"Rep yo City" cypher

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by G_zus, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. G_zus


    Aug 5, 2005
    Los Scangeles
    not for solo n*ggas, bring ya mans' to this/
    place where ya body's bound to wind up in the sand for this/
    lyrical evangelist
    east side west side/
    lets ride/ where we known for
    slippin on the vest tight
    aint no super stars ride'n around in super cars/
    thats that television shit, murder haters in a group with ours
    gang bang blood- crip- spanish clicks, keep it loaded
    good for poppin hoes at night suckin d*ck while im explodin
    west bound 105
    north bound 110
    f*ck the 405 cause the cops dont let ya rims spin
    holla back keep it movin, Vegas to the bronx/
    if a n*gga got a problem with it let the pistols pop....
  2. BlastOff

    BlastOff Ready, Aim, Fire!!!!!!!!

    Jun 4, 2005
    I aint gotta rep my city punk cuz im world wide
    plus im full of chronic,
    high like air planes when they glide
    i super slide into pus'sy with my Batman di'ck
    im filthy rich
    99 percent so we wont quit
    now wheres the bitch
    she was here and then she got too tired
    im wired
    gush her in the mountain where they call her a liar
    hoes change up like vampires
    bite'n my flow
    before i go
    just let me drown ya dad with H20
  3. Da Shorty Man

    Da Shorty Man Tha ILL AUTHeNTIC

    Sep 5, 1999
    in mah hood we be creepin,
    where them hataz git beaten,
    catch you when you sleepin,
    see you when you think we aint peepin/
    got Houston locked monday thru weekend,
    no need pretend,
    stick'em up kid , gimmee tha ends,
    supply demand/
    im a fire starta spittin fire wata and gin,
    a chemical solution, holy water and sin,
    it aint where you from or at its where tha fukk you been,
    no watch me, ima show you just how outta luck you in ...
  4. Lord RAH

    Lord RAH Grandeur's illuminant

    Jan 18, 2002
    Red winger with a match stick thatz lit'
    Don't forget Detroit is the home of starting off sum bullshit
    Vocab drab as burban kids and goth lost in yellow snow and dirty frost
    Suckers get pissed on like wild pacers seasons get lost
    Mics ignite and get tossed like porn chicz lipps get paid to get off
    No reason to strip chics show me they pockets quick and get ya shit ripped off
    D cats be that but never this soft
    7 mile wild sun sicker spitter full of myself and old liqour
    6 mile chics and old scripture
    Thou shall not say thou is that hot
    Who cares who you rappas shot weak aim lames face disaster's plot
  5. Dark-Vybe

    Dark-Vybe VYBE

    Apr 5, 2000
    Vybe from those sticks
    windy ass back strips
    get get our bucks...wit knives & long guns
    grow our own smoke thatd kill a city mans lung
    an we all have our own stills
    so you know our liqour game kills
    an aint a part of im city i wouldnt goto
    cept where the bear & the goats goto
    dont dont be fooled fool we do carry those tools too
    but they could kill a man from where yesterdays wind blew
    with somany hook ups yall'd be like "he sell too!!!"
    polices, govern body & school teachers
    to the granny in the back woods that'll smoke wit'cha an preach words
    jacked up pick ups we not with those slammed rides
    cus half our parties follow the roads regular cars cant drive
    we talk that jive like 'upyonder' 'ol'boy' & 'git r done'
    Wes Vee, Hedgesville, thats where i get ta gettin it done
  6. ElevatioN

    ElevatioN keep rising.

