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    Apr 5, 2002


    II. TOP 20 BREAKDOWN (by Got Life?)
    IV. UNDER THE INFLUENCE (by Rikoshay)
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    Apr 5, 2002
    The Week in Review

    And Then There Were Two

    The Tournament semi-finals took place this week as second seeded Tali Rodriguez was shutout by veteran I Dunnno by a convincing tally, which is more than can be said about the competitor. Calloused thought Tali's verse was "nothing more than a lacksidasical effort", although not quite as lackadaisical as his spelling. Another voter, resident ninja Shogun, thought better of Tali's verse, saying "Damn...I was like woah!". When asked if he had any words for I Dunnno's verse, whom he eventually voted for, Shogun said: "Wow...thats one word i could say about this". Celebrities also had words for I Dunnno, as several were on hand for the match. Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa was on the scene, Trisha.

    Tricia: Thanks, Claus. Here comes Mayor Adam West himself. Mr. West, do you have any words for the contender?
    Mayor Adam West: Box, toaster, aluminum, maple syrup... no I take that one back. I'm gonna hold onto that one.
    Tricia: Thank you, Mayor West. Back to you, Claus.

    Thank you Tricia. In the other semi-final, both former and current league champions were downed by top-seeded Rikoshay, as he took the 3-way against Vigil and Annihilation by a score of 5-1-1. Despite the lopsided outcome, Shogun thought all three contestants verses were "Not just pieces..."MASTERPIECES!" Pray he never comes to judge debaters.

    Overall, the tournament's third round attracted colorful voting as one had to wonder exactly what Scrolls was doing while casting his (in both matches), telling Tali that "i dunno wiggled by you" then softly whispering to Riko that "i just think vigil slipped between you and annis fingertips". Let's just hope those weren't "Freudian" slips.

    The two remaining competitors will form an encore as Rikoshay and I Dunnno will go head-to-head for the second time in a tournament final, hoping to break the deadlock that left both emcees co-champions the last time around after much controversy. It should definitely be a match to remember, and all RSTLers are encouraged (or with Pent uP, forced) to vote on the final.

    Return of the Pac Man

    In local news, an RSTL member was caught with a lot of bitten verses in his possession. He was sentenced to banishment from league records, expelled from the RSTL and is a very bad boy. We now go to Ollie Williams for the punishment forecast, Ollie.

    Ollie Williams: He gonna get it!

    Thanks Ollie. As you may or may not have noticed (god knows we have to spoonfeed you people), at least one match had it's results altered due to this incident as Nell's votes were ultimately discounted for the week. The convicted biter went from Nellyville to Orange County in a matter of days as league moderators Rikoshay and Tali Rodriguez's sus.picions led to sniffing out his lastest verse on another site. Thankfully, his recycled pieces impact on the league were minimal, much like his pick-up lines with women. Or men. Probably men.

    In League With The Devil

    In league action this week, Urizen (4-1) was nearly robbed of victory as Nell paved his way onto the highway to hell with a bitten verse. Thankfully, the RSTL's black sheep was fingered in time, as Urizen moves into 5th spot in the rankings.

    Onto the Championship Match, where Annihilation (10-2) successfully defended the title as I Dunnno (9-3) became co-champion in a scintillating 4-4 draw. The pair will clash in a 3-way for the belt with Pain (13-7), who enters the Championship after Lost Prophet (12-5) surprisingly no-showed after a string of solid victories.

    In a battle of Old School vs. New School, veteran Headless Verseman (3-1) took on ironman Got Life? (11-7) as both emcees duked it out in a controversial battle that ended with GL edging HV out by a single vote, 4-3. Moderator Pent uP went on to say that "THERE IS NO NEED FOR YOU TO EVER, AS OF NOW, SAY ANYTHING IN YOUR THREADS", concluding that both members " NEED TO SHUT THE FUCK UP". Conversely, onlookers concluded Pent uP needs anger management, with HV speaking from experience in telling the moderator "don't lose your head, trust me, it's not worth it."

