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    Feb 26, 2005


    Introduction by Gabriel

    Baron’s Poetical Prose vs. Rap Prose

    The BRACKETS – Breakdowns of the East and West Match Ups

    Urizen’s Top 5 Verses

    Interview with Sacrifice

    Tekeek…… League Changing Before Our Eyes


    LMAO, I knew it… I mothafuckin knew it and just like I said, it happened. I kept saying that everyone needs to read the rules and when I announced sign ups, I said I was down to modify the tournament rules if anyone suggested something, but nobody said shit and then blam… no show pandemonium… don’t even know if I spelled that right, but I don’t care. Lol…….. People never seem to listen to me until it’s too late. Oh well, with a day extension on all the verses and due times, some other members were allowed to post and continue the tournament accordingly. This has caused an extension throughout the tournament now though because I can’t just cut a day off to balance it, that wouldn’t be fair. So from now on the tournament due dates are as followed:

    Topics will be up Wednesday 12am PST every week and topical choices are due Thursday 12am PST and verses are due Monday 12am PST, 3am EST, 8am Greenwich with votes due Wednesday 12 am PST, 3am EST, 8am Greenwich

    If that doesn't get your attention to read some shit, then I don't know what the fuck is up. This tournament is still looking like something decent to start the year so if there's a problem and you don't know if you can show, but your verse is written, pm it to me or tali or email it to me
    If all you're gonna drop is a keyed verse, then it shouldn't be a problem.

    Also we need another rule because now I have to have a penalty for those who show late and don’t vote…. So here’s what the penalty is going to be…..

    From now on if you don't vote in the tournament and win your match, you will be deducted a vote from your next match for every vote didn't give the previous week. If you show late and your partner allows the extension as long as it’s less than a day late, it can count, but you will be deducted 2 votes for showing late regardless.

    These rules will be put in effect starting now and won’t be modified again. I’m not bending or breaking anymore rules for anybody. Some people seem to be bypassing the point of the topical challenge type tournament, which is fine by me I guess. If you want the easy way out in choosing your own topics and your opponent allows it, then no rules have been broken so do da damn. I will be choosing topics for all my opponents though because that’s the whole point of it being a Master’s Tournament. I understand if everyone isn’t up for the challenge though.

    After an interesting first round, we still have some vets and skilled new writers making themselves known. Some unique formats for verses in Baron vs. Millz was an unexpected scheme that I don't think many of us saw coming..... J Nyce blows up the spot with extreme hyphyness that he didn't post late, when he actually did. This seemed to have been the theme for this first round that lead to the extension. Everyone was confused by the times and thought they still had time to post. So anyway, there's still a chance to make this shit something to have an archive moment so don't half ass your verses because you won't have shit to complain about if you lose from it... Lets do da damn ninjas


    Cats should be ready to throw down on the mixz

    OK, I think I have eliminated every possible thing you can have as an excuse to not show on time. Anything else is up to you and life.... Do da damn
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Poetical Prose vs. Rap Prose
    By Baron Mynd

    Well, since I’ve been hassled to death this past week on why I chose to submit THAT verse, I figured I’d try to give you an insight into the mind of young Baron! Lol. First off, I never do well in tourneys. Ever! One of the main reasons is that when tourneys come around, I like to try new things. Sure, I could of dropped a verse like I’ve done every other week in the league, and maybe even coasted through a few rounds - but where’s the fun in that?!

    For me, when these tournaments come around, I use them as a sort of spotlight to showcase my different ideas. Admittedly, it didn’t work out, but how would I have known that if I’d never manned up and grown the balls and try it!? The answer quite simply is: I wouldn’t. And I’m sure that ALL of you have had ideas that perhaps wouldn’t fit the general consensus of the league. And for all you that have those ideas- Now’s the time to throw them out there! Where’s the fun in winning this whole thing if you aren’t gonna do it with flare?! I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t rhyme, and far from it in fact - Just try something you otherwise wouldn’t do. Step outside of your comfort zone, and try something new! This is what the RSTL’s all about, and the risk-takers are the real champions in my eyes. And as it wont be me, I hope one of you go on to win this entire thing!

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    Feb 26, 2005
    RSTL Winter’s Master’s Tournament
    {ROUND 2}

    Da EaSt SiDe


    1. Vern Acular
    9. Urizen

    An interesting match up, but we seem to know what to expect out of this if both people show…. He is Vern the Great so…. No diss to Urizen, but Vern is Vern.

    Vern got by with an easy and late win last week with showing late to his match, but it seemed that a lot of people made the mistake on the verse due times so it is what it is. He’s known for his very well narrated topical verses with an excellent use of vocab, rhymes and various emotional details and/or dramatic sequences that bring his characters/topical messages to life. He is the most accomplished writer in the RSTL as far as match wins, championship titles and just overall respect given for being a great writer so I expect more from his this round since I know he wants to show us that he hasn’t loss his touch on this shit. He’s getting pretty old….. maybe he can’t handle the pressure anymore? Lmao… Who knows, maybe he’s become washed up like Richard Corey and is now writing a much of poetical melodramatic verses like we’ve been seeing. Never can know when these big time vets come back on the scene. Things have changed a lot since Vern last participated in the league, but he’s still Vern.

