Rd. 3 DRUG. vs I wArFaRe I

Discussion in 'GRB Archives' started by Plekz, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Plekz

    Plekz Guest


    - $1000.00 prize money will be donated by NDesigns Screen Printing
    - $1000.00 additional prize money will be divided up into the final round.

    GRB - Grand Royal Audio Battle 2008 Rules - First Round

    - 3rd Round Audios are DUE Tuesday Night January 27th at 11.59 pm cst.
    - Theme: up to 2-3+ Minutes must be about your opponent(s)
    - You must mention their BOARD name(s). Must be atleast 2 minutes.
    - If audio is not two minutes, you must contest it if you want a DQ.
    - One mp3 File Must Be posted Tuesday Night January 27th at 11.59 pm cst.- We will not store any audio files.
    - YOU MUST post using your board name that is registered to the match. Others will be DQ'ed.
    - Voting links will be posted and votes will be shown.
    - No Comments allowed on battle post until voting links are posted.
    - You Can post videos & pics
    - Ignore Jynce
  2. DRUG.

    DRUG. Registered Felon

    Apr 1, 2007
    got blazed and recorded this, g'luck my nigga

    SoundClick artist: mcfiktion - fiktion fikti0n traffik mc emcee rap hiphop hip-hop matt canada sinner

    Cant understand u, thinkin of a punch quick
    He aint speakin in tongues, warfare just suck dick
    i heard him singin shit was a big rip
    he stay puttin hooks in battles like a big fish

    this faggot lyin cuz this aint even half a battle
    im tryna breath ez but its hard cuz im laughin at u
    aint leavin round 3 he got that fake hope
    war cant be fair this nigga trade votes

    u aint nothin better please stop u got less balance
    this kid sound like razzia with less talent
    this kid is a big coward
    ill leave his bar structure bent more than the twin towers

    laughin at his round 2 like that shits a hoax
    copyin jay-z's scheme aint gonna help u get votes
    not to mention its tragic that u winnin
    only voted for u cuz i wanted less competition

    cant run i got the push keepin on him
    drug deletin warfare records like bush leavin offiice
    tell me how u stay in the seat
    when this wack nigga cant even stay on a beat

    after this round ima leave his ass backwards
    u ride loops like dale earhheart, so crash
    noone believe this fake shit so honestly dude
    lines make me laugh as much as the economy do

    get the fuck outta my face, run outta ya place
    im stomp this nigga out my punch louder than bass
    soundin skinny as fuck so today ima face breaker
    need to explain how he weigh less than pacemaker

    im gonna tarnish his name i am golden
    losing to an eating disorder, hes mary kate olsen
    u wack and forreal ima win, ull get
    only 1 vote cuz babble-on's saggy balls on his chin

    this shit is easy im tellin jokes on a beat
    but im laughin harder because this jokes on a beat
    and everybody sees the gap between u and me
    but all i see when i see u is the gap in ya teeth

    im too good for this ima throw a trap at em
    got a gap like mr. ed picture him tryna rap battle
    and after this round he leavin madder than hell
    last song confused me, sound like u battlin yaself

    this niggas kevin bacon in invisible man
    U a alias, why you so invisible man?
    no image u a net gimmick, far from i
    ya crew only catchin warfare on call of duty 5

    noone knows wut u look like, nigga u the shook type
    that fuck girls that look more like a man than he look like
    Watch me walk around and put a bomb in his curve
    cuz he aint ever seen warfare like the army reserves

    u aint shit to me, shit, no really in gettin deep
    cuz ima drop a diss that gon turn u into history
    this dude wack so just let em see me blaze
    cant put war on drug unless u the DEA

    really this guys gay
    he got tiny tims frame and only a face for myspace
    never expected jeff to throw you a hard pass
    this nigga mastered myspace angles in art class

    i aint fightin nobody give the mami runs
    we should change names cuz i got them army guns
    get out the way this dude is only half-a-lame
    goons leave this bitch on a island like ann hathaway

    and dog you cant stop me ,im holding you back,
    really you two offbeat lines from totaly wack
    saying you dope you a complete liar
    long as the beas fire ill put a rest to warfare like a ceasefire
  3. I wArFaRe I

