rhyme asylum are the best british rappers, IN THE WORLD ...

Discussion in 'Hip-Hop Central' started by Nu'maaN, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. Nu'maaN

    Nu'maaN Anu'naki, Nuqqa.

    Aug 27, 2005
    ... anyone know about their latest albums?

    i tweeted the fuckheads about it, but nobody responded.

    cunts, if anyone here knows any news about their latest album, post.

  2. Im Technical

    Im Technical I got 30 pages of rhymes

    Jul 5, 2012
    I havent really checked there shit for awhile, whats the new album called? RA are really dope and definitely some of the best uk rappers. Even though im from london im not really too into uk hip hop. Other than RA im only really into Skinnyman, Klashnekoff/terra firma, lowkey and genesis elijah but i havent really checked them for awhile.

    I love this fire in the booth, they all kill it but possessed is on another level.

    This is probably my favourite uk hip hop track of all time.

    Skinnyman is was probably the best mc in the uk for awhile.

    What do you guys think of these tracks?
  3. thedream233

    thedream233 Thrillmatic

    Nov 18, 2005
    theyre hilarious.... i normally try to shy away from punchline rappers unless they are REALLY good. these niggas are dope. i got the album they dropped in 2012. straight flames
  4. antilluminati

    antilluminati Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    Jehst and Chester P are still the best british rappers though.
  5. antilluminati

    antilluminati Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    And I forgot Kyza:

  6. Im Technical

    Im Technical I got 30 pages of rhymes

    Jul 5, 2012
    Ye kyza is really nice, he always killed terra firma beats. Task force always had some nice shit aswell but ive never really checked chester too much, he had some tracks i didnt really like back in the day that put me off him.

    Jehst is a good mc and makes good music but ive never really felt him, his voice annoys me.
  7. antilluminati

    antilluminati Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2011
    Chester Ps album the chessmonster and the new mic order mixtape is worth checking out.

    Jehst is in my top 10 all time, he was the first mc I listened to that had backpack raps that were also poetic, tight flow and schemes with pretty much no filler. Quotables all the way for me. I like pretty much all his shit. He's one of the main influences and reasons for me picking up the pen, especially these three tracks when I heard them over ten years ago:

    "I walk with a head full of fire and a belly full of hunger pain
    Uncontained rage takes hold 'til I'm numb again
    Clear the air like summer rain
    It's just another day seen through the eye of the hurricane
    Runaway train of thought, my sore knuckles say love and hate
    Huffing shakes straight 'til I suffocate
    B-boy unengaged til my brain's buzzin', ain't nothin' changed
    Decorate grey skies with colour; spray paint tornadoes
    Fallen angel with a horned halo, moonwalk on a rainbow
    Multi-verse space ghost writer, spit a day-glo one-liner
    The tongue tied long timer, invisible ink specialist
    I think devilish, sipping on a alcoholic beverage
    Livin' with benefit cheats and no-hopers, stoners
    Deadbeats who sleep on the sofas
    Socialite soldiers glued to the Motorola, worldwide like Coca-Cola
    Weed network, exert energy the head-nod expert
    Trenchfoot puttin' in legwork, the wordsmith
    Still lifted off the first spliff
    I levitate in space, let the earth drift
    It's sickening; instinct without discipline
    Livin' in a world where everybody hears but nobody's listening
    It's like mission impossible try'na hop-scotch every obstacle
    Death's never optional, it's the epilogue to the first chronicle
    The black comical

    [Cuts: Jehst & Ricochet Klashnekoff - Nightbreed]
    "It's the return of the drifter
    Lone wolf former jacks, roam road like a ridge back
    Contents under pressure
    Shabby tap I walk aggy with a hunch-back"

    [Verse 2:]
    Soldiers hold a cold stare like they never been scared
    But live life like they know their time's precious 'n' scarce
    Beef could be hell on earth, better settle it there
    And if our sins are forgiven heaven better prepare
    I bring a breath of fresh air, bless polluted lungs
    Bunged up from the years bunnin' zoots of skunk
    I lounge in bluesy clubs with abusive thugs
    Useless drunks, junkies abusing drugs
    And young bloods with the loosest tongues, it's too much
    Old cats sacked up like they loosin' touch and get bust
    Some are truly stunned, another rabbit in the headlights far too confused to run
    I stay balanced like planets with the moon and sun
    I need shoes on my feet and some food to munch
    If you relate to that statement salute me once
    One love, one hope for the youth to the future comes
    It's comes now, I'm drunk and run down sun up to sun down
    'Cause life is bugged out, some doubt us, but couldn't survive without us
    Parasites surround us like close encounters of the 3rd kind
    Cyclops with a 3rd eye, deep in my trees like a termite
    Toke up the herb 'til it burns bright, burn rubber on the turnpike
    Prey stays locked in my search light, word life"