    Urizen isn’t an accomplished writer of the RSTL as far as titles or tournaments go, but he is one of the most improved writers I’ve noticed. He’s constantly coming up with more and more creative approaches to his verses that interest me and keep me into his content. His format is what needs some help…. Simple rhymes and vocab to be more specific is what needs to be highly elevated, I mean HIGHLY elevated for him to even come close to standing against Vern’s good work, if that’s what Vern is still capable of. I got faith in Urizen though, I’m not saying I think he’ll win, but I do think he is capable of shocking everyone in this mothafucka if he puts his mind to it and works on his flow from the start of his verse to the ending. Come on man… show these fools that this isn’t going to be an easy win for their predictions against you. You know wassup ninja…. Give em some of that special Kung-Fu, off the wall, back-flip, make you wanna go run and tell ya momma type attacks in this biaziatch. {My New Word}

    5. Pent uP
    13. Disused Hero (-1 vote for not voting)

    Well, this should be an interesting match up too….

    Pent uP has become a household name for the majority of text boards around topical leagues and open mic forums around the internet… at least from what I’ve seen and he’s gotten respect for gaining in both rhyme/flow schemes and creative verses as well as being funny, which up until him, I was about the only funny guy the league has seen in years. He’s developed into quite a fierce competitor as well in getting his second championship title against fellow Keg Party guy Sacrifice in the RSTL so he’s got the skills and that’s evident in his accomplishments. He’s capable of writing some of the best shit one week and writing some shit that nobody can hardly grasp one week and that’s been his major problem…. Focus and Consistency. If maintains both as well as letting his flow and narration come naturally, we can count on him making it far in the tournament, I think. Let me congratulate him on winning the Championship at PR last week as well. Good shit ninja… that should boost his confidence so maybe he’s ready to take it all. Time will only tell in dis biaziath. {I told yall, that’s my new word}

    Disused Hero keeps sneaking under the radar on shit… lol, it’s cool, but it’s funny s fuck. The guy is actually a pretty decent writer from my opinion with some cool flow and good narrative voice for his verses, but I haven’t seen too much from him to be able to truly say how developed his writing skills are. From what I’ve seen so far, he brings out his better shit when he needs to and this will be one of those moments where his better shit will be needed. After sliding by in round one with a no show win over 4sight, DH still didn’t even bother to vote on any matches so he’s being deducted a vote from his match this week regardless, which puts more emphasis on him writing his better shit for any shot at victory.
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    Feb 26, 2005


    6. Got Life?
    14. Millz

    Hmmmm… now things are looking nice this round and I like this match up.

    Well, what can we say about Got Life? without making him sound like an asshole. {silence overwhelms the audience}… but on the real, the mothafucka has started once again to not be a lazy ass and actually put some thought and effort to his verses. Before the league closed down for this tournament, he posted a nicely developed verse with some solid flow and got a win over the likes of Ribo Nuke, which nobody expected to see. I didn’t really agree with the outcome of that match, but it was a debatable match and his verse was a good read filled with the kind of sappy lovey dovey shit that we’ve come to expect from the emotional writers in the league. He’s more than likely gonna count on some emotional scheme to pull the readers into his verse, which seems to work well for him. His verses vary in consistency too, ranging from nicely developed in scheme, flow and content to severely lacking clarity with simple rhymes and awkward details that don’t make sense to anyone, but him. Let’s see which Got Life shows up this week. Will it be the one that surprises us with a good verse or the one that we struggle just to finish reading the verse. {Crosses fingers for a verse that actually makes sense}

    Millz is definitely capable of writing some great shit. Many people don’t know this, but he’s been in this league before, usually during tournament times and is known around the internet as well. I didn’t realize this before now, but I had read his work before on another site… maybe UPN or B Boys or some shit… I’m not sure… anyway, he writes with nice and natural rhymes, consistent flow schemes and excellent details that others have commended him on so don’t be too fooled by his verse of last week, although was pretty cool, it doesn’t represent his true abilities by a long shot. He’s capable of much more than that and I’m sure we’ll see what I’m talking about in this round. Last week, he was able to pull of an upset in the match of Poetical Prose….. Baron and Millz decided to venture off into different non-rap like formats with more emphasis placed on the structures of writing… schematics like details, color, wit, but not much on rhymes. This got him into the 2nd round as he was able to put in some focus on rhymes.. not much, but some, as Baron purposely avoided rhyming for his sociological experiment that didn’t go well. So now it’s time to see how long he can keep shooting down our regularly known writers as he faces Got Life?.......

    7. Brains
    2. TaLi RodrigueZ

    This is one of my choices for match of the week. I’m really looking forward to reading this one.

