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    Feb 26, 2005
    And Then There Were 4



    Match of the Week
    Top 5 Verses
    The Final 4



    Ok, after a 3 week break from the league, you all should be ready with a refreshed mind and centered focus on your skills to tear some shit up. I want to thank everyone that participated and/or participating in the tournament and making it at least somewhat cool to be in. For those who haven’t looked at the topics, ranks thread yet, there is an adjusted rule for no shows in it so I suggest you go take a look. The RSTL is still a place of high quality writers and we all want to keep it that way so we need everyone voting and following the rules to make that shit happen…. Do da damn people….

    As Round 3 of our Master’s Tournament comes to an end…. We’ve reached the Final 4, which ultimately means, these are the names that will appear on the plaque in the league archives. With no shows, non voting and shit like that, some were at a disadvantage in getting further, but this is why I try to get people to read the rules…. Which I know I say a lot, but if there’s still people not reading them, which was apparent in the tourney, then I have to keep saying it….. There’s also a mandatory voting on the tournament. Just one match needs to be picked by everyone in the league and it will count towards your total votes. These are listed below in more details…

    One rule that isn’t in the rules, but I’ve been telling people for a while is… RACISM ISN’T TOLERATED HERE. I don’t care if you’re meaning to be racist or not. Clowning Tek cuz he’s Asian and calling him racist names is a no, I can’t completely prohibit people from saying nigga, which is something that came up last week, but I can stop it from being used in disrespect. Yall know I say ninja a lot in replacement of that word so I suggest the white folks in here especially, find another word to use if they feel an overwhelming need to refer to the black members here….. and it better not be disrespectful at all because I will not be warning anyone else. You will be ejected as soon as I see it and I won’t bother asking what the fuck is your problem and why are you so damn stupid to push some bullshit you have no right to exercise in the first place.

    OK….. I know this isn’t exactly a place of extreme comfort, but I refuse to let it be a place where a member’s culture and racial decent are used as weapons…… that’s not a league I want to be in at all and like I said, it won’t be tolerated. It’s both Black History Month and Valentine’s Day… so this should be a time to show some love to everyone from everyone…. Doesn’t matter what color you are… all of our hearts are some shade of red and when stabbed in that mothafucka, it bleeds the same shit too.


    Aaahh… here’s the new rule, read it here, read it there, just fuckin read it.

    New Rule For Not Voting/MUST READ:
    If you don't vote, you will not recieve a win. You won't recieve a loss either, but you won't climb in the ranks. So in recap, you won't get the win, you won't climb the ranks. No more free wins...... Fools are taking advantage

    Also there is a mandatory voting in the Master's Tournament. You must pick at least 1 match to vote on for the remaining matches of the tournament. So out of the 4 mandatory votes, 1 is the champ match, 1 is the contender's match and 1 is a tournament match.

    Cool…. Now go kick it with your lady and do da damage….. fa real fa real
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Match of the Week

    This week wasn’t as exciting to read verses as the last, but there was still some nice shit put out and I enjoyed reading the majority of the verses posted. In almost all the matches though, with the only exception being Sac VS. Jook, there was a theme of Topical Vs. Story…. Pent wrote a topical about marriage being a scam, which I found pretty funny in some sections, while his opponent VernAcular wrote a story about a guy having an affair with his bosses wife. Pretty nice match…. I wrote a story with topical summations about a child growing up to become a serial rapist, disturbing to most with a nasty ending of course. My opponent Vigil wrote a topical about religious beliefs with using the subject of NATURAL SIN…… I liked his piece too, it was just a lil too preachy for me I think…. Still a good showing. Last, but not least is my match of the week….. in which there was also a Topical ~VS~ Story

    Tali ~VS~ Millz

    Tali topical posted a verse in which he implements a theme of being trapped between two different personas… one being a guy that is idolized and loved by women, the line… permission to groom me comes to mind and the other side/hand is a who’s humble and timid that fumbles and figits… really cute wording… made me smile while I read it as I imagine a lil boy twiddling his thumbs while staring at the ground….. In this, his overall concept is that until we know ourselves, we can never be free. It was a very human and relatable piece, which we have all come to love from this guy as he just does a natural thing that we all find easy to read and enjoy.

    Millz wrote a very romantic story of 2 lovers, which fits the season nicely as Valentine’s Day hits us. His verse was filled with lovely imagery in the ambiance of a couple enjoying themselves from just being with each other. It was a very warming tale and emotional packed….. From beating hearts creating a bass drum of rhythm for their personal orchestrated symphony to having a private room in a restaurant to fully bask in the mood and shit….. very touching. Then… blam, it hit my like one of those commercials where the people are talking about some shit and a car comes into the scene and …. BLAM…. That’s what he did. A car accident interrupts the entire theme and his girl is victimized in the process… Sad, yet really entertaining to read.

