Rd. Continuum vs. Ben Official

Discussion in 'GRB Archives' started by Plekz, Dec 17, 2005.

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  1. Scribe

    Scribe IMQ8

    Oct 15, 2000
    Cont- Damn this beat is redic. Feelin the delivery..."childhood trauma/feel me clown"? lol that line almost blindsided me. I caught it second time around listening. The style is rugged. "Leave Ben lookin grim like it's cloberrin time" <<haha "I got you more shook than a Muhammed Ali bobble head" ROFL. White rice the only thing Uncle Ben is making. This was pretty hot..real gritty style son.

    Ben Official- "resisting arrest"...."physical test"....damn...the style is sickening...goddamn...showin versatility...."delivery is later than what FEMA was giving Katrina Victims" .."tom cruise cant touch this holmes"....lmao "little hoarse/horse like a pony"....damn..'spitting your verse at the same time as an asthma attack'.

    Hmm this was a real nice battle. Line for line you were on par with one another, but Ben has the replay value and the style factor downpacked.

    Good luck to both.
  2. Nimrod

    Nimrod Nimi Hendrix

    Dec 29, 1999
    no worries about quality cause im peepin this thru laptop speakers, and thru these shits an old rockwell track will sound the same as a jay-z song

    anyways, this was a really close battle, hard to say who edged on the content part, ben's flow was real creative, felt that, nice rhyme scheme, lines werent bad, continuum, rathered his delivery a lot more, flow was solid, lines were good

    neither came particular special, but i think ima have to go with continuum on this, had slightly better lines, and i prefered his delivery

    real close shit tho, could go either way
  3. Stash

    Stash R.I.P Point Game

    Sep 13, 2002
    Lmfao!! Ben had this an hour ago... this is quite su••••ious
  4. Ben Official

    Ben Official Active Member

    Mar 13, 2002

    Dawg you fucked up Continuum

    That shits way too obvious

    Mc seige = under world. voting under 2 names are we??

    My respect for this boy has just plummited.

    Stash, your my boy, I respect you for voting honestly on this battle

    but come on man... if you cant stop the dis honest voting, do you think anybody ever will?

    I'm sorry but that was way too obvious. Chill. Dont panic. Stop PMing peopld in a desperate last attempt to win dishonestly in the battle.

    Not cool, continuum. not cool.
  5. Continuum

    Continuum Hip Hop's Jim Morrison

    Nov 13, 2001

    The shit was 6-9 you...and I figured it was over.

    Pm'ing Underworld?

    Didn't notice our last round?

    We don't like each other...that should have been apparent.

    Honestly...if I was gonna remind anyone to vote it would have been Profane and I didn't even bother to do that in case you haven't noticed...I was just like fuck it...I'm man enough to take the L.

    If POW is voting...it's on their on accord...not mine.

    Trust I'm just as surprised as you are I got those votes.
  6. Plekz

    Plekz Guest

    Winner - Ben Official
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