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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by JASON ANTHONY, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    Your the worst to free, what you spitt is perjury
    Just occured to me, i've been doing this since nursery
    Dropping knowledge in college, they called me a preacher
    Known for disrupting lessons, pissing off my teachers
    G Force features in most classes, schooling what 'class is'
    I'm an A grade rhymer even though most my exams were passes
    Like the last kids in races, G Force is another metaphor for what pace is
    How you 'starting' with me? In the school race you forget to tie your laces
    Your all sad, i don't rate the corny shit you claim to be 'bad' n great
    I'm gald you hate coz you will never reach THIS LEVEL even if you graduate!

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  2. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    Underground dungeons were quiet before London Riots
    Shops stocks soon lose a lot like a sudden diet
    Why? Someone got shot & they don't even know them
    So ends reason, people act like they've been shown gems
    Police syrens reverberate like murder rate, mixing violence
    Tyrants erupt due to corrupt ways, so ends silence
    Lies are intense, immense guys lack the higher sense
    We get fed lies by the government so the fire vents
    No excuse for abuse or reason for treason in this region
    Kids trying to form a legion but lose heads in summer season
    I understand the anger, feeling like their in an absurd war
    But why take everything away from a man he's worked for?
    Fucking idiots! This is a sign of dire bygons, listen to my rants

    REAL TALK!!!!!!!

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  3. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    I am from Equador and i only speak spanish
    favorite meal is black beans cooked up and some catfish
    I cant dance the salsa nor do i wear a poncho
    I just want Taco Bells number 1 and 3 combo

    er wait...

    that says Equator not Equador

    well shit i dont know anything about equators... Im out

    Topic: friend leaving
  4. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011

    Its sad to say goodbye when a friends leaving
    Writting this goodbye note, it feels like my pens bleeding
    Just upon rectial it hurts to the core when reading
    Pouring out my heart, the pain is that of ten beatings
    The relationship failed, thats what happens when cheating
    If i catch up with this so called 'friend' he will receive ten beatings
    Keep trying to say goodbye yet she continues to send greetings
    Stop posting on my facebook, i'm 'friend deleting'

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    JASON ANTHONY White Devil

    Mar 10, 2010
    I was sad at first, but now I see the light...
    Michael came to see me one day cus he can't sleep at night,
    Little did he know I've been burnin for years with aggression,
    Waiting to teach this girly, baby's cock sucker a lesson,
    I pump the poison in to my syringe...
    He ruined my little boys, now I'm getting revenge,
    He said to me, "Thanks doc, you're a live saver. This proves it"
    Now all I have to say is... "I ain't do it."

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  6. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    It all started with a few drinks, thats the way this dude thinks
    Before he knew it led to spewing in a few sinks
    Trying to kiss a girl, but she be like 'man, you stink'
    Next thing you knows he starts to see the true brink
    About time to wake up, this he did see...
    Now its too late when having to bid thee a kidney
    It seems he's beaten within like when fists thud
    The end is around the corner, continuing to piss blood

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  7. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    boarding pass at the ready no carry-on today tho
    just thought id take a nap no bother, thought id stay low
    we boarded the plane like restless sheep in pasture
    safety demo was a breeze, bad jokes, nervous laughter
    captain said "hold on" and in a flash we were skyborn
    eight hours in the clouds and we'd easily be-there by-morn'
    half way through the trip i awoke to a rustle
    one masked man in the aisle 3 attendants in a tussle
    kicked away from the group then silence let out a BLAM!
    2 attendants dropped dead, the 3rd lost her hand
    screams of panic developed but were silenced by a cuss
    masked man said "shut the fuck up! I aint afraid ta bust!"
    singled out a man in a pinstriped blue-suit
    took his carry-on briefcase and rolex to-boot
    laughed and told the passengers it was blood money
    the man collected for a murder that took his number 1 buddy
    he put on a chute and slowly strolled to the latch
    took a look back at us, winked, and lit a joint with a match
    the masked man looked to me and said "... 'til the next end"
    i thought damn...I could swear the hijacker is my best friend
    and with that he popped the door and kindly disapeared
    but dropped a package before left like a tiny souvenir
    we all heard the tick-tock and i was like "its my death?"
    and the package went BOOM, super simple not high-tech
    the plane tore apart all was lost so come off-it
    i lost my life that flight and my friend made a profit...

