''real Things U Do Or Did'' Cypher

Discussion in 'Cypher' started by mr.redeyez, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Oh Shyt Man Im Rollin
    Im Finna Leave Da Pu55y Swollen
    Knock Deze Bytches Down Like A Ni99a Goin Bowlin
    To Yung Ta Get In So Im Parkin Lot Ho Patrolin
    She Like A Dog When We Fukkin Cuz Im So Controlin
    But I Cant Control It I Want Head An Azz To
    Puzzy An Mouf To So Wut Imma Do Go Ahead An Ask You
    She Sayin I Want X
    I Told Yall I Wuz Rollin Im Hollin I Want Sex
    Dey Foolz Ma Folkz In Da Back Ground Hollin I Want Next
    We Foolz
    Im Offa Hennesey An Brewz
    Seein Twos Pass Da Koolz
    Eyez All Red Like I Aint Blinked In Monthz
    We Roll Em Like Boatz Den We Sink Da Bluntz
    Grill Em,cant U See Ma Eyez Chink Az Fukk
    Ma Trigga Finga Hoppin Like A ''bunny'' Why U Think U ''duck
  2. CaTchW0n

    CaTchW0n New Member

    Sep 18, 2001
    I keep dough for the chips hoes on the strip
    deep stroll when i roll walking slow with a limp
    cop the whip on the low for the go
    22 inch rims glow wit the tint so
    the truck on kobes the whip on ginobili's
    make my seats high like we in nose bleeds
    in the back seat so leaned, sippin promethezine
    out a coke bottle like its out the machine
    its me!
    im out for the cream, think you unseen,
    give the green light you out wit the beam,
    nice wit them things, take out a regime
    put ya out the game like Yao Ming Nah mean?
  3. dick&balls

    dick&balls Doc Holliday

    Dec 21, 2004
    i woke up and yelled FEED ME
    my momZ see me, I smoked a beedi, and she handed me some wheateys
    turned on the tv, B-E-T...and listend
    while i got dressed and put on my illest pair of christians
    Whip game ridiculous, keys to my sixty,.. skated off and hittin blocks
    flew past the cops, picked up "Mazaradi Fox"
    "Yo G'z" he showed me his pocket's full of Guap
    had a snapple in my crotch, got thirsty so i stoped
    asked em why the homie yayo had 2 flop?, he said "dont worry niggA, my album's fuckin hot"
    walked down the alley, so we can hit in the studio
    put on some 50 cent, cuz in the car i played alot of coolio lOl
    knocks on the door from fly big bootied hoez
    didnt get a look cuz i pulled out a ruler yo, lOL actin stupid tho
    5 hours spent, got my check, went to cash it,
    D'z a mavrick, bumpin a banger from "Cashis"
    Arrived at the bank to add more to the stash and
    drove back home to a pile of blanketz..

    loL true story =)
  4. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    sets...get banged over
    fuck plain doja chain smokers
    but me...
    the first name spoken of vein pokers i trained yoda..
    physical move wit my thoughts
    adapted to loss, lost the force then drained soda..
    see ya focussed finally, think am I buggin or what?
    quietly adjustin the stunts i'm talkin bout blunts
    mixed Wit the basics of fame
    got artillery stacked
    Im spillin these raps
    vote for obama fuck osama and hillary,fact
    these new rappers Silly and wack
    gett'em attacked to philly and back
    the milly and mack in the lac,
    i stay strapped foe pun blazed raps
    takin it way back to wAve caps
    starter cap, fresh, willie and jazz
    now,vacant Buildings are crashed
    guess government fags buildin new traps
    cellphones tapped and earnings taxed
  5. Da New Kid

    Da New Kid New

    Apr 7, 2003
    Let me lay it out for you niggas
    Im bout my do', neva layin' down for no nigga
    I get coked out and start trippin'
    Erybody rush out the back do' fo' they ass start missin'
    Ima shark fishin' in a small pond
    Fuckin' these apple bottom ho's and they all blonde
    What I do is none a ya biz
    Y'all talk money, but none a ya rich.... muthafucka
  6. Lyrical Martyr

    Lyrical Martyr New Member

    Apr 9, 2008
    I bitched over spilled milk,
    cryin' on a bib askin' for a lil help.
    hated the damn world till I killed hell,
    regurgitated heaven crushin' pillars n a shelf.
    Makin' chains like billiards crashin' to pool,
    hackin' my enemy by flashin' a tool.
    Rappin' to fools to show my hatred,
    held the fake shit, they accepted....ate it.
    Till I made it to the point of truth,
    the fruit, pourin' wit juice.
    life with breath or death from the noose, mentally,
    For the sake of memories, you can't understand,
    what the fuck I been through to grab a hand.
    Of a stranger who's anger never been ignored,
    to give the fuckin' peace that he didn't deserve before.
    Though it hurt more, pride on the floor,
    cleaned da milk, grabbed my mic, and went for the door.
  7. TorrMup