    Shogun (3-0) moved into the Contendership this week after RSTL eccentric Tekneek (64-24) dropped out early due to a mysterious, life-altering event in real life. Whether the former champion lost his mother/limb/house/viginity is as of yet unknown, but we'll keep you posted. Shogun will faceoff against Got Life? in the Contendership, as the antagonized emcees will get a chance to ice the fire between them with cold hard bragging rights come next week.

    Runna Damille's (19-5) love poem wasn't lacking, but his opponent was, as the Fabio's ode to his opponent, Jersey Emcee (22-10), went without retort. Calloused (3-1), due to mitigating circumstances, was only able to post a 4 line no-show verse. To his dismay, however, femcee Tha DQ (4-2) came bolstering in with a full verse and took the match. She'll face off against the formidable Runna DaMille.

    Votes poured into the Mr. Chaves (2-1) versus Scrolls (1-1) battle this week, as Chaves notched his second win taking the hotly contested bout 7-4. Ribonuclease (0-0) took his first foray into the RSTL with a nice, battle-style verse, however failed to vote, the punchline being that he doesn't get the W.

    Finally, Lola Cruez. II (1-0) juked past Gerald Morgan (0-1) and Juked (0-1), as the former failed to show whilst the latter got nuked in a 9-2 blowout. She'll take on returning Week In Review staple Malosovich (37-19) next week.

    Other notable returns include league moderator Pent uP (21-9) and former champion Noib Da Mutt (34-12) ), who'll lock horns as 11th and 12th places respectively. Also entering this week is veteran RICO (18-16), who'll take on former RBL/RSTL moderator Defcon_5 (6-5). Recent former champion Vigil (12-7) makes his return after a short hiatus, as he takes on Headless Verseman.

    New entries include Telflon~King (0-0), Solda J (0-0), Lunatock (0-0), Meters (0-0), Tenk (0-0) and Pistol Grip (0-0).

    And that is the Week in Review.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Top 20 Breakdown
    By Got Life?

    So another week is slowly left behind in the dust and amidst the settling dust what would the week be without some hatred and drama. Hopefully though with the incoming of a great deal of vets this will level out and the nonsensical bullshit will end. But that’s not the important part of the league…what is important though was the top 20 breakdown…so here goes…

    19. Lola Cruez. II (0-0) vs. 20. Gerald (0-0) vs. 21. Juked (0-0)
    At the bottom of the list we had Lola vs Juked vs Gerald…as most of you know Gerald no-showed and so the battle came down to who key-styled a better verse between Lola and Juked…I know that both of them could have provided a much more thrilling performance, because this was rather lackluster…and beyond that I think the votes didn’t pan out to reveal how close this battle actually was as Lola came away with a 9-2 win…not much more can be said about this other than I hope the both of you settle down some and actually focus on your upcoming pieces because I think you could definitely turn some heads with your work…you just need to work it over and make it polished and bring more to the table.

    17. Ribonuclease (0-0) vs. 18. ~M Blaze~ (0-0)
    In the battle between M Blaze and veteran RBLer Ribo…Ribo came away with a no-show victory…having read Ribo’s piece I think he definitely has his work cut out for him if he plans on being a premier competitor in the league as his verse seemed rather lack luster. Hopefully this was simply because he knew he didn’t have to post much to come away with it this week so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    15. Scrolls (1-0) vs. 16. Mr. Chaves (1-1)​
    In the battle between Chaves and Scrolls…it was seemingly neck and neck…Chaves had a more complete verse, yet the direction he took in his piece was a little off considering details in his story not necessarily matching up…all that aside he did have the better written of the two pieces so it is rightfully so that he advances further…one thing that held true for nearly all the voters though was that they felt Scrolls could have come away with this one had he added more to his piece and not made it so seemingly rushed.

    13. Calloused (3-0) vs. 14. Tha DQ (3-2)​
    Next we have the battle between Tha_DQ and Calloused…Although Calloused had earlier thanked Anni for welcoming him in and making it seem that he was so anticipated…he quickly disappeared off the map allowing Jess to run off with a no-show victory…regardless of that though tha_dq continues to improve her writing and is definitely someone to watch out for in the near future.

