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  1. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    L -Intro
    New Rules
    Trap- A new Regime
    Precyse - top ten verses
    Tekneek Interview
    Super Dooper - why RBL members should join RSTL


    This will be the new name for the mag so know that......

    By now you should know the old RSTL is no more. That’s right, it’s now time for the new blood to create a legacy like the old vets of this league did back when Tek created it. Now most of the old vets have retired or have moved on leaving you, The new guys, to make a name for yourselves in the Internets Best league!
    2 weeks ago no one was saying shit about the RSTL.. No threads in hookups about the league or what was happening around it..2 week later you have threads running ramped. Talent has now moved on to better things, the league is taking some changes, and the people of the league are full of gossip. Threads are being made left and right, discussion is taking place letting everyone- not just us and our league, know what’s going on. These are all good things for our growth as a league.
    I was an RSTL mod in the past with people such as Nebz,Yo Momma, Vern and IV. I have watched people like Omen and how they run the system. What im trying to tell you is im nothing new to this league and it’s important you guys understand that I will not let you or your league fall to pieces. I have been known to be a prick who mouths off and listens to only myself, but that’s just how people label me, when it comes to being in charge of something for the people. I will listen to you and do my best to make you happy. So no matter how much of an ass I am in the hookups forum, don’t think Ill make your life hell in here. I have split personalities : )..
    There are 4 great mods for this league working hard, who want nothing better then to see it work and be a fun place for you guys…Please work with Us to help this league be the best it can. Contact us by aim to help out if you have free time and want to participate in the mag or somthing. Talk to your friends on aim and tell them to join, go to other sites and talk about this league. Help us bring this place back to life! And most importantly SHOW UP TO YOUR MATCHES and VOTE…only gotta vote on 5 matches now and if you all can do that I will make it so you don’t have to post the urls in your matches cuz I know how shitty that is….
    And with that said…Welcome to the New RSTL and good luck in succeeding in it!…

    New Rules:

    There are few things to look out for with the new rules taking place this week. One is the voting. Right now the rule is you have to vote on 6 matches and post the urls of those matches in your match so that we can keep track of who is voting.. The new rule is you only have to vote on 5 matches now, and if you can show me that you will vote 5 times a week I will make it so you wont have to post the urls that you voted on because I know how much that sucks an takes up time. I think people will vote more knowing they don’t have to post the urls… so show me you can vote on ATLEAST 5 matches and ill be good on my word.
    The next change is the Topics.. In the past you were able to pick from a certain topic selection made up from the mods. The new rule now doesn’t give you that freedom of choice. This is a competitive league, writers need to be challenged to show they deserve to be the champ. So now your matches will include a topic picked by the mods that you and your opponent must write to. Don’t worry The topics will be short descriptions and will give you a wide range to work with, but a good writer can write on anything and that’s what I expect to see happen. Its up to you to be more creative then your opponent with you topic!
    There will also be a link to a beat in your thread. It is expected that you use this beat to write your topic, but it is your choice to do so. This is so people who want to improve their writing in audio will get a chance to by practicing writing rhymes to music rather then the dead silence of a regular story. You must remember we are on a rap site, most of us want to rap or do some sort of audio someday if your not doing it already. By using the beat to write you are not losing your story theme. There is no reason you cant write a good story behind music. that’s the whole point of making a rhyming novel is so u can flow it….If you are a person who chooses to not use the beat to write to then write like you normally would, but don’t expect your opponent to do the same.
    Voters “should” vote on the matches by judging how well the persons used the topic they were given. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you inform your audience if you used the beat in your thread so that the voters can listen to the beat and read your writing with it. So make sure and say if you did or didn’t when u post your verses… which brings me to another reasons this beat thing will be cool.. I know reading a bunch of stories can be boring every week.. If you have a beat that goes WITH the story, it makes the story that much enjoyable to read along to.. You can get into the story better because it will be flowing in ya head to the music.. Shit is way more fun then just reading text with no music.. So I stress that you write to the beat given in your thread!!!
    Also, the top 30 forum is now the top 20 so if your ranked higher then 20 then look for your match to be on the other rstl page where the Mag usually is...
    Top 3 ranks will get a special avatar to show they are special now too… this is not optional, if you don’t want the avy too bad lol.. The avatars will have belts on them to resemble a champion status. Feel special : )