    Both were solid verses and very easy to follow with a desire to read til the end. Good job fellas, hope to see you both in the league sometime soon.
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    Feb 26, 2005

    Top 5 Verses of the Week

    Hmmm…Top verses of last week…Well…There were only a total of 8 to pick from…So I guess this will have to be a top 5 by default…Just remember…This is only my opinion…I have been wrong before…Not very often mind you…But anything is possible…These are the verses that I enjoyed reading the most…It is not what verse I think is the best overall…Keep that in mind please lol…

    5. DIC

    I swear, the first three times I read DIC's, I absolutely hated it with a passion.• Originally, I was fully intent on voting for Vigil for the simple fact that I felt so foul reading DIC's.• Then, for some reason, I read it again, and I realized that I had short-changed DIC's intentions in writing what he did.• I figured this was just another example of DIC trying to shock everybody and make some sort of amusing story about his genitalia lol.• He's done it before, so there was no reason for me to believe he wasn't fully capable of doing it again.• This verse, however, was more than that.• It was about being in the mind of a crazy ass dude, rapist, whatever, and the relationship between him and his urges.• Viewed in that light, the verse, while still disturbing as all hell, had some artistic merit to it and that made me feel quite a bit better about our head moderator's mindstate.

    4. Pent uP

    Like I said in my vote, this was just an all-around good verse.• If DIC was right about the Jesus/God relationship thing in his vote, then I missed that little metaphor, but beyond that, everything was pretty much straight to the point.• For so long, we had fixed mariages and then over time, we've wandered away from doing things that way.• Ironically enough, as we've been given more choice in choosing partners, we've become less likely to actually stay with them.• It is a strange paradigm indeed.• Anyways, beyond the content, the actual mechanics of the verse were pretty solid as well.• First SacriFICE a few weeks back, then Vern this past week.• I wonder who might be next?

    3. SacriFICE

    I feel bad for SacriFICE in a sense.• If there is one thing I know about him, it's that he writes what he wants to write.• I'm not sure if the reader's perspective ever really goes through his mind while he's writing.• On one hand, this is a trait that I admire greatly because I can't really say that I do the same all of the time.• Regardless, this strategy has certainly worked up until this point.•• I really didn't totally get what he was trying to say with this piece and apparently I wasn't the only one.• After talking to SacriFICE about it, I defnitely had more appreciation for the verse.• I don't have the exact quote in front of me but it's basically about two relationships he's had that were opposed in nature.• Seems like such a simple concept now that I look back at it, but at the time, I didn't really get that.• Anyways, the actual rhyming and flow of this were top notch as usual, and in hindsight, this was a hell of a verse.

    2. J o o k

    I have no idea if anybody has ever done a verse on the dreaded 'n word' in the RSTL, but that is more or less irrellevant to me because I've seen more than a few songs, books, poems, and whatever else, dedicated to the topic.• What did make this verse enjoyable for me was the more personal touch that Jook added to the equation.• If he had come with a straight history lesson, as I thought he might, I'm not sure it would have beaten SacriFICE's piece.• But he didn't do that.• Instead he added little bits and pieces of his soul and his position in the debate about the use of the word, which makes it much more relateable for all types of people.• The rhymes and the flow were pretty strong overall.• Anyways, Jook is one step closer to keeping his part of the prediction he made in a magazine back at the beginning of the year.• I don't recall the exact wording, but I believe it was something like, Jook and TaLi will face in the finals of the tournament and have the match of the year lol.• Well, we both have big hurdles in front of us, but at least it's still a possibility.

    VERSE of the WEEK

    1. Millz

    Millz turned out to be the pleasant surprise of the tournament.• After his first round effort against Baron Mynd, I wasn't particuarly confident that he was going to make it past the second round, but he did, and he did so convincingly.• Then, he was faced with the always fun task of battling me lol.• Even though he turned up a little late, he still managed to drop a verse that was pretty damn
    good.• The concept itself is one that quite a few people have messed around with, but the way Millz wrote it was, for a lack of better terms, beautiful.• I felt genuinely sad after reading his piece and that is a pretty impressive acheivement.• Technically, the verse was rock solid as well.• This fellow has a way with words that very few people that I've read have.• I pretty much bombarded him with technical excellence, but I think if he had been matched up against any other verse this week, other than perhaps Jooks, he would probably be in the final four right now.
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    Feb 26, 2005
    The Final 4

    We’re in the last couple of rounds of this tournament and it’s looking to be very interesting. Nothing too unexpected occurred, most of the people that were expected to make it this far have done so, but there’s no telling who will continue to strive into the final round……. Your guess is as good as mine.