    11. Runna DaMille (18-5) vs. 12. Jersey Emcee (22-9)​
    Up next was Runna vs Jersey Emcee…to no surprise Jersey no-showed and Riko ran away with a win…simply put this shouldn’t be a shocker or anything new…as far as what Riko posted…he too must have seen the fact that Jersey was no-showing and posted a poem he wrote a long time ago…it’s not bad if you’re into poetry btw so go read it…or tell your friends in the PTL to go read it.

    9. Urizen (3-1) vs. 10. Nell (4-1)​
    I won’t go into detail about the next battle because it pitted Urizen against the most recent biter in the league…regardless of the outcome Urizen comes away with the win as he continues to improve his pieces….with some more attention to the details he strings together in his pieces I believe he can definitely become yet another one of the new rising stars of the league.

    7. TekneeK (64-23) vs. 8. Shogun (2-0) ​
    As far as the Shogun vs Tek battle I think everyone and their grandmother knows that Tek claimed yet another retirement after saying that some “life altering…scary shit happened to him.” All the nonsense aside…best of luck to you Tek, and Shogun…I’ll be seeing you in the contender match this week.

    5. The Headless Verseman (3-0) vs. 6. Got Life? (10-7)​
    In my battle with Headless…low and behold that the drama circulating around me continued to follow regardless of my attempts to thwart and avoid it. At the end of the day all the votes that actually did count pointed to my victory over my fellow Jersey native Headless…as far as the issues inside the battle…I won’t get into them because this is not the time nor the place.

    3. Lost Prophet (12-4) vs. 4. Pain (12-7)
    Honestly the more I look at it though this week was rather dry minus the circulating drama of a couple people bitching here and there and the news of a biter, because even in the contender match…Lost Prophet no-showed handing Pain a much deserved shot at the title. Obviously my best wishes go out to Pain as he has been after this illusive belt for quite some time now.

    1. Annihilation (9-2) vs. 2. I Dunnno (8-3)
    As for the champ match…this was easily the best match of the week…both I Dunnno and Anni came with very strong and very well written pieces…if you didn’t read this battle then you suck because the fact that there were more votes cast for the 21 v 20 v 19 battle than there were for the champ match is just ridiculous…it’s things like that which cause there to be a tie in the champ match like there was this week after the biter’s vote was removed.

    This week wasn’t as exciting as most hoped that it would be although some drama continue to circle around the league, my only hope is that people can look past the bullshit and continue focusing on the hip hop elements of the league. And that’s what’s tasty…
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Interview With Pent uP and Got Life?

    claus: OK, Pent uP, I'll start with you. So now that you're back in the league, what are your goals/expectations coming into the 2006 season?

    Pent Up: Title run time
    Pent Up: sorry anni

    claus: Haha, that's okay. You've been to the Champ match three times, what's going to be different this time around?

    Pent Up: I wont be cheated, Aimed against (hopefully), and I'll come hard as fuck

    claus: And as a follow up, having been to the big show in different periods, what are your thoughts on the talent pool between now and then?

    Pent Up: In all honesty i'm dissapointed as of late with the competition
    Pent Up: I liekd it when alot of talent was around
    Pent Up: and the belt woudl trade waists 4 times a month
    Pent Up: now it seems like if you are an older name, or a more consistant name, then you can do title runs for weeks
    Pent Up: it kinda makes me think either the voters are biased to make it easier on themselves or that the competition pool is lacking

    claus: What are your thoughts on the return of former Champion Noib Da Mutt and veteran RICO, who are returning alongside you this week?