    Tali is arguably the best audio head to grace a text board and is respected as one of the best topical/story telling verse writers online so that’s wasssup. He keeps saying that he’s feeling uninspired to write shit, but don’t be fooled, this guy gets inspired randomly and can just blow mothafuckas mind’s with a topical or story verse without notice. He knows how to tap that well of creativity when he wants to…. so the real question is, does he want to? Him and Jook seem to want to meet up at the end to even the score of their previous matches, but I have a score to even out with him too with him beating me once and me beating him once. I’m sure Tali wouldn’t mind another chance at Sac too with a loss to him in a champ match right before he signed out the league months ago and granted Sac his first RSTL title. Who knows…. Tali’s strengths are everything…. His flow is great usually, his narration is well worded, his details and imagery are always nicely developed to bring the reader pure enjoyment in the read…. This guy set the bar high in every match he’s posted in so can’t expect anything less than that.

    Brains, which kind of sounds like an alias I’d come up with… no he’s not me either…. But he has been compared and contrasted to various great writers in the league like Jook and The Return so that obviously means his skills are being shown on a regular. He was able to quickly climb the ranks in the RSTL to get to a championship match undefeated, but then finally took a loss to Baron von doin da damn, but still seemed like a much closer match than the votes indicated. He’s gained his respect for being a great writer with sometimes excellence in his narrative style with a great writer’s voice and creative outline that have impressed me since I first started reading his verses. He was the victor last week in the closest match of last week over Dead King and I’m sure that was just a warm up for what he’s gonna bring against Tali. I can’t see this guy not giving us a difficult ass choice to make on this match. He seems to be hungry for more every week so how big is his appetite? Can he handle the 5 star feast that Tali will be serving? Well, somebody will be full and somebody else will be thrown on the grill…..​
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Da WeSt SiDe


    1. DIC Gets Gully
    8. A.S.K. (-1 vote for not voting)

    Me, well, I’ll keep this short and sweet, like me. I’m embarking on new ideas and schemes to write about, showing more emotional shit and blah blah so I’ll just do what I do and hopefully you’ll like it. Natural flow with inners and multies in my narration have always been a strong point of mine, but sometimes my lines are stretched to put in those multies and make the readers read weirdly… that’s what I’m told. I don’t usually do that in tournaments though, I put more emphasis on my verses during tournament time so that complaint isn’t seen. We’ll see what I can do this week though.

    A.S.K. is gaining respect quickly with his return to the RSTL after being gone since 2004. His verses read very smoothly even though his focus isn’t put on his flow/rhyme scheme. The details of his stories though are always nicely put together from start to finish and it makes most of us forget that the shit might not have flowed well sometimes. He’s been improving his flow too though so now he’s gonna be a real obstacle for me to handle. His style is like Atheist without the dialogue and usually with a better ending that’s less cliché than some of Atheist’s stuff can be. Regardless, he’s a factor in this tournament that can’t be taken lightly and I’d be a fool to make the mistake of thinking that he won’t be ready to post great shit before the verse due date. After sliding by last week with a no show win, he forgot to vote so this week he’s being penalized with a -1 vote so I’m sure he won’t make that mistake again. He keeps improving his writing skills though with even helping me write mag articles on and off so I’m sure to expect greatness coming from him this week.

    5. Vigil
    4. TekneeK

    These two writer’s styles are almost completely adverse to one another so this will be the weirdest match up I’ve seen in a while.

    Vigil has been a very consistent writer in the league, but it seems like he falls into a rut of writing about the same kind of content that some have said makes his topicals appear mundane without breaking any new ground to his scheme. His narrative voice is always confident and he uses a mix of metaphors and wit to bring out his message, which can and have been very nicely by him. His flow has been viewed as great and his word choices fall along those same lines so that’s not posing a problem for him… It’s the direction of his subject that has been an element of possible improvement. Sometimes, his sequential structure doesn’t help clarify the theme/subject./thesis of his verses so it may lack clarity for people that aren’t understanding the little metaphorical and underdeveloped hints he puts forth. This isn’t a big problem for him though and I’m sure if he wants to put out some great shit, he can, it’s just a matter of if he wants to do the shit….. I don’t have an answer for that…. Only he knows… unless he told you some shit…. So I guess you may know too then, but I still don’t know.

    Tekneek is like the GotLife? before GotLife? was even here. It’s weird how they seem to hate each other, but their personalities are a match for one another. I think they love each other on the under. Everytime Tek comes back to the league, he swears up and down that he’s gonna do some phenomenal type shit and almost always, he does the complete opposite and shows up for a lil bit, then disappears after he takes a loss. Many of us know Tek as the founder of the RSTL and also the guy that tried to get the RSTL completely shut down to build that failing forum of the Audio RSTL. He’s tried changing the league several times… with L Dogg, with GotLife?, but he seems to not understand that it’s not broken, it just needs some love from it’s members and a regular team of mods that will do their jobs. I think we’ve shown him that’s all the league needs, but he seems to think otherwise still….. whatever. Anyway, Tek had to overcome a very boisterous 1st round against J Nyce, a guy from my city… Oakland, CA….. that posted late and caused a huge mess about it dissing Tek, Sac, Got Life? and various other members, then screaming about bias votes afterwards. Well, yea, nuff said on that I guess. Sometimes it’s just wise to be quiet and let us mods do our jobs. Tek is still proclaiming that he will reach greatness and the world will take head to his glorious and triumphant return to the throne and his self proclaimed spot as king…. Lmao, he’s definitely a character, but what he needs is to bring that kind of creativity to his verses. Maybe he will surprise us, but to get past Vigil, I think his flow will definitely need some General Assistance… welfare check, food stamps, WIC aid…. Whatever help he can get to pick it up, he needs to pick it up. ​
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    Feb 26, 2005


