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  1. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005

    1. Introduction
    2. Recap
    3. Battle of the Week
    4. No Show Shine
    5. Match Ups
    6. Predictions
    7. Interview
    8. Video of the Week
    9. Topics
    10. Conclusion

    1. Introduction

    Well, Week 9 went pretty smoothly overall. We saw pretty nice verses from pretty much everyone, although I do think that more voting could’ve been done on the battles. Let’s try to improve on that this upcoming week in order to keep this league’s productivity up. I’m also implementing the Standings this week. They will in no way, shape, or form change any of the battles or match ups in the future, but they will show a more accurate depiction of where each writer ranks in the league. For those who haven’t seen, here are the official rules:

    A win is worth 10 points
    A loss is worth -10 points
    A win due to a no-show is only worth 5 points
    A loss due to a no-show is worth -15 points
    If you get no-showed against and your verse wins the No-Show Shine section in the Mag you will be awarded 5 points
    If you shut out your opponent in the votes it's worth 5 points on top of your win, so a shut out win is worth 15 points total
    You won't be deducted points if you get shut out
    Every appearance in the Championship Match is worth 5 points
    If your match ends in a tie it is worth 5 points​

    Anything else that needs to be added in the future will be added on accordingly if necessary. I need everyone to go to the official rules and regulations thread and post how many points they have, according to the system. Once everyone who’s active does so I will post up the thread. If it starts taking a while to have everyone get their points in I will simply look them up, but it is very tedious for me to look up your stats and it will be much quicker and smoother if you all can supply them for me, so please, be sure to do so. Thanks in advance. Here’s the link to the thread:

    With that said, let’s move on.

    2. Recap

    In the Championship Match we saw two very different pieces in content from L. Kross and Blitz Kreig. In the end, they tied, and they’ll battle it out again in a 3 way match with last week’s Contendership Battle winner, MC Guttso. Guttso was able to oust me 3-1 in our battle and heads into the 3-way match with a record of 8-1. Main Stream was able to KO Shadow and advance to this week’s contendership match vs. Nu’maaN, who defeated Link Gash in a close battle. Pain defeated Soull in another close battle 4-2. Liquid shut out MADD ILL in their battle. WordZPerfecT won due to a no-show from Restproof. And in the final battle of the week Deep Pocketz shut out KDP in his RSTL debut.
  2. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    3. Battle of the Week

    Now, I know it seems coincidental that I keep choosing the Championship Matches for Battle of the Week but this is one of the better battles we’ve had. The conflicting content of it made it a tough battle to decide on, which is why it ended in a tie. Congrats to L. Kross and Blitz Kreig


