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Discussion in 'Battle Video Archives' started by Bank$, Apr 30, 2004.

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    Oct 28, 2003
    Most of yall have heard of RRS from Stack, who is tearin up the mixtape circuit right now but other dudes in RRS spit...Bynoe just dropped a mixtape and that sh*t is crazy

    Tracklisting :

    1. Pain and music 3 into
    2. Im Back
    3. RIOT SQUAD - Roll Call
    4. Bully
    5. We Gon Ride - Ft. STACK BUNDLES and CHINX DRUGZ
    6. Stop Talkin - ft. JAY-Z and 50 CENT
    7. Lord Superb interview
    8. RIOT SQUAD - Riot Squad is tha click
    9. RIOT SQUAD - Tha #1 R.R.S
    10. RIOT SQUAD ft. NAS - Upper Room (rmx)
    11. STACK BUNDLES - Throw it up
    12. RIOT SQUAD - Give a what where you from
    14. BYNOE - Boost the Crimerate
    15. Lord Superb Interview Pt.2
    16. RIOT SQUAD - In Da House
    17. Thinkin Ya'll Crazy Ft. CHINX DRUGZ
    18. RIOT SQUAD - Live From Farrock Park
    19. Dust Ya Shoulders Off
    20. Lord Superb Freestyle
    21. Ten Hut ft. STACK BUNDLES
    22. Back Out ft. STACK BUNDLES and CHINX DRUGZ
    23. Lord Superb Freestyle
    24. Pain and Muzik 3 Outro
    25. Lord Superb - Outro Freestyle
    26. RIOT SQUAD - Live on "Banned From" Radio 88.7 FM

    shit is only $5...email TeamBynoe@aol.com for your copy or email asking for any other RRS mixtapes

    Be on the look out for Stack Bundles "Im So Sorry" mixtape/dvd coming in June sh*t is goin to be crazy

    also, check out the message board

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