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Discussion in 'The Rapmusic Storytelling/Topical League' started by Mac Flow, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Yo, it's time again, grab your lady friend, your wifey, your girl, your man, your homies, your dog, your pet Iguana Ziggy,'s time for the Mag fockers. Enjoy the read, and pay close attention, we got some new shit and old shit, and most importantly details on the RSTL Summer Tournament, you MOST DEFINITELY don't wanna miss this....enjoy! - Mac Flow

    The RSTL Summer Tournament 2005
    Hosted by Mac Flow, ssenlli, Tali and Malosovich

    First of all we want to thank you for the interest that’s already been shown. The initial response is more than we expected, so thank you. Sign ups are still open and so long as they are, there are still spaces! So you still have time to sign up.

    The New Idea.

    Many of you wanted an alias tourney promoting the anonymous side of it. With a few tweaks here and there, that is precisely what you are getting.

    Instead of you all finding aliases or making a new name, we will do the foot work for you. Every contender will be given a unique number within their region/bracket (North, South etc) by the mod responsible for that region/bracket. This will be given to you through the method of your choice providing it is either AIM, MSN, Rapmusic’s Private Messaging system or good old E Mail. Then you choose a topic as you normally would and write a verse. Once the verse is written you will send it to the mod responsible for your bracket via the medium agreed and that mod will post it for you. This promotes absolute secrecy at your own discretion. The mod responsible for your bracket and you will keep your number/identity a secret and will not be telling any other mod or member. So you must ensure you send your verses to the correct mod that is representing your bracket.

    Then with every round that passes you will be given a new number by the mod of your bracket. You will be continually reminded to check your email or messenger for your number.

    As you know already this is a substantially smaller tournament. Half the size of the usual 64 man tournaments. We are doing this to eliminate no shows to make the tournament as competitive as possible.

    How Are The Competitors Chosen?

    As stated we are trying our best to minimize no shows. So the outright, main factor in selection is our faith that you will show. This will be indiscriminate. Your name and achievements mean nothing if we don’t feel we can trust you to show. Now this doesn’t mean we are going to choose just the people who will show. Some people will have their ability and history considered if their ability to show is questionable. Through out the process which all 4 mods will certify it will remain completely indiscriminate. This is what tourneys are about. Proving people wrong and proving yourself.

    Now, once we have chosen a list we will then choose a back up list. We are intent on making this a fully competitive and populated tournament. No easy rides and no disappointment.
  2. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Once we have made two lists we will announce on RM and ask you to check your emails/aims/msns etc. You will be notified by Sunday 21st July or the very latest Tuesday 22nd July. IMPORTANT We MUST receive a reply of confirmation by NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 26TH JUNE.


    So Then What?

    Now the tourney starts as a normal RSTL week would do. Matches, Brackets, Topics will be posted up and you will receive your number and bracket through your chosen method of communication from your leading mod.

    Verse Due Dates are Wednesday of that week @ 10:00pm PACIFIC/1:00am(Thursday) EST/6:eek:oam (Thursday)
    Your Verse MUST be emailed by then.

    Then your verse will be posted for you.

    If your verse isn’t there when the mod checks you will be replaced and the replacement will know ahead of time if there is one.


    As you may have gathered by now, this is a lot of time on our part. To retain your hidden identity you will all send your votes via EMAIL and EMAIL only to a given email address. If you do not have the facilities then we suggest you get them. Now. All emails will have to be clearly labelled with your number, name and the fully explained vote and link to the match your vote is on.

    You may post all your votes in one email so long as they are all full, clearly labelled and linked.

    Votes inside the threads WILL NOT COUNT. You will be asked to vote by email and expected to abide by that.

    You MUST vote on other battles!

    Failure to do so will mean you loose a vote for every vote you don’t submit.

    All votes MUST be in our emails by no later than the Sunday night (Midnight LA time) of that week.

    Winners will notified by email or their chosen method of messenger.


    ’Will the league be open during the tourney?’
    No, absolutely not. Have no fear. We seriously don’t have the time. The league will return (not concrete) in the semi finals depending on the work load.

    ’Whats the prize?’
    The prize is a spot in the Hall of Fame. Given the nature of this tourney, it will be a substantial place to be awarded.

    None and no exceptions. Harsh but sorry, this is a lot of work on our part.