    3. SacriFICE
    11. Mets (-1 vote for not voting)

    Sacrifice is still one the best writers in the league currently and has the best record of anybody in the last few months since he’s joined. He’s gotten a win over almost everyone currently in the league and in the tournament so he’s an obvious favorite in this match. His flow has been ground breaking with a unique style that doesn’t rhyme on the 1 and 2 of beats, but will rhyme on the 1 and 2.5 with inner rhymes on the 2, 3 and 4 that are placed in spots to catch what he’s doing and admire the crafty format he’s put together. People that are studying new prose of writing rap and are attempting to break new ground, study this guy…. The non rhyming shit is just weak. This guy still rhymes great, just with twist that requires a skill unmatched to weave in and out pf patterns like pilot through clouds. I’m a fan…. He’s nice with it. Covering different kinds of topics wasn’t a strong element for him at first, but I think he’s expanded on that so it’ll be nice to see what he can come up with when somebody else choices his topic for him. Maybe they’ll let him slide and choose to pick out their own topics…. I wouldn’t if I was Mets, but I’m not.

    Speaking of Mets, I don’t know who this guy is as I’ve never read him in the RSTL before and I think I only recognize him from being in the RBL back in the day. Can’t really say too much on the guy yet… he got away with posting a late no show verse last round because Pain didn’t show to his match, but his no show verse was just a sentence repeated like 10x over and over so I can’t say what his skill level is… we all might be in for a surprise this week if he can manage to come up with something crisp and get the W over a RM great. I expect the unexpected on this guy…. He’s got something to show us.

    7. Ribo Nuke
    2. Jook

    This is my other choice for match of the week and the reasons are obvious. Both these guys are RBLers that got championship titles over there then came to the RSTL to flex their skills. Although Jook has been far more successful then Ribo, their skills are nicely matched against one another.

    Ribo Nuke kicked my ass in a regular battle when he was a newb at RM and from then on he has shown that his writing abilities are diverse and creative as well as wrapped nicely with great flow/rhyme schemes. The only reason this guy doesn’t have a title is because Rikoshay stopped him as he has stopped almost everyone that has crossed his path in the RSTL. He was voted the People’s Champ of 2006, which means that he was the person most worthy of having a championship title that didn’t have one and that’s some truthful shit right there. When he is focused, his style is a pleasure to read and follow through every detail he puts down. From his nice choices of words, excellent rhymes and flow scheme, great topical narrations or character developments…. to his good opening phrases, nice details in the middle sequences and great structures towards the endings. That’s when he’s focused, sometimes, he’s not so focused and seems to not have the time to spend on writing quality verses or voting, which has held him back for the most part. He should actually have been facing Anaphora in our last week if he had taken the time to vote in the previous week and would most likely have gotten that win to be facing Sacrifice when the league reopens….. but he didn’t have time to vote so he got held back in ranks and had to face GotLife? who somehow was able to beat Ribo so he’s fallen down in the ranks again. Hasn’t been an easy climb for the guy, but he keeps on trucking and ya gotta love that shit. Keep truckin man and run somebody the fuck over.

    Jook…. Well, to start off with, Rikoshay was never able to stop him. Matter of fact, he took away Riko’s 18-0 streak to get his first RSTL title and then came back and tied Riko to get his 2nd RSTL title so he’s obviously a force to fuck some shit up. As you can see in his proud signature, he was chosen as best verse of 2006, beating both Baron and Tali for the honors so his work is widely known in the league. Jook is a cop from in my city, Oakland, CA, from what I’ve heard and his attitude kind of matches that too. With the talking a bunch of shit just cause he can, blazing his sirens just to get through traffic while he doesn’t really do much of shit else except sit on his mothafuckin ass and eat donuts and watch as the real revolutionists make our presence felt… while he just roots on the sidelines and adds a comment of brutality swinging around his billy club and claiming he knows shit… feeding beefs while he plants evidence. Yea, Oakland Police at their finest. With all the accomplishments Jook has noted in his signature, he hasn’t been able to put a tournament title in there yet. Maybe that’s all he really wants now….. cuz he hasn’t been in the league since Rikoshay, but keeps a close eye on us and plants illegal surveillance on shit to stick with the cop like attitude. This is what your tax dollars pays for… surfing text boards and eating donuts while watching crack houses get shot up and meth labs explode. Gotta love this country. Lmao​
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Top 5 Tournament Verses
    By Urizen

    Welcome all to the Top 5 verses for this week in the tourny. This was a nice week to begin with. It had a lot of no shows but still the good people showed up and that’s what matters. And because the no show verses can not be considered as real pieces some times I will just do the real matches pieces. So without any further a due here we go:

    Number 5
    Baron Mynd

    Homeboy didn’t do his usual researched piece but decided to give us something new to read. It was a nice change to see from homey. It was all about a kid who felt useless in the world and used drawings to drown his emotions. But these drawings were missing something and then he found blackness and you know what they say “once you go black … you never go back”. It was written with a nice flow and it didn’t use the usual rhyme style we have grown accustomed too from Baron. But he still pulled it off nicely which earned him number 5 in my week list.

