Round 2: The_K3 vs. Fraze

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Who won?

  1. The_K3

  2. Fraze

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  1. J o o k

    J o o k Win your battles before they’ve even been fought.

    Mar 1, 1999
    GRB - Grand Royal Audio Battle 2013 Rules - Second Round

    $1,700.00 up for grab!

    - 2nd Round Audios are DUE Monday night August 19th at 11:59 pm EST.
    - Theme: up to 2-3+ Minutes must be about your opponent(s).
    - You must mention their BOARD name(s). Must be at least 2 minutes.
    - YOU MUST post using your board name that is registered to the match. Others will be DQ'ed.
    - NEW RULE: All participants must vote on at least six (6) other battles and post the links to the battles they voted on in their matches using ONE post to do so. If your links are not in by the time the battle closes for votes (Friday 11:59EST) then you will lose one vote for every link missing. YOU MUST LEAVE AT LEAST THREE LINES OF FEEDBACK WITH YOUR VOTE (IN ADDITION TO VOTING ON THE POLL). IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK YOU WILL NOT BE CREDITED FOR THE VOTE.- No Comments allowed on battle until both battlers have posted their battle songs. You can also post videos.
    - Aiming for votes or voting rings will not be tolerated. If my team catches wind of such you will be DQ'd without question.

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, contact me immediately via PM or Email

    Polls will be edited in mid-week (as they are only allowed to be open for seven days due to board settings).
  2. PicholasNaugam

    PicholasNaugam Active Member

    Mar 18, 2013

    My bad for the quality like I said in round 1. Goodluck K3...



    Im silencing K like Knockout, I don't need ya to whine about it,
    It'd happen so fast I should of tried to make a Vine about it
    So you can thank the mods an them, an unexpected bodying
    I leave you dead in the bath like DZ left Bonnie In
    I'm the GOAT on this website spittin' randomest bars,
    Like Bitch your the GOAT on Blackanese family Farm
    Your existence is dark, and that place seems frugal
    People are lootin China town , everyone is saying "Free Noodles"
    Your playing checker with Chess pieces your times done
    Jump pass the first round, now there saying " F1" (Fraze Won)
    Call it check mate, twist your head, your neck breaks
    Im breath taking, sticky fingers when it comes to stealing lungs
    Your not worthy, Its sad when you record,
    and your Wave files waving saying " Hey don't convert me!"
    Your gonna rap about the Army, and my purpose of being here,
    Well so did the last guy and theres a reason that I'm still in here

    You could spell COKE on a scrabble board; your wordplay wouldn’t be dope,

    You drew a BLANK, placed it down, added an ‘H’, now you got CHOKE

    Round 2? You weren’t fit for it, Ill slaughter you any day,

    Your co-hosting with Bux, Cire, Dzk on next week’s wepisode of:

    “Whose Site is it anyway?”

    You interrupted the site, that’s the move of a faggot,
    Then you Butt in (Budden), like ‘ Jook, you forgot to put me in the brackets’
    This must be a slaughter house and I don’t have to grapple
    My minds crooked-I am serving apple pie when I slice your Adams apple
    We were talking on Face book; I asked you who your favorite singer was
    You said singer? Im like, let me here it cuz...
    When he said ‘A DELL ‘, he meant the laptop in front of him
    And based off that answer alone, I don’t and won’t ever fuck wit em.
    You couldn’t be ‘Mind-blowing’ if you were a whore, and Tele-kinetic
    Fuck Jook, Fuck this rap board, and you can tell em I said it
    Imagine me running up in your house, double blades, you’d be bitching,
    Only wishing that we de-escalate the situation quickly, so im gripping
    The side of your V-Neck, as your child ran an look
    Re-think to kill you in the kitchen, first round responders like its a reenactment,
    Fuck Nicholas Paugam, or Fraze dawg call him he's ‘Sandy Cook!’
    You special ‘K’, you probably turn Muslim in the handcuffs,
    You were a coward and kept hitting refresh when u saw our names up
    Fuck this battle, I'm sick of these rap nerds
    When its over, my names gonna be all over this board like Cires password
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  3. The_K3

