Round 2: Free Lynx vs. Spoonful

Discussion in 'GRB - '13 Grand Royal Audio Battle' started by J o o k, Aug 10, 2013.


Who won

  1. Free Lynx

  2. Spoonful

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  1. Huey Fig Newton

    Huey Fig Newton Rebel-He-Is

    Oct 17, 2003
    still LOL @ Lynx Stan intro man
  2. Pace Beats

    Pace Beats Doesn't Feed The Trolls

    Aug 14, 2004
    lynx - man this is starting out great ahahah nice intro ,tim robbins in shawk shank damnnn this is hard as fuck ,trailers touching , dave mathews made raps tunes froze icream god damn reached the notebook , that was fucking fireee , hardest grb verse i may have ever heard

    spoon - this is real nice spoon , the "so fuck your XXXX-Tee, your jewelry, and your accent
    honestly man, what the fuck the that shit? Engineer said Emler Fudd imitating a black kid ,
    I'm thinking more helpless thug waking up from a nap " sounded amazing

    this is real fucking tough parker went hard as fuck and spoon had a verse that i had to listen to a couple times to really take it all in

    vote - lynx , in the end as much as i love spoonfulls style and music in general , lynx just came so much harder
  3. Punches

    Punches a.k.a UH OH

    Oct 21, 2005
    damnnnn dammnn damnn, dope battle

    I think Lynx edged it just a littttle bit, probably my favorite verse of the round. Damn @ that beat

    v/ Lynx
  4. DZK


    May 25, 1999
    This was a dope battle. There's no denying that Free Lynx is nice with it. The lines were about the same quality wise between both of you.

    I thought Spoon edged it with a better flow. Spoon that 2nd beat was ridiculous, what was it? We need to build when get some free time and do some shit.

    Lynx, you could've done a little more research into who you were battling, too. Some personals would've put you over the edge, but I'ma go with Spoon on this.

  5. Nahmed

    Nahmed Good Business

    Mar 26, 2002
    I was on the floor with that Stan shit, the selfies part was the funniest. Too dope on the second beat. Flow switchups in there were. I got a secret, me and your bitch fucking haha. #jimdugganbars we on that shit.. Bend spoons this is cold

    Spoon your vocals are low, or maybe it's my speakers right now. Your verse over the first beat was fire, after the switchup it kinda lost steam for me. I think if you stayed on the first beat this would have been closer

    Let me guess? you run around with a bunch of dangerous cats
    if I walked up in your hood i'd probably could get blazed like that?but what you forget is that I walk the hood with impunity
    cuz almost exclusively help underserved communitiesso if you want to shoot at me?
    then tap one of the goons I see and have more fire cracking around Parks than when it's New Years Eve

    Might be the most original angle in the tourney so far, gave me the :chefoooh: face tbh. no exaggeration.

    I give this to Lynx though, he brought it more
  6. The_K3

    The_K3 ^Secksi^

    Dec 30, 2005


    stan part was ight
    trailers touchin
    dave mathhes made rap tunes
    close to parks like a pedophile jesus christ
    ight im done quotin lines this was nutz


    father finally make it in the underground
    fire cracking around Parks than when it's New Years Eve
    i liked the whole community approach too as well
    probably should be switching to the black 50-gallon bag cuz we see through your garbage

    Flow: Tied
    Delivery: Lynx
    Punchlines: Lynx

    Vote: Free Lynx
    Ima huge Spoonful fan one of the few people on rm that ive actually got a cd from. or did he just send it to me for free cause i didnt have money.. dont remember,
    but he went up against the best verse this round imo.
  7. Sin Skywalker

    Sin Skywalker #184 Gladiator.

    Dec 8, 1999
    Spoonful's dope as shit. I wish his track was a little longer, tbh. Was dope but I feel it wasn't enough to get Lynx.

    Lynx is a fucking monster. His voice sound like a mean ass 50 cent, tbh. And he went off man. THIS is how you do a battle track, tbh. People should take notes.

    Super dope battle to both of y'all. v - Lynx.
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