"Rep yo City" cypher

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by G_zus, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Mr. Perfect

    Mr. Perfect Chea!!

    Jun 24, 2002
    rep the field of Springs
    nigga not Silver Springs
    not Maryland but Massachusetts the real thing
    Basketball City but niggas don't shoot hoops that much
    Should be named bullet city cuz niggas be shootin' guns
    Puerto Ricans, Blacks and white niggas who think they black
    ifa nigga say he gon' kill you it ain't a threat its a fact.
  2. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    for large pape....push hard flake...and dodge jake
    riskin it, chris can get halves, they cost what biggie smalls weighed
    this jobs great, facades apes
    will i ever leave the LOU?
    only if the arch breaks or my heart aches
    or no more fairgorund park days when the cars skate
    blink of the eye finish ya...
    wild shit in the street...
    look what lyin on a wild niggaz does...
    motherfuckaz want ya head but they smile sinister
    check how the damage just piles inta ya
    i deliver hot, u spit it at mild tempatures
    throw in the towel injure ya.....
    slugs touch ya more than alter boys and foul ministers
    clapped quick, ST.L minute ya
    it's deeper than rap shit...more like casket, kid nap shit
    ya niece screamin, a street demon
    street dreamin of skeet skeetin on ya girls face
    get taped like crime scences and police beatings
    the way my pen leakin i'm close to my peak speakin
    glad summer high school teachers keep teachin
    the knowledge only seep reachin.....
    deep preachins i sneak peek it to beats beatin
    help i really dont need ya
    peace to alayiah
    used ta date a girl looked like her, kept me wit cheap cheeba
    the best can't stop me...hollows, a vest can't stop these
    did dirt, lawyer wiped that away like oxy.....
    better have a good angel
    walkin thru the northside is suicide
    like doors on rolls and signin to suge label...
    and crackheads know how to get u the good table....
    whole city of the lou, just portrayed to u...
  3. ErWick.

    ErWick. Gangstas Inc.

    Mar 5, 2003
    from the D, where shit aint free...
    Get busted in the head on 7 m-i-l-e...
    You kno the dill, sell dope and pull jack moves...
    Grip ya tools , and killing is a way to prove...
    no snitches, so the streets is wide open...
    45 is scopin, and the sticky got you zonin...
    we sell boy, girl and an occasional gun sale...
    Gun shots make you look pale, when you fuck with my mail...
    digital scales, weigh it up and serve it like tennis...
    on the D block, we all got a dennis the mennace...
  4. Cadet_Karma

    Cadet_Karma I used to give a fuck....

    Feb 6, 2006
    str8 from Va Beach fuck them other beaches
    i run solo no strings attached cant fuck with leeches
    Va the home of Pharrell and A I
    cuz like him im the answer niggas ask me like "may I"
    one day I....might be pushin a range
    but believe me chicks like me will neva change
    LE muhfucka its my time to shine
    sick of messin with these punks wastin my time
    but no matter where im at Va' on my mind
    summertime come tourist attack like swarmps
    uptop niggaz even blend in causin no alarms
    thats why rite now 757 tatted on my arm
    down here we like 7-11 afgans have cops lookin for bombs (lol)
    left RI now Va bch my home thanks to my mom
    I rep V A nigga and dont u eva forget it
    sleep on us closed casket cuz the M.E still scoopin ya brain outta ya fitted
  5. R3DRUM

    R3DRUM Capo

    Jul 13, 2005
    Small city called albany, Field Mob's reachin the status..
    That i want to reach on my peak of showin off these faggots..
    Means nothin to yall im a random textee on the net..
    I swear to god this is freestyle for me, so lets see whose the best..
    I get weed from the west, as far as it goes toward the line..
    Of Cali with the chronic, just one step above Georgia Pine..
    all i got lol
  6. K-neticz

    K-neticz K.O.

    Dec 17, 2001
    Its K repping the O-town, where no-one wanna throw down
    home of Antonio Tarver...where fights don't last fo' rounds
    flippen O's to Pounds...is just another fuckin day for me...
    where serving is a pleasure...gettin more dough than publix bakerys
    fuck the fake MCs...that be spitten kiddey lines...
    i diss'em with witty ryhmes cuz they tunes be committin disney crimes
  7. Mesha Mac

    Mesha Mac New Member

    Apr 22, 2005
    Atl Shawty

    A-T-L-A-N-T-A/ G-A nigga that 's where I lay/
    my feet stomp off in the red clay/ move bitch get out my way/
    lames get thrashed cause we the home of the brave/
    got beef I bust yo head to white/
    we knuck and buck and we ready to fight/
    in the fresh Ree's (reeboks) and the shirt is white/
    we lean with it and we rock it/
    slow it down in the red light district/
    makin hits makin beats we so so def off in the streets...
  8. Meosha