    Pent Up: FIRST OF ALL, who the fuck is RICO? thats a nobody
    Pent Up: that fools talks shit and gets his ass whomped
    Pent Up: been in the RSTL for 34 weeks? so the fuck wut
    Pent Up: i dont hate him, but who the fuck? i remember his shit talking ass mouth
    Pent Up: secondly noib; raising my hopes
    Pent Up: I was suppose to fight him on my return
    Pent Up: and he was like 'no, I wanted to be in next week', so i hope to see him in the champ match asap
    Pent Up: with me
    Pent Up: I really respect his writing
    Pent Up: I hope he encourages his BFF to join back in too
    Pent Up: hungoverinterviews suck

    claus: Now, Got Life?, as several of us already know, Tali Rodriguez has left the RSTL for next while. What can you say about his tenureship in the league and how he impacted it?

    Got Life?: Tali was a cool dude...he was always level headed about things which is more than I can say about other people in the league..beyond that I think just about everyone in the league really respected him not only as a mod, but as a really talented writer...I think Tali will be missed, but I think the league is headed in the right direction and it's time for some of the fresh blood to revitalize the league...

    claus: Definitely, and his attention to the detail and history of the League were unprecedented as well. Old cats returning to the league would be overwhelmed by the Hall of Fame and the extensive archiving Tali initiated. As far as your run towards the title, its been a long road, and you find yourself in the Contendership once again. Has your perception changed in terms of how you view the RSTL from when you started to how you see it today, and if so, how?

    Got Life?: You see coming into the league I thought there was a lot of bias, but equally so that there were a lot of good writers...truth be told some of these newer writers make me feel sick sometimes that they're in the top 20 because they seriously do not belong for my first time to the contendership was against Athiest and he came with probably the best verse i've ever seen from him...blew me out of the water...then I got back up to get that disappointing loss on a technicality to you...and now i'm back up...and i'm going to continue writing...the league for me is a way to challenge myself to approach different topics than I do in my music revolves a lot around my life, the streets, and that kind of street poetry, but not quite so poetic...more rough around the edges...yet in the league I try to touch topics I normally wouldn't...i.e. my piece last week about the passing of my dog...

    claus: Do you feel that the RSTL's format helps writers really broaden their horizons by pushing them into areas they normally wouldnt think or care to venture? The rap scene is seemingly filled with "street" type topics, while the RSTL is far more diverse. Do you think it's improved your writing or even expanded your topics of interest outside of rap?

    Got Life?: ok the thing with the street that it's mainly found in commercialized hip hop...and not in the real roots or even the majority of the genre...I don't think the RSTL really brances out people as far as that is concerned because most people in the league have never even recorded a song in their lives...and probably won't....I think for me it's not that it's made me a better writer...but it's let me play around with different ideas

    claus: you started off a battler and are quite accomplished, what are the main differences between the RSTL and the RBL,and why choose the former?
    claus: or why did you choose the former?

    Got Life?: Well to be quite honest I never got into the RBL...didn't like all the drama surrounding it...or battling on the net for that point sure battling allows you to really get personal and drive home a point, but i'm not a generally angry person and don't want to have to get in someone's throat week in week out...that's why I get so frustrated when there's drama in the RSTL...but beyond that...being a battler gets you no where...look at Jin...the guy can battle, but he can't write a song for shit...and he doesn't get played at all...I love this genre of music and actually want to do something with it...that's why I strayed from the end I rather be known as a writer than a fighter...

    claus: Swing like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Any final comments you'd like to add?i

    Got Life?: Look out for my album dropping may 7th
    Got Life?: and stop beefing...this is a league where we're supposed to help each other become better writers not be squabbling children

    claus: And finally, what do you think of the whole biter issue unveiled late last week, as Nell was convicted and sentenced Monday?

    Got Life?: I think nell went as low as you can...there's absolutely nothing respectful or even tolerable about biting...and are you going to try and represent yourself in a writing league and at the same time not write...what's the point...I can understand the desire not to want to lose, but there's no glory in winning with someone else's work...that's why I'm glad they got rid of Nell...not sure if I agree with his votes last week not counting, but that's not my place to decide that and I know that Riko spent time deliberating that so i'm sure it was a proper decision...simple and plain I hope this is the last case of biter we come across because biters just ruin the league...and if you didn't know...the word on Nell in my book went from indifferent to gayer than aids...

    claus: Word. Thanks to both of you for your time!
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Under The Influence
    By Rikoshay

    As writers, we all strive to be unique and, while nothing is new, we try to give an original perspective to whatever we create.
    Nonetheless, we have all been influenced at some point, even if the influence was so subtle you don't realize it yourself.
    Who influenced your writing style?