  2. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    A New Regime:
    Even though L-Dogg seems to be the old school Ice Cube of RM, I think he has a great idea going with trying to revive the RSTL. I won't front, when I heard the news that L-Dogg was trying to make the RSTL better I hated on him. Based on his political views and views of hiphop culture and humanity as a whole, I really thought this RSTL idea would be another way for him to get the board jumping negatively.
    But I think he has a good idea here. The RSTL of old is dead in my opinion. Most of the Vets are gone and the RSTL needed a new change for the new blood. Changing the Top 30 to Top 20 first off is a good idea, because there aren't that many kids in the RSTL as it is right now. As the RSTL grows, it can eventually get back to the normal 30. Until then, the Top 20 gives a better chance to split both sides evenly. Also lowering the line limit makes it easier for the voters to make a better decision on battles. I know when I was in the league and I saw a battle between Talent and Infinite Truth or Omen I hardly read it because for one, I was lazy .. and two, I don't like reading that much. This ties into the other idea, lowering the voting number from 6 to 5. Even though it's only one vote, that still helps out alot in my opinion. The audio idea is also great because it could possibly include the Audio and Battle Heads to join the RSTL. Me personally, I always wrote to a beat to begin with, so if anything that would've given me a distinct advantage against people that didn't write like that. The only problem I see with that is picking the beats. But as long as you have one eastcoast / one down south / one nerdy anticon / one westcoast and one soulful beat .. adding up to 5 for that week, it shouldn't be that bad. Everyone should have a beat to run with. This should also improve your writing skills, as L-Dogg said. Not only will it help your writing skills, but it will also possibly help your Audio skills if you are a first time person planning to develop Audio Tracks. Having the Mods pick the Topics for each battle is also great in my opinion. If you can't write to that topic, you really shouldn't be in the league. The RSTL is about versatility .. if you can't adapt to the topic, how will you expect to get better in Battles / StoryTelling or Audio?
    All in all, I hope L-Dogg and Abs visions will help out the League. This will definitely work out great only will the help of the RSTL competitors. Any bias or hatred you have towards L-Dogg will have to be thrown out to make the RSTL a great league once again. You can always hate on him in Hookups .. lol. pce.


    10. Shadows Edge
    I believe Shadow is really being sleeped on and is a possible record spoiler here in the RSTL. This week he chose one of the more popular topics, “One step too far”. In his story he went with the disgruntle lover aspect to get his point across, and did so successfully. Shadow used great vocabulary, imagery, and rhyme structure and took his battle easily over Copywritten. Everyone should be looking out for this guy in the weeks to come.

    9. Smoke Trails
    In this weeks verse Smoke came on a topic that is pretty hard to pull off. He decided to combine two topics (One step too far & Fall) to touch on a racism issue. Smoke came with some real nice imagery and vocabulary, which isn’t very surprising with his style. Whenever there’s a deep topic up for grabs you better believe Smoke will pick it. He has proven that he can put some wins together before, but will he be successful with the new format and can he stay motivated on the way up. Smoke is in control of his own RSTL destiny right now….good luck

    8. Tekneek
    Now I know most of you are thinking why is Tek so far up in the Top 10. Well this week we had a ass load off hot verses that over shined his. However, that doesn’t mean that Tek didn’t drop something nice. Tek helped a lot of shore eyes by splitting his topic up into three sections. The detective, murderer, and the murdered….he used the first section to set up the story. Then he gave us the imagery and descriptive words that has made him what he is today. Tek continues to be the class of the RSTL and has his slanted eyes on the RSTL crown.

