RIP and I are looking for an MC to collab with on this beat.

Discussion in 'Beats/Producers' started by DJ C-Boss, Oct 30, 2004.

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  1. DJ C-Boss


    Jul 7, 2001
    This is the beat RIP and I are using for an MC to collab with us for the upcoming albumn were releasing entitlrd 'Timeline'. The collab will only be recorded in one way. 1st verse and any intro ideas will be the spots you record for. RIP will do the hook and 2nd verse. We may end up doing 1/2 the hook so you can get on it also depending on what MC we choose to do this with. The concept for the track is all in the name. SYMBIOSIS . Look up the defenition if you don't know what it means. Its pronounced SIM BEE OH This kind of adds a little challenge for an intellegent MC with skills to step up. The defenition is about 2 things..but this is about music and MC as far as the title Symbiosis goes. Whoever we end up working with on this can get a couple free beats with full rights and ownership from me. So don't fuck with us asking for money and shit since we try and get commercialized deals and solicited demos to make​
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