Round 3 : 2triple0 Vs. OohGots (Vote!)

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  1. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
  2. 2triple0

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    Mar 1, 2005
    Rising Sun*

    // Pops took one look at the past and picked up pieces of the broken feelings..
    .The torment ceases and Pops holds the remains close to him so he sees them
    .he saw family pictures that were pinned up on the walls of galleries,
    .I watched him trying to be happy, but he was a part of the greatest tragedy //
    // He took a book from the library.. my lovely mom had some food to cook up..
    .Pops had been so lonely and sick.. he never thought things would look up
    .He was observing carefully... and i noticed him
    .Making him furious, it scared us to see Pops so fascinated and curious //
    //Pops had something sentimental.. his mental no longer admits that its wrong..
    .i impress him cuz Pops has come and gone but they want to live very long
    .putting up curtains cuz Pops is certain theres a person who could watch..
    .never moved but the arguments turbulence is like a plane learning how to walk //
    // no one said a thing, we wanted Pops to let his emotions continue pouring out..
    .but all pops could say, was that he 'wants more around the more he found'
    .Pops intrigued us.. because his weakness was so easy for us to understand..
    .Pops thought 'man i'm going to expand', but could have lost on the other hand //
    .whatever he wanted to do, he kept putting it off and now its already over..
    .Took us abroad to different countries there was nowhere we never discovered
    .always picking up history right where we left off never getting very far..
    .expected us to get death threats just for carrying an identity card //
    // we were first through the door.. and it knew we still were getting more..
    .but i have to get this right.. cuz Pops intends to fight worse than before
    .from when his firstborn baby cried.. to when this version was left for him..
    .he was working the ends and turning on heads before he lost his next of kin //
    // things got rough, and he was tough on us.. wanted to see us do our best..
    .then we watched as Pops put all the last little pieces back to rest
    .He was tired.. and contained the compulsion to burn all of the remains..
    .the truth was out there.. and it was nowhere they wanted to place the blame //
    // at that exact moment, i opened my own extracts of the facts present..
    .in my dreams the thoughts came back fast of Pops' past events //
    // but that night Pops couldn't sleep, his catachism was pulled right off..
    .in the coming years Pops thought, his abundant fear was of his sight loss
    .and a bad back from going over the top, cuz he won't have power to stop..
    .out of his heart, Pops gave back and saved cash for the hour we're lost //
    // and if this makes it come true then hit the ground running and say what u knew..
    .cuz without a doubt there was no place that Pops would be taking from, you
    .from the backseat to that last meal of every night hanging on mantels..
    .and looking for what we can and plan to keep changing the channels, //
    // or put on a recording, and think about how life isn't affordable..
    .but still without any will because things seem to be just horrible
    .and i'm being impulsive.. every path i'm on leads to destruction..
    .no instructions..wouldn't know what to do unless someone told me //
    // don't kill the messenger.. i'm just sent to deliver the message..
    .and you came in at that moment but i only saw you for a second
    .i'm not making friends, take a guess i make you chase ya death..
    .the trees are burning in the air but your just a waste of breath //
    // working towards my goals, in my soul it feels like total denial..
    .putting holes in my pocket and i couldn't have a shot in hell
    .Pops lost his temper in numerous arguments we used to get in..
    .Who's offended? Knew my presence wasn't anything new to them //
    // trying to resist the sensation cause its another temptation..
    .grab on to vines in the back of my mind for my reservations
    .as the morning approaches Pops sends me out into the world..
    .to take this life as it comes and only for what its worth // //

    *=Son/Sun ​
  3. OohGots

    OohGots fuhgittabouttit

    Oct 19, 2008
    I'm causing a mild sensation,
    With this new occupation,
    I'm in the news,
    I'm just getting used to my new exposure,
    Come into my enclosure,
    And meet my melancholy blues.
    - Queen

    Laughin as I was drafted, I was only sixteen
    After 6 years of practice, I made it to the big leagues
    At age 2, my love for the game grew
    Now as a young adult, my life long dream came true
    However, the fame grew and it shook me to fear
    As I was engrossed with nominations for rookie of the year
    See, in the minors you were was meant to be
    In the majors, I became an icon and instant celebrity
    Instant success, brought press and cameras
    Stardom with no privacy was driving me bananas
    The life I always wanted, viewed from the general public
    How could you play baseball and be famous and not love it
    They don't understand the internal struggle, I'm dying see...
    Sobriety is about to collapse with the level of anxiety
    See the ball, hit the ball, throw the ball...its that wrinkle
    In this life long dream that makes this life not that simple
    See, this game is a business and when push comes to shove
    I hate the business that has come to ruin the game I love
    It's the same business, that has branded my face
    All over the world that has propelled my standard of hate
    Towards this beautiful game, but the game is finished
    I can't say it enough, it's not a's a business
    And it's made me rich, but it's also made me weak
    With no personal life, I can't even walk down the street
    With a suffering cry............Man, fuck it - why
    Do I have to live my life infront of the public eye
    All this anxiety has driven me, from push to shove
    I get peace of my mind with liquor and drugs
    Which the media loves, when they see me stumblin by
    Immediatly after I was pulled over after a DWI
    And they eat that up, anything they can tailor
    They make money off my success or failure
    Win win situation for them, but for me...I will
    continue the slippery slope of this downward spiral
    Do I quit the game I love, the game making me rich
    The same game making me crazy with every pitch
    The after game interviews, always showed on the news
    One more stupid question, and I'm blowin my fuse
    See my thoughts are random, I can't even call it
    Hit stardom a druggie and alcoholic
    But who am I kidding, I am never lyin
    I can ALWAYS escape all this nonsense when I hit the diamond
    The game I will always love, thats not the question
    It's the game after the game when the press wins
    I'm only a rookie but I have this struggling strife
    That I will have to give up the love of my life.......
  4. coil grimely

    coil grimely Tears textcees to tidbits

    Oct 6, 2008
    i dont even know where to begin in breaking down this battle.
    triple0, i liked the rhyme scheme. tired of seeing the word does have a nice ring to it tho. i really like the story in its essence, completely.

    ohhgots was koo too. he took it to a different direction that what i envisioned from the quote he used as his topic. good rhymes here too. so much drama in one rookie season.

    honestly a tough vote because both were extensive and yet the content of each verse was agreeably awesome. triple0, being extensive in his words, tended to stretch a little bit and at some points it was tough for me to follow/fully comprehend the verse while oohgots was straight forward with his messages. i appreciate triple0 for like that topic enough to use it here. eh...

    vote = OohGots
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