    ’Do I have to have an email address?’
    Yes, you do and WE have to know it. We will ask you for it when we inform you if you are chosen.

    Please ask as many questions as you like in this thread!
  3. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    The Spotlight - ssenlli

    Richard Corey

    Richards battle this past week:

    Read this verse and you will see the tragedy that took place. RC posted a verse late due to misunderstanding the rules, and the best verse to hit the board this week and would have been overlooked if everyone else hadn't no showed. I put the spotlight on this verse not only to show everyone what I just learned about RC (he's pretty damn good), but to also show the consequences of not knowing the rules. Had Richard posted this verse on time he would have been well on his way to a #1 contenders match and possibly on the way to his third, yes THIRD belt. Instead he will be with the rank and file at the bottom of the top 20 forum. I am in no way knocking Corey, I am merely using these events as an example to all other competitors, don't let what you have slip away because you didn't take a little time to read the rules. There have been a lot of no shows lately, and I wouldn't want the punishment to blind-side you, so I am encouraging everyone who hasn't read the rules to visit the thread and take a minute. As always if you have a problem or suggestion about them you should talk to one of us, the mods, and we will take your idea's into consideration. Killer story this week R.C., it's a damn shame it didn't get you a win, but I'm sure you'll be back to the top in no time. Good luck.

    And here's a link to the newer rules thread for those who are interested:
  4. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Tali ... about.... Tali? - Tali

    Howdy everybody. Because I have had some trouble locating a few folks
    to interview for this weeks magazine, rather than forego an interview
    altogether, I will do the honorable thing and interview myself. Call
    it 'taking one for the team if you will." Enjoy!

    Me: So how are you doing today?

    TaLi: Not so bad really. I'm in the middle of reading a
    depressing ass book about nursing homes as required by my directed
    reading this summer at school.

    Me: You're in summer school?

    TaLi: No dumbass. I'm doing a DIRECTED READING pertaining to
    Institutional Ethnography in the hopes of understanding it enough that
    I can start on my thesis by the end of the summer.

    Me: Whatever the hell that all means. So anyways, what made
    you want to come back to the RSTL after a 2 ½ year hiatus?

    TaLi: A few reasons I suppose. First and foremost, I am an
    honorary member of S.M.O and I saw Godfather bragging about how they
    joined the RSTL and how they were running it at the moment. I had
    actually challenged that entire site to sign into the RSTL to see how
    good they really were rather than claiming to be the best on a site
    that didn't have a comparable number of highly talented writers. That
    basically died off, but resurfaced with the aforementioned bragging by
    Godfather. So I decided to have a look at the RSTL to see what was
    going on. Low and behold, Converse had already won the title and
    signed out, Rikoshay was 14-0 and champion, and Godfather, who I am
    generally very hard on, was, I think, 7-0. That basically got me
    interested in signing up and I did about 2 weeks later. Also, it had
    been a pretty long time since I had written any stories. I thought
    this would be a good way to get back into that mode of writing.

    Me: zzzzzzzzzzz…Ah yeah ok. So I guess the next question is:
    what in the world possessed you to become a moderator of the RSTL?

    TaLi: Well I guess there were a few openings when Rikoshay and
    I think L Dogg resigned, and Mad Poet was looking for some decent
    folks to fill in the blanks. I think Mac ended up being one of them
    and I was the other. As for why; for the most part, I have a fairly
    open summer schedule as far as school is concerned. It wasn't really
    something where I just jumped at the opportunity though. But I
    figured, why not, because I figured I could help lend some credibility
    to the place (not saying it was incredible before I came back) being a
    reasonably respected two time champion and hell I don't know, just
    said I'd do it so here I am.
  5. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Me: What do you think will make you a good moderator?

    TaLi: Well, whether I am or not is yet to be seen. But
    basically, I've just always had this way of being able to mediate,
    which, as far as I'm concerned, is pretty much the chief
    responsibility of any moderator aside from the weekly maintenance sort
    of things. By that, I just mean that I generally do what I can to
    make sure everybody who has a problem with something can at least
    leave the situation feeling like they were considered. I have an ego,
    but I do my best to completely set it aside when dealing with other
    people's issues because too often I see people letting their emotions
    or pride get in the way of making sound decisions and that's no good.
    That said I'm not really one to bullshit with lol. I'll take care of
    what needs to be taken care of, but you won't ever catch me starting
    beef with anybody, only answering it if my hand is forced.