    Pent Up was able to pass by Vern with an interesting verse. Tali smoothly walked by Millz with a very grounded approach. Jook squeaked by Sacrfice with a racially motivated speech about a certain word commonly used. And I was able to jump over Vigil with a very disturbing piece… What next from these final 4 guys? Well, lets go back in history and review some of their previous verses to see what we can expect out of these last few rounds. I’m gonna just choose two very good verses from each of the Final 4 so we can all have an idea to what their strengths and weaknesses might be.

    Pent Up

    This first one was used in our first and only grudge match in which the terms were severe as fuck. In a match where the loser will be thrown out of the RSTL for a year, Pent and Insanevillian had a final showdown. Pent Up came to fight that day and walked away the winner and IV hasn’t been heard of much sense that moment.

    O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
    Bible, 1 Corinthians xv. 55.

    Senses are hazed, convoying through messes and craze,
    here trenches are graves for the defensless with haste
    as scope lenses are aimed at heads, but hit legs and their waist.
    I clench my grenade for any unfinished treachorous gaze
    that deserves its limbs to be anulled by my bursting tin.
    I smirk or grin pending on which way their turban spins.
    the earth is trimmed while dilated eyes firmly squint
    as blood's merged with wind throughout my humvy circlin
    making gimps of sandlords as i drop shells for the shit I stand for
    my grip on land war slips when a mine flips my transport
    a ruthless change, being upside down feeling doom and pain
    seeing pebbles on my breathing level get consumed by flames,
    I became weary and mulled if I'd end up on a dreary mantel.
    Hearing shrapnel cutting my skin and piercing my skull,
    I was singed like some toast, lasting minutes at most
    with pins in my lobes the size of liqourice ropes
    You're trapped somewhere with no way out.

    She starts to descend as the scalpel carves in her skin,
    peels back part of it, then feels the brain throbbing within
    filtering out anyone while he's chizzeling her cranium
    because everybody saw her dwindeling to basic crums
    sweating from the strain of not rendering her slain
    while he tries helping her migrane taking metal out her brain
    the skull was then placed in her ribs for nutritients
    the chance of living given to this kid was 2 percent
    and they left her in a coma induced by medicine
    Truelly heaven sent, how it didnt confuse her head or sense

    Dancers eating towels...
    and some breathing clouds
    that burst into flashes of a hand thats reaching out
    Metallic liquid, transforms into a galaxy quick
    magically it forms slits in the shapes of japanese print
    resembelling a partial brain attacked by shockwaves
    then dragged across bays to memories stacked with lost lanes
    walking down which, I can only stare at my shoes
    each one being a landmine thats blaring its tunes
    The scariest view is that the clouds are fairly amused
    as they laugh to death and explode...carrying blues
    that black out....
    I Back out
    to my Dad House..
    But It gets me Nowhere fast....
    Wishing one of the clouds would drop a map now...
    smack down
    Release the tension
    Infront of me lights manifest from a fuzzy scene...
    a mundane dream? The shock forces an untamed scream
    stiches got tightened as hands clasp my head..which is lopsided
    the doctor rushes out the physicians box silent
    I threw down a weak punch but wanted to shout at least once
    as they told me I was out for three months
    but the next four I struggled with my mechanical functions
    along with somatical numbness and my savage concussion
    Holding my weight became a burden like a gorgeous inmate
    along with anatomical gushin, life seemed horribly raped
    the half skull attached to my rib is irritating, in fact
    i wanna scratch it a bit but my doc wants it unscathed and intact
    cuz he'll be placing it back...and I can't wait to meet this savior
    with owing my life, and an attraction to his discreet behavior
    it made me contemplate what to say on the day he'd operate
    So i stayed silent when we met and gave the proper space
    Find your happiest memory
    But when I awoke I needed neither a friend or a joke
    He at my side, beaming with pride, rendering hope
    to the dent on my dome, and to me as a human
    Freedom renewed and..
    who knows I might be seeing him too then​
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Topically, Pent has known to do pretty well with those too so I’ll showcase one of his topicals too. This is from last year in a match VS Tekneek…

    People wonder why I point my face at the pavement...
    I wonder why its something strangers are strained with,
    but instead of keeping us both chasing amazement
    I'll answer them in hopes of an exchanging arrangement.
    I'm embracing the ancient idea of 'watching your step'
    because stepping on toes never gotchu your rep;

    There's so many variables that are the cause of effect;
    Your skin, your clothes, your posture, your breath,
    tooth color, hairstyle, crotch bulge, the car that you drive
    and though all of the above are hardly a crime
    its the difference between having a party of five
    or drinks at the bar while your starving inside...