    7. Dicnyaeye
    Disturbing doesn’t even come close to describing this guy or his topic this week. Dic picked the retarded superhero subject and added his own little twist; his superhero was a dickhead…ROFL yes a DICKHEAD. Somehow he made it all come together and combined humor with good content. Bold move in a number one contender match…..good luck in the championship

    6. Madpoet
    This week madpoet finally got to meet his dream topic. His story went with his gory persona that is sometimes portrayed on theses boards and on AIM. Mad made the death of a lover seem like something everyone should go out and try. I really liked how he described the little things in his story. A must read to all

    5. Retulen Reactus
    Retulen approach this week with a lot of momentum and it showed in his verse. He used great imagery and a lot of metaphors, but the metaphors might have been his downfall though. The potential to confuse the voter was very high, as it seemed that sometimes he reached to far into his mind for these concepts. But the verse was sick overall, and the repeating sentence he used helped keep the reader focused. He gave Noib a run for his money, but feel short.

    4. 6 Feet Deep
    6 snuck up to spot four by painting pictures in the reader’s head. He used vivid words to describe a mystical hero and surrounded it with substance. The strong point of 6’s writing is his vocabulary. He might have one of the most diverse vocabs in the RSTL as of now… out for this guy

    3. Nique
    WOW!!!!! is the first thing that comes to mind when I look back at her verse. She took the topic “One step too far” and took it one step too far. She described the lust and love she had for her brother, and how the family and friends reacted to it. She is also one of the new faces in the RSTL that can make a strong move to the top. She in a way reminds me of a younger more revived version of Erykah Kain the reigning topical lady in the RSTL. Either way she is developing into one of my favorite reads…..keep it up ma

    2. Navara
    It was hard to pick a #2 this week with Navara and Noib dropping nice shit. Navara took to his classic style writing about a woman and male problems. But he added a third character, which was a heart. If you read the verse with open eyes you will see little hints throughout, and the ending was just a twist for the ages. For those who read it you know what I’m talking about, and for those who didn’t read it…DO SO NOW…interesting to see what Navara does next week on the way to his second RSTL championship.

    1. Noib da Mutt
    Well taking our number one spot is the defending RSTL champ Noib. He put together a GREAT verse and showed why he is what he is THE CHAMP. He wove a story of sibling sex, lies, and revenge and it made for one hell of a story. It shall be interesting to see how long Noib can hold on to the Belt, and how he will approach next week. Maybe if we get lucky we will see Noib and Navara face off.
  3. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000

