great nation. He actually defended the concept of what the President has to go through and how hard those decisions must be and those last two lines really drove home a very well written piece. To quote Rico, he said, “It was out of the box and I myself would have never taken it there.” Trust me Rico…we know you wouldn’t have taken it there. Lola on the other hand butchered the details of her story and while they were there and written in a decent manner there was absolutely no fluidity in her verse. It had very poor transitions and a very forced flow, I can sympathize with the fact that she lives in Puerto Rico and so writing in English isn’t the easiest thing for her to do, but I’m not judging the adversities you had to overcome, but simply judging the writing. Think what you want about her story, but one thing everyone seemed comfortable agreeing upon is that Pent had a much more polished and better written piece.

    Leaving the colors behind we go over to the contender match where local favorite Rikoshay, still posting under his Runna DaMille faced off with the hyped up alias known to us as Mr. Chaves.

    Runna DaMille vs Mr. Chaves​

    Chaves came with an emotional piece about a love triangle, but as he was so busy working on covering this upper in clever metaphor he failed to establish a clear difference between the two men in the story known as he and him…I think I speak on behalf of your third grade English teacher when I say tsk tsk…all nonsense aside though Chaves had solid imagery and an interesting story that had solid emotion. Once he stops thinking that he knows everything (which is my job anyway) and listens to the criticism he’s given and stops forcing his flow I think he’s another one of the newer guys in the league to watch out for. Now I don’t think this battle was as far apart as Vigil saw it, but Riko delivered a verse in typical Riko fashion, he brought complex and creative rhymes and used his vocab in order to deliver a very powerful message. All in all this was another one of the better written verses this week and it is no surprise to me that Riko ran off with the win, setting his sights on the ever so technical Annihilation.

    Now on to the main event…
  5. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Annihilation vs .:pain:. Vs Got Life?​

    One thing is for certain and that is that all the drama, all the nonsense, all the discrepancies that came into this battle were all worth it because anyone who actually read this battle came away knowing what all the hype was all about. Don’t take my word for it; listen to people you actually might like for example Tek said that, “This is undoubtedly one of the greatest title matches he has ever seen since he started the RSTL.” Regardless of which, even if you don’t like Tek trust me that everyone found this battle to be extremely hard to vote on and extremely captivating. Which is what you should have expected from the three of us. Pain came with a very honest piece in regards to how he views his life and why he does what he does on the cold lonely streets in order to make ends. Beyond that he once again exhibited that one aspect which he is known for most, his nearly flawless flow. Anyone who did not feel the emotion in Pain’s verse is simply someone who does not pay attention to the fact that he writes about his personal experiences and he does it every single week. This week for me was a very personal piece as well as I have always incorporated my own experiences in my writing, but this week was particularly meaningful to me as I allowed the league to experience an event that truly changed my life. I realize though that certain voters didn’t even pick up on this as Urizen was seen stating, “I kinda didn’t like him NOT dieing but that’s just me.” Like I said earlier I’m sorry to disappoint you, but had I died there would have been no verse for you to read and this particular article would not have been written. All the details were as accurate as I can recollect and I hope the emotion of the piece captured all of you as much as it poured out of me as I wrote this. Now unto Anni who proved what Tali once said to me, which is that people in the RSTL tend to prefer things that aren’t quite so personal. I know that’s not always the case, but I have to give credit where credit is due and Anni had a great piece. The conversation between Jack and the Devil was very natural…the piece flowed smoothly…and there was really no visible flaw to his piece. I also rather enjoyed the way this piece could be a rather plausible explanation to the start of Jack the Ripper, if you allow for the possibility for the devil to exist, or at least for Jack the Ripper to have been psycho and had imagined himself having such a conversation with the devil. Regardless of how you look at it this is a battle that shouldn’t be overlooked and it showcased 3 of the better writers in the league today.

    With that said this week had a solid turnout and there are a lot of people on the rise bringing determined verses and trying to fight towards getting to the top. At the end of the day the only thing that you can hold in certainty is that sleeping on your opponent will certainly lead to your demise.
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    Apr 12, 2001
    Interview with Defcon_5
    by Pent uP

    Pent uP: yoooo doggy

    Defcon: wattup

    Pent uP: nada thing

    Pent uP: can i ask your opinoin man

    Defcon: yeah

    Pent uP: what do you think of the voters in the RSTL?

