RD. 4 Drew Iza Vs. Katastrofik!

Discussion in 'GRB Archives' started by The Big Deal, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. The Big Deal

    The Big Deal New Member

    Dec 12, 2008

    - $1000.00 prize money will be donated by NDesigns Screen Printing
    - $1000.00 additional prize money will be divided up into the final round.

    GRB - Grand Royal Audio Battle 2008 Rules - 4th Round

    - 4th Round Audios are DUE Monday Night Feb 16th at 11.59 pm cst.
    - Theme: up to 2-3+ Minutes must be about your opponent(s)
    - You must mention their BOARD name(s). Must be atleast 2 minutes.
    - If audio is not two minutes, you must contest it if you want a DQ.
    - One mp3 File Must Be posted Monday Night Feb 16th at 11.59 pm cst.- We will not store any audio files.
    - YOU MUST post using your board name that is registered to the match. Others will be DQ'ed.
    - Voting links will be posted and votes will be shown.
    - No Comments allowed on battle post until voting links are posted.
    - You Can post videos & pics
  2. Phusion

    Phusion WoW This Name is Old

    May 18, 2000
    SoundClick artist: Drew Iza - Local Detroit Artist

    I'm here to show you katastrophik aint seven/I think you got it mixed
    up nigga katastrophik was 9-11/ thought you would know that
    muthafucka, you rep new york/ and why at the end of ya bars sound like ya
    breath is short/they say this dude got punches/please they meant to
    say this dude more got more punch ins/ than the us postal service/ but
    welcome to the luncheon take a seat and I'll show you a little
    somethin/... wassup


    Look you gotta be kiddin you couldn't convince me this this kid isn't
    shittin/ when he record his writtens cause his voice when he's
    spittin/ sounds like he's trying to rap while droppin a turd/ so fuck
    you and your bathroom reverb/you should practice lamaze or hit up the
    wizard of oz/for some new lungs nigga cause I swear to god/you have
    the breath control of a fat slob/
    Eating a cheeseburger during a moderate jog/thru an uphill bog
    breathing industrial smog/And a mic trying to record a got damn
    song/and this is who the fuck you wanna put your vote on/ well I'll
    quit if you get razzia to keep his shirt on/and since it aint happenin
    nigga, move on/cause you don't wanna cross swords with me like its
    group porn/ so go ahead and spit ya verse that's lukewarm/ cause you
    aint got nothin on me like newborns/
    So watch dude spit a bunch irrelevent punches/ with wacker name flips
    than playin scrabble with germans/like drew izas this and drew izas
    that/ drew blood drew barrymore and drew iza fag/ well fuck you, I'll
    name flip myself for this wack nigga/battle card went up I bet wish
    he never drew iza/ so how da fuck can any of you say this dudes
    iller/ his punches so generic I wish he would spit filler/
    Katastropic? Fucka your microscopic/not even in my radar like roswell
    projects/and I gotta be honest/you wouldn't be so bad if your content
    wasn't random generic nonsense/
    Fuck this weak coward you'll get devoured/ you call those punches
    muthafucka I'm geese howard/so when I alpha counter you can be down
    right feirce/ and it still feel like I pulled the floor from around
    ya/boy I'll ground ya/ When them pair of shells go aerial muthafucka
    you can chill with flounder/
    You know where I be I rep the 31-3/ ask Williams what we do to katts
    in tha d/its all cool when you niggas try to be funny/ but talk slick
    ya get slapped quick and ran for ya money/ So...
    I will assure you that this dude is a loser/ when I bull rush cat like
    its the battle at kruger/And if u call yourself tryin to manuver/ you
    can still take shots behind ya head like boozer/You look like jamal
    but wish you sounded like c-bear/and you wonderin why Niggas cut off ya
    tracks like zshare/i heard ya shit bout helpin hip hop breath/but your
    albums called asphyxiation, how can that be/did I hear i line sayin he
    a lyrical miracle/comon dog foreal? Lyrical miracle/ reiterate this
    dudes a lyrical miracle/ cut this shit off its weak, your album is

    Your deliveries awful flows really sloppy/You think you really got
    me?/ When 90 percent of your punches could go at anybody/ nigga don't
    even try me/ you aint ready for it/cause I'm to hot like poppa bears
    poridge/i spit straight pifft, when it come to gay shit this cat stay
    on the fence like heathcliff/
  3. Katastrofik

    Katastrofik THE SOUND OF L.I

    Sep 27, 2001
    Katastrofik - GRB 08-09 - Round 4 vs Drew Iza

    Katastrofik - GRB 08-09 - Round 4 vs Drew Iza
    > SoundClick artist: Katastrofik7 - Uncut Raw East Coast Music <


    Drew Shooting A Basketball - Perfect Form Video by Drew Iza - MySpace Video
    Drew Posting An Online Dating Book - Online Dating: Unlocking The Chick Code ($37 Private Ebook) - Rapidshare Warez Forums