    L dogg the god: Welcome to the First Interview of the new RSTL era..and who better to be the first, then TekNeek, the Founder of the Original RSTL u been tek?
    Verbatimental: I been OK --- handling business on and off the net.
    L dogg the god: So what do you think about this big change to the league.. seems like some people hate it or really like it...what are your feelings about the change?
    Verbatimental: Change is necessary regardless of how many people do not like it. Lately, the RSTL was going on a gradual downward spiral. To see that things are happening to readjust the league is good. I personally had been wanting this to happen for about 2 months now and to see that its pending is a good thing.
    L dogg the god: How much of an effect will these new rules play.. do you think we will see and increase of interest in the league like i hope, or see it fall more?
    Verbatimental: The important thing is that the MODS responsible for making these changes is that the system stays maintained. The adjustments need to be looked at before put into consideration. The MODS need to know the expectations if the set rules are either good or bad. The interest will definitely be there but it depends on the fact that stability can remain weeks on down. I am sadly not one of them to act upon and oversee the new rules...
    L dogg the god: yea i wish you could of been one of the mods to help me work this new plan, hopfully u get the chance soon.. what do you think about this new avy deal where the top 3 ranked people get a special avy to sport.. yay or nah?
    Verbatimental: The new avy idea is a nice little add-in for competitors and something MAYBE that people will like. As far as getting the chance soon to work the new RSTL system --- I can only wonder and see as to what can be done to have me back in the league --- it seems lately that certain obstacles are putting a wrench within this action to occur.
    L dogg the god: yea.. i think its only fair you have the chance to help start the new system since u started the old one... ok speaking on the new system, who u think is going to shyne now that most the vets is out.?
    Verbatimental: It is completely UNKNOWN and I'll explain why. In the OLD RSTL, there were the many who were excelled within a particular writing style that made them well above others in skill and such. However, this new way of writing is possibly going to flip the lid... meaning.... some of the halfway cats or the mediocre writers will find this to be more of their forte' and those who been ruling then will have a hard time trying to integrate in this new thing. Personally, this is what I wanted all along with the league.... so hopefully it turns out how I hope.
    L dogg the god: yea i expect some new #1 names to come from this new system... Do you think im doing a good thing by not allowing rstl mods to join the league?
    Verbatimental: I think MODS should be able to do whatever. It's been done all the time in both RBL and RSTL.
    L dogg the god: how long is noib going to hold the title?
    Verbatimental: It's hard to say. He's been doing great as of late and if he puts an effort in keeping his A-game in writing his verse... he'll be going for another 2-3 weeks. I personally feel he MIGHT be one of the nice ones in the NEW RSTL system.
    L dogg the god: when i say a word give me the first thing that comes to your mind
    L dogg the god: Topics
    Verbatimental: Needs to be cut down in choices big time.
    L dogg the god: RSTL mods
    Verbatimental: Needs to overlook and make sure new system works and if not --- then to devise ways to keep it maintained.
    L dogg the god: Tha Talent
    Verbatimental: No comment.
    L dogg the god: Tekneek
    Verbatimental: Representing my damn self the way I want to.
    L dogg the god: haha word... aiight tek.. is there anything u wanna touch on that i have yet to ask you?
    Verbatimental: hmm...
    Verbatimental: Line limits.
    Verbatimental: Line limits should be based on the number of bars songwriters write em in ---- usually verses are 16 bars or 20 or 24 bars.
    Verbatimental: People complain of too long verses so to have it set between 16-32 bars is good.
    L dogg the god: hmm ok... i dont want to see any chorses in peoples writing.. do u agree?
    Verbatimental: I disagree --- choruses should be in there --- gives the voter the intro to the verse itself.
    L dogg the god: okay... anything else sir?
    Verbatimental: The RSTL should be now the Rapmusic Songwriting/Topical League
    Verbatimental: .... it sets the two different systems of writing
    Verbatimental: one from a beat -- the other from a topic.
    Verbatimental: a songwriting verse is COMPLETELY different from writing a typical RSTL verse u would read in a match.
    Verbatimental: The RSTL shold have two divisions
    L dogg the god: but what about the people who wont be using the beat due to teknical difficulties?
    Verbatimental: The songwriting category.
    Verbatimental: and The Topical category
    Verbatimental: songwriting is based on beats and lyrics adopted from a OPEN MIC verse
    Verbatimental: topical category should remain just as that.
    Verbatimental: a regular league like what we have now.
    Verbatimental: two different systems... two different divisions... two different ranking systems
    Verbatimental: Songwriting Division Rankings.....
    Verbatimental: 1. Noib
    Verbatimental: 2. TeK
    Verbatimental: 3. L-Dogg
    Verbatimental: Topical Division Rankings.....
    Verbatimental: 1. Tha Talent
    Verbatimental: 2. Peril-Eyes
    Verbatimental: 3. L-Dogg
    L dogg the god: we will see.. there isnt enough people in the league yet to make two divisions.. maybe if your made mod we can work on it lol
    Verbatimental: this will draw people in
    Verbatimental: one person can enter in 2 divisions
    Verbatimental: reminiscent of the RWF.
    L dogg the god: word.. well i wouldnt be able to do that shit myself.. get the word out to the people to make u mod : ) ok i think were done lol

    Why RBL Members should Join This League

    RBL Heads! Yall wanna join RSTL now. Navara has some promising ideas on how to make this a learning experience by getting your skills improved for the audio world and a little more fun to participate in the best story telling league on the net. First off, now you won't have to write no gay ass 50+ line novels. The mods will give you and your opponent a beat, and yall can spit those RSTL verses in three minutes or less. This will get battler heads use to writing shit to a beat and help them improve for when they make audios. If you have experience on the mic but aren’t good and making good songs then this will be a place you can practice working towards better songs. Voters will play the beat of your match and read ya shit to help them decide who wins the matches. This also makes reading them others people writing more fun..when u have music to play while reading text it makes it not seem as boring...Also you only gotta vote on 5 matches an within 2 weeks if you show the mods u will vote..they gonna make it so you don’t have to post the vote links in your more wasting time with that Get some experience for the mic, improve ya skills, and join the new RSTL!

