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  1. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001

    Sorry the mag is a little late this week, and a little short. But what the mag lacks in length it will make up for in content. This past week I had the pleasure of interviewing the person who had mopped the floor with you guys for the past few months, Riko. This interview is very in depth and delves into a lot of issues plaguing the RSTL to this day, and asks for a signed out ex-champions objective view on how these issues effect the RSTL and how they could be dealt with in the future.

    The Interview​

    ssenlli: did you get your name from a cartoon?
    RIKOSHAY: No, from an old Jamaican I used to work with. My name's Eric nad when he heard me speed rapping, he called me ericochet.
    ssenlli: did u sign up for the tourny?
    RIKOSHAY: Nope, no time.
    ssenlli: oh, well remember to drop in once in a while in case you get time one day and decide to come back
    RIKOSHAY: people needa forget who I am first
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: lmao
    ssenlli: i dont think that will happen
    RIKOSHAY: It's the expectations
    RIKOSHAY: I was battling myself
    RIKOSHAY: if I didn't outdo myself each week, regardless if I outdid my opponent, people would vote against me
    ssenlli: very true, this tourny is going to be under wraps on that tip, no names, no one will know how whack u come unless u tell them its u
    RIKOSHAY: I like the "concept" of the tourney. I have trepidations as to how it can be controlled. As in, people can still AIM friends and say "I'm #25 this week, vote for me". Also, it leaves things even wider for recycling/ghosting/biting because you don't know who's who, and don't expect a person to have a particular style so you won't notice when they change up.
    ssenlli: that is my #1 concern
    ssenlli: someone, or some people are going to hatch up some crackpot scheme
    ssenlli: 2 people will send in the same verse, or something similar
    ssenlli: but, i intend to post all votes on the board for all to see, and if shady shit is going down everyone will see it, as for the sending in the same verses type of thing, we're just gona have to wait and see
    ssenlli: hopefully the people in the tourny are in it to win, not in it to be a wrench in our gears
    ssenlli: to you, what is the most important skill, or trait of a well written story/topical?
    RIKOSHAY: Well, the brainstorming is prolly most crucial. When someone takes time to think out the plot and the conflit/climax/resolution, that always shows through. As far as the actual execution, the rhyme is most important to me because that's what seperates a "rap" from a "short story". Anybody can write a story. Many people can write a story that rhymes. Few people can write a dope rhyme that still conveys that story.
    ssenlli: so now that we know how you got your rap name, what are some of your favorite stories.. movies or books?
    RIKOSHAY: Oddly enough, there's a book I never read that really intrigues me and I really want to bite the concept for a verse. It's a book most people read in Junior High called Flowers For Algernon and it's about a man with a sub-standard IQ who's given a drug to make him super-inteligent and how he deals with that and then dealing with the drug wearing off and losing it.
    ssenlli: i havent read that book but it sounds like a tight concept
    ssenlli: ill bet the book is depressing as hell
    RIKOSHAY: I haven't read a book for a long time though. Not since I re-read Isaac Asimov's (I, Robot's author) Foundation which I highly recommend, not for the "Sci Fi" aspects but for it's insight into humanity and society.
    Otherwise, my favorite author is Peirs Anthony and especially his Incarnations of Immortality series which personifies certain intangibles. The first book in the series has a regular man assuming the role of Grim Reaper. The Second is Father Time, then Fate, War, Nature, Devil and God.
    RIKOSHAY: Enough books
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: lol, the last book i read was by a crackhead alcoholic... his memoirs from rehab