    Number 4
    Dead king

    Now this piece was nicely written and the topic was just nice. It was all about a kid seeing his whole family get murdered. He watched as his dad gets tortured and his mum gets shot all by a US soldier who probably was just doing his job. This gave us a view of the story we never get to hear. He depicted his story with a nice imagery and his writing skills made it all the better. This was a piece after my heart no happy end and death and still it made you think like “awww”. This was a nice piece as he himself will also say … cus if you look at his match thread he has got a little ego going on. But we can all see why and that’s number 4.

    Number 3

    Jook came with a real nice piece which I could relate to. It was bout a kid who listened to hip hop to escape his day to day struggles with his fam. Now this was told in a way suiting the story and the imagery was just dope. I cant bad mouth this piece even if I wanted to it was all just smooth. Even though it wasn’t his best piece Jook still showed us what he can do when he wants to. Thus allowing his ego to grow even bigger if possible.

    Number 2

    Now this was a nice piece I read it and I was like yeah you did a good job. I mean he started off like he was another person coming to a funeral. Then switched it real subtle, to let us know that the one looking is the one who is dead. Then he went to go look for his family and saw them missing him this was a nice emotional piece which just took you in. And after all that homey still went to hell because Satan was waiting. It had a nice wordplay and read away smooth and to my opinion one of Brains best pieces.

    Number 1
    Dic Gets Gully

    Dic out did himself once more by picking sum weird pic even my sick and twisted brain couldn’t work with and came with a dope concept. It basically comes down to a girl going to a abortion clinic with her dad (which is kinda weird but its just a story) and then some dude throws a bottle through the window and DAD goes crazy. He beats the shit out of the dude and then kills the dude just with his fists. And then a angry mob gets to the old man and he keeps on fighting and then police come and take him away. It read away with a mad nice imagery and it flowed easy just another nice Dic piece. Nice enough to get him my number one spot in this weekly thing.

    Now this week to my opinion didn’t really do anything real special. I mean the verses were ok but didn’t really kill it like I know some of these dudes can do. But it was a nice jumpoff to the tourney. So coming week should be nice, lets knock em dead.
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Interview with Sacrifice - Round One *Bell Rings*

    Gabedapoet: Aight man... week one of this shit, what's ur first thoughts on it so far?

    SacriFICEmcee: Well... the extension didn't help as much as it should have, but I think it'll survive and, now that some of the losers are weeded out, the tourny will definitely pick up in the rounds where the more dedicated members are. I'm pissed that my piece was looked over as it was a one I worked very hard on.. but yeah, it's looking like itll be much better in the later rounds.

    SacriFICEmcee: and of course, there's gotta be some loser out there to complain about everything because he really isn't as dope as he thinks.....ahem

    Gabedapoet: You did have a nice piece and it was gonna get commented on in the mag, then it dissapeared, but thas cool... you can save it for some other use.

    SacriFICEmcee: i can get it to you if you want to review it, that would be dope... i wont reuse it in any league or anything
    SacriFICEmcee: it'll be going straight to audio anyway... so whatever you want to do bro

    Gabedapoet: In most cases I'd think you were talking bout gotlife.. But I know you're not this time

    SacriFICEmcee: Haha, well, I actually am able to tolerate Life a lot more these days... probably because he just hasn't done anything to annoy me lately...
    SacriFICEmcee: But the dude I'm talking about is known to be a loser so, what can I say that everyone else doesn't think/know for themselves? Just listen to the dude rap...lol

    Gabedapoet: Lol, Gotlife randomly gets on my nerves every now and then... like a virus that has no cure and won't go away. He's know as a loser huh? You're talkin bout J Nyce right? Why do you say he's known as a loser?
    Gabedapoet: I only recently read his stuff...... don't know his work to well or his reputation

    SacriFICEmcee: I hope I'm not the only one that thinks a dude, posing online as a thug, taking pictures with his "guns", and pretending to be somewhat of an emcee, is a loser... hey, maybe I am...... Just visit the Audio hookups forum once in a while to catch this dude in action... but ANYWAY.
    SacriFICEmcee: AlM Primo: ur a fuckin clown
    AlM Primo: im voting against u now......... not to mention that
    SacriFICEmcee: lmao

    Gabedapoet: Oh well.... that's some compelling evidence right there...

