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Discussion in 'Cypher' started by Ace the Prophet, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Ace the Prophet

    Ace the Prophet A Prophet to the Game

    Mar 23, 2005
    Simple rules. Spit about your city and tear shit up. Let's get it goin

    Woke up this morning to a much familiar feeling
    A much more bluer sky where the air’s much more appealing
    It gets much cleaner with every foot of elevation
    So elevate as much as possible and look at illustrations
    Of my homeland and tell me it ain’t perfect
    An ice cold paradise where everything is worth it
    We’re too chill to care like we’re too blessed to stress
    So we kick back our chairs instead of inspect the decks
    And money ain’t a problem, we just watch it pile up
    And we don’t gotta leave our feet to join the mile high club
    Hah, cuz we already here, homie
    So come visit some bitches and hit it from the rear for me
    There’s no place like the city I live in
    Worth a mile of reasons that I will never give in
    So just try to breathe in my atmosphere
    And if the altitude takes you, well, your casket’s near
  2. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Ima go spittin' bullets out on the turnpike
    Get my sawg on if the beats and the herb's tight
    Ashey lips, cause its cold and I burn Mics
    Got the ho'z shakin' like fiends when they burn pipes
    Send a proyectile up yo ass, bitch yeah ya heard RIGHT
    Its the loveable one and only
    The kid the one robbin' y'all for ya money
    Cause I be bossin' niqqaz around, got em thinkin' its blood
    I be fuckin' they virgin ass sisters, and they ass be sinkin' in blood
    I let you hold my cup but I don't drink with no chumps
    I do lines of coke with a straw
    You the homo thug droppin' the soap on the floor
    Yeah nigga I put the dope in this raw ish
    Matta fact I'll put the toast to ya mother
    Fuck her in the ass and put you both in a coffin.....

    .... Who else done did it this grimey?
    I pull out the strap and these sisters is frightenin'
    Mama told me to impress for ya bitches to like me
    Guess what, Im mentally illed
    Each verse I drop each instrumental gets killed... muthafuckaH.....
  3. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    for large pape push hard flake...
    and dodge jake
    riskin it, chris can get..halves,
    cost what biggie smalls weighed
    this jobs great, facades apes..
    will i ever leave the LOU?
    only if the arch breaks or my heart aches..
    or no more fairgorund park days, when cars skate..
    blink of the eye finish ya wild shit in the street...
    look at what lyin on a wild niggaz does...
    real niggaz dont speak
    motherfuckaz want ya head, but they smile sinister
    vexed just check how the damage just piles inta ya
    i deliver hot, most spit it at mild tempatures
    i'll throw in the towel injure ya.....
    one 2 many foul ministers preachin but sinning too
    walkin the streets u get clapped up quick,
    ST.L minute ya
    it's deeper than rap shit, more like a casket slash kid nap shit
    equals ya niece screamin, a street demon
    street dreamin of skeet skeetin on girls faces..
    get taped like crime scences and police beatings
    the way my pen leakin i'm close to my peak speakin
    wish summer high school teachers'll keep teachin
    they was sneak preachin the knowledge only was seep reachin.....
    deep preachins i sneak peek it to beats beatin
    help i really dont need ya
    peace to alayiah
    used ta date a girl that looked like her, kept me wit cheap cheeba..
    the best can't stop me...hollows, a vest can't stop these
    did dirt, lawyer wiped that away like oxy.....
    better have a good angel
    walkin thru the northside is suicide
    like doors on rolls and signin to suge label.....
    and crackheads know how to get u the good table....
    bootlegged cable, inner city blues portrayed to u.
  4. Deciet SD

    Deciet SD New Member

    Jun 16, 2008
    I'm the greatest thing to happen to my city since the Padres
    get rid of your commitee
    It's time to do shit my way - the fly way
    a buck sixty on the highway
    A franchise boy - my relative is El Compadre!!!(Taco Shop)
    I wanna have a crib in 5 states
    but live where the morgage is fixed at high rates
    and gas goes up 10 cents every 5 days
    every time we profit, we gotta split shit 5 ways
    It kind of makes it make sense, when the crime pays
    If you can get away with distribution,then buy 'caine'
    If you're into prostitution, get 5 dames
    put them on El Cajon Blvd., right by Main(SD Blades)
    Grind hard homie, Imma do my thang
    I'll remember who you are, as I'm entering my reign
    Submission changed the game to high stakes
    I'm great
    watch me claim my fame like live bait...
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