    Lookin dumbfound, another average day, bummed out
    Suns down, had to wait, when my boysll come 'round
    A thud pound crash the gate, Vince come an run wild
    Breath wheezin, chest heavin with his tongue out
    Lookin strung out, red face brighter than a duelies light
    Losin sight from catchin breath runnin through the night
    His mood was too excited that exude delight
    Glued, I bite
    But before I ask, hes burstin out about a jewelery heist
    You see, his daddys at the precinct as a lead detective
    Someone just went on a spree, from the rings to necklace
    Thats why V is breathless, the culprit fleed detectives
    He tried to plea
    told em he threw everything in the trees, he wreckless
    They aint leaked it yet, even though its probably just
    Some bullshit to fool kids, they gotta discuss
    Media would have em in the woods choppin it up
    Scared somebody might find it. Somebody is us
    Talkin it big. Sounds good, but walkin its diff.
    All but convinced, he draggin me along for the shit
    Head startin it quick, I spot a sparkle an glint
    A bag full of cash that made me scoff at the jems
    Soon enough the shock wheres off of me when
    We heard the cop cars closin in awfully quick
    Darted wit Vince. Targeted by his father, the pig
    Crossin the bridge soon as we come off of the ridge
    Comin from the other side, shit, its Ross an his friends
    They said give up the money or Vince goes off of a bridge
    Vince spit in his face an said, "Toss the bag off of the cliff"
    I was just rememberin the days.... Ah we were kids
    Woke up from a day dream at the side of your bed...
    Sighin, I said, I wish that you'd decide what is best...
    Silently wept, Im hopin for either a sign in his chest
    Or that liein in bed, he himselfll choose to slide into death
    Cryin, depressed. Tryin to hide it my best
    Hide from the stress, got a blunt Im lightin the cess
    Try an confess shit you neva knew to lighten my chest
    Why I digress from the topic of this frightenin mess
    You liein wit Death while I sit here an remember the days
    From treadin the tank to startin real shit an sit in the waves
    'Member when we were lames? Down memories lanes
    When we found those jewels, that bully tried to get us to break
    You never broke. Life or death, you never know
    You spit on him, I bet youd spit on this doc if you eva woke
    You wouldnt wanna live your life hangin on a tether rope
    Layin like a vegetable, youd probly rather let it go
    .... But who am I? The village idiot from a foolish tribe
    Only God can judge me, the same must be for my dude who fight
    You were too full of life for your plug get pulled tonight
    If its meant to be, Im sure the lordll definitely do it right
    But, wait... what if I was chosen to escort him to the gates
    Then if I refused to do my duty, Id be shorting him his fate
    Pulled the plug, life support aborted him, escaped
    Flatline bouncin from his core, through the ward an to the grave

    'Lifeless Support'



    Write a verse dissin your self

    January twenty-seventh, nineteen eighty six
    My mother pushed my out the womb along with eighty other bricks
    Twirlin me in the air like “look my baby does tricks”
    That’s when my slick ass slipped.. and broke my umbilical cord
    Flew out the window… and hit the hood of a Ford
    The driver dropped me off at the store with charges I couldn’t afford
    But way before.. I ever started verbally murkin me..
    I was 3, biting thermometers.. purposely drinkin the mercury
    Its absurd-to-see..… the perve in me
    Turn on the t.v and whack it.. to open heart surgery
    They call me Blitz but I don’t chase the sack like laruence taylor
    But im two shotgun weddings away from owning my own trailer
    Ask anyone from the vegetables to the extraterrestrial
    IM a walking talking extra special spectacle with speckled testicles
    Ill wreck-a-fool but right now im killin my self
    Chiks never really been into me there were just feeling the wealth
    I was dumb rich..until I put it all on the clippers..but they never won shit
    Now I cant even get a dance from a stripper… with one tit
    Whats funnier my ass always broke with no bread?
    Or me huffing gas, trying to put Spreewells on my moped?
    Im off the hinges when it comes to being horrendous
    Catch me at the park, bengein on benches with six broken syringes
    My stench is.. relentless when it hits your nostrils
    It could make one of the Lords apostles turn hostile
    Im broke and sober so once again I feel like croakin over
    before I do that I gotta go home and choke my lil soldier/
    im used to smokin boulders and snortin coke till im blue in the face
    and returnin to retirement homes lookin for someone new to embrace/
    who cares if she has no teeth in her mouth and her tits don’t fit in her blouse?
    just as long she starches my underwear before I leave the house/
    I was born in the south so it turns out most the chicks I’ve dated
    happen to be related...But fuck you... incest is underrated /
    but im tired of usein my hand so im cruisin the land
    lookin to get a blow job for twenty aluminum cans
    I love fuckin the chicks whos always turnin tricks
    But that’s reason every time I piss I get a burnin dick
    But when im dying to fuck im always relyin on sluts
    cuase they don’t care that I have a tiny wanker with giant nuts
    but I heard chicks dig guys who can really make em laugh
    so I always show em my dick and try to do basic math
    I try to take the path of just another rapper chasin laughter-B
    But the only thing that’s funny is the disease named after me
    Im a natural born embarrassment… I cant stay low-key
    Even though im so short… I can pose for trophies
    Yeah you know me… and you know-ya-mans-tight
    But I bet you didn’t know I’ve slept with a transvestite
    I tried to take her to springer but they said I was too trashy
    And you would think that I’ve been cremated with the way im so ashy
    Far from classy I think my brain has a tumor in it
    But this is the way I chose to live.. hope you found some humor in it
  3. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    4. No Show Shine