    I wonder why people point their nose at the cosmos.
    Maybe they expect to see a ghost or a star roam?
    But with little attention to a life youve chosen to follow
    what makes you oblivious to the woes that embark most;
    such as broken tomorrows? or uncompleted todays?
    Most try ignoring their defeat and their pain

    by staring at the ground, walking streets like a stray,
    which is why I come off as deceivingly strange...
    Easing my strain by being honest to ME;
    avoiding problems in reach from the gossip you speak.
    so when karma turns it around I'll probably be
    astonishingly on my route, paying hommage to ME

    because for a long time adults give leisure to error;
    Vouching for you no matter how you treat your endeavors.
    But as you grow into wanting a seed for our terra
    you realize theres more to be than speedy and clever.
    In the past my greedyness severed friendships and paths
    with benevolence slashed trying to get leverage and cash,

    but once again I learned that a blemish fills fast
    and to make the adrenaline last you need selfishness trashed.
    Now, having traveled those roads in the sandals I wore
    their wear and tear left me with damaged up soles.
    It was footwear everyone had with their clothes,
    so I got some sneakers while they'd trample your toes

    and if you ask me, that's a disrespective gesture...
    As bad as pouring coffee on your best fit dress shirt..
    but this problem is honed by collective efforts
    like the seventies lacking contraceptives at work...
    but back to where everyones indifference coops;
    A bunch of nobodies in sandals and business suits

    thinking a nine to five uplifts their youth
    giving them big balls like a ginseng boost.
    Becoming an elder, you peddle nowhere just as fast
    thrust off track, so I walk my road to sustain that...
    two steps at a time, kinda dancing carefully
    my self induced way to avoid having therapy...

    Two stepping around all the exposed appendages
    Watching my steps, choosing my sentances
    seperate from the public's headlessness
    because I rock a fitted, and my gesture is...
    When you catch me and my face isnt shown,
    You better be fucking thankful I've grown
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    Feb 26, 2005
    Tali Rodriguez

    Tali is highly acclaimed as being one of the greats within our RSTL History, but last year he decided to go under an alias name to see if that held true. Choosing the name Adderral XR30, he still amazed us with great verses and here’s one of them.

    These are shaky times
    Society is in a great decline
    Yet instead of taking action
    Its patients mainly whine
    And instead of facing facts
    We face the great divide
    With an engaged dispassion
    And a strange attraction to crazy shine
    Fine dining and tasty dimes
    While homeless folks reside
    Outside under a Macy's sign
    In downtown Atlanta they incessantly beg
    With their faces caked in grime
    Laying in slime
    It's a daily grind for young men
    Hustling for a one-way ticket
    To face their primes caged inside
    A space designed to erase their drives
    Till they resign to the fact
    That their fate's maligned
    While the crime rates climb greatly
    I find lately that most of my old chums
    Have either succumbed to that luck
    Or they're stuck in Iraq evading mines
    Maybe I'm just pessimistic
    But I stay reminded of a lesson sifted
    From an old sage
    That I was blessed to kick it with

    He said,

    "To figure out a snake's design
    You have to take the time to create
    While the other's just trace the lines
    Refuse to embrace the shrines
    That the snakes have refined
    To sedate the minds of those
    Who were too lazy to find
    Their own ways
    It's up to each and every one to go chase
    Their divine essence
    Before the snakes make them their mimes
    Unable to change the pace
    And unwilling to pay the fine
    Completely trapped
    With no way to escape the bind"

    Everything is fine right?
    The economy's booming
    We need a terror war
    Cause' a mushroom is possibly looming
    The Patriot Act's renewal
    Means that we've gotta' be moving
    In the right direction
    Spewing rhetoric is shockingly doing
    Our enemy's job


    The economy sucks
    If you don't have a college degree
    Then you're probably fucked
    And oddly enough
    Even if you have the education
    Chances are you'll still settle for less
    Out of desperation
    I'm not here with a revelation
    I'm just thinking aloud
    And if that's not your cup of tea
    Then stop drinking it now
    I've become increasingly wowed
    By how much we seem to allow
    Them to keep the crowd appeased
    By constantly beating their brows
    They're succeeding in shrouding
    The meaning of being proud
    To the point where
    They're seizing our rights
    And beating them out
    Of the constitution
    Their odd solutions are keeping us down
    Hitting us hard from behind
    Without even reaching around
    Now I'm sounding preachy but how
    Am I to eat with a sound conscience
    While they're cheating us out of profound knowledge
    To try and reason with these folks
    Is like making peace with a clown
    Cause' they'll squirt you in the face
    As soon as your lead will allow
    We need to speak to the few who will heed
    Teach em to growl
    Before our leaders reach in their bag
    And begin releasing the clouds

    It's all good right?
    No need for trying to answer
    Why a third of you reading this
    Will end up dying of cancer
    That could have been prevented
    If you don't know, I'll school ya'
    To survive these days
    You gotta make sure that you
    Don't let em' fool ya'

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    Feb 26, 2005
    Since that was a topical, I’ll go with one of his stories next. Tali has remained consistent in showing his skills. I can’t seem to find the match of him vs Atheist for some odd reason, but oh well. This is a verse against Vigil and it’s damn good too.