    Meosha I am a C-o-G

    Jan 26, 2004
  9. symptoms

    symptoms New Member

    Feb 22, 2006
    im from worcester mass/
    the type to lift ya cap/
    to give ur dome a vivid grasp/
    on wat im gettin at/
    lids get sratched/
    when i cut guts and rip on hats/
    my fist un matched/
    i strike and injured kats/
    like pikes when they enter backs/
    leave livers gashed/
    when bitches say shit was wak/
    organs torn when/
    we sworn in to battle or war-ing/
    scoring only when flooring/
    kats that approach without warning/

    quick free a lil rusty....
  10. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    The city I’m from is above the law
    A city with spells of hell
    1st three letters spells the hell/

    My City is CIN,
    Half the thugs say phuuck the law/
    Survive or draw,
    Eat or die
    drive bye’s and
    tearful eye’s..,
    Where murder rates high,


    The place where police still ya
    search U last and steal ya stash,
    Wit a smirk and a laugh,
    a brick in ya grasp
    they quick to blast,
    It’s like that..,
    don’t you dare laugh,
    It’s like that..,
    check the murder rate phag!
    It's like that!
    It's like that!
    It's like that!

    My City is Raw!
    Like heat in the street
    My City is Raw!
    like beef in the streets
    My City is Raw!
    like blood red tee’s
    staining the streets
    My City is Raw!
    My City is Raw!
    My City is Raw!
    Yell it all over!

    My city is serious as a roll over,
    SIn goes deep in Our streets..
    The weak in these streets,
    Die quick in these streets.

    theses niccaz die quick
    like drug money-
    life's quick to be flip
    like doope money-

    this shiiit that I spit,
    just ain’t lyrics to be flipped
    it’s from experience you bytch,
    1st hand witness to this shyt-
    wit lips stapled so tight
    I couldn't even repent...

    Even FIFTY cent
    Fitted wit the reds Cap
    wearing the red C in his raps,
    over here talent is key,
    drug money is fuel,
    and haters can’t see..
    We be--- city of G’s
    ready to die!
    For all we believe..,

    My city IS CIN
    I rep for life
    and still pray for change
    to come on the wind
    befor it's to late and I'll be blowin in the wind....

  11. BLooDRaGe

    BLooDRaGe bloodtown

    Jul 25, 2004
    niggas now have to stay outside too smoke-
    yes you know who we is, we a jersey folk-
    reppin pyru blood, crips down, to da ground-
    dogs come out at night, to leave dey bound-
    im just reppin my hood nigga, jerz fo life-
    us camden niggaz is straight up live a strife-
    so fuck all dem otha towns besides york foo-
    dis is how we be living in da new jeru-
  12. Kastle

    Kastle New Member

    Apr 18, 2006
    I'll take a stab at it...

    Slide wit a G, as I Introduce you to the NC...
    NEW CASTLE born and bred and aint a f***n thing changin me...
    got up out the hood but the hood aint up outta me...
    made a couple dollars put the profit back up on a key...
    kept it real wit the fam EAST SIDE till the death of me...
    but stay wit mad love for the blocks that be reppin me...
    step to me aint sweatin b THA HARBOR on my right side...
    WESTVIEW comin thru to turn these bitches outright...
    LINCOLN stand up, man up its bout to be a fight...
    better watch your back quick as that you gone see tha light...
    see me hype, when im reppin in my city...
    till the death ima ride WESTSIDE is you wit me...
    stackin money, chasin hundreds only thing to keep us busy...
    bustin shots, the blocks another brutha get'n busy...
    come and kick it wit me, and I'll show you how we do...
    cop a brick...
    split the shiit...
    and I'll send some licks thru...
  13. notpopimp

    notpopimp Prophecy

    May 7, 2006
    Im from that murdur county
    the streats of CHI is where u find me
    where u cant trust, theres no friends, all these niggas is grimmy
    we here fore losing
    most niggas is locked away in institutions
    for distributing or for glock misusing
    its all illusions when they call us windy cause it blows hard
    its cause of the souls lost, and these hoes off-
    they fucking rockers thinking if I cock her ive imposed cost
    these hoes throwed off thats why I zone off
    and for the kids it seems it never stops
    either the powder or the leather rock
    i never got caught up in the gangbanging even though I was brought up in it
    so many nations the devistation was always vivid
    couldnt walk a block unless the dope spot was the spot u visit
    or just wined up a spot up in it

  14. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    LOU town niggaz

    fuck u dru down niggaz, u thru now...crowd sayin ewww aaah nigga
    niggaz thinkin they rasta on the loop now,
    lookin like busta in woo ha....futile efforts get lessned
    lessons in session...i get blessed from the heavens
    tryna get the whole amount and these hoes to bounce
    holdin an ounce under the couch of a bitch off hodiamount
  15. Sir Bustalot