    I wArFaRe I Love 2 Hate

    Nov 25, 2002
    zSHARE - grb_rd_3.mp3

    I laugh at people who are black and emo//
    especially when they rap and get the same wrap as cee-lo//
    u said that you half latino
    does that mean you over pack bongs, and just dont pass to people//

    and relax your ego cause your fat and feeble//
    pushing keys, cause that fact drug weighs a kilo//
    and crack is evil,
    so ask your mom when she backs her ass
    to not lean cause I can see her pee hole//

    and in light of his rapping//
    the truth is this dude's words dont go right with his actions//
    cause he fights like a faggot//
    a Drug that got as much kick as a whole flinstone vitamin tablet//

    and you aimed for votes to make the 3rd, damn//
    got a ring so big it could fit on wird of pley's girl's hand//
    I can hurt this man
    hit his glass jaw so hard that it would start to turn to sand//

    and you ugly as fuck, so you get no love//
    aint no crack head slut, would admit to "do drugs"//
    this dude must suck,
    cause really Drugs must not be that good, if he aint got that buzz//

    it don't matter what this herb does//
    i don;t need to study pharmacy to know how to serve drugs///
    u got burned cuz///
    I smoked "Drugs" so many times im afraid maybe I might turn dumb//

    and don't believe what he writes down//
    he aint really hood when he stay living in a big white town//
    as of right now,
    Obama aint the only light brown livin in this big white house//

    i think it alarming that you made it far as this//
    today is trash day, and you garbage bitch//
    and there aint no way you commanding respect//
    a label wouldnt even cut you a reality check//

    and if this was hold 'em ,somebody should of told em//
    we don't play with jokers, we just fold em//
    so just be grateful and just live for the moment//
    im pulling ya 'card' after the 3rd like anquon boldin//


    edit..heres the soundclick link too for anyone that prefers that..

  4. Plekz

    Plekz Guest

  5. enef

    enef voting against DZK in every round.

    Aug 2, 1999
    good battle
  6. Adam West

    Adam West wat?

    Apr 8, 2008
    does that mean you over pack bongs that you just dont pass to people


    will vote later.
  7. medevil

    medevil i dont "rap"

    Aug 7, 2001
    Warfare-..."i laugh at people who are black and emo" lol.. War went to work this round...tho i think this beat makes your flow a lil shakey..ive used it before ..so i know odd it is to rhyme to..name flips were cool i guess..reality check okay..nice drop...

    Drug-odd intro,hooks on the battle like a big fish? i dont kno....i wasnt feelin your audio dude...idk..sorry im not goin into mega detail..its gettin a lil late

    Vote- War
  8. HaRLeMHeaT7

    HaRLeMHeaT7 New Member

    Sep 7, 2006
    i feel it was a close battle both verses were good.......

    drug - u started off good then towards the second beat you started to lose me....personally im not that big of a fan to people who use two beats.....but i think it was the second verse that i was like uuuh okay....good verse though for the most part

    warfare......same thing u started it out nice but i can tell wat drug was saying about u off beat....there were sometimes where u rushed it and where u delayed big time.....and omg at the pulling ur cards.....if ur gonna say it y dont people use the coach instead of a player....its about the third time ive heard someone say that...mad predictable.....but anyway i think u edged it out a lil more

    vote: warfare

  9. D Boone

    D Boone Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2006
    "i heard him singin shit was a big rip
    he stay puttin hooks in battles like a big fish" ??????WTF????

    "ill leave his bar structure bent more than the twin towers"

    Really? How will you do that?