    Courage Within Fear

    He sat on a dilapidated stump, seemingly fascinated
    By the mask he made with every passing days batch of hatred.
    Asking himself what happened to all the passion he felt
    The times when he was younger, before he was savagely dealt

    With a rapidly melting sense of protection
    And rejection stepped in with its weapons and commenced to connect him
    With an impressive section of bark that someone left behind
    Not knowing how much this piece of wood would affect his mind.
    He addressed this shred of pine tree with fine leaves
    And incised holes so his eyes could see what he might need
    To supply his mask with ornaments that others would appreciate
    In hopes that they would shower him with praise so he could rinse the hate
    That his own mind would instigate
    Every time he felt like he might be losing one of his friend’s interest rates.
    Before long, the mask became his armor.
    It bravely shielded him from any threats the day would garner.
    When he was all alone, he’d carve a shape into his mask.
    Knowing that once he changed it he couldn’t arrange to get it back.
    If he did, he knew his friends would laugh and taunt him.
    And he’d face abandonment similar to when his own dad had tossed him
    To the rabid wolves when he was two. He couldn’t face that prospect
    So he continued to play the hostage.
    The mask became the captor of this over-anxious bastard.
    Reinforcing its placement every time he’d play the actor
    And be asked for encores. The audience couldn’t get enough.
    In the end, he’d grow tired and start to give them stuff
    To make up for his lack of performance.
    This enormous sense of responsibility caused him to act in conformance
    With everyone’s needs and wants except his own
    He cared less if he kept his throne; all he feared was to be left alone.

    And it's thoughts like those that brought me to this stump today
    Wondering if my mask is worth losing the only one who stayed?
    She was nothing less than my guardian angel.
    In the beginning of our expedition we hardly would tangle.
    Something about this person made her stand out from the rest
    Of the folks that I’ve always tried so hard to impress.
    At first I couldn't grasp it, but then it came to light.
    She said I didn’t have to amaze her with blatant lies.
    But as much as my jaded mind tried to believe it,
    It was no match for the mask and the past that enticed me to keep it.
    I got icy feet as we started getting intimate,
    Figured if she knew the real me, she wouldn’t live with it.
    I thought my skit was working fine until she picked a day
    To inform me that a piece of my mask had chipped away.
    There wasn’t shit to say other than I apologize.
    I can’t explain why I tried to hide behind all the lies.
    This trend continued as my armor fell apart.
    Every piece that fell beheld another hellish scar
    That nobody had ever seen in their lives.
    Yet, in between the repeated cries my queen believed that I
    Had much to offer, But now she’s running out of energy
    And has the hardest time thinking she can even depend on me.
    For all she knows, this wooden mask could be a cover-up
    Of the real mask that lies beneath hiding some other stuff.
    Inside I know that's not the situation,
    Because it feels so great when I get to share some information
    About myself, that back in day, I would have hid.
    Yet the mask is crafty and I still have to combat it.
    My past hurts and it's less stressful with a crutch to shroud it.
    But thanks to my love, I'm now sure that I can live without it.
    And all that’s left is to put that knowledge to practice
    Before she loses faith in me and begins dropping the hatchet

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    Feb 26, 2005

    J o o k never stays around long, but when he’s here, he always has an impact on the league. Some have even gone to say the way he writes is brilliant, I think Urizen is the one that said that, nevertheless, he’s a great guy to read. Here’s his last verse in the RSTL against Rikoshay right before they both disappeared. At least he came back though…

    A fetus with his face half eaten, hangs out of his mothers stomach
    Hunger and malnutrition kills, and she suffered from it
    Others plummet - the golden enameled sands devour corpses
    Vomiting up only liquid, from the nervousness each hour forces
    Jungle rot on my left foot, from the 3 week old socks I have on
    The skins green around my toenails, and one is only half on
    I wish to pass on, I ..... I ...

    :::::: 17 hours later :::::::

    I wake up
    The smell of damp death, sweat blood and tears
    A wood bowl which reeked of human waste was brung in here
    By a dark shadow, I was too scared to move
    Startled by four other men, who rushed to share the 'soup'
    A stare or two, pierced me still no one broke the silence
    The men were not dead so hope was vibrant
    The door slammed open, they drug one man out
    I reminisced about being back in the sand now
    With my father, mother and siblings, making castles
    Limitless and full of life with no weighing hassles
    The moonlit nights, my first love, and the dawn too
    The kind of thoughts that flourish, when death is upon you

    Another prisoner gave me a signal in a pestered form
    It was clear now, I am a prisoner of the second Desert Storm
    The door swung open once more, the man thrown back in
    Missing two fingers, bleeding profusely from the hacked limbs
    My heart sympathized for the one they took and beat,
    But my heart synchronized when they looked at me
    I just thought about what would happen if I DO die,
    All the things I haven't done....... "Grab the new guy"