    Jul 28, 2003
    fuck that
    im from da cac
  7. dsp2k5

    dsp2k5 Dime Sack Pimp

    Sep 7, 2005
    Houston Texas, them boys put it down,
    got the game sowed up right now, thats the word goin around
    mo money and sales then them others with made up drug scales
    thugs? hell ... i dont think so, they think slow
    its bout money round here thats what the world go
    stored flow, in my brain, so much it would wreck ya whole gang
    ya crew, ya so through, it over
    we been done told ya, ya fake ass soldiers
    Lil Flip and the land of the clover
    99.9 percent of em got drank in they sodas,
    invented the fuck1n word dozier, cold flows ya'll
    when ya down here, watch out who ya jackin
    never know what we packin, be careful how ya actin
    because we dont play that shit
    an OZ? HAHA you betta weigh that shit
    been playin that game way before we spit
    get split, wide open, leave ya hopin, ya wasnt chokin
    on ya own blood, not a crip or a blood
    pull the gun, empty the clip till it thuds
    no more bullets, but i dont need anymore
    after i kill a hater, i throw my seed in they whore
    ya bleedin on the floor, and im breedin ya girl so hardcore
    after we get done on the mic, they always want an encore
    lovin our style, thats why on the mic goin off for
    Pap-OR ... to pay for ... any thing we need, like them suicide doors
    screwin 4 of 5 whores, and i know i used that word before
    im high so please ignore, adore us
    we like yalls style too
    why ya in denial fool

    lol ..... off the top of my head ... and its on the top of a cloud lol ...lemme know what ya think ....
  8. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Im from the city covered by water
    VS, where brothers get brought up
    while ya others get slaughtered
    These streams flow blood money
    Drug money....
    Fuck around you get ya shit lumped, homie...
    The island ain't rikers
    But it still ran by 20 to lifers
    We got it all; bloods, crips, LK's and MS
    Only seconds away from Q-U-double E- N-S
    Niqqa, I got guns and stocks
    Dust and rocks, fuck a block
    Cause Dom run a whole Avenue
    Thats 10 blocks, I sell halves to you
    I'll Sell 5 grand Macs to you
    I don't give a fuck who'll you be clappin' to
    Ask the crew...
  9. *Montgomery*

    *Montgomery* 6↕☼ heat

    Dec 30, 2005
    repping that city thats ranked thirty third on tha list,
    fights on the block, but with the birds not the fists,
    if you heard its a bitch, then dawg, you knowing wuts up,
    but its all brotherly love, montgomer still throwin it up,
    specailly with the corner hoes in the truck, so serious,
    rapmusic's newest spitter wit skill, yo, here he is...
  10. Undestructable

    Undestructable Just Read

    Mar 29, 2003
    Yo In Va,You Better Bring Guns To Play
    We Dont Role With SanFransico And There Hay Ways....

    Im To Quick To Smack Ya Quick,Grab The Gun And Cock It Back A Bit
    Stop Listen,Stop Asking Bitch,The Same Question Ya Laughing It....

    Ya Home Gettin "Served Ova da Net" Like A "Ping-Pong"... So Fuck All States Cuz I'm "Climbing To Da Top Of Va" Like I’m "King-Kong"...
  11. ThePussyMonster

    ThePussyMonster no 1 does it better

    Jun 6, 2004

    in the land of the young and the restless,
    i dont think a nicca really wanna cum n contest this,
    cuz me and click got guns tht compress shit,
    and we coppin yay by the metrics,
    so cum wit ya best shit,
    and i promise it wont be enough 2 get 1 of our feins 2 invest in,
    doggy wen it cum 2 the reppin,
    im screamin the lil app1e till the day tht God call me back up 2 heaven,
    so here is a quik lesson,
    if u think u gone raw dog sum shit in my town then get 2 steppin,
    or get tht ass raped every which way wit the weapon,
    let sum slugs from the semi caress em,
    the boy is 2 smart fo u fags but welcome 2 try and test em,

    lol sum otha shit
  12. Everybody Knows

    Everybody Knows piss in tha basket

    Sep 5, 2005
    fuck that shit
    grass shack style, fuckin primitive savage primordial
    Satellite orbitals scoped out our clandestine ordinals
    Where a horse is a fast car without a crash bar
    Haoles group our state with Zaire and Madagascar
    Just transitioned to loin cloths from nude, fuck that dude
    Dont get it misconstrued, but our crude nature is viewed
    On national geographic so publicity get busy
    (we're after the Wednesday Special about african pygmies)
    Yep yep, our language is babble and were addicted to pine•••••s





