"Rep yo City" cypher

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by G_zus, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. da finisha

    da finisha PUNCH LINE KING~~~~~

    Jun 22, 2006
    where im from?
    new york bitch
    ima reperesent check listen.............

    nikka's try to act all hard and talk smack
    one dude from calgary and stl ..mo
    but truth is they aint been through jack
    and watching scarface the only time they seen crack
    but i sling all that all day every day
    and i got to show luv to my sun from bk( get it sun of brooklyn)
    berth home of them creators of halfway crooks
    and this the place that started that jux
    im from da hood if u walk around wit a gram get hit
    fuck cincinati tell me wen the last time ya won a championship?
    and down south plz like katrina i'll leave u departed
    and y sum1 got da nerve representing milwaukee plz dnt get me started
    but i c chi-town up in here
    oh yeahhhhh
    the home of the reall bulls
    but after jordan left
    no1 wasnt really feelin you
    and now every nigga got an attitude (nwa) so i gotta respect the west coast
    but fuck them them
    cuz the west coast dont compare tho the east coast
    cuz they sell the weak dope

    if ya read the rest of the post to understand this verse
  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    ^u aint seen crack nigga...only in a pipe held up to ya face faggot

    and i hope u aint reppin eastcoast wit a garbage piece of shit verse like that.

    biggie would be ashamed of u...

    u come in here dissing other cities and won't even big up yo own burrough.??? prolly cuz u from upstate u suburban c00n type fag

    fuk u u dont deserve a bar from me...
  3. Profit C

    Profit C New Member

    Jun 18, 2006

    in new york it's so cold
    that in winter if you walk outside you don't even know....lol
    reap what you sow...we make sure of that
    rats the size of cats, cats the size of lads...you dig?

    that's all i have right now lol....peace
  4. Profit C

    Profit C New Member

    Jun 18, 2006
    da finisha you made me laugh so I'll label you my clown
    I see you're bashful giggle, no wonder you represent Chi-town

    you lose.....peace..
  5. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
  6. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    Cincinnati Ohio 513

    The city
    it's hot
    My team
    is REDS
    the blocks
    they red
    the hood
    is fed
    my niccaz
    they live
    Survived the drive-byes
    club fights and stare down eyes
    all from rumors and lies
    dodge bullets like neo
    I know my city is live
    Night spots
    The RITZ
    the spot T.I.P got hit
    Vito’s the spot where G’s Go
    Hoe's know, they love Nati niccaz flowz
    YA know!..
    The PO-PO
    shoot first and let the rich go
    mainstreet downtown
    The party spots, were cum-up goes down
    It's a melting pot of different hoes,
    oh sooo bold, Black, white, porta rican hoes
    they so cold, ready to drink and go
    I get to touch her soul w/ this 9" pole
    I love my city so,
    I rep my city in fatigues and black boots
    I good got aim, to trouble when sets start to shoot
    Cincinnati, I got you!--I'm trained to shoot...4ril...
  7. KloQwYse

    KloQwYse This Is My Day Job

    Dec 30, 2001
    LoL @ all the cincinnati heads in here...

    Kloq couldn't shoot blanks even if I had a gun,
    But I'm still ridin' 151 wit ya trick back to tha radisson,
    dammit son, I take mic cords and ravage 'em,
    You see, I'm reppin Too chief straight outta madison,
    So when the cabbage done, I smoke the rez,
    Chiefs and clans still comin' up broke from the rez, (reservation...)
    You token the ses, while chicks get choked in the bed,
    spanked in the bed, they hair pulled in the bed,
    Cats leave bullets in heads, Even da cops got teardrops,
    I'ma savage, I toss sticks to the dome till you spear-rot, (spirit....or a rotting piece of wood)
    Come clean and fear not, you won't appear as a twat,
    But come stupid and join the crowd that be fearin kloq,
    I damage a sphyncter, wit a 4x4 not usin' the blinker,
    We fisherman tie bobbers to nooses and in ya ass is a sinker,
    You could hit rock bottom and get tossed by a rock bass,
    Let go of the donkey or grab the mic, either way you'll drop ass,
    With a cock blast, you gettin skeeted on from a kloq track,
    you beleive its wrong then keep it on, if not here's a wash rag, "wipe it off"
    We some sick muhfuggahz, from fitchburg to maple bluff,
    LMAO! Madison was nice till some minorities came to make it rough,
    So the east side got it, the west side got it,
    North side got it, and the south side of mad'll have you comin' outta pocket,
    So don't knock it, we still drop it, I'm still kloq'n,
    In battles you'll be chokin more times than they delayed the rocket,
    So shove a shoe and a sock in it, it's MA WI till the rotten end,
    Now leave me be, I got a rock and an Ipod, time to hit the block again....

    Need Beats????

    hit me up on myspace.com/kloqwyse

    visit soundclick.com/kloq for NEW BEATS

    MC_SUPER_D Head Up, Eyes Open

    Mar 14, 2001
    My city's where it's at, could do much more but:

    Hit the block again like hammers and mullets on bricks/
    We move quick in places that'll leave you mentally sick/
    Whips and clips combine turning houses to derelict/
    An IQ isn't respected but it's necessary shit/
    So is weaponry, on the defensive because they're checking we/
    Seperately we move on in erasing all discrepansies/
    Scared of the police like we're living in the seventies/
    On battlefields we swing it out, old skool like heracles/
  9. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005
    Da Finisha....u make New York look bad....
  10. The Grimace

    The Grimace Jeff Goldblum

    Jul 10, 2006
    is KloQwYse nish?
  11. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    I aint in KloQwYse, my times spinnin reverse-
    But This Is My Day Job, wit night spit in my verse-
    Darkhearted. Albany,i reside in the Mall parkin' lot-
    In my own parkin spot, waitin for the sell-sparkin pot-
    Narcs on watch, so watch ya back.. and side to side-
    Hard to stop this grindin act..Man i ride to die-
    Not til i die, 2 death-u can tell when that blood fills my eyes-
    Look over at my homeboy, he lookin up in the sky-
    Ask him "What is tha time?", he responds wit a glare 'n a-
    Statement implyin that there's fuckin cops in the area-
    Im hearin shots in the area, rdy to leave i start the engine-
    Now its hard to listen, my partner trippin got my heart to skippin-
    So i settle down, and procede to turn the music down-
    Tires burn its a fluent sound, well thats the verse on my ruined town-
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