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  1. Young CM

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    Mar 15, 2014
    wassup guys I'm Young CM a 18 year old rapper and I have been practicing almost everyday for 2 years. I have a home studio setup with an audio technica at2020 microphone which is phantom powered and my close friend who is an inspiring producer (TeeHobbs) is the one who does all my recording and editing and we have tried to get our music as professional as possible considering we are still amateurs to this rap game. Constantly I've been writing new songs till I find the ones I know are some of my best work and then I put them out for the people to listen but most of the time people don't even care about my shit and honestly I'm a very wise guy for my age and I try to make my lyrics connect and actually have meaning to them which is what I like to call "real" rap but most people don't understand that concept and only give a fuck about the beat and how much the rapper references pussy in his songs. so I hope I can call this forum home and you guys will check out some of my music I'll be putting on here from my youtube (spacegonetv) and my upcoming mixtape "Racing Thoughts".
    I hope you guys enjoy the rhymes I will share with you as I hope I will enjoy the rhymes that other underground artist will share with me on here.
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  2. Di- Peruvian

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    Mar 28, 2014
    lets do a song peep me

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