    ssenlli: what's the biggest misconception of the rstl today?
    RIKOSHAY: that the quality level is down
    RIKOSHAY: Who cares what the bottom dwellers are like (Even though there's niceness down there)
    RIKOSHAY: the top 10-15 are usually dope
    ssenlli: right
    RIKOSHAY: and when there's less members, it means you get to face them sooner and there's no inflated records from working through loads of crap writers.
    ssenlli: what do you think is the root of the current plague of all the no shows in the rstl lately?
    RIKOSHAY: It's so hard to pinpoint. Fear of losing. Writer's block. Inability to be there to post on time but not wanting to post early.
    RIKOSHAY: I've never no-showed
    RIKOSHAY: I signed out for 3-4 weeks when I knew my schedule was about to become to full
    ssenlli: that is probablly your 2nd greatest legacy, in my book anyway, good to see someone setting an example
    RIKOSHAY: I doubt anyone noticed
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: lol, it was another one of those "you were battling yourself" kind of things
    ssenlli: people expect you to show every week, in and out, and if u didnt you were gonna go to the dog house
    RIKOSHAY: I think the thing that disappointed me is the RSTL's dependence on familiarity. I write topicals but I mostly went the story route because people prefer stories. Then I noticed that I was even writing in a style that I thought was more appeasing to the reader, as opposed to writing the way I like to
    RIKOSHAY: the last few weeks I forced myself to write the stories I did, rather than the topicals I'd have liked to, and it shows in the results
    RIKOSHAY: Then I went topical against Talent in the PPV and killed him
  2. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    [/i]ssenlli: lol
    ssenlli: Has there ever been a story/topical posted in the rstl that you wish you were the writer of b.c it was so good?
    RIKOSHAY: Not in the RSTL. I wish I had thought of Richard Corey's concept for his take on the police shooting.
    ssenlli: no doubt, i loved r.c. piece
    ssenlli: topical, yet, emotional and convincing
    RIKOSHAY: Still, I wish more people appreciated a topical with clever rhymes and a fresh perspective. That, and shorter verses. I hate reading this over 30 lines
    ssenlli: lol, i tried to short stories, but people complained about a lack of character development...
    RIKOSHAY: For example, Outkast's "Da Art Of Storytelling" in which Andre tells the story of Sasha Thumper
    RIKOSHAY: most people are familiar with that verse and it's not even 20 lines
    ssenlli: *looks around*...
    RIKOSHAY: and it's impactful and well written
    ssenlli: So if there are 2 things you would like to see come up as trends in the rstl, topicals, and shorter verses would be the things?
    RIKOSHAY: yes
    ssenlli: those changes seem like the types of things that would attract more attention from people outside the league, i.e. the casual reader. How much do you think the league needs attention from out side of its walls to remain a mainstay of rapmusic.com?
    RIKOSHAY: Well, the only place I see the RSTL trying to draw people from is Hookups and, if you look there, it's basically split between “battle heads” and “topical heads” but the “battle heads” consider topicals and story raps to be jokes. Therefore, we’re not likely to swing those guys over.
    RIKOSHAY: I'll never understand the attention "Battle" raps get. As I've said before, I own over 500 rap albums and none of them have a battle track
    RIKOSHAY: No "battle" artist ever "makes it" but, for some reason, that's basically what the internet text scene revolves around
    RIKOSHAY: I think there'd need to be an influx of writers concerned with writing good verses
    RIKOSHAY: I don’t know where those writers are but they’re not oblivious to the RSTL if they’re on RM so, most likely, they’re not on RM.
    ssenlli: I see what you mean with the album thing... although ill bet money you own can-i-bus...
    RIKOSHAY: fuck no
    ssenlli: i guess i lost
    RIKOSHAY: dude's an ignorant bafoon
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: ok, well, you have to have paid in full