    Defcon: i think most of them vote on the wrong thing

    Defcon: they read the verses..look at the names...and don't really know what makes a good verse a good verse..they go off who is who and whe nthey read htat person's verse it's automatically gonna appear dope to them

    Pent uP: what are your standards for an RSTL vote

    Defcon: my standards are read every portion of the verse..i mean i could skim over a whole verse then drop a vote based on that skim..but i don't..i like to really become the the point where i can fill i nthe characters in the story in my head and watch it in my head while i read..if i can't relate to it that way then i won't feel it at all

    Pent uP: When you consider a story's 'flow' do you determine that by how it plays in your head or is it how it reads

    Defcon: a little of both....i should be able to read str8 through it therefore have a smoove story envisioned in my mind at the same time..if it's a choppy flow then of coarse i won't get a clear vivid picture so i wouldn't be able to follow it

    Pent uP: how does vocab effect the flow of a story for you?

    Defcon: i mean as long as i can get an idea of what the word is then i'm long as it ain't horribly misspelled then i can work with it..don't really effect the flow or story unless it's just horrid spelling

    Pent uP: do you think a piece that has bigger vocab is necessirily 'less hip hop'? Also, do you think that it is unnatural for people to speak using a variety of vocab involving multiple synonyms and sometimes even puns even in everyday language and conversation?

    Defcon: verse with bigger vocab not being hiphop? thing to say to that....look at common and mos def..they use it all the time and who's gonna say they aren't hiphop? point exactlyand no it's not unnatural to do that..i do it in my verses all the everyday conversation would be weird..unless ur talkin to E40 lol

    Pent uP: word up my weebles, Do you find a topical or a story to be harder to write? and which a better approach

    Defcon: i like stories more than topical...i mean with stories the boundaries are limitless(until u get to the max amount of lines lol)..but topicals are more of a stuck format u know u can't really expand ur mind unless u get a broad topic

    Pent uP: or unless youre creative enough. Do you feel there is any sort of rhyming structure ideal for keeping the flow or pace of a story

    Defcon: nah there's no one that is ideal..different stroke for different i'm more of a multi/inner rhythm person so i base my structure off of that

    Pent uP: would you say you substitute content to rhyme more?

    Defcon : at times and that has been a downpoint for me..but i honestly feel like i stepped it up this past week and kept my content on the same level even with focusin more on the rhyme

    Pent uP: do you feel that alot of people force rhymes? or is that a common misconception

    Defcon: it's more a common misconseption..i mean it's not likethat is a everyday thing u know..u see it once in a while but not consistently

    Pent uP: damn my bad i didnt mean to get into a session of 21 questions

    Pent uP: but since I have, you mind if i just post this as an interview

    Defcon: no i already knew it was for the mag lol

    Pent uP: I didnt when I aimed you, i was just that stoned

    Pent uP: anyways im chilling with WHO!?

    Defcon: the one and only Defcon_5..back to take the crown ;-)

    Pent uP: yeah good luck with that shit, you know im next for it

    Defcon: lol word

    Pent uP: ima be stabbing fools with kitchen appliances

    Defcon: lol

    Pent uP: but yo, since this is an interview, you wanna play the rate-them game

    Defcon: sure..if i don't know em i'ma be honest and say pass

    Pent uP: psssh like i care

    Defcon: lol

    Pent uP: Whatsup with that Diggity iggity dude Got Life?

    Defcon: hmmm when i first seen him he was decent..gotten a lil better...not takin nothing away from him but his ego is a lil to big...on a scale of 1-10 i give him a 7.5

    Pent uP: Diggity Damn! Next on this list is that Radioactive, Ribonuclease

    Defcon: Ribo has been known to have a flash then disappear.....i give em a 7.5 also..don't know if it'll be fresh stuff or;s been a while

    Pent uP: Right Right; that Jazzy story teller, Jersey Emcee

    Defcon: hmm i'll give him a 8.5..he can bring it when he needs to

    Pent uP: Alright Alright, then what do you give our Any-Man Anni - Annihilation

    Defcon : haven't really peeped him...seemed decent enough from what i saw though..but i'll pass on the rating

    Pent uP: no dizzle, what do you give that dastardly dude Dicnyaeye

    Defcon: Dic has always been one of my favorite writers...gets a 9 easily

    Pent uP: no douuuubt thats my ninja too. one last dude; What is your opinion on...........................Lost Prophet

    Defcon: haven't read him yet..pass

    Pent uP: You may not pass go

    Pent uP: you may not collect two hundred

    Pent uP: you may not get your hooker license renewed

    Defcon: lol

    Pent uP: You can however tell me what your favorite verse in the past month was

    Pent uP: no; last two weeks

    Pent uP: first two weeks of the new RSTL

    Defcon: lol i only saw mine and my opponents verses..been mad busy lately

    Defcon: but i gotta run to the store right fast

    Pent uP: welllll shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit, you need to vote ninja

