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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by JASON ANTHONY, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. IgotsThis

    IgotsThis New Member

    Dec 8, 2011
    Wasnt given a topic,but i was inclined to jump on it,no homo,all these mcs spittin like robots bionic,as for that loud kush im high off it,heaven im right off it,watchout for my deadly verse you can die off it,i speak the truth not like these false prophets,fly like comets,these rhymes comin at you like sky rockets,shine like gold lockets,not worried about fillin my pockets, im in it for the music no further comments.
  2. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    Met A few fallen star's on this recless journey
    some gave me dap other's disrespect and burnt me
    dumb stranger's rappin hard to recognize who's worthy
    A few showed me love and later on would desert me
    A couple started off as enemies but proved themself's to the jury
    now we tippin hennesy and burning earning's
    Funny how the camp pan's out when you got it ur good
    but when you've fallen no body is tossin' hand outs
    im bout to hit the medicinal and black out spaz out
    rip it like a blunt I don't know why these cat's doubt
    no love so what go rush the cash house black mask blast
    gats snatch stack's call it the cash route I don't give a fuck
    if you got a family these are hard times the economy is in calamaties
    people are losing their salary *****ly
    Im tryna hold on to my last ounce of sanity
    casually a casulty caught up in vanity

    candidly that's what society granted me
    programming me and demanding me

    to participate activly damn it these
    crackers keep naggin me avidly

    why can't we see the tragedies
    thru the smoke as we pass the weed

    the fallacies being spoke as we are mass decieved
    they don't show us love and they won't show us hope
    they skrewed our education up and then sold us dope

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  3. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    You could say I'm back on track,
    I ain't Nasdaq, I ain't gonna fall, homie I been passed that,
    I ain't a part of no system, but I'm still up in school,
    Sippin' brews, gettin' cuddy, yea, actin' a fool,
    Gettin' A's, writing essays, still reading a bunch,
    Take a break, call my boys, and meet up for lunch,
    Yea, and home life ain't so bad now,
    Shit, I don't even get into fights my dad, wow,
    I mean, we still don't speak, but it's chill, no beef,
    Things gettin' better, they will slowly,
    And it's true, I got left for another dude,
    But she's a part of the past now, nothing I'd lose slumber to,
    I feel like I'm finally ready to move on,
    Maybe that's the reason I been writing all these new songs...

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  4. IgotsThis

    IgotsThis New Member

    Dec 8, 2011
    Chillin layed back rolling up a fatty,no worries nothing to distract me,you got questions?id rather you not ask me,this is my time to chill,aint even concerned about that unopened electrical bill,more concentrated on making this blunt perfect,cant wait to light it I know itll be worth it,knocking at my door but I pretend I never heard it,as I light up I lie down,im getting high up and I wont come down,nothing but smiles no room for frowns,this is chillin at its finest,this is high at its highest,ill worry about the world later,ignoring the comments from my haters,in a state of tranquility,but dont underestimate me I havent lost any of my ability,to react quick to any situation that comes up,but im praying nothing happens so I can just light up.
  5. IgotsThis

    IgotsThis New Member

    Dec 8, 2011
    Topic:videogames lol do itttt
  6. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    If you want to battle you will fall, its true G..
    This is proven as i shoot thee in Call Of Duty
    Mash you in a brawl, non dispute me in a button bash
    My superiority makes an oppent do a sudden dash
    Some clash whith idle moves that proves to be only talk
    G Force has 'all the moves' just like playing Tony Hawks
    I reckon my moves are enough to win or threaten
    Knock you out like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Tekken

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  7. RETSoldja

    RETSoldja Telling it like it is.

    Dec 18, 2011
    It's the end of another revolution round the sun
    Said goodbye to grandmother an' looked down a gun
    I survived, guess I'm covered, but still I'mma run
    This year I got smothered, next year is for fun
    2011, you ain't been all that heinous
    But ya have several time reminded me of Janus
    Two faced plebeians seem to be instigated
    To make themselves known, universally hated
    Occupy Wall Street, bunch of half-wit dorks
    Stir 'em up with a spork and plug their throat with a cork
    99% in recent debt but set to make it worse
    Screw this year, make it clear, take it with a curse

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  8. UrbanGenocide

    UrbanGenocide Open Mic Hitler.