    The_K3 ^Secksi^

    Dec 30, 2005

    ayo its K3 in this bitch.. no homo
    are we still sayin that? I dont know
    this guy wants this to last take a photo
    cause you wont go further then this round drinkin 4loko
    this guys not so so he's more like so so so
    so get outta here before i kill you with your own 44
    hope you aren't in this thang to get some promo
    cause i haven't heard a phrase this bad since yolo
    this murder but ur notta martyr u fraud
    u just sacrificed ur life to be slaughtered an dropped
    you asked ur girl to marry you and got the awkwardest pause
    cause an aim rings all u had... that's how shitty lost this an all (bang bang)
    people mad i started this soft but he not even in the army
    he just bought camouflage at target while shoppin with moms
    got a pic sayin guns don't kill people...
    dads with pretty daughters do...
    so thats how u got along with your father in law
    they tellin me quit it be a little courteous
    cause u done a bit of combat but this is my tournement
    now id thank you for your services
    but how can i respect a man who goes to other countries to murder kids
    if memory serves me right whats left of you isnt great
    u was ok years ago that ability didnt stay
    which is why i isnt afraid
    I must be mixing up opponents or somethin because i think ur really shitty fraze (bang bang)
    but ur the one whos so blinded on some no eye shit
    phrase couldnt be popular if 2chainz cosigned it
    ill hop on ur tank and ghost ride it while your cryin
    you wont try it we thought the same about ur album dont buy it
    ur flows all over the place like travel plans
    which is why u went from an eminem to afghanistan
    deliveries like showin Mohammad to the Taliban
    cause its so off beat only an idiot'd have a laugh
    i seen you and ur girls photos they a joke and a half
    she just wants to be close to her man and holdin his hands
    yall kissin like the tenth grade but this phonies a sham
    pullin a scam cheatin with his bunkmates before he can land
    you'old as hell you being alive itself a miracle
    didnt u just have a midlife crisis, 20 years ago
    an ur actually whacker then my last opponent
    and that was jack mccrack so now im gettin free money like i had a bonus
    why dont be a better dad lead a simple life
    instead you avoid ur wife writin them text lyric types
    now ur facin a monster when you cant win no fight
    and wasted all your punches first round like kimbo slice
    real talk youll never be harder then I
    cause if we wanted scumbag raps we woulda hollad at hibe
    ya feel me?!artist/cqnr
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  4. TraGiC

    TraGiC Recognize Real

    Apr 30, 1999
    both of you are my pals

    whoever I vote for I will lose a pal

    and I need pals

    so I will call it a tie and not vote

    plus you were both in my old aim ring

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  5. Dizeazed

    Dizeazed -Stay crazy!-

    Aug 8, 2004
    This... Fukin.... Slayed me. Both of you lose, my vote goes to Tragic. Haha.

    In actuality, it's 1am and I'm dozing off. I'll edit this shit and vote tomorrow.

    .... Lol. Fukin Tragic.

    EDIT ------

    Fraze: Beat choice would only be acceptable if you were Taiyamo Denku. Lol. Nice chess/checkers line. You had some solid punches in there, I was entertained the whole way through. Wish you didn't have that odd filler/down-time in the middle of your track though. This was a solid battle, not much to pick apart. Nice work.

    K3: Yes! Beat choice is legit, and your energy is MUCH better this round. I'm fukin with this. Nice Kimbo Slice line. You had a good amount of punches. The only critique I have is that you chose a beat with a "swagger" vibe, but you had a choppy flow. A few times you crunched your bars, and it was hard to hear your lyrics so I missed the content (during my first listen, anyway). Just gotta polish that stuff up and keep it consistent the whole way through. You've gotten a shit-load better over the years though. Keep elevating. Good drop.

    Overall: I think this was the most equal match of the round. I could literally have you fuckers row-sham-bo for my vote... And I just might. I've listened to each track over 6 times now, and I'm still torn. Sooo, I'm actually gonna pull a bitch move and not vote unless a tie-breaker is necessary. I hate to be that dude, but for this situation that's what's happening. Props to both of you, and fuk both of you for not making this easy. Haha.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2013
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  6. PicholasNaugam

    PicholasNaugam Active Member

    Mar 18, 2013
    What the hell
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  7. g.t.

    g.t. RM Radio Host

    Jul 29, 2008
    god damn...

    k3 you had way too much filler this time man. you shoulda put more effort into this second round s0n, fraze rode the beat a bit better too.

    fraze some of your lines were dope, some were meh. but you had better content overall.

    I am voting fraze on this one. he came better. about a 6 outta ten though, you better step up rnd 3.
  8. Free Lynx

    Free Lynx ®m legend Peter Parker

    Apr 30, 1999
    im having a tough time voting on this one

    close really

    i have to give it to k3

    fraze had me untill the second part

    good battle tho
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  9. MC propaganda

    MC propaganda Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 2002
    Fraze - Not a huge fan of the beat. mellow cannibal oxish and doesn't fit you as well as something a little more hype would. I think it kind of makes your feel come off a bit laid back. The lyrics and personals are on point. The army personals and still being here....the acapella stuff was dope but stretched a bit, which don't matter because its acapella, Your second half of the verse was consistently good. Lyrics were solid.

    K3 - Not a huge fan of your beat selection either, but it fits your style more. I like the flow more, more consistent, and delivery has a little more punch. personals about shitty bang solid, another country to murder kids, 2 chains line decent, flow all over the place line....this was a solid drop. I liked it, good job.

    This was a real close battle, I enjoyed K3 all the way through and I thought he was more consistent. Just a tad harder overall. Good drop from both!

    Vote - K3
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2013
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  10. Rex Skully

    Rex Skully .......