    You are at the moment of creation. Explain

    I am infinite light and I am infinite darkness
    U kno my name but not my story, how do I start this?
    When it all started everything was so dark n cold
    Just Imagine being stuck in the darkest hole
    No light to behold cuz I hadnt formed the physical mold
    So I wrote rhymes wit feathers of gold on metaphysical scrolls
    And I enjoyed the void before time n matter
    The big bang only occured cuz my mind was scattered
    Random words created random atoms and my mind conformed time
    atoms formed into molecules when my words combined to form lines
    So I gave birth to elements wit scrambled words in a brainstorm
    And in a blink, stars n planets with different terrains formed
    And attracted to eachother when I started the formation of bars
    Humans call it gravity n use it to explain the formation of stars
    This information is flawed, so forget wut u read about now
    I gave birth to sound when I started spittin out loud
    The Universe is like a poetic verse that I perfected and merged
    But I'll never get the respect i deserve wit noone here to observe
    This bothered and hurt so I fathered the earth
    Then I designed mankind out of the water n dirt
    A stunning marvel I created in my own likeness
    They can refuse me, but I gave em free will despite this
    I Gave em stuff to eat.. like plants and cattle meat
    Threw lucifer in hell so I'd have someone to battle me
    Then I created the angels in heaven so I'd have a cavalry
    But man's ignorance is the only thing that rattles me
    So for the people dont understand wut the meaning of life is
    well its like this, life is poetry, without it we are lifeless
    You are me, I am you, you were made in my likeness
    and when u understand the song never ends, its like bliss
    so keep ur head up, and dont get lost in the night
    and when its all over I'll be waitin to toss u the mic​
  4. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    5. Match Ups

    C. L. Kross 5-1
    C. Blitz_kreig 6-2
    3. MC Guttso 8-1

    4. Main Stream 2-1
    5. Nu'maaN 5-2

    6. .:pain:. 7-2
    7. liquid' acid 2-3

    8. WordZperfect 1-1
    9. -Fac3- 1-0

    10. Yung Troy 1-0
    11. Ace the Prophet 5-4

    12. ShadowWarriorfs 1-4
    13. Link Gash 1-1

    14. Soull 2-3
    15. MADD ILL 0-2

    16. _KDP_ 0-1
    17. Scatterboxx 0-0

    18. Crimz 0-0
    19. dsp2k5 0-0

    20. -Atreyu- 0-0
    21. Jersey_Emcee 0-0​

    6. Predictions

    L. Kross vs. Blitz Kreig vs. MC Guttso- This battle will probably be one of the best this season. We’ve got 3 very different styles going against each other and all 3 are strong. It’s hard to tell who’s going to win this one, but I’ve got a feeling Guttso is going to take it.

    Main Stream vs. Nu’maaN- This is going to be a close battle, but I see Main Stream taking this

    Pain vs. Liquid Acid- Sorry liquid, lol. Don’t mean to say you don’t have a chance at all but I see Pain taking this. Experience is in his favor

    WordZPerfecT vs. Deep Pocketz- Ooh. We’ve got a sick ass battle here. I was impressed with DP’s verse last week and I know what Wordz can do due to his past run in this league and his Open Mic pieces. I really don’t know who to choose at this point in time. It’s a coin flip to me

    Yung Troy vs. Ace the Prophet- Good luck, homie

    Shadow vs. Link Gash- While Shadow’s improving, I see Link taking this one

    Soull vs. MADD ILL- I don’t think MADD has enough topical experience under his belt to beat Soull, although if he can improve the ability is definitely there.

