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Discussion in 'Open Mic' started by L. Kross, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. L. Kross

    L. Kross His Highness

    Aug 10, 2000
    Im just an offender of flow, stuck with a pen in my dome,
    They say they kno better rappers, trust im the kid that they kno
    Such a definitive flow its touchin a sensitive note,
    But this is somethin that you fuckas aint witnessed before
    But this is nothin as Im pumpin ya vision wit holes,
    Stuck in a venomous mode, trudgin a rigorous road
    Yeah Im hot, but better luck gettin richer wit dope
    Fuck am I gettin wit flow? Nothin Im spittin has sold
    But I came too much of a distance to fold
    An kept it real, I aint suckin ya dick just to blow,
    I aint a bitch an as much as you wish that Id hoe,
    I aint sellin all that shit that you whispered to Hov,
    Thats why he quit, shit, Jiggas jus sick of the show
    It aint supposed to sound like whip dealership when you flow
    Fully equipped wit a dip for the clip an the toast,
    Thats why Ive flipped every script that you villiansve wrote
    An feel bad spendin alla the scrilla Ive blown
    Of food money from the fiends wit their children at home
    These is the feelins I know, diseases is killin my folks,
    An we dont got the means to keep sealin the boat
    Water rushin in, from my feet to the ceilin is soaked,
    Its no hope, the police just keep fillin their quote,
    Its no hope, all we teachin our children is dope

    This is the final test we takin, lifell try an test his patience
    You can find me duckin death like this is final destination,
    When I finnally check my fate in from this violent escapadin,
    Ima stay inside the mind of every guy that never made it,
    Everytime that I got faded, everytime that you related,
    It made it that much harder for the time that Im cremated
    Its my time cause Ive evaded every time when they were aimin
    Every spy an every agent, every guy in every matrix
    Right when they were chasin it was tires to the pavement,
    Iron at my waist an wit no type of hesitation,
    But its a message to the masses, this tyrant that we facinll
    Try an cheat our kind out of a higher education
    We gotta band together wit a tighter dedication
    Cause devided we gone fall in these trialed tribulations
    One by one til we're exiled by the nation
    Just the last of a diein breed that die for integration

    THA ITIS New Member

    Jul 29, 2012
  3. MrFlux001

    MrFlux001 Member

    Jul 31, 2012
    The finishing bars were nice, not to mention the flow throughout was fluid. I'm assuming your an audio head too? If so, would really like to hear a fictional story telling piece. Good job.
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