    "copyin jay-z's scheme aint gonna help u get votes"

    Isn't that exactly what you were trying to do over that "Breath Easy" beat???

    "lines make me laugh as much as the economy do"

    The economy is a disaster, it doesn't make me laugh....anyone else?

    "U a alias, why you so invisible man?"
    "but all i see when i see u is the gap in ya teeth"

    Ok, so he is invisible but you can see the gap in his teeth......okkkkkkkkk

    "this dude wack so just let em see me blaze"


    "goons leave this bitch on a island like ann hathaway"

    Hmmm, are you talking about Ann "Holloway" mother of Natalee that Aruba chick?
    You got decent flow and sound but your lyrics still need some work

    Warfare- This shit was dope as hell all the way thru....straight fire

    Vote - WARFARE
  10. BONZ

    BONZ New Member

    Jul 29, 2001
    It was a good battle

    Drugs punches were WAY better than last round. But still not quite hard hitting enough.
    The last line and the DEA line were pretty decent but delivered poorly. Step up you Charisma on the mic son.

    Warfare had a tough task because I thought I used most of the good name flips, but he proved me wrong. The flinstones line was good. And the skinny crackhead line was tight.

    All in all, warfares was just a better track. If drug woulda stayed on the hova beat he woulda probably faired better.
  11. Zero-D

    Zero-D Brilliance Unparalleled

    Jan 7, 2007

    "losing to an eating disorder, hes mary kate olsen"
    "Laughin even harder cause this jokes on a beat"

    lost it when beat was switched up, but nice flow homie.

    I Warfare I-

    "I laugh at ppl who are black & emo" ROFL

    not too many other quotables but good drop

    Gotta give it to DRUG cause his verse was on some ill shit!

  12. ~Matty P~

    ~Matty P~ Whats Good Son?

    Jan 14, 2003
    cool battle yo...

    I think drug came harder last round, i feel like you somewhat rushed this battle verse. It wasnt bad by any means, but ive heard you come harder before...

    Warfare came hardest i heard from him yet...some lines made me laugh..

    this battle was a good one, i rather enjoyed both audios, even tho i think drug coulda came harder, ive heard him do it before..

    vote war
  13. tbone

    tbone Well-Known Member

    Feb 17, 2000
    Drug did the damn thing on this one, I agree with bonz about his charisma though. Other than that, Drug kept me interested.

    War came with it as well, but his energy on the track didn't live up to his punches. Like if he just dropped something to keep up. With that said, i think using a bunch of name flips are wack. Being though thats what is obvious to do, i feel it take away from a person listening to it on a lyrical stand point.
  14. DRUG.

    DRUG. Registered Felon

    Apr 1, 2007
    word, thanks for the votes kids up
  15. MagicFX

    MagicFX Idle

    Feb 20, 2004
    this battle was fuckin good.. I have a tough time choosing either way.

    war was more fluid at times and it showed and then drugs lines were harder in a sense.

    after I heard them a few times each.. I'm going to go with drug on this one.

    voting will be close I know.. so good luck to whoever comes out on top.

    props to both of you.

  16. I wArFaRe I

    I wArFaRe I Love 2 Hate

    Nov 25, 2002
    keep 'em commin.
  17. BULLY


    Nov 20, 2008
    i dont know what to do about this right now, warfare has a better presence, and had solid lyrics, but i dont know if his style on this really gets me going on this, its too choppy and disjointed.

    Drug's overall style on this one was more appealing to me, and he had some good disses but there were some wtf lines. It was more good than wtf.

    Another one i cant decide on

    this round is good.
  18. DRUG.

    DRUG. Registered Felon

    Apr 1, 2007
  19. Norman Rapwell

    Norman Rapwell New Member

    Nov 12, 2008
    both came garbage like warfare was slightly less garbage.

    sorry for being so truthful

    good luck though
  20. M4TH

    M4TH Porter

    Jan 28, 2004
    How the fuck these niggas in round 3?
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