    Aug 2, 2009
    its 2012, what the motherfucking hell
    guns clap at the shoreline, im dumping shells
    wasnt born religious, just reformed indifferent
    but my scorns as wicked as my sword is twisted
    and i just got a message that the lord is missing
    kick it, drop your body in a furnace -burn it
    sold my soul to the devil, now i serve his purpose
    and thats why i never go to church and worship
    this curse is perfect, and all i know is pain
    off the chain, because im on cocaine
    no saint, and i've got a dirty slate
    i take walks in the rain hoping to wash the stains
    these chicken pox with aids, i aint the source or creator
    torch the data, terminate schwarzenager
    murder the planet with the force of nature
    im the voice of hatred, pure anger and violence
    hybrid, destroy everything in the name of osiris
    absent minded, you cant see the path if you have cracked eyelids
    i live like a pirate, but never lost faith
    keep my cross safe, or become shark bait
    ill make johnny depp walk the plank
    thats the cost you pay, and the price is growing
    twice the omen, shake the dice and throw'em
    burried christ in my past life -said it was nice to know'em
    all my life been chosen, to spit rhymes and stryctnine
    crack the earth in half and switch sides
    watch the dark prince rise -cause riptides
    throw my album in your disc drive, headbang when you hear it
    divine with lyrics, drunk off wine and spirits
    the time is nearest, close to the armegeddon
    my palm is swetting, from firearms and weapons
    call a chemist, cause we all need a cure
    hardcore, thats what cock and balls are for
    fighting a war, we're all gonna die soon
    read it in the bible, lucifers arrival
    suicidal, and your gonna die to
    on primetime news, everybodies watching
    but the parties popping, no options
    and the ball has'nt dropped yet
    my drink and my two step? still got a few left
    took my last shot as i puked on the music!!!!!

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  9. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    ^ that shit was fuckin' killin' it dude...

    ...now it's been six months since the fall of twenty thirteen
    or as we call it now, year zero, it's all becoming worse, peep...
    first thing to happen after the global disaster
    sure seems like laughter in the throat of these actors
    the chapters've been rewritten though, there's new characters to meet
    once the bastards all went missin', it was true, inheritance of the meek
    we've finally reached the return to our agrarian roots,
    but there's still one guy who goes out to the prairie an' shoots
    he apparently new how to make gun powder...thinks he's the boss man here
    dude, i'd be happy eatin' vegetables, but I am glad when he's brought back deer
    you prolly thought he was violent, but he don't cause that fear
    that we're feeling, we're still survivin', lemme make all that clear
    but this time it's ain't even at the hand of famine, it's pestilence and disease
    from all these disgusting fuckin' people peacefully restin' in the streets
    everywhere you look, there's death, ripe to see
    i'd like to be in denial of it, but I don't know where my mind'll lead
    i know i'm just one tiny virus from havin' no hair, an' primal screams,
    then a couple final screeches before my time here has ceased...

    *I'm going to continue writing on this, tailor it up, i sorta like where it's going, i will edit later if no one else has jumped on the next topic of...

    ...may as well keep it goin' i figure
  10. Tre Tru

    Tre Tru Da Tru'th

    Mar 17, 2009
    2014.. many more scene ..wanna ride out in a spaceship teleporting
    to another planet the aftermath here is damage..no power or running
    water were living savage..now everyones a maverick whole towns hollowed off
    and vegetables barely growin after the final holocaust..
    what made the dufuss do it ...pushin buttons what they provin?..
    this changes all the rules and nothing is the way we knew it..
    lifes different, my minds image of past descendants get washed away
    from our brains when you survived ya limit.. tho i soldier infinite
    walking through the valley's depths..i heard our saviors coming, just hope he hasnt left