    Defcon: i am

    Defcon : lol

    Pent uP: Its been cool chillin muhfucka; be eaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy, and get me an optimo

    Pent uP: im five thousand too

    Defcon : lol aight my g

    Defcon: pz
  7. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Top 5 Verses
    by Vigil

    5. Pent uP

    I thought Pent had a nice point of view here, and the lyrics for the most
    part was good, nothing special but solid. The flow was good, but what I
    really liked about this verse was the topic, I like these types of topicals.
    Also the last line was really clever, and that just won me over. Good job


    When I first read this verse I didn't think that much of it, I thought it
    was very slow-paced and a yawn a stretch but then I realized you gotta
    respect and give props when writers give a backdrop and really bring the
    story alive, and let it develop. Malo is a mastercrafter when it comes to
    writing endings, his endins never let the reader down. I though this was a
    well-rounded piece, hardly any errors and the flow wasn't bad.

    3.Runna DaMille

    This was a typical Rikoshay verse, multi-packed, flow-smoothie with vocab
    off the map plus with some clever lines. Now, with that said, I don't always
    like the fact that Riko over-emphasis vocab, although I admire his skill
    very much. His lines are just really smart, and thought-out, even when his
    verses are half-assed..they're still filled with some meaning. This was most
    definitely one of my favorite reads this week.


    Point blank, his is what a top tier topical is. From the mechanics to the
    flow to the story to the dilaogue to the pace to the structure, this verse
    is hard to critique since very few can write much better. Anni's take on
    Jack the ripper was nice, and like I said the pace was complimented the
    piece. Great work Anni, definitely champion material!

    1.Lost Prophet

    LP surprised me with this verse, it's one of those reads where you can read
    it over and over again and it gets even better the second and third time,
    very few verses had that quality this week. The flow was really fluid, it
    made for an extremely easy read. The story was fresh, the ending was nice,
    LP did about everything right. Congrats LP, keep it going!
  8. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Voter of the Week
    by Clawz

    Five emcees went above the call of duty this week, voting in 7 battles and making their voice heard within the RSTL, including Annihilation, Got Life?, Lost Prophet, Mr. Chaves and Urizen. Props for earning your full voting points. Other standouts included solid votes from the usual suspects, including (but not limited to) Tha DQ, Ribonuclease, Tekneek and Lola just off the top of my head. Special mention to Pent uP who posted monster votes in his 4 required battles, and also to 4-time Voter of the Week Annihilation, who wrote several novels in the process. The award this week, however, goes to two veterans who’ve been doing more than simply their fair share of the voting over the past several months, especially this week, and they are Got Life? & Lost Prophet. Not only did they post in every battle, but they posted long and detailed constructive criticisms in deciding each match. You can tell they read your verse with care, citing examples, analyzing plotlines, characters, emotion and technical aspects. Kudos to both of you for the well-deserved accolade, as well to everyone who gave good feedback to their fellow members. The league is only as good as its votes, and the level of voting is fucking 20 times better than it used to be in the RSTL, so hold your heads high. Seriously, check some of the older battles circa mid-2003 to mid-2005, unhidden, dickridden, one or two line votes are a thing of the past. Keep it up.
  9. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    The Shit List
    by Clawz

    I had this in the Week in Review about two months ago, and I’m considering making it a new feature, with the thinly veiled motive of deterring non-participation.

    Malosovich didn’t vote and won

    Same old here, practically never votes. You’re a moderator, you should know better. C’mon Malo, everyone knows you’re above this.

    Defcon_5 didn’t vote and won

    Another mod, won a 5-4 decision, that’s 9 votes on his battle to give him the narrow win, and 9 critiques of his verse, and doesn’t even bother to reciprocate.

    RICO didn’t vote and lost

    Lost and didn’t vote.

    Pain didn’t vote and lost

    Doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself, and even publicly stated in a mag interview he doesn’t vote in people’s matches if he isn’t going to win. And when he does vote, they’re vague and lackluster at best.

    Jersey Emcee didn’t vote and lost

    No surprise here, no shows most of the time, and when he does show, doesn’t vote. Of course, had the audacity to bitch about the votes in his battle this week.

    Vigil didn’t vote and lost

    This is a rarity, usually Vigil gives great feedback and is one of the best participants in this league, he writes well, shows up, votes a lot and has recently been making large contributions to the mag, so I’m not worried about this cat.