    "Like Bekowsky the alcoholic author
    Son of the devil I turn wine into water
    My physical forms a metaphor for disorder
    Absorb the trauma, my state is before the light
    And I am short of time, short to find my keeper
    Alive within reach of the reaper
    The lights sleeper drifts deeper into darkness
    Read my palm and see the evil of my forefather's
    Born after the last generation of gypsies
    Move from the sticks to the city's
    Give me 26 characters for home sick travellers
    Bi-centennial men, hunter gatherers
    Who run with the scavengers and brave the dangers
    My tongue a labyrinth in this maze of pages
    Playin' David, I stand defiant to the last standing giant
    The android man, I walk silent and talk science
    The child who sought guidance
    The war cry echoes through these blood stained empires

    "A man of many premonitions, Jehst"
    "... Scruffy little man from the wasteland..."
    "Moo jew sipping step children off the earth was...
    Fixing Smirnoff with anti-liner burner"
    "A man of many premonitions, Jehst"
    "... Scruffy little man from the wasteland..."
    "Moo jew sipping step children off the earth was..."
    "Speaking in barbed wire tongues"

    [Verse 2]
    Fascinated by the fire like a child try'na touch the flame
    I see change like a busk, everything stay much the same
    Cut the weather vein
    I hear blood water tapping out the lords morse code on my window pane
    I rain dance 'till the harvest comes
    Brave hearts keep beating to the hardest drums
    Bastard sons are lost God's long forgotton
    Monolithic heads on this island gone rotten
    On top of the world or on the bottom of the food chain
    We stay the same but our fears take a new name
    We're all players so place your bets
    You made your bed, lay in it and pray for the best
    Death's door stays open to all without prejudice
    I'm the fifth element of war with my nemesis
    Brain storm genesis this is the start
    My whole world's overcast so I live in the dark
    I adapt now my vision is sharp
    Go home to my house made of glass
    And throw stones for a laugh
    The favourite that came in last
    I clutch at straws and I'm cut by a blade of grass
    I done enough for you, you've done nothing for me
    I'm puffing the tree, the bloodshed you're rushing to see"

    Air poured, my thoughts shrouded by cloud forms
    The line ravaged in the wake of this ground war
    The quintessential outlaw
    Eye of the storm, my tears fall as a torrential downpour
    The flood, your death wish written in blood
    I came in from the cold, clothes dripping with mud
    Gripping a club, primitive as Stig of the Dump
    Swinging a punch, the bad seed pick of the bunch
    I drink black rain, take another swig and I'm drunk
    Taste venom on the tip of my tongue, my lips cold
    Spitting out toxins I couldn't dissolve or withhold
    I never sold my soul for fool's gold
    So I'm still free, but too numb to feel pity
    Some broke down, now the still city's a ghost town
    Snowflakes cover the ground in white carpets
    Seasons of espionage as time passes
    The lion hearted, survival of the hardest artist
    My open arms embrace darkness
    Still craving carnage and infamy
    But even parasites starve in this carcass of industry
    [Verse 2:]
    You can see me as cynical, trapped in my own gothic vision
    Encapsulating chaos in this composition
    Calculated like the lies of a politician
    Gripping the slingshot, I size up the opposition
    I drop a match in the clouds and watch the flames rise
    Fire water falling from these grey skies
    To paint your train lines, chrome over red brick
    Reflective, like a gemstone in a cesspit
    Jehst gives belief to a skeptic
    The truth neglected like open wounds that turn septic
    Infected by the forked tongue of a liar
    Now my thoughts are the colour of fire
    And my night's spent running the kyah
    Unspired by the freak show
    I see ghosts dance in the trail of my weed smoke
    My words are folklore, that survived the Cold War
    New World Order and so forth
    I go north, ankle-deep in snowfall
    Leaping over dry stone walls with a hold-all
    Steam clouds rise from my fiery breath
    It's the last twilight before the silence of death"

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