    KDP vs Scatterboxx- Both writers are pretty decent but I believe Scatter will come out on top

    Crimz vs. dsp- I’m not sure I’ve read anything from Crimz before, so I have to side with dsp on this one

    Atreyu vs Jersey Emcee- Once again, I don’t know much about either of these writers, so I can’t make a good prediction on their battle, so good luck.

    Good luck as well to every battler this week. Let’s keep the battles going strong and keep votes up!
  5. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    7. Interview

    This week's interviewee is Soull

    Alright, give us the story behind Soull

    Well, I come from Germany and have been all over
    including Holand, Australia and now im living in England. Not much more to tell at the moment,
    still writing the story.

    What's something big that's influenced your life?

    When we were in Australia my brother stayed
    back in England and caught Meningitis. He has to
    be on life support and we couldnt visit him and all
    we had to go on were the doctors calls. After
    a while he pulled through and we found out that
    four other people were in the same situation, three
    of them died. Since I was quite young (9) it gave me
    an interesting perspective to how quick you can be snuffed out.

    If there's one person you could meet, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

    Houdini.... he would easily be living legend today
    if he had continued in the craft of magic and


    What do you think of the music industry today?

    Well, people say its going downhill, but its changing.
    Wait a few years, and see where rap goes, after
    a while there will be a new wave of artists and people
    like Soulja Boy will be complaining about them.

    Who are your favorite rappers?

    Method Man, Redman, Tupac, Lupe Fiasco, Aesop
    Rock. AOTP, Demigodz, Jurassic 5, Swollen Members,
    Dilated Peoples, the list goes on and on....

    Go back in time to the first time you listened to a rap/hip hop song. What song was that? Did it hook you into the genre?

    Hah. It was proper oldschool Rappers Delight by
    the Sugarhill Gang. I guess it was how upbeat it felt
    and when I explored the genre I quickly developed a
    taste for it.

    What's the best album of all time, in your opinion?

    Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor.

    Who's someone who you listen to that may be relatively unknown that you think people should listen to more?

    If you can keep up with his crazy cryptic lyrics,
    Aesop Rock is awesome. I dunno how popular they
    are, but Dilated Peoples are definately worth the listen.

    Who's the most overrated rapper in the game?

    Hmmm Kanye West. I thought Late Registration was
    good, but after 808 and Heartbreaks, I dont even

    Which album are you anticipating most that's coming out this year?

    Since Blackout!2 is already out, it would have to
    be Relapse 2. The "industry changing" album.

    If you aren't listening to hip hop or rap, what are you most likely listening to then?

    Light Rock/Drum and Base. Linkin Park and Prodigy.
    That sort of thing.


    Have you ever competed in a Topical League before? If so, how have you faired?

    No but I did compete in the RBL. Oh god I think T.a.C
    might remember what a disaster that was. I think
    I ended up being like 0-6 haha

    What's your take on the league so far?

    So far its going real smooth. Adding new things each
    week slowly improving now it just needs one more thing which is time.

    With the standings being formatted now, what are your thoughts on the point system?

    I think it gives a good idea on how you stack up against each other, and will definately be worth a look.

    What else could the league do to freshen things up?

    Right now a lot of things have been added but I am
    really curious to see the tournament at the end of the league with the seedings. That will be cool.

    Who are the top writers in the league?

    Well top writers in terms of consistency, I would
    go with Lotty, Blitz, Pain and Guttso.

    Who's an underdog to look out for?

    Shadow and Liquid are improving week by week
    so it will good to watch them develop, and Link Gash
    has shown that hes got some skills.

    Who are some of the writers in the league that you wish you could battle?

    Hmm I think I would like to battle Nu'Maan.

    Now, while you were away we decided to take away the Video Collabs due to the majority of the league disliking them and we'll be using them as an optional pick to the topics in the future. What was your take on the video collabs?