    TorrMup New Member

    Mar 19, 2008
    Niggas rhyme like checkers, and my flows are like chess
    I met this bitch and recked her, and bust a nut on her chest
    and niggaz who want beef are softer than lil waynes leather
    their rhymes wouldnt shine, if they could change the weather
    they try to talk shit, but they eventually reconcile
    cuz I rape you lil girls on the mic, call me a pedafile
    straight got a betta syle than you will ever have
    niggas rhyme real dumb, and i gotta clever rap
    and if you got a gat, then you betta clap
    cuz i got gats thata straight shredda cat
    ratta tat tat, on you and yo block
    and your bitch keep callin, she must want some mo cock

    That wasnt aimed at anyone, it just came off the top.
  8. mr.redeyez

    mr.redeyez Active Member

    Mar 11, 2007
    Ya Digg

    Woke Up Smoked A Whole Blunt-
    Tired Of The Struggle,like I Aint Sleeped Inna Whole Month-
    Called Ma Dawg Like Itz Time To Creep-
    Told Dem Nigguhs Dat Itz Time To Sleep-
    Im Kinda High So I No Ma Rhyme Iz Weak-
    But I Felt Like Itz Time To Speak-
    Been Hungry Foe To Long Itz Bout Time To Eat-
    Looked At The Ghetto Like A Relationship,
    I Love It But I Wanna Get Out Of It-
    Too Many Hataz Wont Ya Dick In The Dirt-
    Callin Mommas Like Gone Head Start Pickin Ya Herse-
    Gone Head Start Pickin Ya Church-
    Cuz Dem Goons Fixin Ta Murk-
    Im Bout To March Like Luther Did-
    Dey Left Him Layin In Mud,
    Loot Em Then Shoot The Kid-
    Thats Wut Nina An Ruger Did- Bang.
  9. sfsportsfan

    sfsportsfan New Member

    Apr 16, 2008
    you know that old bitch from the show cheers?
    i met her back a couple years
    dipped into my dads fridge and grabbed her a few beers
    then took her up to my room and fucked both her ears
    i hit it so hard i made her scream for Frasier
    while i had chastity bono hittin up my pager
    ya know ima hit that a lil later
    right after i get done fuckin Gale Sayers
    oh shit that aint a chick is it
    i guess i should noticed after our last visit
  10. Justify

    Justify Lyrical Maddness

    May 3, 2008
    last night i was so wasted the room was spinnin,
    blacked out about noon and raped 6 weman,
    fuck the police, your bullets will never pop me,
    your gonna need the whole U.S. Army to stop me,
    so dont even try it, im sickly,
    get drunk enough and ill gut you with the glass from my bottle of wiskey,
    so what you wanna do, im to risky
    so pull out ya shotguns bitch ive been shot more than 50,
    the local bartenders know not to cut me off,
    couse the next day i sent em a letter infected with sars,
    and fuck ya counclers, ill fuckin smash ya glasses,
    straped myself with c-4 and wiped out the drug and alcohol class...
  11. harsh_times86

    harsh_times86 Maserito

    May 5, 2008

    "hey whats going on?", i woke up to the phone/
    thinking about last night, talked to myself walking home/
    from what i could remember, i spend about fifty/
    dancing with a blonde, then i started getting tipsy/
    i sat down with my boy, chain smoking on the deck/
    there was skaters at the party with tattoos on their necks/
    seen some fly ones on their legs, skulls under designs/
    we talked shit out on the deck then i started to rhyme/
    spit a couple verses, the fellas liked my style/
    the scene was all love so i stayed for a while/
    got another drink then i started focus/
    on a young college chick, she wasnt too thick/
    seen her with a smile, sitting with her crew/
    they looked like smuts, i got my own problems too/
    i couldnt judge the girls so i invited them home/
    the first two declined, the thick one wanted a bone/
    i had to turn her down, i walked home on my own/
    blacked out for the night and fell asleep on my phone/
  12. barnizzle

    barnizzle HIP HOP

    Sep 25, 2004
    son of a gun
    problems gotta bout a hundred and 1
    blunted and young
    bothered by bums bumpin they gums
    some of'em tough, tho...some of'em front
    so, some of it's love and some it's slugs, moe
    u want respect then take it in blood
    summers is blood..coated streets, thugs own it
    nice wit the lyrics my speech is of none spoken
    evil encoded, i mold it until the opus is sung...
    spitted liver, chicken wire'd ya neck
    ya vocal cords get strung
    9 mill's and 4's get brung...i'm quick wit the guns
    women be eyein my rep i'm hung
    slick wit the huns more, thought i was eyein' yours
    my broads a dime for sure and your's a one...cuz
    my thoughts is pure as birth medical insure my words
    freestyle never rehearsed renegade of the verse
    stand over u perched, blunt in my hand wit a smerk
    stunt if i can i'ma jerk, u never met a one like me before...
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