    Me: You know, you give the longest damn answers to relatively
    short questions. Did you know that?

    TaLi: Yes lol

    Me: On to the league. How do you compare the RSTL when you
    left it to the RSTL where you have now found it?

    TaLi: That is a tough one to answer. Obviously, there are a
    lot less people at the present time. Attendance generally fluctuates
    in leagues like this. Back in 02', we had the advantage of it being a
    relatively new league so there was a lot more novelty attached to it.
    The text side of the sight was also a lot more active than it is now.
    In terms of skill level, I don't necessarily think that the people who
    are in the league now are any less talented than the people who were
    in the league then. By this, I am referring to the upper tier
    participants. The biggest difference was, in 02', it was nothing to
    see Peril Eyes, Black Jesus, Jowelz, Vern, Tha Talent, Mac Flow,
    Warren, Infinite Truth, Tekneek, Antagon, myself, and others of
    similar talent levels in the top 15 at the same time. The field was
    MUCH deeper than it is now. I remember back then, it took AT LEAST 8
    wins if not 9 wins in a row just to get to the championship match.
    Basically, if you were in the top 20, you could lose to anyone any
    given week. Now, I see folks getting in the contender match at 3-0
    and shit. And that's no fault of theirs. It's just the league isn't
    as deep as it once was. But hopefully, we can get it back to that
    sort of level in the future.

    Me: What do you make of all of the bitching and negativity
    that seems to be surrounding the league nowadays?

    TaLi: There's always been negativity and bitching surrounding
    the league lol. The reason it is so pronounced now is because there
    aren't as many big matches taking place every week. Like I said
    before, back in 02', we never even had to worry about voting
    requirements. Every battle 1 vs. 2 through 19 vs. 20 was generally
    competitive, and more importantly, showed up for but there was still
    bitching believe me. In terms of nowadays, I just think people take
    this shit so unbelievably seriously that one little mistake or, god
    forbid, a loss, and there are three threads in hook ups bringing it to
    the attention of the world instead of at least trying to handle shit
    behind closed doors before taking it to the public arena. Once that
    happens, there is generally a feeling of "fuck the shitty mods" coming
    from the person making the thread and then, in return, a feeling of
    "no, fuck you" coming from the mods. Like the whole Vizz Blade thing.
    Now obviously, I don't know everything that went on there; all I know
    is what I saw written in threads and such. I think Vizz had a few
    legitimate beefs, but because he approached the mods the way he did,
    they reacted the way they did, and everything became personal. Think
    of it like this: the mods were the referees and Vizz Blade was
    Rasheed Wallace. Rasheed Wallace might have been totally abused and
    no foul was called. Rasheed thinks he has a beef so he starts barking
    at the refs. But, instead of working the refs, he just goes right for
    them and he ends up getting thrown out of the game and nobody really
    wins. Everybody loses and the league ends up losing.

    Me: I see. How long are you thinking about sticking around?

    TaLi: Man, I just hope there is still something to stick around

    Me: True. Well, I'm pretty much running out of questions.
    Let's see. I'll throw out some topics or names and you give me a
    short answer that describes your feelings about them.

    TaLi: Go for it.

    Me: RSTL!

    TaLi: Re-building.

    Me: Text!

    TaLi: Often times more enjoyable than rhyming.

    Me: Girlfriend!

    TaLi: The best there is!

    Me: Topical or Story?

    TaLi: Topical is much easier for me; story tends to be more

    Me: RSTL claim to fame!

    TaLi: Ending Infinite Truth's winning streak thereby winning
    my second title.

    Me: Top 5 RSTLers in order!

    TaLi: I wasn't here for the whole middle crop so bear that in
    mind. Not easy but..

    1. Peril Eyez
    2. WWIII
    3. Vern
    4. Rikoshay
    5. Infinite Truth

    TaLi: Like I said, I don't know some of yall' so don't get mad
    if you aren't in there and you know you should be lol.

    Me: Any last things you wanna' say?

    TaLi: Yeah, let's make this tournament sick and let's try to
    get this place back to how it once was when the top 20 was exclusive

    Me: Ok. Thanks for the novel cock bag!