    My muscles spasmed, heart leaping, in a rage of fear
    They drug me out by my unshaven beard
    It's like the closer I resembled them, the bolder the beating
    Seen as the poser, the beholder of treason
    See we share the same skin tone, dialect, and hair texture
    I even studied abroad and sat in on their lectures
    But the map divides us though we have the same blood
    Hate drives them, not even an enate love
    So they continued to torture me, blade up
    My insides sprayed their face, they could taste, what I'm made of
    As they pass me around, and their preparin' to harm me,
    A shout scolded my ear drum, asking why I joined the American Army
    As I answered they could here the uncertainty in my voice
    I myself started to question the certainty of my choice

    (I am of Iraqi descent,
    My mother and Father migrated from Mosul before the powers clashed
    And as the hours past, when the towers crashed
    I became known as a towel head, especially with Powell in power
    Don't they know I'm catholic? I've only worn a towel in showers)

    I gathered myself to deliver an answer
    Though beaten so bad feeling like a liver with cancer
    I stood tall, courageous, if only for a few moments
    The patriotic plague took over my body and as if to show it

    I yelled:

    I did this for every Iraqi American boy, girl, mother, and father
    Who've been constantly bothered and dignity slaughtered
    By the ignorant assholes, who scream racial slurs and comments
    To have something of worth in common

    So when the next fucking overweight Caucasian calls me a towel head
    I will look back at him and say, "I FOUGHT for YOUR RIGHT to SAY... that FREELY... MOTHERFUUUCCCKKKEERRR....

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    Feb 26, 2005
    Now, this next verse has received verse of the year so I have to post it since he’s the one that wrote it. I’m sure most of you remember.

    Angels & Demons

    The cold pavement cradles her skull
    Flashing back to grade school, where the fables were dull
    Vomit and semen stains, still in grieving pain
    Upon her cheeks dry - - a bleeding rain
    The demons wade, in the depths of her squeamish ways
    She unties the shoe string from her arm with a beamish face
    She's never seen this place, she lifts her head,
    Screams out, but her lips are dead
    With silence ....... - a feeling of repentance wealth -
    But how can she, when she resents it every time it presents itself

    2 hours prior

    God? Jesus? Muhammad? Joseph? Mary and Peter.
    In solitude she falls comatose with a scary demeanor
    Her brainwaves construed, next she witnessed this picture
    The saddest fiction ever written, in the genesis scriptures
    On the FIRST day, God created light, then separated it from darkness
    The sun is what separates night from day regardless,
    It wasn't made till the FOURTH day, what horseplay
    Mind locked in biblical pages, where Jesus corpse lay
    For what seemed like 3 nights in the heart of earth
    The start of worth, she learned incest was a part of birth,
    Yet, we proceed, to believe and read about how He suffered
    But Adam and Eve had kids, whom had kids with each other
    INCEST, smite us - the inbred umpteenth generations
    And Mary supposedly had Jesus with no penetration
    Though some Judas say the bible isn't what your suppose to read
    A fairly tale loosely based off adultery
    Usually when a woman has a child it's no mystery
    Of who the father is,
    But that's what makes it the best selling novel in history
    They say back in BC, if you were a peasant, you stayed one
    Poverty was something you couldn't stray from
    So they played dumb, and to keep peasants from chaos
    They created a book from God for them to play off
    That basically said to do what the royalty tells you,
    Because if you don't you'll surely be in hell soon

    -Wipes the sweat from her forehead..her pores red-

    Two of every animal she thought, deep in a trance
    What stopped the Ant eaters from eating the ants,
    The wolf from the sheep, the cats from the dogs
    The kids from the priests, in the catholic stalls
    Cataclysmic proteges, oh those poor nuns
    Maybe the devil doesn't have a pitchfork, just a fork tongue
    Because in the land of the free, we're nervous
    Trying not to sell our self short, so we make the Louisiana purchase
    Figuratively trying to decide our fate, and reach a conclusion
    But in the end of trying all we reach is confusion
    So we neglect the discrepancies, and use faith as ignorance
    From Muslims, to communist, to white supremacy and their bigot friends
    So listen closely before you start yappin'
    Maybe the biblical events forshadowed have already started to happen

    Jesus said he'd be back to take us with fire instead of dim showers
    Maybe he caught us off guard and started with the twin towers
    The bible says he's middle eastern, bronze skinned, and good height
    So how do we not know this isn't what Jesus looks like?

  10. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    DiC GeTs GuLLy

    As far as I’m concerned, I’ll just pick some verses of mine that I liked and call it a day. Since I've been tagged as a pervert who writes about sex too often, I might as well pick from that subcategory. This was archived at David Lama's site before I knew that he had a site so I guess he liked it.