    No Shows
    Shogun didn’t vote but no-showed
    Scrolls didn’t vote but no-showed
    Juked didn’t vote but no-showed
    Lunatock didn’t vote but no-showed
    Soldja J didn’t vote but no-showed
    Retulen Reactus didn’t vote but no-showed

    No further need to elaborate. Pick your fucking game up.
  10. Clawz

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Vigil's Two Cents
    by Vigil

    So you're pissed all your records from all your different names aren't
    accumulated into one? Yeah well..Fuck you! The mods done enough, screw your egos and screw yourinsecurities, since when was writing about points? Fuck a reward. I don'tlike the fact that this league is about Reward and Punishment cause that's a pity philosophy although that's the only way most people can follow rules and do shit but not ME. I don't write or vote to get points, I just write
    and vote on matches I like. A writer with 10 points could be twice as good
    as a writer with 50 points so keep that in mind, asscracks. So fuck the
    cheese and fuck you for craving it.

    So you don't like the New Rstl? Yeah well, get outta here cause there's
    enough kids that do. We don't want you if you're not interested, your not
    obligated to be here, and Im pretty sure Riko and whoever else is in charge
    is not gonna change the idea after a week just cause some kid doesn't wanna
    conform. Give it time, pretty soon you'd be pushing the bandwagon.

    So you don't like the topics this week? Yeah well, nobody else does either
    so shut the fuck up and suck it up you crying baby. Yes I'm taking to you,
    you know who you are.

    So youre mad at the bias in the league? ..Listen there will be always bias,
    but don't mistake bias as favoritism and dickriding cause their different.
    And if there is favoritism in the league, there isn't a whole lot, I'll tell
    you that much. Its true a few writers have consistently shown favoritism but
    that isn't enough to go bitching and crying that you're not gonna move on to
    the next bracket. Relax, just write good, everything else will work itself

    Vigil's final words:

    Writers, try to develop your own style, there a few writers in the league
    like Claws, Riko, and D.I.C who have their own style and look at their
    accomplishments. Once you've developed your own style that compliments your
    writing skills your success in the leauge will increase. And if you think
    you've got an original style, then re-read and read other people's verse and
    really try to see how the verses stand out. Cause if your verse doesn't
    stand out then do you bother writing?
  11. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Power Rankings

    *Note for Opera users: The images will NOT display properly, use Firefox or IE if you're having problems viewing them.

    Last week I brought you Power Rankings for the entire RSTL, comprising of about 300 emcees over the past 4-5 years. This week we narrow the focus on those currently in the league, as well as adding categories for the New RSTL.

    First off, here’s the current standings ranked by Active Points:


    Next, updated Power Rankings, based on lifetime performance:


    We’ll keep providing you with current rankings, as well as expand the RSTL Archives to accommodate the new league as well as any worthwhile statistics that can now be computed thanks to more comprehensive stat tracking.

  12. Clawz

    Clawz House

    Apr 12, 2001
    Final Thoughts
    by Rikoshay

    I think the first week went great.
    For the most part, everyone was pretty evenly matched and voting leads tended to flip flop all weekend long, other than the one blow out (Lost Prophet defeats RICO 8-0).
    Personally, I feel the results were correct (Even if I might have voted differently than consensus in a couple matches).
    Here’s a little look at how points effected this week’s standings.

    First, I’d like to commend Annihilation, Got Life?, Lost Prophet, Mr. Chavez & Urizen for voting on every single match and earning that extra point.
    Also, propers go out to Lost Prophet, Ribonuclease, RICO, Tha DQ & Urizen for taking a risk in “Alternate Matches”. While Ribo, RICO and The DQ took losses on their records, they earned 1 more point than they would have by taking a No-Show victory. LP and Urizen earned 4 more point than they would have by taking a No-Show victory.

    Some examples of how crucial participation is:
    Defcon defeated TeK. Def did not vote on any matches, TeK voted on 4 so:
    Defcon - 5 points (2 for showing, -2 not voting, 5 for winning)
    Tekneek - 6 points (2 for showing, 2 for voting, 2 for losing by vote)

    As you can see, TeK is actually ahead of Def in points earned, even though he lost to him. If the league had had just one more match, Def would not have advanced and Tek would be in position this week to maintain a lead on Def.

    Stairway defeated Jersey Emcee. Stairway only voted on 3 but Jersey voted on none so:
    Stairway - 8 points (2 for showing, 1 for voting, 5 for winning)
    Jersey - 2 points (2 for showing, -2 not voting, 2 for losing by vote)

    Jersey now falls 6 points back. Had he voted on all 7 matches, he’d have earned 7 points and still be right in the thick of it.