    TOPIC 2015
  11. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    welcome back to the future marty mcfly take a ride in my Delorian
    the area's we'll be exploring is the high-school auditorium
    into the crematorium super inflation caused by the debt moratorium
    society addicted to the drug emporiums co-dependent off the opiates
    we was warned college was a scam how the government was a posy-system
    we gettin' the wrath from the hovering eye n-da pyramid effect now coz we didn't listen
    school classes became vacant after the teachers they lost wages
    the fooled bastard's regained hatred-n- local market's were mass raided
    politician's masquerading like pastor's these cat's faking
    breaking the damn nation's with banking - interest and taxed payments
    privacy invasion inflation and rash statements led to riot's, violence, n-mass mayhem
    in these last dayswhen we prayed for change but like god didn't hear our damn "amen"
    Neighbor hood's turned into battle fields trained like sheep watch how the cattle yeilds
    to hunger and sickness infliction and weapon's in-which we hadda weild..
    it was our only mean's of resistance and god we wish we hadda a sheild
    but we didn't life played the fucked up casino game and gave us a bad deal
    this is the second year after Extinction Level Event
    instinct's compell us to never lament and re-build life from the weathered cement
    Generation Gap's will have a tremendous effect ... endless neglect,
    seemed to tether the neck's of the innocent infant's restricted with debt
    The red Army and the Dragon nation teamed up against
    America imposing communism and put us in check
    now were here.... refugee's to our own country
    scattered into canada and central america exiled over the "owed money"
    No direction I know our forefather's was so funny
    like they didn't foresee this grim future when they borrowed it all from me
    now im here bummy living in slum's went from affluent to all scumy
    pristine water in my tap to tryna filter it out now coz it's all muddy
    thing' s is all ugly and ain't a man i can trust ... see...
    unless the christ comes back soon, i'ma die i'm so hungry..

  12. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    My god! was it a lie, oh, fuck me...
    put all my faith in the rapture, all for nothing
    and now it's almost gotten to all for themselves
    that all for one and one for all stuff got lost in this hell
    every month hope fades is another notch in my belt
    man... I do not think i've felt this terrible
    since my drinkin' days, damn, a bottle'd make this bearable..
    but at least there's no difference between the top and the bottom now
    we're all livin' in squalor, wishin' just to be impoverished, wow...
    what I would give for this war storm to bring positive clouds
    with a little silver lining, let the reign come showerin' down...
    ...but wait...what the fuck is this shit...
    there is a cloud, with a sliver of silver shining, but, what is it?
    aw shit muthafucka it's the aliens, they're here at last!
    and ship comes down quick straight lookin' like it'll crash
    then without no force, stops, at the last instant, a doop pops
    open off the side and a ladder slides outta the thick fog to the ground
    no one talks, utter silence as the mist clears, there's a form...then a sound...
    "I'm sorry I'm five years later Brothers and Sisters...but finally, the Source, has been found..."
    everyone looks in wonder at eachother...then, a warm wind wound
    through the shroud on the speaker, revealing the thorns, and his crown

    2017...yea, watchu gonna do when jesus turns out to be real, comes back late (so, let's just say jesus is black...)...and comes back in a spaceship?
  13. Tre Tru

    Tre Tru Da Tru'th

    Mar 17, 2009
    Now its 2017 the only sign from heaven seen
    until this day were the seasons we were weathering.
    thought this world would never be..look at us livin in dust..
    american bills are worthless cuz their etched "In God We Trust"

    were high as angel dust sluts spreading legs for shelter..
    and No one knows he's king a crown of thorns but holds no ceptor.
    to some he's still a savior in his image they bow and pray.
    an some forgot all the teachings the lambs have lost their way.

    and yet more will never listen to a thing he'll say..
    cuz they all expected their Jesus to be a lighter shade?
    now while they fornicate openly on every corner..
    this sights reminding him vividly of scenes from gamora...

    he's come to save us but most of us doubtin more shoutin..
    millons left but he only saves one hundred 44,000..
    i guess the prohets astounding..premonitions were founded..
    to have clout and not clouded what people think about him..

    he said we could move mountains , cause his likeness is our blue print
    the hard times he carried us ,look at them "one set of shoe prints "
    he says he gave us all the knowledge we need so use it..
    flew off in his space ship..like im out you guys are STUPID!!