    RIKOSHAY: nope, I know I should, just can't get into Rakim
    ssenlli: ok well, i have to be a retard for assuming all this stuff
    RIKOSHAY: prolly not, Paid In Full is supposed to be in every collection
    ssenlli: You make a good point about battles not making it on albums, Another good point would be that every supposed "g.o.a.t." has had a vivid story to tell on one or more of their albums... Do you think the rstl should begin to encourage competitors to make audios of their verses? i know someone tried to do this months ago but it failed...
    RIKOSHAY: I do. I don’t understand why most of the audio tourneys or leagues seem to revolve around battling. If you’re going to record, make a song about something.
    RIKOSHAY: I think the RSTL prolly has a lot of heads who never became proficient at audio otherwise they'd be posting in the audio forum and not in the RSTL but, I think if we could hear how the verse is intended to sound, disregarding if people aren't the best rappers, it would help.
    ssenlli: I guess if we had more competitors in the league there would be more incentive to make an audio of your story, but right now there aren't enough people to get 20 matches every week, let alone enough people in the league wanting to venture into audio.... What do you think it will take for the league to have the numbers it had say, 2 years ago?
    RIKOSHAY: I don't think anyone wants 50 verses to be posted every week. I think the reason they want more members is to have more replies. I'll take quality over quantity every day
    ssenlli: ok, Are the voting requirements reasonable? It seems like a lot of the members who do post are too lazy to take the time to vote, or once they realize they will lose the match, decide its not worth it to vote. Should something be done to change to voting process to encourage more votes?
    RIKOSHAY: Maybe we could carry over the "No show vote rule". If you don't vote on at least two matches, you don't get the win, period.
    RIKOSHAY: because, if nobody at all voted, there'd be no winner or loser
    RIKOSHAY: so you sign up to get your verse read and voted on, you must also read and vote on verses
    ssenlli: i like that, and i go by that too, i always say vote and post links if you want the W... i had an idea a while ago about finding a way to hide the votes until the dealine, then reveal them when the deadline hit, and then giving people a window to "challenge" votes... One of the biggest problems with voting is the snowball effect... did you ever see this in your time in the rstl?
    RIKOSHAY: Of course. The first vote seems to be used as a template. The next voter seems to just reiterate everything the firt voter said, and it continues. One thing that makes that obvious is when the first voter makes a point that's inncorrect. For example, say I write a topical verse, and the first voter says something about my verse's characters and plot line (Which it doesn't have), then the next 3-4 voters mention the same shit.
    RIKOSHAY: Did any of them read the verses?
    ssenlli: lol, i wonder the same things myself sometimes.
    ssenlli: i was just gonna wrap it up with me giving you words and you giving me the first thing u think of.
    ssenlli: R.W.E.
    RIKOSHAY: pointless
  3. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    [/i]ssenlli: RSTl tourny winner will be?
    RIKOSHAY: undeserving
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: lol
    ssenlli: L Dogg
    RIKOSHAY: stagnated
    ssenlli: Life
    RIKOSHAY: difficult but worth it
    ssenlli: "The unmentionable name"
    RIKOSHAY: I don't get it?
    ssenlli: (omen)
    RIKOSHAY: lol
    ssenlli: lol
    RIKOSHAY: sad (As in, Omen is a sad individual, didn't make me sad)
    ssenlli: thats what i figured
    ssenlli: War
    RIKOSHAY: oppression
    ssenlli: The Rstl now, compared to when you joined
    RIKOSHAY: better
    ssenlli: and one more to wrap it up
    ssenlli: happiness
    RIKOSHAY: my son
  4. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    TaLi's Top 5 'parts of verses', stanzas, lines, whatever the hell you want to call them!!!