    TaLi: Anytime dirt whore!
  6. Mac Flow

    Mac Flow Die

    Jul 17, 2000
    Who's Hot / Who's Not - Mac Flow

    Every week (if this goes over well) the mods will be picking who we believe to be Hot or here goes

    1. L Dogg - Dude's been on fire....won the championship from Dic after beating Tali...he had a tough road, I believe he beat Vern before he beat Tali, so he's been on point for a few weeks now, Let's see how he holds up in the 3 way this week

    2. Runna Da Mille - Who's this guy? Seemingly out of no where here he is, 7-0 and in a 3 way match for the title. Alias? Newbie? Either way, he's to be reckoned with, very intelligent writer and has some incredible verses under his belt already. See how long he keeps winning

    3. Pent Up - besides losing to L Dogg last week, Pent has been writing some incredible verses lately, his writing ability has seemed to really improve lately, even after the ghostwriting incidents and such, I've seen Pent do some good things and he seems to really step up against big name cats, let's see how long he can hang in the top 10

    1. Richard Corey - granted he's only been back a couple weeks, he hasn't seemed too inspired yet to break necks in the RSTL like he used to, I'm sure if he hangs in there for a few weeks and gets his steez goin, he'll be up on the other side of this list....come Rick-o

    2. Tekneek - Since that debacle he had in the PPV vs Dic, Tek seems to be losing his damn mind. He's talkin about Banned IP matches vs IV and everything else. Tek...come on man, get back to writing well and stop sweating everyone else's existence...f'real.

    3. Unavailable - Everytime dude signs in he either loses or no shows, you gotta be more consistent holmes...can't sign out for 2 weeks, come back for 1 only to lose then sign out again. Stay in the league and start winning again fool.

    Well there ya have it, the tournament is gonna be dope as fuck, the interview was crazy, (tali we need to talk about the drug policy for RSTL mods I think)....Hopefully I didn't offend anyone with the Who's Hot/Not...and if I did, oh well fuck ya lol....Good luck to everyone this week, and those who are selected for the tournament, please don't fuck this up, I'll hunt you down and slice into tiny morsels, only fit for the dining of a rottweiler. Thanks to Tali, ssenlli, Momma and myself this week....y'all are our inspiration. (Not really, but you're probably not reading this part anyways)

    Pz out!
  7. Keynote

    Keynote aka Jux Czar

    Jul 30, 2002
    dope mag mang.

    it' be poppin' to get in that tourney.

    yall will see the mean poet at work.
  8. Defcon_5

    Defcon_5 Relax and take notes

    Sep 19, 2002
    where's my name at damnit mag
  9. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    tourney will be hot
  10. iLLweezy

    iLLweezy ILLWeeMaN

    Sep 10, 2002
    If this is flawless, then this tourny will be the best in RM history, hands down.

    Also, after I win this week, I want to get a spot in the mag. Whether it be an interview, or a review. c'mon!
  11. Kost

    Kost Soon to be legendary

    Oct 12, 2003
    Dont be too cocky^
  12. Noib Da Mutt

    Noib Da Mutt New Member

    Dec 18, 2001
    I think I'm right, no props yet, guess I gotta win the title... Who's doing these mags? lol... naw, I'm kiddin', good job ya'll...
  13. FórmÅl LôGíc

    FórmÅl LôGíc Black Listed

    Apr 3, 2001
    One question about the tourney...

    Is there anyway win or lose we can see the votes on our battle, so we can get the feedback?
  14. Just So Cute

    Just So Cute RSTL Rank 12

    Jul 10, 2005
    dope magg...
  15. Eternalpath

    Eternalpath I am FEMALE!!!!

    Mar 9, 2004
    sounds good to me
  16. Pent uP

    Pent uP I'd Like to Fight Ten Men

    Feb 17, 2001
    tourney sounds fire

    and thanks for the mention

    dope shit
  17. BaySick

    BaySick ill.

    Jun 23, 2001
    lol ahah nooo my story revealed lool dont worry ill win this week...
  18. Look im Gangsta

    Look im Gangsta New Member

    Mar 20, 2004
  19. God Father

    God Father The Mayor!

    Mar 1, 2000
    TaLi, you better start putting God Father, instead of "Godfather". If not, i'ma smack yo hippie ass.

  20. ProjectEnglish

    ProjectEnglish free beer tomorow

    Jun 27, 2005
    i dun wanna be in this either
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