    2018...Okay black Jesus left will he return?...idk you tell me
  14. IgotsThis

    IgotsThis New Member

    Dec 8, 2011
    Enough of the future talk,just know when the time comes Jesus indeed walks,as for 2012 its all media,its all fear mongering you wont find the answers not even on wikipedia,just have faith and be good,dont let it be too late understood?lets worry about the now and the later when it comes,im just worried about the govt withdrawing huge funds,large sums,stock up on guns,were headed to a facist state,learn the truth now before its too late,fema camps every where,are you aware?,indefinite detention of terrorist suspects,i wonder whats up next,i just lay down and read the text,one nuclear bomb and we'll go back to the times of the t-rex,stand up and fight back,dont be scared hold the grip on the gat,we dont have nine lives like a cat,so make your time here worth it,dont let the tyrannts take it,freedom just take it,for now its an illusion dont mistake it.
  15. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    way to ruin the future and leave us open ended like the search for the boson
    c'mon man, this is a topic cypher, at least leave us somethin' to go on
    but well, if it's a blank slate, that means nothin' can flow wrong
    we've been livin' in a broken equilibrium for so long

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  16. IgotsThis

    IgotsThis New Member

    Dec 8, 2011
    Shit ma bad bro i forgot
    Theres always gotta be a balance,good and evil,strong and feeble,without balance the earth would be thrown off its axis,we are losing balance even on taxes,better side with the allies and not with the axis,balance keeps everything running smooth,keep the fulcrum in the middle dont let it move,keep a balanced diet as well,and if theres a heaven theres gotta be a hell,for a yin theres a yang,for a boom theres a bang,school and parties,dumbasses and smarties,earlies and tardies,everything has to be at equilibrium,even the blood that flows through your atrium.
  17. breathlesss

    breathlesss Registered Sex Offender

    Jul 28, 2011
    I want a chick, with some city swagger in her hips
    who doesn't give a damn that i'm a rapper from the sticks
    or the fact i'm not a graduate, or that my family isn't rich
    or the I haven't done much travelin' other than as for acid trips

    she can't have voice like fingernails on a chalk board
    if she's a fat bitch, i'll tell her she needs to walk more
    if she doesn't, then that's it, fuckin' kick her out the dog door
    'cause i ain't bangin' no lazy broad for the rest a' my life
    I'm not even gonna talk chores...f'real...i'll do the dishes
    You, go the fuck outside and jog, whore!
    .....and not to the god damn store!...
    ...this is probly why i'm single and my hand's sore...

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  18. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    While ambling i decide to dable in a spot of gambling
    Odds stacked aginst me but i'm causing a scandal, WIN!!!
    An example in one who should walk away when winning
    Throwing it back in the machine, its the cash i'm binning
    Sinning, using all wages which the boss paid us
    Jetting off to the US to gamble in Las Vegas
    Every loss made us sad with regret, sinking into debt
    Yet taking further steps, ''oh, just one more bet''
    How did i let this get so bad over a game of bridge
    Pushed to the ridge! Next thing i did was jump off a bridge!!

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  19. mizzOe.

    mizzOe. valiumaddict

    Jul 7, 2010
    swim team be beastin' through the water
    my boxers quickly slaughter
    and thought they'd ought to give you a chance
    caught without a glance, sent this boy to his corner
    the last punch you missed but then I rightly won
    and over tracks i'll son you like lewis did burrell in '91
    my squad has shooters with the nicest guns
    to leave you lifeless, done...
    my gymnast flip more kilo's than Pablo did
    archers move in silence and aim beams at his lips
    heroes with passion kid my teams passionate
    ain't the one to give fashion tips
    but will put holes in your jersey without acid drips

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  20. Lizmangsta

    Lizmangsta Well-Known Member

    Dec 21, 2011
    I'm equipped with beams that penetrate through levels
    And Eclipse this scene, levitate with pebbles
    I'm build with steel beef thats natures cattle
    I didnt reinvent the wheel to meditate and settle
    broken into bits, this is that truth used
    to send hits around your orbit, thats bad news dude
    I'm heavenly with my drops the gas let loose
    was only a matter of time with vacuum cubes
    The broad casts spells your visions, bold incisions
    This witch is a cold bitch, rode with ism

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