Round 2 : Mic-illaH Vs. 2triple0 (Mic Wins)

Discussion in 'RSTL Grudge Matches and Tournaments' started by Lucifa, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
  2. 2triple0

    2triple0 New Member

    Mar 1, 2005
    can't delete


    sorry i forgot to add something... and i don't know how to delete this post, luci if you could delete this post. that would be nice thanks
  3. Mic-illaH

    Mic-illaH aka paisano

    Nov 7, 2001
    Here, lets post early.
  4. 2triple0

    2triple0 New Member

    Mar 1, 2005
    Dont Be Afraid

    it could have been worse.. they looked like friends first
    but it made him see that things came for free when you regret words
    lost in a maze- empty meanings that was all she could say
    and maybe if he could know you, he would be able to see a way
    in and out of homes begin to throw the bones across the ash
    revealing my presentation an invatation for u to call him back
    then from the absence the intense need for more
    waiting on love to come back, one half of what he sees u for
    Evangelical angels flying with their wings tipped with gold
    Spying on an anachronism, buying what they quickly sold
    Their faces of babies, and earning his keep with the ladies
    giving him plenty of confidence when they need to be shady
    their he began his journey. she thought maybe he was escaping
    waiting to get involved thats why she kept relating
    she turned on her High Beams, and put the mercedes in drive
    the car rolled off, he was trying to play with her mind
    Stay'd clear of the distractions and put her on display
    this way she could put off those things that got in her way
    before putting her to sleep his crews cutting up the streets
    gave her a night cap and then fuck her in her sleep

    this was how harry met sally..

    they traveled.. backs saddled on straps, from here to cali
    they never can tell that they were just beggers for sale
    while Harry smoke that Jack Herrar, Sally was buried in male
    out of the gutter.. Harry's shoulders always strapped
    sex sells and Harry used to say, "I'm still trying to make that"
    So after he finished fornacating he nudged Sally to wake up
    and told her he knew the best way for people to pay us
    she looked good, and harry knew guys would pay to fuck his hot ho'
    but sally didn't want to fuck someone she did not know
    Sally said something innocent like 'How could you ask me that?'
    he put his hand down her pants and grabbed her ass
    he tried to hold on to her but she was pulling back
    full of fear that he was no longer in control of that
    Sally rolled her eyes back and said 'why you holding my ass?'
    Harry was caught between emotions and his contortions minds trap
    he screamed, 'bitch i'll cut out your heart!
    then leave you bleeding on the floor while I nut on you whore!'
    This explains a lot thought Sally, this guys just a joke
    she replied, 'If you want these goodies, you gotta buy me some coke'
    He wasn't lying you hoe, you better stay clear out his way
    you see he had bought a new toy today.. and i dont mean he was gay
    The colt was hidden underneath his jacket. and now the fuse lit
    Harry was dying to use it and Sally was just giving him excuses
    'Don't turn away from me, bitch!' Harry grabbed her by the arm
    'I'm not afraid to strike you so hard that your mind gets blown'
    Sally instinctively slapped swiftly at Harry's long face..
    'Wrong move!' pulling the colt.. Sally knew shes in the wrong place
    He placed the tip of his gun on Sally and she quickly tried to run
    Harry wrestled her to the ground and she starting crying 'NO!'
    he was going to shoot -with a slip of the tounge
    She got a hand free, and grabbed Harry's balls as hard as she could
    In her mind, he was a panzee.. she would get away while he couldn't walk
    But before she got to the door, Harry shot down his whore..
    Is Sally going to keep underestimating....................not anymore
  5. Mic-illaH

    Mic-illaH aka paisano

    Nov 7, 2001
    "Don't Be Afraid"