    5. Myself (Sorry lol…But if I’m going to be honest…There wasn’t a lot to choose from so I didn’t have much choice with this one…

    My first ally is a ball hog who lacks in patience…
    Plays for accolades…A disaster waiting to happen…
    When he grabs the rock and sees a shot he has to take it…
    Regardless of whether or not he is making his baskets…
    He’s helped me win and lose on many past occasions
    But in crunch time...He has a tendency to be shaken and passive…
    So it wasn’t worth passing and facing self agitation
    If he went and blew the game with a massive aberration…

    4. CorruptScience (The entire piece from beginning to end was just consistent as hell...Good flow solid rhymes...)

    I write these words in my bed, stuck with many IV's
    Wrote that night on scrap paper then threw it behind me
    Her name was Julie, and I thought I never measured up
    Watch her with over men, wishing I had some better luck
    Love, I miss you and I pray I see you, maybe soon
    Life, I despise you and plan to take you soon
    I finally had a chance, now I wish I could change the past
    Would rather I never met her, then make that date her last

    3. Richard Corey (The way he integrated the narration and the dialogue was damn nice as far as I am concerned)

    “So this is the end…where’s all the rehashing of time?
    I guess I expected more of my life to flash by my eyes…
    or at least the better stuff…When me and God were close
    and I would get off on wearing some of the oddest clothes.”

    “You?” He asked.

    “yeah,” she said, “nothing sexy…just wanted to stand out.
    I would wear these baggy-ass jeans…
    I was the weirdest girl in class, hands down.”
    She smiled and fidgeted, as he inquisitive, paced to her side
    with the stick…and she looked her assassin straight in the eyes.

    2. L Dogg (Maybe it was just me but the way this little section was as damn smooth as it could be…)

    blood flowed through my work
    'this hole has to be closed!'.. He knows!
    blood soaked up my shirt.
    can smell the panic on the patient, even my staff
    and for an instant my mind is vacant.. greets even a laugh
    sleep, weed, an a bath is the only motivation
    which pin points my placement of objects in this operation
    these folks im savin are either old, or in pain an
    im not sure if im helping..
    don’t feel like im savin the day man.

    1. Runna Damille (Shit was just ill…The seamless transition from the sharing silence rhyme pattern to the corrupted gaze pattern is something many here could learn from…

    Speculating on a pig’s prerogative is a scary science
    but in a matter of seconds I stand sharing silence
    with a young boy who’s barely five? Six?
    I can’t guess his age but I can tell by his wary eyelids
    that a carefree life is
    an oxymoron no matter what the age.
    I don't know him but I know his corrupted gaze
    and I wish I could tell him it's just a stage
    but he runs away
    before the thought can interrupt the daze
    I've fallen into once again.
    Just another judgment day.
  5. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    *The Greenroom*