    In the two title matches, Lola lost to Pent by one vote but she voted on 4 matches. Meanwhile, Malo defeated Vigil, yet voted on none so:
    Malo - 5 points (2 for showing, -2 not voting, 5 for winning)
    Lola – 6 points (2 for showing, 2 for voting, 2 for losing by one vote)

    Then there’s the mess in the Champ Match. If all votes had counted, the final score would have been 4 for Anni, 2 for Got, 1 for Pain. Unfortunately, Lost Prophet had a problem with his “Hide” tag and his vote had to be DQed. Shogun edited his vote, even though he didn’t alter the content of it, there’s no second chance votes so his vote had to be DQed. Scrolls did not meet vote criteria based on length dedicated to each verse so his vote had to be DQed. Pent uP has had bias against GL in the past, while it may not exist any longer, they have not agreed to allow each other to vote in each other’s matches so his vote had to be DQed. In the end, the final score was 2 for Anni, 1 for Pain, 0 for GL so:
    Annihilation - 10 points (2 for showing, 3 for voting, 5 for winning)
    Got Life? - 5 points (2 for showing, 3 for voting)
    Pain - 2 points (2 for showing, -2 for not voting, 2 for losing by one vote)

    As you can see, that 5 point swing for voting is critical. The 5 people who decided not to take the “Win via no-show” combined to pull in 11 more points just for the risk.

    How does it all affect the standings? Here’s this week’s divisions:


    I Dunnno (20)
    Tha DQ (19)
    Got Life? (19)
    Ribonuclease (18)
    Anonymous (13)
    Vigil (10)
    Brickz (0)
    Brickz (0)
    Concise (0)
    Ticker (0)


    Pain (23)
    TeKneeK (22)
    RICO (18)
    Lord Drama (17)
    Insense (16)
    Jersey Emcee (15)
    Mr. Chaves (14)
    .Lola Cruez. II (11)
    Blackwell (0)
    Symptoms (0)
    Gerald (0)

    Had Tha DQ and TeK voted in every match, They’d both be tied for first, atop their respective Divisions. RICO only voted on one match, otherwise he could have 22 points now as well. Jersey could’ve had 5 more and been at 20, potentially one win away from a Divisional Title Match. As it is, he’s now down in the middle of the pack.

    So remember, be willing to be an “Alternate” and vote on at least 4, if not all. You really will climb the ranks swiftly.

    Finally, don’t forget that “Temp points” only last 4 weeks. Points may seem even less skewed at that time and everything you do in the interim will have even greater significance.
  13. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    *Holds 'CTRL' + 'F' to open 'Find' window*

    *Types in 'Malo'*

    *Veiws results*

    (no nerd/homo)
  14. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    I gotta be honest here
    GL is one rude dude but I do read what he types cus I know
    he is gun say sum rude but good job tho
    I liked this mag

    and I actually got sum votes in this time
    I must be finding my swagger
  15. .:Pain:.

    .:Pain:. Futurely J. Keeper

    Dec 4, 2005
    It's not that I don't give a fuck about anyone but myself, I just fucking hate voting, with every little bit and piece of soul. I tried to get better with it, but then I was in two three way champ matches in a row that only like got like 8 votes total, so I said fuck it.

    Great mag though, one of the best I've seen in a while...
  16. $1.50

    $1.50 New Member

    Mar 20, 2005
    To answer Pents question, vocab can indeed hurt your story, especially with rm. Everyone has different levels of education so you should take that into consideration while writing.

    Other than that, GREAT fucking mag, you guys make me so happy!
  17. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    Dope mag. Nice breakdowns, all be it you broke down the WRONG VERSE GL...

    And the vocab problem is simple.

    Don't try so fucking hard.

    RIKOSHAY New Member

    Oct 31, 1999
    Jersey Emcee has been beset upon yet again.
    I just noticed that his 2 points were not added to his 15 "Temp" points so he, in fact, has 17 points right now. Had he voted on all matches, he'd have 22.

    Dear Hilarity,
    Please ensue.
    Thanks in advance.

  19. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    *scratches head*...what did I break down wrong?

    meh...oh well...sorry if you find me i'm not sorry...

    i'm honest...that's a lot more than I can say for a lot of people in this league...

    great mag...worst interview i've read yet though...
  20. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    I invented rude son. It's not that. Its just you broke down my terrorist verse... that was like 2 weeks ago against deffy.
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