    Sir Bustalot I am Jesus

    Feb 3, 2002
    calgary, a city where ya get called for fouls fairly
    we aim high hitting the bullzeye on style squarely
    on the button, built my arsenal on skills -
    leavin ya city's monsters frontin bombed to nothin
    battled hard, everyones gotta dead mom or cuzzin
    its the weed that gets me buzzin
    the action gets us hyped and the drama doesnt
    not all concrete causing us ta creep between the scenery
    our streets be clean and outlined with greenery
    we dwell in the dark shadows of spoiled rock
    spit poison like rattlesnake battles for oil stock
    think you like beef? you aint even had a steak-
    alberta cattle's great, a taste will seal ya pallets fate
    we give the orders with a silent nod, made relations
    calgary's a little piece of heaven where god takes vacations
  16. kuine

    kuine if u want it u can get it

    May 17, 2005
    eh im in the a...wit types of niggahs "ll merk u in fuckin khakis
    punk niggahs wanna diss cause we playin out laffy taffy
    yall niggah wack...see aint nobody touchin the a town
    cause we spray rounds that surely will leave yo ass layed down
    im found on the eastside reppin zone 6
    but when im in the west end then its zone 4 bitch
    dont play wit this shit unless u wanna be ripped apart
    cause this city so hot when u cross the border you'll see sparks
    so fuck what u reppin man we'll kill yo ass and take yo stacks
    fuck yo hoe and steal yo ride...in atl...thats where im at
  17. YuNg WiZ

    YuNg WiZ aka L.O.G.I.C.

    Aug 25, 2005

    killwaukee home of killers and crackfriends
    niggas be drug dealers, wit low self esteem
    they hustle to make dough to pay the child support
    and fuckin bitches it's only for love of the sport
    ain't no such thing as love, it's all bout self
    niggas be fam, but quick to put each other on the shelf
    snitches is everywhere, they don't even care
    if they put they mans on blast, nah they ain't even scared
    cause every body carry heat, on and off the street
    cause if u don't pack the steel then you already beat
    and everywhere u look is dice games and project windows
    bloody hallways and kids puffin brand new indo
    grandmas be up in ICU, for shootin four fives too
    niggas in the basement at 40 talkin bout i see you
    corrupt government officials that isolate blacks and whites
    segregated like we stuck in the past life
    and in my city we livin like slaves tryna pave a way
    but this is the shit we live wit everyday....
  18. Sun Of Brooklyn

    Sun Of Brooklyn New Member

    Jun 26, 2006
    I'm from a place where they breed crooks
    and we read shook niggaz like picture books
    from the first look we took...We call it like we see it
    so hide ya wallet or a sneak thief will come and seize it
    Cuz out here it's huntin season
    and it ain't only blunts we steamin if you understandin my meaning
    It's a place where we be squeezin and leavin niggaz bleedin on the cement
    in front the precincts and give a fuck what police think...
    a station of many nations:
    Jamaicans,Panamanians,Haitians,caucasians and asians
    so every day we makin foreign relations
    or someones makin a statement before the dawn's breakin
    paintin the pavement with blood
    another life's gone and taken that's the way it is...
    but I don't make the rules...
    I just pay my dues and mind my fuckin business
    I ain't being fictitious...
    Cuz an eyewitness dies witless
    and they be deep sixin snitches in ditches
    with the type of holes you can't close with no stitches
    and if anybody can get it with the quickness...
    Then what makes Rich any different???
    That's why I stay gettin lifted and be clutchin my biscuit
    in case some son of a bitch attempts to get Rich
    he'll get his wig split...
    down to the white meat
    brain staining his white tee...
    so unsightly I'd still see it if I was blind with alzheimers and you reminded me...
    the last thing he's seeing is my bike and my nikes...
    and in the morning he'll be identified by his wifey...

    Welcome to Brooklyn NYC
    where Niggaz live Crooked
    Just like meeee!!!
    Out for that Jux
    if you look icy...
    Money off da books is most likely...

    I recorded this years back...
  19. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    never walkin parkin the drop
    guns pop like fairground park when it's hot
    this stuff sucks....damn near bout
    err month cops makin drug busts
    millions of bucks means this month there's a drought
    got a connect on the south...side of the city
    call'em mickey slipp'em a dime he give u blow by the fifty
    ride wit my bitch down off market and pine
    look at the arch, i'ma king, still a crook in his heart
    the throne's in sight and i'm markin it mine
  20. 6ftground


    Jun 22, 2003
    While my downtown niccaz still spark-in that pine
    Cincinnati is still cap those who rep the sout named TI
    I hate that but thats how niccaz roll from the C.I.N
    The set up city of win
    you lose if you can’t spot the set up
    I been held up,
    A-1 ain’t gonna let up
    if they catch you slip-in you wet up
    Madville got the weed spots heated up
    K-height try-in to change it up, old folks fed up
    I’ m rep-in the city of Reds caps and Bengal strips
    I be the nicca running in the wind with niccaz with 3-strikes
    My city is what it is.
    Talk bad bout it you find ya-self dead
    With teams that may lose but win in the hood
    I'm bout the team and wish-in they would,
    just like I wish a nicca would
    he be reast-in in wood.....
    I see the restless in the hood
    never fallen short,
    just taken what needs got,
    from the no-good who got got!
    Just plot....
    Cincinnati K.H.P 4 ever I’m Rep-in my hood.....
    tell the Iraq sand swallow me whole.....Lets GO!!
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