    Well looking back, I would of just as easily written that if given the beat and topic : you are a serial killer. A lot of videos werent spelled out as plainly as that. So you end up dissecting the song, figuring
    out what its about and incorporating it into your style. Its definately harder, but more satisfying and

    At the end of the season, who do you expect to have the RSTL Championship?

    Its tough to call, since there are no writers who
    are miles above the top writers. But I think if Lotty
    manages to stay consistent, he has a chance of
    staying at the top. But it could go either way at this


    Babe of the Week time! You know what to do. Get me a pic or two of the sexiest celebrity alive

    Well at some point we had to get a classic in :



    And as always, give me a quote to finish off the interview

    "Why? Why Not."

    Good luck the rest of the season, Soull

    Thanks, you too mate
  6. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    8. Video of the Week

    Kanye West- All Falls Down


    9. Topics

    This week our topics are titles. Good luck!

    Society is Going Deaf

    The Blind Who Worship the Deaf

    Serene Nightmares

    Favorite Classifications


    Next Bell…

    Wasted Explanation

    Limited Evolution

    Good Parents Go To Heaven

    Temporary Captain

    10. Conclusion

    Alright, that’s this week’s mag. Be sure to add up your points from all your battles this season and post them in the standings link. Once mostly everybody has them posted I will officially put them up. Other than that, here’s to a strong week coming up. Good luck everyone
  7. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Great mag, nice job.
  8. L. Kross

    L. Kross His Highness

    Aug 10, 2000
    Nice mag, good shit Ace.

    Good luck to my two talented competitors this week, an good lookin out to Soull for the vote of confidence.
  9. Soull

    Soull New Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Yeah man, def looking forward to the champ match this week.
  10. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    good shit as always Ace

    lol @ pickin a kanye song the same week soull says hes the most overrated, lmfao.
  11. L. Kross

    L. Kross His Highness

    Aug 10, 2000
    Yeah, I see the teeth comin out an the stops gettin pulled
  12. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    Good lookin out. I also forgot to mention in the mag, though I just edited it in, that the topic choices are all Titles for this week's pieces, so be sure to use them as your titles
  13. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    lmao...i did realize that after I posted it. I've wanted to put up Two Words from the College Dropout album up but you can never embed the video for it, which is a pretty fuckin dope video, but it pisses me off you can't embed it so I never post it, haha. Although Soull did say Kanye's been whack as of 808's and Heartbreaks, which I definitely agree on

    EDIT: Fuck it, I feel like posting the link to it anyways cuz it's dope as shit, haha. Check here:
  14. T.a.C

    T.a.C Guest

    that cd was tight. kanye needs to ditch the autotune
  15. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    ^ i can't stop laughing at "i am kingdong" lolllll.

    and dead @ soul wanting to battle me.

    i am honoured by this gesture ...

    [turn] ...
  16. MC Guttso

    MC Guttso Fingers in Pies

    Jun 22, 2006
    Looks at the Champ match...


    Slowly gets back up.

    This is jokes, good luck guys.
  17. nom waits.

    nom waits. small change.

    May 18, 2009
    KDP vs Scatterboxx- Both writers are pretty decent but I believe Scatter will come out on top

  18. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    I was laughing at the same thing...

    Ace calling Inf a pretty decent writer in itself embodies how big of a fucking joke the league is.
  19. liquid`acid

    liquid`acid gods busy can I help you?

    Jun 21, 2005
    ^so do you only come around when you on yer period or somethin?

    nothin but straight bitch ever comin out yer mouth

    lol @ me landing pain this week, an here i was hopin id maybe be able to get my rec even this week
  20. -Fac3-

    -Fac3- Will punch the shit out u

    Jun 4, 2009
    Good mag Ace...

    that championship match is nuts though, haha. Can't wait to see what happens in that one.
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