    Those Dic Sticking, Bitch Picking Blues

    The place reeked of cigar smoke, cheap colognes and perfumes
    Plus sweaty people who couldn't hold their booze exploding in rooms
    But still his focus consumed every tone in the tunes
    And the women drown out the negative and just noticed his blues
    He spoke to them too, a deep voice like the bass of his band
    With a sway that made ladies dream while embracing their man
    Graceful, his hands played to romance with horns kissing their passion
    As his lips were put into spasms, pussy lips start splishing and splashing
    An instant attraction and if you thought his horn killed, his dic's an assassin
    Ladies escaped their guys and hid in his dressing room – missing in action

    So this is what happened, a young woman became obsessed with desires
    To rest in the fire that already made her stress and perspire
    But he rejected her kind words; he's never starving for sex
    Although she had hearty big breasts, her face was far from the best
    The disappointment charged her upset, steady barking some threats
    Doing chants infused with dance, this temptress was hard with each step

    "You'll be fueled with regrets and so love stricken, losing your breath
    Your music and sex will coexist and become produced through your dic"

    He laughed at this foolish spooled shit while she felt hurt and
    Deserted and damaged, knowing he felt she was unworthy to manage
    Her name's Serenity, but the definition didn't appeal
    Relentless she sealed Jax, the musician in her dementia made meal
    Waiting for him to fuck 12 other women to make her appearance
    Watching them from cameras she set up and played with precision
    Studying his every motion and moment he gave with the rhythm
    While making them listen to his songs play, Jax sprayed them with jis.m...
    Which made them submissive and only doing what he had gave em permission
    Modern day pimpin as these women constantly paid him to kick it
    And they all did it happily, overlapped with glee; praising to get it
    Before drying from bathing within spit, they were also slaves in the kitchen
    The 13th day had just risen and there waited Serenity
    Standing naked in his shower, she was cascaded within the steam
    Singing his blues, she was amused, rubbing her clit as he spoke
    And as Jax opened the shower door, she shoved his dic in her throat
    It made her choke, but still forcefully she persisted to go
    With spit and the rolls of her tongue, she hummed consistent with flow
    He went from limp to full grown, smashing her face to his man stick

    "This is what you really wanted so now you're taking advantage?!?!
    I'm gonna break you and brand it, you'll burn every day on this planet
    Bending you with lynching moves til your frame becomes slanted"

    Serenity didn't speak, just went along with his plans
    Giving moans to all his demands while she crawled on her hands
    Picking her up and slamming her chest against the wall in a trance
    Getting severely beaten internally, but still applauding this man
    Then suddenly, she comes and screams, her muscles lock in position
    Hot while it's drippin and holding him tight so now she's got his attention
    Backing him up to sit on the couch, she twists it and shouts
    Reverse cowgirl style, bouncing her ass on top while spinning it round
    It was profound and he couldn't stop even after the climax
    She whispered, but loud.. "From this moment your sexual passion is mine Jax"
    She left soon after this with him drained of his essence
    He woke up days later screaming her name in obsession
    He attempted to shake it off and called some girls to his pad
    Going crazy, they exploded several times and began to burn laying flat
    He murdered their ass; his penis was now striking a surgical wrath
    Jax just stood silent in what he felt was good violence, emerging blood baths
    Pouring down their thighs and then SURPRISE, Serenity opens the door
    "Any sex will lead to death unless it's me you're stroking of course"
    Unable to even masturbate and reach an orgasm without her
    They became lovers in twisted devotions that lovingly lasted with power​
  11. DiC GeTs GuLLy

    DiC GeTs GuLLy Hello

    Feb 26, 2005
    This is actually one of my favorites, not because of the content at all, but I was able to reach higher grounds with the flow of this.

    My perverted promiscuity's constantly on assault
    It burns my subconscious with scrutiny while amending my thoughts
    Yearning daily to do the things stored mentally in the vault
    Being inserted through my dreams, in reality it's my cause
    Reserved my career foolishly while receiving applause
    Closing curtains for tools I need in my fiendish results
    Still purging through their teeth while demeaning them all
    Turning schools of dentistry into my kingdom of floss

    A surgeon for students who receive over 20% off
    And interns get credits through degrees from this system I've taught
    An addiction used ruthlessly, but still I'm focused for work
    And they're sedated to extremes so really no one is hurt
    Cleaning through erosions, dirt and decay they've compacted
    Giving extra doses of morphine to delay their reactions
    Setting appointments with more teens, creating slaves of my passion
    My dental assistant's a dope fiend so we trade for prescriptions