    8 months and some odd weeks, my patience is tested
    Until God speaks, we sit while he’s graciously expected
    It’s been amazingly hectic, but see the risk I’m facin
    Hits the basin but it’s overlapped with joy and anticipation
    Sit and face it, it’s possible when we leave this hospital
    Crazy joy from a baby boy who’s life I’m fully responsible
    But the high subsides with a fear, why’d I agree to bother
    To be a figure that hides inside, this soon to be greedy father
    It tears me apart, the sparks of anger and I’m scared to live
    My life is worthless, but with heart I’d have to take care of his
    He’s so innocent, ironic isn’t it? I don’t have the steps in sight
    How am I going to raise a man when I have no direction in life
    Invested in spite of a baby boy, why are my thoughts fleeing more
    Feeling torn, literally days away from my baby boy being born
    Afraid doesn’t describe it, I’ll be outdone with the outcome
    How am I going to be a father when I grew up without one?
    Got to pull myself together, forever it will take my head to clear
    Not once will I be afraid, baby boy will never sense my fear
    He will be scared, my job and obligation begins tonight
    So I will have conquered my fear, when he begins his life

    Holdin my wife’s hand, “It’s that time”….scripts the nurse
    9 long months and now I will finally witness the gift of birth
    My baby boy, pride and joy….something I will always remember
    The early hours of Wednesday, the 16th of November
    Labor was intense, my wife pushed through with determination
    First time in my life, I think I finally learned some patience
    Knees were shaking, not fear but just overwhelmed with joy
    As all I could do is smile, the first time I ever held my boy
    “Welcome to this world”…I whispered and said so clever
    “Don’t be afraid…..I’m your father and will protect you forever”
    We named him Andrew, happy but also painfully sad
    Although I never met him, that was the name of my dad
    It will be a constant reminder, the thoughts never random
    Every time I hear “Andrew”, I’ll think of being abandoned
    But, will also constantly remind me – now that I gotta kid
    I WILL always be there for him and not make the mistakes my father did
    The gift of life, the joy of a parent but the fact is here
    “Andrew, don’t ever be afrad……your Daddy’s here!”
  6. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    good stuff on gettin this up early guys ..

    2trip - not sure where to start with the feedback on this .. some positive would be a couple of your lines were straight and some of the rhyming was of a decent standard .. on a negative side .. the piece was a bit of a mess .. a little hectic in writing style and that made it a little confusing as the reader to really follow what was going on .. the story was simple enough to understand but the content made it a struggle to play out .. the language used in most of the piece made it rather disengaging for me ..

    Mic - nice flow to this piece .. that stood out to me so I'm dropping that in first .. it was smooth to read and raised your verse a level .. the content was good and I liked the sentiment behind it .. read like a personal piece and I took enjoyment from it from start to finish ..

    this isn't just down to personal preference in the content .. but also the writing style .. and Mic's appealed to me more on both accounts .. so ..

    Vote = Mic-illaH .. nice verse ..
  7. coil grimely

    coil grimely Tears textcees to tidbits

    Oct 6, 2008
    Lucifa summed it up nicely, and straight to the point.

    it was hard to follow 2triple0's verse for me as well. To me, the concept was over my head and i wasn't fully intrigued. some of the rhyming was onpoint tho and it was a bit creative.

    mic-illah was fully consistant and i was able to delve into the emotion of his verse. powerful, yet simple. it was an enjoyable read also.

    overall i have to...
    Vote = Mi-Illah
  8. Lucifa

    Lucifa Viva La Eva

    Jul 14, 2001
    upping for votes ..

    PERTAiN2LiFE sheesh the rapper

    Mar 30, 2003
    Vote - Mic-Illah

    2triple0 - Story was alright, I guess I was looking for more. I like the spin off of "When Harry Met Sally" but why not more descriptive account of them together? You meet someone and immediately are raping and ready to kill? Unfortunately not. That lacks suspense. Not a bad post. Just my suggestions on improving your piece.

    Mic-Illah - Easy-read, hallmark feeling. Dope drop man. I really liked
    "It’s been amazingly hectic, but see the risk I’m facin
    Hits the basin but it’s overlapped with joy and anticipation"
    Shit was solid. The concept was cut and dry and it worked to your advantage. Nicely done.
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