    2pac - STRICTLY 4 MY N.I.G.G.A.Z.
    Until this album, I only listened to the occasional rap song. I can come back to this album to this day and still be blown away by the conviction and presence he conveyed not to mention the severely under-rated lyricism. Basically, this it the album that gave me belief that Rap can change the world.

    Bone - E. 1999 / Twista - ADRENALINE RUSH / Do Or Die - PICTURE THIS
    I used to rap along to these albums and my friends were blown away by my ability to spit faster than all of them so they encouraged me to start writing so I could rap my own material. To this day, many of my verses would still work well speed rapped.

    Three great examples of how to work with what you have. Bun B, E-40 and Guru have clever, intricate rhyme schemes and lyrics but their voices aren't palletable to all listeners so they claimed a niche with their own styles.

    Goodie Mob - STILL STANDING
    Really only for Cee-Lo's ability to grab my heart and push it into my throat. Even when I completely feel what I'm writing, I don't know if I'll ever be able to make someone else feel it the way he makes me feel what he's saying.

    Aesop Rock - FLOAT / Aceyalone - A BOOK OF HUMAN LANGUAGE
    These are two examples of convuluted exoteric lyrics that work. Admittedly, I don't even know what the fuck they're talking about at times but I love how it sounds.

    Too many story tracks but the lyrical wizardry in between is astounding. Another one who found a way to make his voice work for him. I tend to find myself emulating his delivery style when I rap.

    Blackalicious - NIA / The Coup - STEAL THIS ALBUM
    NIA is the most complete album I've ever heard. There's songs purely to display lyricism. Some social songs. Some just about life in general. Gift of Gab could possibly outdo me in rhmye scheme. Boots also has great rhymes but it's his anti-capitalism stance that I relate to most. The fact that he's so adept at esxpressing himself lyrically makes it that much more relatable.


    Books, movies, comedians, artists, and people in general have all influenced my writing. I get influenced by alot of artists from all genres but Sage Francis has probably influenced my writing style most. These things maybe just spark a thought, an idea, a concept, and then I try to take my own approach on the topic.

    Got Life?:

    My influences are all over the place, but as far as music artists i'm influenced by Bob Dylan, Biggie, Common, The Beatles and Method Man. As far as what really influences my writing: This girl samantha who was the love of my life, my grandfather (he was my hero), and the environment in which I grew up (Red Hook).

    I Dunnno:

    okay. Bad N fluenz Click, Too Short, The Luniz, Rakim, Kool G Rap, NWA and KRS One. The older ones helped me reach a cerebral level of my rhyming when I was still young. As I got older and became a lil bad ass, the others played more important roles to express by badassness.

    Rappin Ron of the Bad N Fluenz, RIP, played a significant part because I was sellin bud and getting drunk and other shit.... he had a song of 4 verses where it was all freestyle, but dope as fuck.

    here's a snippet:

    I'm a do like this so your crew will know
    Tie ur leg to a car and tie the other to a pole
    Talk shit and laugh cuz I got the gift of gab
    Hop in the car, hit the gas, watch ya ass split in half


    5. Benefit - I actually started writed in his websites forum. His cd was the first underground cd I heard, and it really showed me a whole new world of rapmusic, and self expression.

    4. One.Be.Lo - Binary Star - Water World is yet to leave my cd player. The only classic undergroud rap album IMO. His style is very personal, and it think that's somethin' I got from him.

    3. Cage - Another very personal rapper. I didn't really listen to 'em till Hells Winter. His music is pretty depressing too. You can def tell we're from the same area I think. Upstate NY for life.

    2. Slug - He turned me on to poetic rap music. Before him I never wrote anything at all that is abstract. He's also a reason why I experiment a lot with my raps, I get the feelin' he does too.