    SacriFICEmcee: I'm guessing it's because I called him out on his gayness after his post in the tourney forum and reading his battle thread... but hey...
    SacriFICEmcee: it's my nature to stir up some beef every now and again

    Gabedapoet: All I know is he's from Oakland and since I'm from Oakland, I know there's kids out here wit gats and silly enough to pose wit em.... the hyphy generation.... but the other stuff seems kinda fake. I don't know dude so I can't speak on it tho.. The vote thing, I think you have a legitimate arguement in the voting against you too. Beef is good sometimes.... this is a new one I didn't se coming
    Gabedapoet: So new beef in 2007
    Gabedapoet: Good shit, not just me and gotlife again... more participants

    SacriFICEmcee: haha, well, I'll be surprised is he sticks around the league after this tourney.
    SacriFICEmcee: if*
    SacriFICEmcee: unlike Tali and I, he might actually care if his audio friends find out he's in a text league.
    SacriFICEmcee: lmao

    Gabedapoet: Lol... his in the rbl too isn't he

    SacriFICEmcee: ha, is he?
    SacriFICEmcee: meh, he's just another source of comedic relief, cats like him make rapmusic.com so much more fun

    Gabedapoet: I thought he was a text head, he's an audio head mainly tho... saw the mixtape thing. He posted a match of him vs defcon I think....
    Gabedapoet: Yea, he's in the rbl
    Gabedapoet: Lmao
    Gabedapoet: All gravy
    Gabedapoet: I like to be entertained by people to.... ur right, that makes shit more fun.

    SacriFICEmcee: cats like him take this shit SO seriously, way beyond just the fun aspect of it... makes it more fun for me....haha

    Gabedapoet: Do da damn then folks, so some nice people have passed thru the first round easily to make the matchups nice..
    Gabedapoet: Any match you're looking forward to this week
  9. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Gabedapoet: ",

    SacriFICEmcee: Yeah... definitely going to make this tourney something dope.

    Gabedapoet: ?

    SacriFICEmcee: Not sure what the match ups will be exactly...
    SacriFICEmcee: but.. definitely looking forward to Tali's match up
    SacriFICEmcee: haven't seen anything from him for too long
    SacriFICEmcee: Ribo, ASK, You
    SacriFICEmcee: Jook
    SacriFICEmcee: so many potentially dope verses to look forward to
    SacriFICEmcee: I'm wondering what the hell happened to 4Sight
    SacriFICEmcee: no showed in our match, then in the tourney

    Gabedapoet: Yea, I think its me vs ASK next week, I'm lookin forward to that. 4Sight just wanted to get his title and then leave.... he won his tournament from Omen being DQed and addin a title.. Well, I didn't think he'd be stickin around much

    SacriFICEmcee: sucks, i was looking forward to our rematch
    SacriFICEmcee: but hey, a third title for me, and a pretty hard road getting there
    SacriFICEmcee: so i can't complain too much

    Gabedapoet: All good, you got anaphora when the league reopens so it's gonna get interesting.

    SacriFICEmcee: Yes, he's a great writer, that should be some fun.

    Gabedapoet: I'm heavily pushing a members should assist in writing mag articles campaign because I think it's important to have the league support in producing a mag. You think I'm being an asshole for not bothering to do many mags when members don't write articles?

    SacriFICEmcee: Well, a part of me believes that if members are showing to their matches with effort, dropping good votes on all matches neccessary, then they are doing their part in keeping the league itself alive. But it is always nice to have help producing these mags because they can be a good amount of work, and its completely understandable if one or two folks can't do an entire mag in a shorter period of time...
    SacriFICEmcee: I'd definitely be down in contributing to the mag... perhaps I'll be the first to jump on board such a compaign... haha

    Gabedapoet: Yea, I understand that showing and voting is all that's really needed for the league. So the mag is just a bonus and I just think should be more interactive with more people involved. If not, then mags will just be done randomly, like now. Lol... Ok, the Gabriel famous name grade game ninja..... I say a name and you grade the guy and explain da grade..... cool?

    SacriFICEmcee: Yessir, lets do it

    Gabedapoet: ASK

    SacriFICEmcee: Ah, ASK is dope in my opinion... some of the more creative ideas line for line that I see on a weekly basis
    SacriFICEmcee: a lot of times his rhyming can suffer, turn into something a little bland, but when he's on his game he's a B+ writer in my opinion.
    SacriFICEmcee: Me and him are planning to drop a track sometime eventually, looking forward to that, should be interesting.

    Gabedapoet: That's some nice shit to hear.. Well, read.. Ninjas doin da damn. Fa sho, he's nice with his concepts and his flow is picking up quickly so he's gonna be dangerous.
    Gabedapoet: Ok, Urizen

    SacriFICEmcee: Urizen is a tough one for me... sometimes he's an ok writer showing good improvements, and other times, in my humblest opinion, just isnt that good... not hating on him by any means... He can show some potential and then lose it in the same verse... I'm not saying I'm any authority, to speak on someone else's creative vision, but I think he has a lot of work to do, especially in the rhyming department before he becomes elite in the league... he has good ideas, concepts, decent stories and development, he just doesn't have a way with words that works to his pieces' liking. As far as a grade, a constructive C-
    SacriFICEmcee: I just find myself side tracked to get too deeply into his serves, often times I get bored..., he just needs to keep building because his improvement is evident.
    SacriFICEmcee: verses*

    Gabedapoet: Well, I'd give him a solid C, C+ sometimes, but all gravy. He's been getting a little better, gradually, but falls off randomly too.
  10. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    Gabedapoet: Whatcha thinking about Anaphora

    SacriFICEmcee: Ah, from what I've read from him in the past few weeks, he's definitely A material for me.