    Topic: indentity theft
  8. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    Last week I found out someone stole my cheddar
    Its my stupid fault for not using a shredder
    Or was it one of those times I got a dodgy e-mail?
    Just one click of a button, someone’s got your details
    Should have been more careful, my Dad said it
    But I did not listen now I’ve got bad credit
    I let it get so bad, running away was my last thought
    Now I’m going nowhere coz somebody stole my passport!

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  9. J.A.W.

    J.A.W. Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    When apple dropped in stock, it paid a cost...the loss of bill, nicole and steves jobs//
    fuck iPhone, i use wifi and an iPod. I turned it into a phone at half the cost//
    gotta give props when you gotz unlimited data and talk... i'll just kick up my toes//
    and when it comes to dead folk.. I aint telling any death joke//

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  10. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    I am impressed with what Obama is achieving for blacks
    Nevertheless you can rest assured heathens attack
    The man has a vision where thoughts are triggered
    Who cares if he’s not from the US, neither is Schwarzenegger
    His appointment alone was enough to bring stardom
    Now he’s caught Bin Laden none are giving him pardons
    In a country full of racists this is nothing new to see
    Make a man an icon then put him under scrutiny
    This is an example of the worst specific hate
    Who cares about what’s on Obama’s birth certificate
    Allegations suggest he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii
    White men don’t get scrutinized, so why he?
    I hedge bets this is a conspiracy by a bunch of red necks
    Since it is them who appeared on TV and said threats
    Get attacked if your religious, have an opinion or your skins tanned
    I know this because it even happens in England


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  11. Jai-Z

    Jai-Z Bangem, Jai

    Mar 8, 2005
    The sun burnz but I block and moon like the night jst dropped;
    9 planetz orbit around to make the Solar System clock wrk, wthouta second to stop.
    My watch still ticking, but sun-dialz n whn the moonz shifting;
    so the heat roast the earth and bring light to where it once went missing.
    In life therez a casualty for knowing too much;
    thatz y Mayanz wnt extinct, and therez solar flarez whn the sun bust.
    You anger the god, he'll roast u, thatz y temperaturez peak;
    over 100 degreez from our star can cause skin disease.
    And we block it wth cream but it dont help much at all;
    radiationz killing us slowly sun, and thaz not slang to yall.

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  12. MoneyIsCliche

    MoneyIsCliche New Member

    Nov 24, 2011
    Your tank is on E, and it doesn't seem fair,
    because in a circle of MCs, most of them are squares,
    Its obvious that E stands for easy,
    cause anyone can pop and snap, its not hard to be cheesy,
    anyone can talk about sex, its not hard to be sleezy,
    and anyone can grow out dreads, its not hard to be Weezy,
    The lesson learned here is a straight up catastrophe,
    because most math teachers cant even add up to half of me,
    so actually, I say E stands for empty,
    all these rappers are about a buck but not much is worth a penny.

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  13. J Rude757

    J Rude757 Badnews

    Jun 19, 2011
    Now I know everyone's gonna laugh at my logic
    But I thought I would do something unique for this topic
    First you roll a blunt then the smoke it
    Then comes the super powers once you start choking
    You notice that you're much stronger than before
    You also notice someone's robbing the local store
    So you run inside the store and the criminal panics
    Then all of a sudden your lungs feels volcanic
    A huge rush of smoke bursts out ya mouth
    Next thing ya know the criminals passed out
    Whoever knew drugs could make you feel super human
    Now you're looking for many blunts to illumine

    topic: christmas
  14. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    Roll up some green like the grinch that stole christmas
    I'm a gift in the presence bitch i own CHRISTMAS
    rap game wrapped up bow tied and stuck under the tree
    act lame get clapped up hog tied and buried under a tree
    throw a fat ass in a red suit down the chimney
    rid the game of wack rapper's: niminy-piminy (google that shit)