    1. Jay-Z - Turned me on to rap music period. First beat I ever rapped to was dead presidents. I try to use his flow as the bar I'm tryin' to reach.

    Scrolls-Oracle of Omen:

    well, shit....i was 14 when i actually started....i dont remember what encouraged me to write. it was my way to get shit off my mind....but now...

    big pun- his incredible lyrics encourage me to bring the most to my game.

    canibus-sick motha fucka right here...his flow makes me wanna become better than him.

    tonedeff-i talked to him a couple times and hes made me realize anyone can get as far as they want....

    thats pretty much it dawg....pzzz


    Eminem- Em is the person responsible for me listening to Hip-Hop today. I was maybe fourteen years old when a friend says, “Listen to this guy!”…At first I was like, “I don’t listen to rap.” (which sounds pretty gay now lol) But after hearing eminem for the first ten minutes I was hooked…I listened to other rappers, but none had come close to his way of manipulating words and writing with precision. So I guess you can say I became obsessed with trying to write the “perfect” and “illest” lyrics to become better than Em.

    Canibus-(1999-2001) Of course, this guy naturally came next. Finally, someone who could flow, and spit some of the illest shit you’ve ever heard. His rhymes and battle attitude almost…seduced my ears…I’ve studied eminems lyrics for a while and moved on to Can-I-Bus. I finally figured out that no one on earth can study and execute the lyrics of this genius, so I decided to try and create my own style with rhymes that would cause the dopest emcee’s eyes to bulge! I’ve been working and writing for that ever since.

    Big Pun-Holy Shit! No way could any rapper be as ill as Canibus or Eminem, until I stumbled upon this monster of a guy. I guess you could say Pun “taught” me that the words and rhyming aspect of Hip-Hop wasn’t the only “entity” you’d need to strive for perfection; Flow was a humongous tool needed to achieve maximum “Dopeability”. He was non-stop flow, and I realized that was HIS voice and HIS style all on his own. But because of that I hurried back into the lab and back to the drawing board; I had to “flow” my rhymes to any beat and learn how to manipulate that beat to “flow” with me…

    TuPac- I know…It’s sad to say that I didn’t manage to properly “greet” Pac by listening to his lyrical masterpieces until further down the road. There was one thing Pac “taught” me though…Story and emotion…it was back to the lab once again; I finally had all the tools I needed to become the best lyricist there ever was. And I’m still at it stronger than ever.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Top 5 Verses

    5 - Pain

    This is another example of solid writing put to a good flow with a well written and grounded story that has made Pain into a respected and talented writer, and the reason why he is in the Championship Match this week. If you don't feel the emotions off the protagonist living in a broken home, I don't know what will.

    4 - Headless Verseman

    This was a really interesting piece split-up into 3 parts highlighting the duplicity of human nature, each part reflecting a different combination. Nicely scripted and flowing well with a good scheme, this verse was definitely an interesting read and was only edged out by a single vote.

    3 - Got Life?

    This was a very personal piece, and very tightly constructed. I saw the original draft of this and read the final print of it, and all I can say is "wow". Fantastic rhyme scheme, good flow, all with a well developed piece about man's best friend and a person's struggle to come to terms with his death. Great emotional piece with some nice imagery, check it out.

    2 - I Dunnno

    The king of comedy is back with another original piece that could not eminate from the minds of anyone else in this league, let alone this planet. The creative genius of this man was once again at work as a sexual deviant finds love in the oddest of places, alongside incredible depiction and deep vocabulary, definitely worthy of a championship match.