    Gabedapoet: Aye, don't erase this aim convo, I'm gonna need you to send it to me afterwards ok?

    SacriFICEmcee: ok, will do
    SacriFICEmcee: The dude just KNOWS how to write a very well written, overall solid piece of work. On top of that he has a poetic touch that really hits home for me, I see a lot of myself in his writing. I think he's one of the more creatively poetic writers I've read in a while... a lot of unique qualities that have me looking forward to what he comes up with...
    SacriFICEmcee: You can just tell an Anaphora piece when you read it... very unique kind of style in a lot of his stuff.,

    Gabedapoet: Cool, yea, I've read something in another match of his somewhere... can't remember, but I do remember he's nice. Was expecting more in round 1, but oh well. What about.............

    Gabedapoet: Dead King

    SacriFICEmcee: DK, yeah man... writer's voice is definitely his strongest point. The dude doesn't rhyme the greatest, and is often found using a more simplistic approach to his rhyming, but unlike other writers who write like that, he carries his pieces with nicely crafted ideas, he's very clear, concise with his images and concepts, and because of that his pieces carry a lot of weight... sometimes he can struggle with that last piece to his verse, that last THING to make it complete, but he always has something creative to write about, and usually a pretty creative way to write about it... overall I'd say DK is a B to B+ writer.
    SacriFICEmcee: His round 1 verse was really dope in my opinion... had me from the first line to the last... that's what DK brings to the table.

    Gabedapoet: Cool, yea, DKs nice, he beat me one year and mad it to the final round of a tournament to lose to Vern.
    Gabedapoet: We have em back... for a lil bit at least so.. Tali

    SacriFICEmcee: Yeah, he's definitely a wildcard anything goes type of writer I think
    SacriFICEmcee: Ah, Tali...
    SacriFICEmcee: Yeah, he's back... haha... well Tali is an incredible writer, no shame in saying that he's on the very top of my list of favorites.. I don't know... everything the dude writes has some kind of Tali TOUCH that makes it dope... of course it's a lot deeper than that... very complex rhyming, a lot of times people miss it because the schemes are so involved, changing and shifting, yet still carrying a pattern... his way with words is seemingly natural, he knows what to say and how to say it without accuracy. On top of all that, he translates perfectly from text to audio, audio to text.... his shit just speaks to you in a way a lot people's stuff doesn't... he's an A+ writer, one of the best that I know of.
    SacriFICEmcee: with* accuracy.. lmao
    SacriFICEmcee: it's safe to say that since we hooked up... a few years ago, he's been a big part in my development as a writer

    Gabedapoet: All good, lastly... Sac.. Grade yourself

    SacriFICEmcee: ha, damn... well... I wouldn't know what to grade myself... going by pure accomplishment could be a way to figure it out... I'm pretty surprised at how successful I've been in the league... I don't know..anywhere from B to A depending on who is reading... some people just can't get into my stuff... usually they are the same folks voting against me week after week... and other folks are all about my style of writing... I don't know... I've been trying to be more creative, as you have said that I should try to be... unfortunately the one week I write a full-fledged story, 4sight no shows and nobody reads it... but yeah... I'd say B - A range, depending on who is reading... if I had to grade myself.
    SacriFICEmcee: no matter though, this league has done a lot for my writing..., that's the main reason why I stay in... to keep writing and keep building, it's done a lot for me in the past 22 weeks.

    Gabedapoet: All good.... some pretty nice assessments of the writers I think. Anything you wanna add b4 we wrap dis shit up man

    SacriFICEmcee: Yeah... I guess so, I hope the remaining cats in the tourney, show up and vote and make the competition fierce... I'm in it to read some great writing... looking forward to the league's restart so I can get to defending my "title"... other than that... GO DOWNLOAD MY CREW'S NEW MIXTAPE: www.soundclick.com/therebelunion3 - I think cats will be surprised at how incredibly dope and of good quality it is...
    SacriFICEmcee: and, thanks for the interview... good luck to you and everybody else in the tourney.

    Gabedapoet: Thanks man... you're a respected guy round here and I appreciate it.

    SacriFICEmcee: No doubt man... gotta give back to the hand that feeds you sometimes.
  11. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    By Tekneek

    Is it really true? Are people starting to understand that writing a verse deals with rhyme-for-rhyme, line-for-line schemes?

    From the week's past, are the RSTL folks starting to acknowledge that the poetical style is finally NOT the standardized style that once was so dominant back then? In years previous, folks like ANAPHORA, INFINITE TRUTH, OMEN use to showcase verses that delved into a wordplay that was more visible from a Shakespearean or a Thoreau verse. By utilizing complex and literary vocabulary and lingo that would be praised by early European scholars … the outcome of what voters been saying this past week has in a way shocked me.