    I Got Him Shook With Ease
    The Closest You've Been To An Athlete, Is The Foot Disease
    You'll Get Sliced, While I'm Drinking Corona
    Distribute Your Parts, After Your Death, Like An Organ Donor
    Drew Shouldn't Record No More/
    You Most Likely Got AIDS, Kinda Like The Auto Store/
    You Got Alot Of Boys? That's Wassup
    But Your Like A Mack Truck With Flat Tires, Cause Nobody Will Back Him Up
    With The Back Of My Hand, I'm Bout To Smack Him Up/

    Drew Needs Supervision Like He's Home Alone/
    So Even If You Get In The Zone/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    It Doesn't Mean A Thing If Your Known/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    No Matter Who You Call On The Phone/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    You've Made It Pretty Far, But Your Winning Streak Is Over/
    So Even If Your Paying A MOD/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    I'm Wide Awake, But If I'm Starting To Nod/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    And Even If Your Praying To GOD/ (You Know The Outcome..)

    This Is The End Of Your Road..
    Like A Dead End Friend, All You Gotta Do Is Crash And Explode
    You Can See The Flies Swarm From Your Stench
    If Drew Iza True Player, Then Whys He Always Warming The Bench?
    Nobody Wants To See This Coward Again
    He Plays Football To Get Spanked On The Ass, And Shower With Men
    For You To Battle Is A Weak Option
    I Could Knock You Out, If I Spit In Your Face While Beat Boxing
    My First Live Show Was In The Town That I Rep Fam
    Your First Live Show Was Gay Sex On A Webcam
    Monkey Ass Nigga, Think You Resemble Diddy? Wrong!
    You'll Get Shot From The Barrell Like Diddy Kong
    I Can't Believe That He Be Acting Sleezy
    You Got 2 No Show Wins, And Lyrically You Barely Beat Akadeezy
    Plus Your Flow And Delivery Isn't Entertaining
    Before You Say Your Athletic, You Need To Enter Training
    I Can't Recall If your Page Rhymed
    He's Starting To Choke, Like A Nervous Performer Before It's Stage Time
    Need A Little Space? Fine! (Fine..!)
    You Crackheaded Producer, I Seen This Nigga Waiting On The Bass Line
    It's Hard For You To Focus, Cause Your Bogus And Your So Atrocious
    That Your Face Can Turn Mountains To Broken Boulders
    And Your Stamina Is Shit, Holmes
    You Couldn't Make The Bed Rock, Fucking Wilma From The Flintstones
    A Wack Kat To Exploit
    You Should Go Watch 8 Mile, And Make Believe Your Reppin Detroit
    The Lyrics Your Spittin Are Not Witty
    Since You Claim To Be Smooth, It's Obvious Your Not The Hardest Out In Rock City
    Your Whole Worlds Slippin
    He Can't Afford A Mic, Recording Battles At Your Friends House, While His Girl's Trippin
    I Got One You Can Use, I'll Even Pay The Shipment
    You Ain't Shit When You Rely On Other Guys Equipment
    A Loss Is All That You Deserved
    I'll Smack Him Over The Net Like Tennis Balls, You Can Tell That He's Getting Served
    Making This Dude Suffer
    After This Battle You Can Change Your Name, From Drew Iza To Drew Wuza

    You Wanna Step In The Ring, Your Gonna Meet Defeat/
    So Even If Your Bringing The Heat/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    No Matter Who You Knew In The Street/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    No Matter Who's Producing Your Beat/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    You Prolly Stole The Lines In Every One Of Your Quotes/
    Doesn't Matter If He Cheats And Promotes/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    No Matter What You Wrote In Your Notes/ (You Know The Outcome..)
    No Matter Who Your Beggin' For Votes/ (You Know The Outcome..)

    Your Lyrics Were Never Prominent, Katastrofik Is Dominant
    You Ain't The Big Cheese, Your Lactose-Intolerant
    Your Lackin Confidence, Stop Hiding, You'll Get Found And Slaughtered
    Stop Spitting With Webcams On Sound Recorder
    He'll Prolly Mention My Battle Record, It Won't Work/
    Shoulda Checked My Soundclick Battles, And Did Ya Homework/
    Your An Embarrasement, Truthfully I'd Hate To Look/
    You Learned To Talk To Females, From Online Dating Books/
    You Think You Got The Perfect Form, But You Missed The Plot/
    Your Supposed To Score, But It's Obvious You Missed The Shot/
    I'm In Your Face Cause I'm Bored/
    How You 'Get Money Bitch?', You Can Never Find A Place To Record/
    See A Fake, Overweight Jamaican, Like Andrew Clayton/
    Will Get Fried Like Canadian Bacon/
    Hands Up!, Everybody In The 313/
    Point Drew Iza To The Nearest Exit, Please!/

    Your Flows Off Beat, And It Doesn't Match Rhythmically/
    Since This Is A Battle, Shouldn't You Attempt Dissing Me?/
    Your Punches Are Weak, They've Happily Died
    I'll Walk-Through Drew Iza Like A Stratagy Guide/
    He's A Criminal, Convicted Of Cheating, And The Voters Know It
    You Belong In A Single Cell, Cause You Protozoic
    Your My Weakest Competitor, If A Girl's Underage, Then You Met With Her/
    You Pedophile And Predator/
    Katastrofik A Prophet Causing Apocalypse/
    You Couldn't Spit Sick, If You Vomit Through Your Esophagus/
    He Really Hates To Rhyme/
    I'ma Squash This Fruit,, Like I Was Steppin On Grapes To Make Wine/
    I'm Known To Rip The Mic Often/
    You'll Suffocate To Death, Like You Were Buried Alive Inside A Tight Coffin/
    I'll Take You From The Equation/
    Cause Your An Occasional Mic Rippa, But This Wasn't Your Occasion/

  4. Janitor

    Janitor Guest

  5. Adam West

    Adam West wat?

