Round 1: Warbux vs. TraGiC

Discussion in 'GRB - '13 Grand Royal Audio Battle' started by J o o k, Jul 29, 2013.


Who won?

  1. Warbux

    29 vote(s)
  2. TraGiC

    5 vote(s)
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  1. Killa B Kilt

    Killa B Kilt Member

    Jul 12, 2013
    warbux- He came light imo but still took the W. As soon as Trag said Greazy poo i turned it off. sorry
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  2. Jack McCrack

    Jack McCrack Somethin I gotta deal wit

    Jan 6, 2008
    I wanna vote for Tragic cause he had some serious material. Very dope. WIsh Tragic could have gotten an easier battle for round 1 considering Bux already battled Tragic in the last GRB. Does anyone have the Warbux track vs Tragic where he was Tragic's Dad? I believe the GRB track was even called "Tragic's Dad" and was one of the most interesting approaches to a grb round i ever heard. If anyone has that (Tragic, u have that by any chance? I don't expect warbux to have it for some reason haha). Props to both but I'ma have to go w/ Warbx since overall he was more consistent. Tragic your a funny dude though like I said you deserved an easier opponent for round 1.All the best doggies,Jack.....Wow.
  3. TraGiC

    TraGiC Recognize Real

    Apr 30, 1999
    the last two battles ive done been both against bux and like 4 years a part...

    I know the politics going into this and the fire power bux has beyond just dropping a's impossible to compete against it...I went all out last time I battled him,,,was close in votes but wasn't worth the time and effort

    you obviously can tell I came home from work, wrote it and recorded it

    Bux will get to the finals regardless of who he faces up to that point, I have a feeling ever person will not be that good...he wont battle DZK, Noodles, Engineer, or any of the big hitters...

    I dont think these were randomized and I was pissed when I saw the battle card...throw Big TraG a bone...I would have made it a lot more interesting if I stayed actively involved in I am out like dog that just took a poop on the new rug...

  4. Pace Beats

    Pace Beats Doesn't Feed The Trolls

    Aug 14, 2004
    tragic i really liked your shit , i was actually pretty impressed

    but warbux fucking killed it

    vote - wow
  5. Punches

    Punches a.k.a UH OH

    Oct 21, 2005
    Man, Bux's delivery is just so strong that he's gonna sound good no matter what...that Mo-county, mary-land, jerry sandusky bar was ridiculous to me

    Tragic fucking killed me with the bit about posting while people are at work...and the sleezy jew you had to get Warbux again (as is tradition)

    v/ Bux
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