  4. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000

    Well this is the end of the first mag for the new league.. told you the mag would still be hot...its not as grand as i wanted it to be but i had to do everything myself this week..all the other mods aint do shit... All I gotta say is feel free to drop some shit for this mag if you feel its missing something.. Just hit me on aim or any other rstl mods and tell them what u want to do..My mags wont be as formal as talents.. I enjoy articles that talk shit about other members, and beef talk.. I like everything that makes for an interesting read and im sure you all do too...Thanks to Trap and Super an Precyse for their input in our first new mag, thank you tek for the interview.. too bad you didn’t vote this week on matches u fucker..that aint cool.. grats to mad for beating his ass...lets see if noib can stay champ..Im hoping to get the beat thing more polished so that when u click the link it goes right to the beat, but this week was tough with me doing all the work an ask not being around to upload me shit.. so deal with it and ill see you next week..​
  5. i wasnt mentioned?
  6. Smoke Trail

    Smoke Trail Writing My Life

    Aug 20, 2003
    good mag son, n good look on top 10 appearence for me
  7. Noib Da Mutt

    Noib Da Mutt New Member

    Dec 18, 2001
    really good mag... and it was done so fast... props...
  8. shadows edge

    shadows edge Red Sox, bitch

    Apr 22, 2004
    Word @ the compliments to me. Means a lot, considering I just started this story writing deal. Good mag overall too.
  9. Madpoet

    Madpoet why is this so short....

    Dec 7, 2003
    Good shit....Props...
  10. Status Qu0

    Status Qu0 Hammer Time

    Sep 4, 2002
    that beat idea is horrible.

    it's NOT an audio league.

    writers should be allowed to write how they wish.

    it's going to drain the creative process.
  11. LDogg The King

    LDogg The King The High Life

    Jan 17, 2000
    ^ i been through this already.. the beat is optional...seems like u complain about everything...last week it was the voters.. now this.. just relax.. its the net.. have fun with it.

    post in open mic forum if u wanna write how you wish.. this is a league when u gotta prove yourself now..
  12. GammoN

    GammoN Sole Survivor of the DOJO

    Sep 30, 2004
    good mag..soon I'll be at the top..
  13. DoubleA

    DoubleA YOUR TEAM SUCKS!!!

    Sep 12, 2004
    hot shit
    neva done this league b4 sounds cool
    we'll see how i do this week...
  14. RAh

    RAh oh fuck i'm sexy

    Oct 3, 2000
    good mag
  15. Khôi NguJin

    Khôi NguJin

    Jul 29, 2003
    nice, although my beat isn't what i thought it to be. i need uplifting style beats, oh well, i'ma make the best of it and move the RSTL new era into the new age and shine. time for some changes.
  16. UneekTestimony

    UneekTestimony New Member

    Feb 16, 2003
    Word@the beat thing being optional. Because I can't do anything audio on my computer at the moment, hence the reason I entered the league. But I do write my topicals to beats...especially Nas beats. Woot. Dope Mag. And thanks for the mention. Good Luck.
  17. General Concrete

    General Concrete the infamous

    Jan 3, 2000
    lol @ "all the vets leaft you"

    I'm a vet

    Tek's a vet

    I don't know about those kids you call vets lol

    and my last week's verse was top 1

    if this kid is going to continue doing this I'm gonna have to accept that 4th spot actually is number 1, I'd HATE to be 5th on his scale

    I still think this beats idea is shitty, for pure technical reasons there's hardly any chance of me getting at any beats so would that be a hadnicap? sure will, nothing in your 'legislation' talks about that so I have to assume there will be parity in the votes beat used or not, but of course that assumption would be far-fetched

    I also don't think the previous RSTL was dead, I think the Tournament did a lot of damage to it, drawing attention away from the league but dead not, a new beginning is always fun, let's see how this goes, all the mods have my support if they wanna ask something and If I'm online they can do so

  18. 5 Starre

    5 Starre Big Jaw Entertainemnt

    Feb 26, 2003
    good shit
  19. Diarrheaaaa

    Diarrheaaaa ALL OVER YOU

    Oct 29, 2004
  20. Retulen Reactus

    Retulen Reactus Text Legend.

    Sep 19, 2003
    number 5

    like, ..
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