    Apr 8, 2008
    v/drew via posting on time & detroit

    lmao @ geese howard!!
  6. Phusion

    Phusion WoW This Name is Old

    May 18, 2000
  7. /Da MaIn AvEnT\

    /Da MaIn AvEnT\ Active Member

    Mar 31, 2002
    ur shit not working kata
  8. SabastianThe5th

    SabastianThe5th New School

    Feb 7, 2005
    Katastrofik link don't work.
  9. Dizeazed

    Dizeazed -Stay crazy!-

    Aug 8, 2004
    When I originally checked last night @ 1AM PST, Kata's track wasn't working... If Drew lets him skate with the "late post"??, then I'll come back and edit/post/vote on this later.
  10. BlackJesus

    BlackJesus ***************

    May 7, 2002
    Drew Iza

    One of my all time fav beats. Drew's flow and presence is so fucking dope. Killing this dude about his filler. I sure hope Kata didn't come with a lot of filler this time. OH NO! GEESE HOWARD! Damn this is a good ass drop man. Nice...I got nothing bad to say about this one...good shit.


    Okay link is working...oh man...Iza's line about the bathroom reverb just got way funnier. I don't think the "you know the outcome" thing is working. Hooks are never a good look in net battles. Man were you in a hurry with this? Your punch-ins are wide open in the second part. I usually like your stuff bro...you always have some solid punches and stuff...and there was some good stuff in here too...but it just seems mad sloppy to me. I'm not shittin on you or anything...like I said your dope...but I think Drew might have got you this round.

    Vote = Drew Iza

    Good battle fellas...I just think drew took this one. pzzzzzzz
  11. Phusion

    Phusion WoW This Name is Old

    May 18, 2000
    Yea I let it slide.

    LMAO @ Sordo and Harland... I swear you guys are either the same person or just so happen vote against me back to back at the same time every round.

    I love you guys!
  12. acually i voted for u drew

    just fucked up on the voting

    katas fuckin whack, jesus
  13. Phusion

    Phusion WoW This Name is Old

    May 18, 2000
    Lol how do u fuck up on voting when I'm the first name. Come again. Smh thanks for peeping atleast.
    Posted via Mobile Device
  14. jayoo

    jayoo new york representative

    Oct 28, 2007
    "he'll probably mention my battle record"... lol.. thats a wierd prediction

    iza took this to me, kata came correct but im feelin what drew bringin to the table, "wish he never drew iza" was dope, leadup an all. good battle.
  15. stop

    stop New Member

    Apr 16, 2005
    Drew vs Kata? It would have been nice to hear both of you in the finals. Both never need background vocals. "Raw talent."

    This is what the GRBs are all about. Just battle and keep it moving. Reminds me of Kata vs Raz.
  16. Banksy

    Banksy ...HipHop

    Aug 17, 2006
    Drew -overall you sound nice dude, delivery is nice, lyrics are voice are dope. enjoyed your verse, beat choice was pretty dope too.

    Kat - you sound rushed, you got some decent lyrics but mixing quality is poor, flow is forced. you did your thing though bro. props.

    v/ iza

  17. shut the fuck up and take fucking comment

    jesus christ, dudes act so emotional up in here
  18. Phusion

    Phusion WoW This Name is Old

    May 18, 2000

    I was laughing when I posted... and you're telling me to STFU.

    Yet I'm so emotional. Irony? [dunno]

    Like I said man, thanks for peeping. I'm honestly not mad at all, I just call it how I see it. But it's not that big of a deal. Really... it's not. You're gonna be alright.
  19. /Da MaIn AvEnT\

    /Da MaIn AvEnT\ Active Member

    Mar 31, 2002
    kata wasnt as direct but his punches still got me. some good ones in there
  20. BULLY


    Nov 20, 2008
    kata been reppin this tourney, he got alot of lines, i dont think this was your best drop of the tourney but it was solid. One thing that got annoying is the repeated hook, cause the audio was already long. Man once again please get a setup and learn to mix, it will make your shit so much more easy to vibe with cause you a talented writer and rapper. Solid verse, but got tedius because of the quality combined with hooks and the duration. The most entertaining is over the beat that came in around 4:00 minutes.

    iza had lyrics too he just seemed to take more of a narrative line of attack approach rather than packing in line after line., and i think i like his style and flow better in this one. Iza came very cohesive while kata's verse seemed more like he was trying to get off as many punchlines as possible in this, and with the other factors, i think that i enjoyed Iza's verse a bit more.

    IMO yall are the two most underrated cats in this shit. Great show from both every single round.
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