    1 - Annihilation

    This verse went over alot of peoples heads this week, and the world of Anne Rand's "Anthem" was brought to life. The bleak, emotionless dystopia was carried by a solid rhyme scheme and some incredibly descriptive narration of the gradual change of a citizen turned rebel as he eventually helps bring his own isolationist state down and discovers his own individuality.​
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Voter of the Week

    The usual suspects were out voting in droves, several stood out this week, namely Lola Cruez. II's extensive deliberation, Got Life's long and detailed criticism and Rikoshay's enormous posts. However, only one (occasionally two), can be worthy of the award, and this week the honor goes to returning emcee Calloused. Despite being unable to post a verse, he voted not only in league matches but both tournament battles as well, providing clear, concise and detailed examination of the verses, providing a plethora of constructive criticism and explaining in great detail why he voted for each contestant. It’s safe to say that the quality of voting is continuing to steadily improve since Tali originally implemented this feature, and hopefully newcomers will take a page from people winning this award and keep providing useful criticism and deconstruction of their competitors verses and strive for this award.
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    Apr 5, 2002
    Final Thoughts

    With Editor-in-Chief Tali Rodriguez, who helped keep this league alive and invigorate the RSTL Magazine with an injection of thoroughness and professionalism, on hiatus from the league, the weight of his contributions falls upon myself and the remaining mods to carry on the often thankless task he performed while heading the RSTL. It’s easy to overlook the amount of effort and care he put into this league, and hopefully that won’t happen, because if it did, I guarantee you cats in this league would start to notice and appreciate just how much he really did. This magazine probably takes about 12 hours of combined work between writers, and Tali has been doing this for months tirelessly. Be sure to thank Rikoshay and Got Life? when you see them, they were a big help this week. We’d been looking at Vigil for contributions (hit me up on AIM at claushouse69 when you read this), but anyone who has the time to contribute an article a week and has decent writing skills is welcome to help out.

    Rikoshay has been working out a new format for the RSTL along with help from Tali and myself, and it should be going into effect a week from now. It will blend in the old with the new and has the aim of solving a lot of the problems the current league format has, while retaining the milestone achievement and history of the league and all the prestige that lies therein, including Contendership and Championship matches. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this as we near its implementation.

    Thanks to Rikoshay and Tali, once again, a biter was caught and convicted before any real damage was done to the league. We move forward steadily increasing our numbers in the league as the tournament comes to an end this week and both new and old faces sign up. There is a bright outlook on the league, and I’m confident in saying we look forward to keeping the high standards that Tali put forth until his return. And until then, I'll be taking over his responsabilities as Editor-in-Chief for the mag. Hope our first edition lived up to his image.

    -Claushouse (aka Annihilation)
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    Nov 3, 2005
    You caught the one word I spelled wrong all week. Haha...I'm sort of anal about these things, so that actually bothers me.
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    Mar 17, 2003
    remember, its down the road, not across the highway [jan]
  11. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    lmfaO@the family guy cameo
  12. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
    Dope read.

    Sorry I couldn't add, but it was like 10pm when you asked.

    I got you next week.
  13. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    This was a good read and I liked how all of this came together...but the end was rather seemed almost as if we were at Tali's funeral or something...and thanks for the praise...
  14. Urizen

    Urizen I hate humans

    Sep 11, 2004
    ooohhh ok so THATS what happened

    Im one lucky summa bitch huh
    and finally sum positive shit bout me in the mag
  15. Scrolls-Oracle of Omen

    Scrolls-Oracle of Omen *DBS*--*A.B.C*

    Feb 23, 2001
  16. Shogun...

    Shogun... Ghost Within the Shadows

    Jan 28, 2006
    Damn fellas...The mags getting better each week
    keep up the good work
  17. .Lola Cruez. II

    .Lola Cruez. II Speaking from my soul.

    Nov 21, 2005
    I'm battling calloused this week, not Malosovich. Nice mag this week. Since I got back into reading books and stuff, my mind is more relaxed, so I shall put down more of a develope verse this week. Chea.
  18. Ribonuclease

    Ribonuclease New Member

    Jul 25, 2004
    haha, i wrote that verse on thursday night drunk in like 3 minutes.. I misread the deadline, anyways Ill be in it this week.
  19. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
    props to everyone who wrote the mag.

    and i should've said more for my 'under the influence' part.....but ehh, too bad.

    oh, and good read. I'm looking forward to contributing to the mag in the following weeks and months to come.
  20. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    That's exactly what I said when I read the mag too...
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