    FUCK PINE•••••
  13. Everybody Knows

    Everybody Knows piss in tha basket

    Sep 5, 2005
    and black people too. i see choke black people at waikiki. why the fuck cant i say •••••s
  14. Santos

    Santos Thugged Out

    Jan 5, 2006
    Let me welcome yall to my unfamous dangerous block,
    Shady streets wit the devil always roaming on the side walk,
    Economy based on coke and crack, streets filled with smack,
    Stocked in pack, sold in the street by g's strapped wit a mac,
    Judicial system? Bitch please our laws are full of flaws,
    The only time you can hear the court room jury applause,
    Is when their low I.Q. brains anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus,
    5-1-4, be my regional code, where politcal leaders and cars explode,
    That brown cardboard box is where I abode, wit' my wife currently in her 'bitch' mode,
    It hurst to see the youth of my city constantly livin' in hell,
    But its a normal routine to face danger in the city of M-T-L (Montreal)
  15. Nfamou§tylez

    Nfamou§tylez M O N S T A R R

    Apr 7, 2000
    BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT mothafuckas, thats my flow!
  16. {Oliver Twist}

    {Oliver Twist} Lyrical Orphan

    Jan 13, 2006
    Ayo the city where we stay beatin' cowards//
    Got a whole lotta attractions like the CN tower//
    Grab the steel and shower....enemies is what weve got//
    To ya'll it's Toronto to us its our home..the T-Dot!//

    Nahmean a lil Toronto tribute!!!
  17. Vitamin C+

    Vitamin C+ pay homage

    Jun 12, 2000
    Brooklyn! Brooklyn! big city of schemes
    we ride around in limosines livin our dreams
    On Nostrand Ave. checkin' out thick women in jeans
    roll wit me through the streets of flatbush
    come correct when you pass by or get ya ass whipped
    get ya cash took by some of the baddest crooks
    projects buildings, broke elevators
    on the park bench niggas flow everday bruh
    jamaican niggas with their bumbaclot talk
    crack addicts once legends on the basketball court
    summer time reminisce of Coney Island's boardwalk
    hit up fulton square for a shoppin' spree
    new jordan's out i gotta cop me three
    take em' back to the block so my dogs could see
    Niggas on St. Mark's commiting robberies
  18. mirage1

    mirage1 The One and Only

    Aug 7, 2005
    North Carolina go head an raise up take ya shirt off.....
    ....Stop....Just keep it off......
    Cuz these n iggas just don't recognize true pride
    I don't give a fuck bout North East West bitches we the SOUTH SIDE
    We are the doorway to the South- your welcoming commitee
    From Asheville all the way to the Port City
    We got soul which is less than what you other states got
    You think ya'll fire na homie our blocks hot
    Risin stars an crime rate
    Real G's an strip clubs that'll live any brotha straight
    All ya'll others just dumb stunts junk
    Cuz From NC to Honduras we gets it CRUNK.
    All our beaches got fine dimes an hot mami's
    You got one place better than the South, dame (give me)
  19. KronikMage

    KronikMage Status - Blazed

    Oct 5, 2005
    I rep carolina from boone to fayetteville
    from charlotte, to albemarle, back down to south cakk n still
    I instill fear in hearts of natives, they want part in flagrants
    We spark n blazin n ain't scared to hold arms to vagrants
    Yea, if you fuck with people here we will assuredly take ur life
    Either that or make u fly since we where the 1st to be takin flight
    I hold down NC like Jordan, my might is kinda implorin
    I stay wantin checks thats higher than N.Y.C. Insurance
    In NC if you tempt me you'll simply get wet when your around me
    Then you'll see me on the bus headed off to mecklenburg county
  20. Adica Lief

    Adica Lief RisenFromTheTomb

    Nov 4, 2004
    straight outta... hell?

    heaven sent me but i gave up bein nice,
    i didnt feel it, fuck throwin lies riddled with pitty,
    so now i just show'em the scythe, disguised as my milli

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