    Wasn't it me that ranted and bitched and said that a poetical rhyme was the shittiest thing to appear in the league? Wasn't it me that wanted to organize a friggin movement to end the whole poetical shit being written in these matches? It was…. But as you guys can see… things done
    changed and now people are changing face before my eyes.. and you know, at the same time I'm surprised… it's kinda … wow… shocking…!?

    So who do we thank or who do we look to in this matter? Is it DIC that we thank? As many may not know, when DIC was a young buck coming into the league, his forte' was moreover a storytelling writer. And I recall during his comeup, many around the league were commending on his style and his talent, and a few were criticizing him at the same time. I remember his little controversial say about storytelling vs topicals .. and for a while things stirred up and people were taking sides like family feud.

    In my match vs J-NYCE … some interesting things were brought up to light from voters. Some are to note:

    "I find it real hard to follow verses if they dont rhyme much, so im kinda lost in yours. I like an unusual rhyme scheme but i couldnt pick one up in urs, try and jst up that."
    - A.S.K.

    "But once again the downfall was the rhyme scheme, because even your mechanics shine through the obscurity."
    - Jook

    (Here's a different side …)
    "there was just something about this, kinda on a poetic tip... not like barons piece this week, but poetic enough that it simmered up some thoughts in my head. i liked the message, the flow wasnt amazing or anything, but it did rhyme, so i dont know what others are saying"
    - Deadking

    (A great note from DIC)
    "this was very poetical.... that seems to be a theme in the league from a few writers that I don't seem to be grasping too well because of the lack of putting these ideas into a rap format."
    - DIC

    Of all – I have to mention J-NYCE's comment – while me and him beefed, I did agree that I took the poetical route and sought to find some voters' approval with this style … so from a strategic standpoint in bringing more votes it was the smart thing to do… but his quotes state my claim:

    "tek's piece doesn't even fuckin rhyme in the majority of it…" "at least mines rhymed and had some shit in it.. he did have any vivid imagery along those lines……. just a bunch of huge words and didn't rhyme them"
    - J-NYCE

    Point being, I'm baffled at the change in people's minds on what they consider a good verse. I guess as time goes, things do change and people revert or invert to different thoughts in the RSTL when reading one style.. and then seeing enough of it.

    It makes me curious as to what people are wanting to see now from a verse…. Possibly the mechanics are what's becoming more of a bigger deal than how stories are told and/or what people say. With the topics being used week to week, most of them seem to be getting played out
    tremendously and the league is dying for someone to come out of the woodwork with a little classic type nostalgia verse that they love to see…

    Or a nice creative new type of verse…. Like Millz did.
  12. _millz_

    _millz_ New Member

    Jan 12, 2007
    Hey good work guys...i like how you got the breakdowns of the matchups going....its always good to know a little background on your opponent and what his trends are...helps me decide how i want to approach the topic. thats the most important thing..to me its not writing your best piece each week...its writing a piece that makes your opponents piece look not as good. exploit thier weaknesses if you want to call them that....nice to see that you all helped out and contributed to gettting this mag done prettty quick...im looking forward to this round and i promise yall will like my piece this week....keep up the good work and for god sake put some time and effort into pieces so thier better quality.
  13. Got Life?

    Got Life? Resident Megalomaniac

    Aug 3, 2005
    lol...glad millz got a skewed perception of me if he's going based off what dickless, RM's most popular failure of a father, had to say about me...
  14. MrMister

    MrMister Urizen

    Feb 6, 2003
    lol @ millz his way of looking at his matches ... but this mag was coo
    and I really need to up my shit cus Im getting tired of all these comments
    but still thnx for the comments
  15. SacriFICE

    SacriFICE TRUspeak

    Jul 13, 1999
    Dope mag...

    Should be an interesting tournament from now to the end.
  16. Brains

    Brains The Phantom

    Aug 10, 2004
    First of all, ^ that was the best sentence in the world. Dunno why, it just was.

    Anyway I hear this TaLi RodrigueZ fellow is quite the writer. Plus he has four capital letters in his name to my one. Should be a good match.

    Nice mag.
  17. SacriFICE

    SacriFICE TRUspeak

    Jul 13, 1999
    http://board.rapmusic.com/showthread.php?t=948699 - Just look in the archives for validation of Tali's skills.
  18. TaLi RodrigueZ

    TaLi RodrigueZ Washed Up Rapper...

    Apr 5, 2002
    Archives were the past lol...

    I haven't written much in the past year worth reading...

    But I'll do my best Mr. Brains...
  19. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Lol @ the police schpill, classic. Nonetheless, I would never plant anything on anyone and I am a good person = ]. The mag is great, you guys came together quite nicely on this one. J nyce posed with his guns? Where are the pictures at? I'll definitely be writing next week fellas. Good shit.
  20. TeKneeK

    TeKneeK The Heart and Soul of RM

    May 3, 1999
    good job DIC..

    fAT LIFE stfu.... u aint shit...
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