    A continuation of my discussion with Riko

    RIKOSHAY: Re: Drugs
    RIKOSHAY: I grew up in a small town before moving to L.A.
    ssenlli: right
    RIKOSHAY: and the hard drug usage is actually more rampant out there because there ain't shit else to do
    ssenlli: thats what im slowly finding out
    ssenlli: meth is taking over the country
    RIKOSHAY: One of my best friends died of Herion and he was such a dynamic/charismatic person
    RIKOSHAY: another is strung out and, rumor has it (But, fuck what ya heard right?) that she's got HIV
    RIKOSHAY: I mean, I lived with a crackhead for a year
    RIKOSHAY: I had to have a safe bolted into the floor
    RIKOSHAY: I used to buy shit, he'd steal it and the receipt and return it to buy rocks
    RIKOSHAY: then be like "You're like the brother I never had"
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: lmfao
    RIKOSHAY: Yeah, speed and coke, in whatever form, really transform people
    RIKOSHAY: I was really only into weed and acid back in the day
    RIKOSHAY: till I had a bad trip
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: ouch, lol
    RIKOSHAY: not fun
    ssenlli: i only did acid once, and that was all i needed
    RIKOSHAY: but I had ambitions yet all I did was smoke blunt after blunt and play video games
    RIKOSHAY: so I quit smoking, and after a couple months, when my equilibrium began to return, I had to deal with all the shit I'd been supressing.
    ssenlli: the thing with acid and shrooms that made me not like them was i would think too much about shit that would just make me depressed.... im in the same boat, cept im in college and if i get it together this semister ill be just fine
    RIKOSHAY: rather than handling it as it had come along
    ssenlli: u in school?
    RIKOSHAY: nope
    RIKOSHAY: I never graduated High School
    RIKOSHAY: don't have a GED
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: damn, you got a job?
    RIKOSHAY: Yeah
    RIKOSHAY: own a home
    ssenlli: thats a start
    RIKOSHAY: just got married
    RIKOSHAY: have a son
    ssenlli: nice, now you have the ultimate motivation
    RIKOSHAY: I'm happy too
    ssenlli: smoking blunts and playing video games is all well and fine when its just you, but when you have responsibilities is when that shit gets old
    ssenlli: and in the end being happy is all that matters
    ssenlli: life is just finding a balance
    RIKOSHAY: I mean, I didn't graduate. I hung out with friends until eventually I was homeless and getting arrested everytime I turned around and ended up spending a couple months in jail and getting out to nothing
    RIKOSHAY: so I've come a long way
    ssenlli: sounds like the guy from the book i was telling you about, except you learned a lot faster then he did
    RIKOSHAY: More drama about being a bad seed in a small town, all the cops know your name
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: thats what he was saying, he would get blamed for all types of shit he didnt do, always the first one to have the finger pointed at him
    RIKOSHAY: I mean, I've actually been through a lot in my life but I'm not there now
    ssenlli: and whats in the past, you cant change, you just have to move on and learn
    RIKOSHAY: and I don't believe in glorifying that type of life so I'll talk about it as a way to try to explain how it doesn't work but I chose to focus on showing people what can be done to make the world better.
    RIKOSHAY: That's why my writing's usually what would be called "concious hip hop"
    ssenlli: im starting to see.. smoking all the time is such a grind, fucks with your mind when you always gotta be on the look out and shit
    ssenlli: waking up burnt.. its not even worth it sometimes
    RIKOSHAY: I didn't get noid about smoking until after my bad trip
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    RIKOSHAY: Honestly, people can function just fine on drugs, I'm just not one of those people.
    ssenlli: lol, thankfully ive never been around someone having a bad trip.. lol
    ssenlli: i drove while peaking like 2 months ago
    RIKOSHAY: not to mention, my writing improved ten fold after I quit
    ssenlli: and looking back i saw how stupid that was
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: hardly watching the road... laughing at the most random shit.... its hard to realize the reality of what your doing
    RIKOSHAY: Damn, I got so many stories I could trade with you but that's getting way off topic
    RIKOSHAY: haha
    ssenlli: lmfao, another time Riko, another time, Thank you very much for the interview. Pz
  6. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    RIKOSHAY how old is he???

    Besides that cool MAG...

    I'm only 16 and I have never experienced drugs yet my thought process seems slow when trying to contimplate on what type of story I should write or battle I should use..when doing battles of course. I'm trying both and hopefully I can grab my niche in one of them..

    nice read...RIKOSHAY U came up I am impressed
  7. Ashen Horse

    Ashen Horse Ashen Horse

    Sep 2, 2004
    RIKO, its a good thing you're off the drugs simply because I would beat your ass in Madden... yeahh... nice mag
  8. Noib Da Mutt

    Noib Da Mutt New Member

    Dec 18, 2001
    fuck this league...
  9. iLLweezy

    iLLweezy ILLWeeMaN

    Sep 10, 2002
    Straight Mag. I want to do an article next week. ³³³³e it up
  10. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    ssenlli: R.W.E.
    RIKOSHAY: pointless

    best part of the mag : )
  11. stage

    stage you talkin to me?

    May 1, 2001
    lmfao i thought so too myself... i also find it ammusing that vizz hated on the rstl so hard for our ppv's yet now he mods the r.w.e.... something doesnt add up there
  12. Pranksta

    Pranksta New Member

    Jun 22, 2003
    nice read.
  13. Keynote

    Keynote aka Jux Czar

    Jul 30, 2002
    not to complain, but this mag was medicore.

    it was just a couple of qoutes and aim convos.

    the first convo was cool, but i expected less talking and more content.

    but i guess u can only work with what your given
  14. DopeaMisMunguS

    DopeaMisMunguS New Member

    Jul 29, 2005
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