    I'm an orthodontist, I specialize in straightening smiles
    Of ugly, rat faced monsters so how can they're face be defiled?
    My 2 o'clock is almost here, her preparation is diligent
    She has a white frosty little rear and her breasts are raisins, but ticklish
    Tabitha embraces with a grin, loving that sparkle I've given
    That I've retraced with my dic, which likes to park on her bridges
    Starved for attention and I'm speaking of myself, not the patient
    Her heart is my prison and I'm reaching up through hell just to take it
    She opens her mouth so wide, my mental focus had bounced
    My little friend starts jiggling to turn her throat to his couch
    Unloading, she shouts slightly as the syringe strokes in and out
    Going, going....she's down and I begin to open her blouse
    Folding a towel then I mold it around the base of her neck
    Slowly he's out, holding my pal by her face while she spits
    Dribbling mucous and her hideous juices heighten arousal
    My dic's in amusement to get her sipping the fluids, supplying an eyeful
    She smiles; it's delightful and glistening through the light beams
    Inspiring my pose - she's Billy Jean and I'm doing my thing
    Mimicking Michael as I sing, moonwalking... The Music's In Me
    Her lips on the mic blows with my seeds on the sides of her cheeks
    Circling motions from my waist gives some taste to the essence
    Insert in her nose, the tip is spaced and makes her facial expressions.....
    Display an arraignment of mixed emotions, Tabby's twistedly gorgeous
    Add the rinser, a relaxed dispenser of more spit to be poured in
    My vision's getting distorted as my friend drizzles his forces
    Shivering more then goes limp.... The Dic's in rigamortis
    Grabbing my crotch after she stops then wiping her mouth
    Still giving me Os, her lips roll like she's buying a vowel
    Liking her style, staring while she unconsciously giggles
    Striking it down, she makes a sound as it bounced on her nipple
    Getting her dressed with hidden duress from emotional feelings
    It's all suppressed as I cover her chest and drill holes through her fillings
    Just to place them back in space, yall think I'm going insane?
    But had to reshape so when she wakes, her face will notice the pain
    I'm an old dirty fool, but I no longer push to molest it
    Tabitha's really 32, although she looks prepubescent
    She's the love of my life, not just from under my sight
    She comes in disguise as a school girl for my troubling strifes
    From her advice, we schedule these perversions up late one night
    And with a ring merged to her finger, Tabby's becoming my wife
    The pain in her teeth made her angry as she choked on my sperm
    But the engagement ring gave her some glee when my proposal was heard
    If known we'd be thrown from church by our pastor and reverend
    But shows even loons like myself can find a match made in heaven

    Topic: this is another on of those happy moments not made for anyone
  12. J o o k

    J o o k Guest

    Very dope mag. I like how you guys are so organized I can't even find a piece I wrote, and I wrote it. Those are definitely some good pieces by each of the four left.

    I have to say this though. CALI absolutely owned this tourny, with 3 of the last 4 people from cali, I think we're seeing a trend here, or maybe one starting. Tali is the only one left not from cali, but shit his name even sounds like cali. Anyways lol.

    So dope shit, I hope everyone at least tries hard to put up a good verse and make this tourny a good way to kick off the new year.

    Good luck dic, but most importantly good luck to tali and pent(even though he's an ass sometime)..

  13. SacriFICE

    SacriFICE TRUspeak

    Jul 13, 1999
    I apologize Jook for not giving you more of a match... I have to say that I loved my verse a lot due to it being so personal, however, I have to say that I wasn't really motivated this round to bring something better against you. You killed it though homie, loved that verse... good luck to all who are left in the tourney... Thanks Tali for the comments, appreciate that you took the time to consider the verse as being something more than "convoluted" rhyming..., Anyway...

    Should be a cool final 4 here... good luck to yall, and dope magazine.

  14. _millz_

    _millz_ New Member

    Jan 12, 2007
    good work on this shitguys....liked how you showed a bit of the best from each final four competitor...sorry i couldnt vote....its been a long rough week...but when i got off of work i noticed all the battles were well decided so i was like fuck it i need some sleep.....

    i like this site alot actually...and i think that after my tourney over on hhd is over ima prolly jump in this league...

    to it was fun going up with you...literally ive felt your shit ever since i heard your audio battle with black jesus in the finals for some tourney.....glad that you liked the way my piece turned out...i wanted to make it longer but i was so fucking tired that i basically just keyed it up....its amazing how things can turn out when you use real experiences from life...that whole story was pretty much true....but from different events of ppl i i kinda tossed them glad yall gave me the chance to get into this tourney and i think you showed that an unknown name can still gain respect and not be hated on when battling a sites more well known writers..

    i definately will be checking in to vote on these final rounds so good luck to all teh participants...

    but tali you gotta win.....itll make me look better
  15. Vigil

    Vigil Im infinite consciousness

    Aug 16, 2005
    Yea, this mag was crazy. All of those verses were so fucking good.

    The Final Four looks dope, I'll be voting this time around. I don't why I didn't last week cause I read all the verses.
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