    Topic:Government Conspiracies.
  15. patrown

    patrown student for life

    Dec 5, 2011
    a country started based on rights to fight against oppression
    then chased away the right to pray despite freedoms suggested
    give money to the armys tray preparing us to fight
    wearing thin the funding pool to teach the kids whats right
    we never wanted oil my friend of this you can be sure
    make sure before we flaunt our flag, their oil fields are secure
    the lines are blurred chopped up by bush and stuck inside the vein
    injecting lies is news at five and look some more at eight
    winning hearts and minds are bombs we drop to plant our stake
    to make the way for businesses controlled by heads of state

    topic: censorship
  16. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    Nothing seems shocking anymore, lets delve
    Films that used to be 18's are now rated TWELVE
    Yet your news is sensored by the government
    So its true to say 'freedom of speech' has suffered dents
    Does not matter if you said it, you will get no credit
    Because if your interviwed on TV its sure to get an edit
    From X Factor to radio stations, record labels & their slaves...
    If fare/fair pays then the underground would be on top
    It does not get strong props coz media pick from the wrong crop
    They call it sensorship when its actually a form of mind control
    The media go so deep to the point you cannot find soul
    Contracts artists sign are armed by pencilled tyrants
    If i was 'father of media' i'd show them PARENTAL GUIDANCE!!!!:funny:

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  17. lyricalpriest

    lyricalpriest Rap Games Dawson Creek

    Apr 12, 2000
    were @ a dissolution my elocution depicts confusion
    witness intrusive time's in the distant movin'
    closer to us and in an instant provin'
    we ain't lilliputian's.... thats a lil' human.....
    we big and stupid if we think we can can keep polluting
    Society got this mentality called "deserventitlementalism"
    because they think they deserve entitlement
    and thats a mental illness diagnosis theres no way to mend or heal 'em
    we need a resolution fuck the Government's restitution
    they need to make a contribution because natures witnessin' execution
    not on no tree huggin' shit.... but some body tell the politicians..
    "All this war... this gas.... this reckless spending is causing mass polution...."

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  18. G Force

    G Force Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    My raps are so strong to concern all, as i laugh G..
    I'll make you a friend then murder you like COLONEL GADDAFI!!!
    Collapse thee in attacks at the wack who lack speed
    Punchlines that leave you looking like 'luner craters' aka ACNE!
    Attack me? Huh! I'll be causing thee harm....
    Your next to get taken out just like IRAN!
    G harms any with no sense while showing potence
    I'll leave you 'tripping' like a GIANT ON SHROOMS TO A LOW FENCE

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  19. J Keeper

    J Keeper Super Jesus

    Jun 3, 2010
    Got the proper haze, sitting on the stars, I'm baked,
    Listenin' to carbon bake the rhythm out of marmalade,
    My mission was to Mars, I dipped and got too far to say,
    I'm farther than far, sparring with stars in a garden made
    of nebulas and blackholes, headin' to the last known
    position sent a wish from a kid in a cracked home,
    It's kinda different when you're stuck up in space,
    You get a rumble in your stomach for the crumbs of the fates,
    It's almost like a punch to the face, that's why I'm knuckled up,
    Better that than to run in the race, with all these other shmucks,
    I get too high to stress new lies,
    That's why I'm spittin' out a fabric that'll stretch through time,
    I admit it, I'm a cynic, but I get through minds,
    Like a psychic, I don't mind it, I just test who dies,
    I communicate with auras, and zodiac signs, I'm sort of
    a chorus, but more of a poet that shines, azure,
    I'm on the god damn mother fuckin' meteor belt,
    And I'll be god damned mother fucked if weed didn't help,
    That's why I'm chillin' with my boys and a blunt,
    And I'll be fucked if a joint isn't up, come on let's smoke somethin'...

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  20. Tre Tru

    Tre Tru Da Tru'th

    Mar 17, 2009
    said i need that change or at least thats the Topic..
    i aint talkin bout objects im pullin from my pockets.
    its more about the caustic talkin of false Prophets
    that be preaching change is comin but fall short on their promise.
    cuz what they really speak of is profits to be honest
    and real change could make ya soul shine with no polish
    and it doesnt take college knowledge to see they wanted
    Lots of change..especially the kind to line their wallets..
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