    Sep 28, 2004
    Fraze - omfg @ the wav files saying please don't convert me haha.. Your style is unique.. Your quality really isn't that bad, need to turn up the a little vocals though.

    K3 - lmao @ the father in-law line.. Your style is unique too, it's funny that y'all are matched up against each other because y'all have similar styles.. Yikes @ the murder kids line..

    This was honestly the closest battle of this round in my opinion because y'all are very evenly matched and have similar approaches.

    Vote - Fraze
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  11. SHITTY Bang Bang

    SHITTY Bang Bang freestyle fanatic

    Jun 28, 2004
    dope drop from both...(completely unbiased to losing to fraze lol) i honestly feel like k3 took it, his bars were constructed better so his flow was more on point

    im guilty of this too but fraze u try to cram too much in to each bar which throws u off it bit but like i said ive done the same

    both had dope bars in there tho
  12. Taiyamo Denku

    Taiyamo Denku W.A.S.T.E.L.A.N.D.S.

    Mar 24, 2000
    FRAZE - VERY DOPE BEAT .. I LOVE GRIMEY SHIT ..... SO you already got my attention that acapella lines in the middle are sick ... I feel your lines could have been harder hitting if you delivered them with more power ... but overallyou got dope Bars ...

    K3 - You had some cool lines but how you dropped them made them ehhhhh ... like the start of your verse was strong then i felt it dithered away .... overall I felt like if you had a different beat you could have maybe deliveryed your lines better this is a song beat ... not something I would think would be used for a battle....

    Both did there thing but can only be one winner and i feel though his lines didnt hit super hard cause of how he deliveryed them but still had the better dis...


    please both drop a vote on my battle plz
  13. Dizeazed

    Dizeazed -Stay crazy!-

    Aug 8, 2004
    Did I fukin call it... Or did I FUKIN call it!? Haha.
  14. PicholasNaugam

    PicholasNaugam Active Member

    Mar 18, 2013
  15. KooL La!d

    KooL La!d iRock Cafe

    Aug 6, 2003
    I can see what the fuss is about, very close... but this is what separated it for me..

    lines... felt K3 hit Fraze on a more deeper, wide-ranged complex level than Fraze did.. just that... his lines came off more clever and impactful.... on top of that, even the fluidity of it sounded better... Fraze had the more livelier delivery out of the two tho...

    So yeah... hope that put things in perspective... really a cool as battle with awesome competition from both sides.

    Vote - K3
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  16. iLLy

    iLLy will fuck you up.

    Nov 7, 2005
    pretty dope battle

    I think this is a very close battle, Both came pretty raw, Both had nice flow and some bars

    Ima going to take another listen and ill drop my vote later, Goodluck both
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  17. Vulgar

    Vulgar 80s baby

    Mar 8, 2004
    Fraze- you bored me homie. Ya track just went off and I can't remember anything besides being bored.

    K3-ya flow was kinda sing songy. That father in law line was kinda funny


    Cigar Life on Tapatalk 2
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  18. Huey Fig Newton

    Huey Fig Newton Rebel-He-Is

    Oct 17, 2003
    Fraze - vine about it line, bath DZK bonnie in.

    I feel like this was a tie. I would've gave it to Fraze off the verse but the second verse did you more disservice than anything. Fraze first verse was easier to follow, flowed better and delivery was on point. The second one came across forced and not all the way on beat.

    K3 kept it more consistent and kept it flowing "respect a man who goes to other countries to murders kids" ouch. scumbag raps hollad at hibe.

    Vote = The K3. this battle was really close I think it's a tie but i'm leaning a smidgen toward K3. Fraze I think you need to pick ONE style and stick with it cause you not bad at all man.
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  19. GarciaVega

    GarciaVega Razor Ramon

    Nov 21, 2003
    Vote- k3

    Ive heard k3 before so I kinda knew what I was in for..

    first time I heard picholas...

    the beat switch did kill ya man.. I wanted to turn the audio off.. im not really picky about flow as most people me its not a song making long as its listenable im cool.. but the content has to be there to keep me listening.. and it wasn't there...

    k3- flow was a little off but again that's not a huge issue for me.. I hastily throw my bars together for most battles...
    content was nothing spectacular.. im not a punchline giant but honestly if you take a little time you can come up with some better stuff... its a processs.. like think of their name or one specific attribute then think of common sayings or associated words or jokes... then construct a rhyme around it... but I did feel like you where a little more consistent and I wanted to keep listening..

    It was mad close tbh... I think if I would have listened to picholas second instead of K3 first I might have went the other way...I never thought the order of the drops played a factor but I think it kinda did here
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  20. L u c y

    L u c y (Administrator) SWERVE

    Mar 28, 2009
    great battle - I hadn't heard either of you before this & was surprised how good you both rapped.

    I'm not a judge & it's really too close to call so Imma chicken out & call it a draw
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